The Kingdom of Loathing – An Adventurer is You!

If you’ve been looking for an awesome game to play in your browser, you’ve come to the right place. The Kingdom of Loathing is a MMORPG playable right in your browser. It takes on many of the common things found in other games of the RPG genre…different playable classes (Turtle Tamer and Pastamancer, to name a couple), spells and skills (Advanced Saucecrafting, Disco Eyepoke), usable items, and a turn-based battle system. The game, while still being excellent on a gameplay level, is hilarious. If you have been a gamer for a while, you are sure to get at least a few of the TONS of references in the game.

The game is mostly played solo, but there are many player interactions that can take place. Players can cast special skills called buffs on each other, that will make battles easier for you. There is also an item that will stop players from using abbreviations like ‘r’ or ‘u’ in the chat, which can be nice against some users. There are also several funny, but not necessarily bad items, such as the brick or toilet paper to assault other players houses with (leaving them a message when they next go to their campsite).

The game has 13 or so main quests, each taking just the right amount of time to be interesting but not boring. Once the player has beaten all of these main quests, they can choose to ascend, restarting the game (BUT there are several awards for doing so. You can get items depending on the ‘difficulty’ of your past run, and use a special currency earned after a run to buy special Astral items for your next run. You can also permanently keep a skill to use in the future…so if you want to be a spell-slinging Seal Clubber, it’s only a couple Pastamancer runs away!)

The game is pretty awesome, and I recommend everyone checks it out. It’s free to register, but if you love the game you can purchase a Mr. Accessory, an equipment item that can also be used as a currency for some very nice items. This is by no means required however, and the game is quite enjoyable (not to mention you can get Mr. A’s from other players with the in-game currency Meat) without spending any money at all.


  1. Kingdom of Loathing! I recall the first time I played this game (I’ve forgotten my time since) I started myself with an Accordian Thief named Instrumental Violinse.

    It’s a ridiculously weird game, but it’s one of the few that actually forces you to PROVE that you can speak and write the English language in order to get into the main chat room. Otherwise you’re relegated to near muteness. Makes sense to me with the strange inability (or disdain) for actual language people show sometimes in Internet venues.

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  2. AN ADVENTURER IS YOU! This really has to be the best game ever. I recommend this for anyone who likes funny games. Everything is a pop culture reference.

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