Semi-final battle in the MMORPG Showdown series.

The Match-Up

Although neither Guild Wars or Maple Story charges a monthly subscription fees two game could not possibly be more different. While Maple Story is a free download with 2D cartoon-like console graphics Guild Wars sports more realistic 3D graphics and requires a one time purchase. At first glance it would appear that Maple Story would appeal to more gamers due to the popularity of console platform games a relatively small download and low system requirements but Guild Wars’s popularity is undeniable with over 3 million players. As far as voting is concerned Maple Story may have barely snuck by RuneScape in the first round but it failed to pull off the upset here. Besides being a little close in the first couple of days of voting Guild Was was in no real jeopardy of losing. Thus the stage is now set as the top pay-to-play MMO (World of Warcraft) goes against the top free MMO (Guild Wars). Who will win? That will be determined by your votes in the next two weeks.

Tale of the Tape

Guild Wars

  • Free game play after buying the game.
  • Primarily instanced content.
  • Two successful expansion/sequels.
  • Over 3 million players.
  • Strong PvP focus.
  • Henchmen and Hero systems enables more solo play.
  • Level cap is 20.


Maple Story

  • Free to play.

  • Resembles a console platform game.

  • Four classes that each have their own themed city.

  • Offers a cash shop for special items.

  • Low System requirements.

  • Over 200 MB download.

Select Comments For Guild Wars (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: conkerfreak
Comment: This is the best MMORPG I have ever played! There are so many things to see and do. The only bad part about it is all the loading. Besides that Guild Wars is pretty much the best game I have ever played.

Rating: 10
Author: Raikahn
Comment: Guild Wars owns all other MMORPGs including WoW! This game has great graphics spell effects more professions and the ability to do two professions. If that isn’t enough Guild Wars is easier to make money in and doesn’t take long to level. This wins overall in my books.

Rating: 10
Author: Mallack Nightblade
Comment: A great game some of the advantages is:
-PVE is awesome. You can’t ninja loot because loot is assigned to a certain player and it rotates.
-PVP is also a great part of GW. Guild vs Guild is good because it can bring guilds together.
-Graphics are one of the best of any MMO including WoW

Why Maple Story loses:
-Graphics are 2D.
-You use Credit Cards.
-Supposed to be a medieval fighting game.
-PVE seems bad

I hope Guild Wars wins!!

Rating: 10
Author: slayer0273
Comment: There is no way a childish 2D game called Maple Story is going to beat an awesome game like this that is 3D!

Select Comments for Maple Story (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: ROgamer
Comment: Yes! You get bored with it after the first week but it gets really fun trying new skills and things at level 20 and up. I played this game for 3 years. It is great for little kids because there is no blood or gore. Trust me this is a really good game.

Rating: 10
Author: slayer555
Comment: This is such an awesome game that i cant believe you guys could possibly give it a 0. The only bad thing about it is that its 2D but it has some pretty good monster ideas.

Rating: 0
Author: mmomeister
Comment: If I wanted to play a console game I would rather play my old Nintendo!

Author: shaderun
Comment: Every computer can run this it’s free and no turn-based stuff. Just a fun game.

The Voting

Guild Wars received a total score of 6.53

Maple Story received a total score of 4.53

The Result

Guild Wars Wins!

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