Betrayal At Krondor


Since this game was offered for free many years ago and the game (Betrayal In Antara) that it was supposed to hype bombed, this was not the easiest download to track down. However, it is here now for you to enjoy.

System Requirements:

Since this game is very old and it was made for DOS, not all new PCs will be able to play it. If it does work, you may have to adjust your settings to get the sound to work. 

If it does not work, it is probably because this game requires something known as Expanded Memory. This memory was intended to make the game run smoother back then, but it apparently is not used anymore.

For those of you lucky enough to able to play it without any problems, you will experience the best example of incorporating novels into a PC game. Raymond E. Feist is a master at fantasy and this game exhibits his brilliance. 

Sadly, Return to Krondor was nowhere near as good as this game. To make matters worse, Return To Krondor IS playable on most new PCs. It is a shame that Betrayal At Krondor is not as playable as its poor sequel. 

The Download:

Betrayal At Krondor V1.02

Recent Note:

If you don't have DOS, you will need a utility called DOSBox.



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