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Knight Online is a free MMORPG with lush 3D graphics set in a medieval world. It should be noted that Knight Online's 3D graphics are somewhat of a rarity in the genre since not all free online RPGs or even free MMORPGs are displayed in full 3D glory. In fact, most free online games are usually displayed in text or 2D graphics. However, the graphics help make this game a rather large download at about 280 MB. 

The biggest feature in the game that should interest players is the constant struggle between two warring nations. One nation is made up of humans and is called El Morad while the other side is made up of Orc tribes and is known as Karus. Through this war, characters can receive various rewards and titles. The best players can even rule over castles and cities.  

According to's Review Directory, Knight Online is well-liked but is not ranked in the Top Ten largely due to stability issues. 

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Author: sirsneaky
Comment: Pretty cool game. Having problems logging in at the moment though. 

Author: skallion
Comment: This game is worth a try for those patient enough to wait a day sometimes just to log in. I am serious people. I'd be playing right now if i was able to connect. (It's a) good thing this game is free, although simple problems such as login in, makes you think twice (about) purchasing their knight cash or premium services.

Author: sharpshot
Comment: This game looks like PristonTale, but I got to say that I found this one more interesting (because) the battling is way better.

Author: gamer pete
Comment: This is the best MMORPG in a long time. (Forget) Thang, this game ROCKS! 

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Pricing Model

Knight Online is a free MMORPG because there are no download or subscription fees, but you will need to choose a premium plan to get the most out of the game in terms of items and support. 

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