This pixelated call for love demands every lovers, romantic souls and gentle hearts out there! Get ready to dive into puzzling adventure of finding Love, sustaining its magical feeling, enchanting the romantic aura and living in clouds for as long as you can! With option to be played in 1 player mode where your mutlitasking skill will be tested, or having fun with your soul mate by playing the 2 players game mode, this free game is one of those cool adventure games where you must push boulders, jump over hills, move according the arrows and reach to your final and highly romantic destination of Love!


  1. Love’s First Week is a well-made puzzle-platformer. The graphics, though retro in some way, is actually quite nice, and the music is nice as well, but the puzzle is the best part about this game. The game uses interesting puzzle concepts with the boulder such as moving it across the arrows and controlling the boulders either vertically or horizontally depending on the character. I also like the way 1 player mode and 2 player mode is presented. In 1 player mode, the player controls one player at a time and can switch between the two characters, but in 2 player mode, both players can play simultaneously. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.75/5.

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