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•  FPS-style combat
•  interesting dialogue with NPCs
•  good opening tutorial
•  very realistic graphics
•  nice change from the medieval fantasy genre
•  great player apartments 
•  huge choice of futuristic vehicles
•  clans have real power
•  interesting night clubs

•  unintuitive interface 
•  steep learning curve
•  adult content keeps it out of mainstream
•  low population 

The Bottom Line - Although not for everybody due to the adult content, Neocron 2 stands out as one of the better non-fantasy MMOs. 

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With the plethora of medieval fantasy MMORPGs currently available, Neocron 2's approach provides a much needed break from that over-crowded genre. Instead of encountering dragons, elves, swords, and magic, Neocron 2 players are able to drive futuristic vehicles, relax in the comfort of their own deluxe internet-enabled apartments, and even brave seedy night clubs. Forget about choosing to play as a cute adorable elf because Neocron 2 has a very anti-elf/anti-fantasy campaign known as "No More Elves". 

The game also strays even from other Sci-Fi MMORPGs by offering more of a cyber punk atmosphere over a mainstream approach. This gives the game an edge that most other retail MMORPGs don't have yet. In fact, walking around the very detailed cities and metropolitan areas makes you feel like you are in a Sci-Fi movie. For example, I was greeted with a very loud criminal warning when I first emerged from my apartment into a city. As soon as I entered a cafe area that could have easily been at an urban mall, a criminal monk that looks like he belonged in the Matrix comes tearing through the area in a gun fight with security. As one player stated on the Neocron 2 User Review page, "Definitely beats seeing elves (sp) and killing rats!"

The best aspect of the game's cyber punk atmosphere is the technology and gadgets that come with it. If you are looking for a MMO with plenty of different vehicles to drive, you will not be disappointed since you can find pretty much anything ranging from a one person cycle all the way to a jumbo vehicle carrier. If you want something that resembles the Matrix, then you want to explore HackNet. HackNet is its own special world that some factions are not allowed to enter. Being inside HackNet, which must be hacked into in order to enter, is quite a visual experience that makes you feel like you are inside the Matrix.

In addition to the game's atmosphere, Neocron 2 also takes a slightly different approach with its combat system. Where most MMORPGs usually offer the type of combat where you select a move or spell and then wait for it to execute, Neocron 2 offers real-time first person shooter (FPS) combat. Given the cyber punk atmosphere, FPS combat works extremely well and other MMORPG makers should take note of it. This combat system makes it significantly tougher for players to get bored because of the extremely fast pace. 

Despite the great combat system, however, the biggest downside of Neocron 2 comes in getting started. The character creation process feels very limited since there are not that many ways to make your character look different. Even if you choose different jobs, classes, and factions the characters still don't look that different. For example, I had a street samurai and a preacher that looked very similar. I am also not crazy about having to wait 30 minutes in order to make a new character since it makes it harder to try different types of characters at once. Lastly, the game has a steep learning curve. Although the game does have a great tutorial system to help you get started, it still takes a good deal of time to get familiar with the interface and the various aspects of the game because there is so much to learn.  

Where other sci-fi MMORPGs like Anarchy Online and Eve Online offer more mainstream games, Neocron 2 fully embraces its edgy niche of being one of the more adult-oriented MMORPGs. Although the adult content has been toned down since the original, you can still find foul language, drugs, and topless dancers in the game. Partly due to this adult content, Neocron 2 does not enjoy the population levels of those two more established MMORPGs. Despite the low population levels, however, Neocron 2 still represents one of the best escapes from the over-done medieval fantasy MMO genre with fast-paced combat that will keep you on your toes.

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