Accompanied with the pure energy sword and challenged by your best friend, in this 2 players game you guide your Lux runner as you slash thru overgrown poisonous plants, instantly shift between lanes trying to avoid all incoming fireballs or solid structures, while satisfying your insatiable hunger for power giving gems and shiny diamonds! Have fun running around and good luck lasting as long as possible!


  1. Control on this game are so bad, why did they played A up instead of W, i would never know, it makes game so much more complicated, game itself is not bad, dynamic and smooth, when u can use to this weird controls u can play it, graphic could be better tho

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  2. Lux Ultimate is a pretty good arcade-style game. I really like the idea of the player moving up or down on the ground to collect and avoid things rather than the kind of game where the player jumps on and off of platforms; it adds a bit of depth and uniqueness to the game. I do wish the controls were chosen a bit better since it can be confusing to know which was is up and which way is down, but it does feel better holding the keyboard sideways and controlling the character in the game that way. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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