Lineage 2 Interview

Below are a few questions asked by to the Community Coordinator for Lineage II. The questions from are in bold.

Are there any plans to add more customization to characters? 
Characters customizations are added with each Chronicle expansion. Chronicles are regularly planned updates that are introduced about every 6 months. 

In what areas do you feel that Lineage 2 has an advantage over similar fantasy MMORPGs in the genre such as Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot? Also, are there any key features in the game that stand out in the genre?
Lineage II is primarily a PvP game and much of the game design is centered around this concept. Class balancing, monster hunting and much more are based on the PvP concept. Lineage II also incorporates the "karma" system to discourage rampant player killing. Recently we started holding castle sieges which have been immensely popular. These efforts sometimes take upwards of a thousand players total, half of them defending and the other half attacking. I think the castle siege system is the defining characteristic of Lineage II; that is until Chronicle 2 comes out :-). 

Korea was largely responsible for making the first Lineage the world's most popular MMORPG in terms of subscribers. Do you see Lineage 2 enjoying similar success in Korea? 
While Lineage II in Korea does not have the subscription numbers of Lineage (which hovers around 2 million subscribers in Korea alone), it is a much newer product and is still wildly successful there. 

What aspects of the game are you working on to improve the most? 
We are always seeking to improve just about every aspect of the game. Player feedback is constantly being taken into consideration, and we implement many of the suggestions we receive from players that support the overall vision of the game. Thus we want to introduce new features as well as improve on current aspects. In fact, Chronicle 2 is in public testing in Korea and we hope to introduce Chronicle 2 in the US later this year. 

Would you like to mention any new features that you are working on for the future?While there are many new features in the works, one feature that will be added is the manor system. This system will allow the lord of a castle to have more impact on the surrounding castle town, beyond raising of taxes on goods sold. We will also add mini-games, including a monster race track and a lottery system. 

Has anybody killed Antharas the Land Dragon yet? Feel free to elaborate what this monster means to the game and give hints about what treasure will be given when its killed etc. 
No one has successfully killed Antharas. The dragon itself is hugely important and is one of only six (was it four?) such creatures in the game. As to what items are dropped when it is killed, players will just have to find out for themselves.

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