An online virtual pet world where you can raise up to 4 virtual pets. Neopets has its own currency, a plethera of games, a stock market, and different worlds with their own themes.

Post Date: 14:33 06-05-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: fun game directed towards kids but it still fun for all ages has nice graphics cute characters and fun quests all kid friendly i recommend checking this game out for sure
Post Date: 15:54 02-04-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Peyp
Comment: Neopets is quite fun game, but needs you to be there daily if you want to achieve something. Otherwise, it will take LONG time. Many different mini-games makes it fun. Also many “worlds” you can explore. There are some hidden quests and places, so be sure to check them :p

Making you pets prettier is also great. Especially if you get some paint brushes (with a lot of luck..or money).
Try it out, you shall not regret it.

Post Date: 20:02 03-04-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Kiyri
Comment: A good range of games, each with good thoughts and ideas put into them. Neopets attractive to the eye and can be customised well with paint brushes and wearable objects. However, these can be hard to get you really have to drop on lucky. The website runs well, however, I have found it difficult to find a good social circle, it is quite hard to come across new friends. I have had allot of accounts over about 9 years it has improved greatly, however, there is still room for improvement. But overall a decent game and one I would recommend for the younger gamers.
Post Date: 03:25 26-11-2010
Rating: 2
Author: dragonxtrainer
Comment: I’ve been with neopets for such a long time. I was first introduced to it in 3rd grade but now i have a account which i play seriously for 4 years. And what i found out is, neopets SUCK! why? it’s addictive. it’s boring. it doesn’t really teach your anything. okay, feed your pet but you don’t never have to feed it and it never dies. give it a book to read. whenever i read a book, it never poofs. people of the boards are annoying, arrogant, and generally pick on less experienced users. the customer service is crap. BBB rated them F. i think i have made my point here.
Post Date: 19:56 11-08-2010
Rating: 10
Author: tmadd08
Comment: Neo is a great game that has been with me for many years. I think my account age is pushing a century and I have to say that it has not only entertained me but given me valuable lessons in life as well. The opportunities are limitless for a user to make the game what he/she wants to. You can pursue Neopoints, work with your pet, play games, or just interact with other users. Over the years of using this site I have been inspired to research selling ideas to more effectively market my products for cash, barter with users and use the stock market. I have also almost completely learned HTML. This site allows you to almost completely customize your own pages and doing so requires coding knowledge. offers a look into these customizations. Above all else this site offers a sense of community in a world full of opportunity and excitement. I would recommend for any age.
Post Date: 00:36 18-03-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Regret1
Comment: This game is just awesome. I have been playing it for years and am still playing it every now and then. When you first start out, this game is a bit boring because you do not have lots of neopoints or friends but later on it gets super fun. The games they have are quite fun and they give you neopoints for playing them. There also give you two incentives to play games: Earn Neopoints and get the high score. Also, you can make long term investments to make a vast amount of neopoints. You can invest in the stock market. The stock mark is basically a random number generator but if you get lucky, you can really hit it big! There are MANY extras to this game. By extras, I mean an extravagant amount of ways to earn neopoints and awards/trophies. Another thing you do is get a neopet. A neopet is basically your child, you feed them, you groom them and try to keep them happy. Overall, the community is quite nice to be honest. If you need some help, you can go to the forums and have your question answered. Many people may think this game is just for babies or kids but it isn’t. Some of the games and other things require knowledge and thinking outside of the box. Another aspect that makes this game wonderful, is the Battledome. You can raise your pets’ stats, equip them with weapons and armor, and fight enemies to win trophies. If you have extra items that you do not need, you can open a shop and other players looking for that can purchase it. If you need an item you can do the same! Neopets also has lots of events. For example, they always have a drawing contest where you can draw like a neopet and send it in for rare stuff. There is also (Uncommonly) a war. A war is basically when all of the Neopets society team up and fight the new, exclusive monsters in the battledome. Your neopet also has the ability to level up, allowing it to do more things. The amount of things you can do in this game is endless, I have just named a few. When you have a friend playing this game with you, it’s probably the best thing that you can play. It’s really fun and addicting. If you have not tried Neopets yet, do yourself a favor and PLAY IT. You’re missing out. All in all, this game is absolutely amazing.
Post Date: 17:34 23-01-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Auralie
Comment: Pros: Pretty good community; lots of features and contests; fun games; user submitted stories and comics in newspaper, frequent events and interactive plots.

Cons: Hard to get a lot Neopoints(currency); aimed towards a younger age group these days, so lots of younger kids but still better behaved than most.

Verdict: Give it a shot, and be active in community and forums (AVOID newbie forum). It has a much more expansive world than most virtual pet games w/ its own economy and globe. I haven’t played in a while though, so I don’t know how much the change in ownership has affected it.

Post Date: 07:37 23-12-2009
Rating: 1
Author: SatanWins
Comment: When it comes right down to it, its just a large magnitude of miscellaneous flash games intertwined into a website. With no real objectives to be accomplished there is relatively very little to do. Yes you have the ability to customize your pets to some extent but the novelty wears off quite quickly. The thought that people actually pay a membership for this game to me is quite puzzling. Pretty much the whole premise of Neopets is to continuously gather neopoints from playing flash games etc to purchase items for your pet which in-turn accomplishes nothing. That pretty much sums up Neopets in a nut shell.
Post Date: 02:54 25-02-2009
Rating: 7
Author: TheNotze123
Comment: i give it a 7 only because of how it is nowa day… it used to be great! but .. now… heh… since the new ownership and the changes and bleh bleh bleh way fun before not so much anymore!

yet still i like it a bit =D

Post Date: 03:29 12-02-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Finch
Comment: Okay. Now, listen up.
Neopets was created intending to be a virtual playground for college students and the likes. It has evolved over the years to be a user friendly virtual world that anyone can join.
It has lost quality since its purchase by Virtucom, or whatever it’s called, but remains a great site.

The Good–
Neopets is a flourishing land. It harbours games for the gamers, contests for the math geeks and artists, and puts a particular accent on the designing of webpages and formatting of pre-existing layouts. The land itself is rather small and becomes tiresome for exploring, but plots and other events occur within the site offering new opputunities to earn “neopoints”, the currency of the world. Most users are friendly, and often join a club called a guild to interact with other players. Indeed, many people join for he chance to hang out on a controlled forum. It offers collecting everything from stamps to avatars, and oppurtunities to train and dress up a pet. Neopoints are earned by winning contests and playing games, and also from random events. For the poorer players, free food can be had every day, and a great stock of items from the money tree (but remember this is real time; items disappear quite quickly). Players can own one shop each where they can sell items to earn a profit. Neopets has its own stock market, allowing people to invest in different neopian companies. The pets can be trained up, intelligence can be raised, and a petpet or a petpetpet (guess what those are) can be given to pets for company. Neopets also has a newspaper for which players can submit comics, articles, stories, series, and questions. The best questions appear in an Editorial each week.

The Bad–
The combat system – yes, there is a combat system – is poorly thought out. It is slow, and does not take place immediatly. Rather, a game can last weeks or months with the only result being a change on the pet lookup or perhaps an avatar. Inflation has also reached crisis point, and so feeding one’s pet and such can cost up to 2,000 NPs a day. Of course, there is the off-chance of picking money off the floor, but it doesn’t happen in large amounts: only one or two hundred NPs at a time. However, TNT (theneopetsteam) has made a bold step in reducing inflation by giving out paintbrushes by winning a gold key in a rather cheezy RPG that slows down the computer and gives it bugs.

The Ugly–
Neopets was sold. It now belongs to Viacom which has forced the splendid old site to go through a series of revamps, leaving it unrecognisable. The format has changed, all neopets converted, and recently, the HTML and CSS filters have changed, leaving graphics makers stumped as to how to get around the changes. Several ways have been found. The format also changed, ruining old lookups that were coded to fit the old layouts. Selling neopets was the worst thing Adam could have done.

So there we are. Overall a seven. Points docked for Viacom, combatives, and slowness.

Post Date: 15:16 28-01-2009
Rating: 5
Author: killer cat !!!cute
Comment: stuped
Post Date: 01:05 27-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: shimorigagoua
Comment: ok this isnt a game, its a virtual reality, this was really fun while i was into this, its got some cool aspects to it, its for anyone really, its a pretty laid back system and easy to get used to, im gonna give it a 9 just because of all the fond memories i hav from it
Post Date: 12:48 08-08-2008
Rating: 1
Author: killervickboy
Comment: THE MOST DUMBESS GAME I EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE neopets online r u serious i hav more fun playin strawberry short cake games then this game this game sucks i hav to say everytthing sucks about whoever made this game fire um just no point its pokemon and digimon fused i call it pigimon
Post Date: 01:04 31-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: FreezeFrame
Comment: Ok, This game is mainly for girls or something to do in your spare time and or forum junkies. This game is actually pretty good good flash games and the fighting system isn’t stupid for the people that says it is.. It is complicated and you need to get your Pet stronger before you do anything.. This game is “cute” altogether its about a 7. But hell i would play this more than i would wow or rs..
Post Date: 11:07 22-06-2008
Rating: 2
Author: jonkujo1
Comment: there is no point in this game all you do is get a pet and like buy stuff for it and thats about it,there combat sytem sucks,but there are a cuople of mini games that are fun so theres the 2 rating lol
Post Date: 22:13 13-06-2008
Rating: 2
Author: jjdragon60
Comment: ok, who else but a 7 year old would play a browser-based,pictureized,peice of trash? not me. wow, get a ugly creature,adopt it,and but stuff. 8$ for memship! how embarrising! i have more fun wahcing leaves moving in the wind! basicly, no one wanst to play a stupid game where virtuality is stupidity. pay all ypur real money for fake points, and scam you!!! stinks….in general
Post Date: 20:50 05-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: a2j2t
Comment: I cannot rate this due to the fact it’s not based for my age group.

I’ve seen my cousins play this game and they really seemed to enjoy it. Basically you have money and get your fantasy pets. It also seems really safe and secure which is always a plus. I would recommend for kids ages 10 and under.

Post Date: 11:49 31-03-2008
Rating: 0
Author: MythicalNinja
Comment: dumest games like the dairy dare its so dum i recommend this neopets for 1-3 but trie the game where you surf cuz its 3d and kinda good
Post Date: 02:57 26-12-2007
Rating: 6
Author: mad gamer dude123
Comment: neopets is…ok,a bit fun, but u cant see ur character moving,u just clik and it t5akes u to a different page
Post Date: 17:46 22-10-2007
Rating: 7
Author: hanh106
Comment: i have a account on this and its ok
Post Date: 03:11 19-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Game_riz
Comment: Its a good game if you like taking care of things try it.It won’t dissapoint.
Post Date: 04:03 17-10-2007
Rating: 6
Author: j-dragon
Comment: I played this game for 2 days and i stopped,it is fun but i say its for 10 and under years of age,graphics need work,but if you like games with virtual pets try this one out
Post Date: 00:19 21-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: irisands
Comment: Dear God. Every time I try to leave this game, IT SUCKS ME BACK IN!!! Once you master one area of the game, there are about ten more you can specialise in. The forum community is good for those who can hold their own in an atmosphere reminiscent of a middle school lunchroom…I must restate that Neopets was originally not developed for children, and any kids under 13 are definitely not going to feel at home.
Post Date: 03:00 20-08-2007
Rating: 2
Author: YourMom.
Comment: I played this game when i was younger..But I quit since it was getting Boring And downright lame.Its Uhh Good for Younger “Gamers” Not for Older ones though..
Post Date: 19:37 19-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: rainbowtoesocks
Comment: I don”t play this game anymore, But it was pretty hott when i was 10. But that was years ago, I get on perodically it just makes me mad that they changed everything.. I can hardly find where to go, I like the old version.. It”s like the stupid new layout for gaiaonline >.< and i love that site. Anyhoo, Besides all my ranting its really fun if you are younger that 13, Great graphics, you”re never bored of finding something to do, money is easy to get, it just not a good game for anyone older that 14.
Post Date: 09:19 19-08-2007
Rating: 1
Author: God Of Fear
Comment: This game is for ages 1-3 ( I dont belive in 0’s or 10’s)
Post Date: 02:05 26-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: S1ck0rSan3
Comment: this game is exactly like colony-wars, except its colorful.
i would rather watch a chick flix than play this game for 10 minutes.
Post Date: 22:56 01-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: dustinthesim
Comment: Neopets is alsome where you get to have your own vitural pet. You can have up to 4 and can make friends. IT’s alsome!
Post Date: 13:24 27-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: dutcher
Comment: Fall under the wrath of pets!

The cutness of the pets says that you need to play it.
I say: if you like pet games! GO TO PLAY IT!
I can say: it is more a text based game… but in the game are a lot of minigames, in 3d, 2d.
You adopt a pet and going to feed him, earn money, build a house, and FIGHT! Yes, FIGHT!
This is the thing of the game i liked most because i always defeated my friends, muwhahahahah!

Ok, if you like pets this is still the best pet game on net!

So i give it a: 7! Yes a 7!

Post Date: 20:49 24-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: zekker3000
Comment: This game is ok if ur five and under its is very cute is what i mean it basicly pick a pet feed it and love it and hold it and then KILL IT IN THE NEOPET ARENA!!!!! yay i was like wtf when i saw neo pet flyers for that crap so i wa slike ok im in i lasted a whole 2 seconds the neopets in that arena r on friggn’ steriods!!!!its insane
overall: 4
Post Date: 18:27 19-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: AmyLeeFan
Comment: it’s a pretty good gmae ive been playing it for about 4 years. i don’t play it much anyomore because of there new layout and the whole slowing down my computer thing. I reccomend it unless u have dial up connection.
Post Date: 19:52 13-06-2007
Rating: 6
Author: nonforgotten12
Comment: its great for kids but the pets can be all but forgotten. i luved playing it when i was a kid, but unfortunately i’ve grown out of it. so… 6/10 great for kids until they grow up.
Post Date: 17:58 13-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: titoBingyiSL
Comment: sorry but i dont think owning a virtual pet that looks weird is fun. i tried it i played for 10 days then i quit sorry neopets but ihave two cats and one sits around and does nothing. I think i found that somewhat more entertaining then having a virtual pet.
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  1. Neopets is a game as the name says based on pets.
    Its a virtual game where you can improve your pets.
    Game have cartoony graphic and gameplay is mostly based towards kids.

    Septera did not rate this post.
  2. NeoPets is very cool virtual game,It has solid graphic and interesting gameplay,I recommend this game everybody

    TheRedLight3 did not rate this post.
  3. Neopets is a fun virtual pet game with various pets, arcade games, exploration, and more, and is the first PC game that I played on the Internet back in 2001. This game mostly revolves around creatures called Neopets which can range from various animal-like appearances like dinosaurs, squirrel-like creatures, and more. This game is primarily a single player game, but there are elements of multiplayer present like viewing other users and interacting with them, though it is not truly a multiplayer game. This game is web-based, so the player does not have to download any game client to play Neopets.

    Starting with pets, there are various species and colors that the player can choose from, and these pets can also be customized with clothing and accessories, either bought with Neopoints which can be earned from playing arcade games or bought with Neocash which is virtual currency that the player spends real money on. The main objective of owning these virtual pets is taking care of them by feeding them and interacting with them. If not taken care of, these pets will be weak, especially in areas like the Battledome where they may lose to a battle, though these pets cannot die at all.

    Perhaps the best part of Neopets are the various games in the game room. There are a ton of games that the player can choose from and play, and each game is different in some way. Some games may even reward trophies for the player’s profile for reaching a high score, but all games reward Neopoints. In games where the player submits scores, the player most of the time can only submit up to three scores in one day, and submitting a score in a game is the primary way to obtain Neopoints. The games that I have enjoyed playing on Neopets are Meerca Chase, a game similar to Snake, NeggSweeper, a game similar to MineSweeper, Snow Wars, a snowball war game, Cheat!, a card game based on deception, and Ice Cream Machine, a game where the player dodges ice cream and aim for certain ones. I have only ever managed to get a handful of trophies when playing some of these games, but it is fun trying to set a high score.

    The exploration in Neopets is quite fantastic because the player can travel to various places, and each place is unique. For example, there are some places in space, islands, deserts, spooky areas, and more. My favorite place in Neopia, the Neopets world, is Faerieland because I like how safe it feels, and there is a wheel that I can spin called the Wheel of Excitement which usually has something lucky. While exploring around, the player may sometimes stumble into a random event where the player will may pick up certain items, pick up Neopoints, find avatars which can be used for the player’s profile, or have some other event occurring. Most of the time these random events are lucky, but some random events do nothing and very rarely will the player encounter a bad event that may affect the player’s pets, Neopoints, or inventory.

    Overall, Neopets is a fun web game to play, especially as the player can interact with his or her pets, play games, and explore around. I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

    Snowy did not rate this post.
  4. 4/5 – Fun game to play if you’re a kid but it’s still playable for all ages. You need to be active almost every day to accomplish anything though. I was introduced to it back in 2nd or 3rd grade

    Rex did not rate this post.