It looks like it’s that time again (for the first time) the GameOgre Top 10 Free-to-Play MMORPG list has been released for the second quarter of 2011. The GameOgre staff went to the Ogre Summit of Mount Ogre in Ogreopolis during the season of the flaming rodent toss, drank deeply of the ambrosia that flows forth from very brutal living rock of the land.

…or we held a conversation via e-mail.

For those so inclined, you can reach the full list and give your feedback. For the rest of you, here’s an abbreviated sample of what appears:

1 Lord of the Rings Online

2 Dungeons & Dragons Online

3 Vindictus

4 AIKA Online

5 Perfect World International

6 Dragonica

7 Forsaken World

8 Runes of Magic

9 RuneScape

10 MapleStory

We are opening up the floodgates on this one. 2011 Q3 is still three months away and we’re looking for audience input on what you think the current best free-to-play MMORPGs on the market happen to be. If you have an opinion, speak up! As we tally votes, compare them to the edicts of the high and mighty Ogreman, and guess at what the gaming industry is doing, we might even give a shout out to you in the next list for how your suggestions have change the very destiny of the list.

Link, to the Top 10 Free-to-Play MMORPG List.


  1. Since this is literally the first of the quarterly Top 10 Free-to-Play MMO Games Lists, I figured that we’d just take a list of what seems to be the most populated, cross-index that with ratings across other sites, and then I found fun trivia on everything to see if it should help any individual case.

    For the next list, I hope to hear from the game ogres as well to use their thoughts on the matter to boost or hurt MMOs on the list.

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  2. I certainly agree with LOTRO and Runes of Magic on there wholeheartedly, as well as Runescape. I’d even bump RoM up a slot or two, but hey, you probably have deeper information than I do. All told, a great list–there’s not one name on there I don’t recognize as being a solid and popular MMO.

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