Kuso Party is a social interactive platform with hundreds of easy to play mini games. Players have access to hundreds of costumes and accessories for their characters as well as hundreds of items to decorate their houses. Players can even link their videos to their in-game TV sets!

Post Date: 18:40 28-12-2012
Rating: 1
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Not really sure why I started to play this game, since I’m not a big fan of Virtual World games. And I didn’t really start to like them either after playing this game. This game is pretty unknown so there aren’t really many players. The graphics of the game are not well made either. Not a game I would recommend.
Post Date: 18:33 20-02-2010
Rating: 1
Author: chockybarhannah
Comment: you have to be 18 and it is very over-rated.
the mini games are really hard and pointless, and if I were you, i’d go on friv instead
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  1. Virtual world game mostly based on various arcade mini games to choose from.
    To be able to play this game you need to be 18 or over to even play it.

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  2. Social virtual world in which there are alot of people playing and doing all sorts of crazy stuff just like simulation of real life but funnier and also this game is only for 18+…Overall good game

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  3. Kuso Party is virtual world game,and it hasnt too good graphic but I recommend this game everybody anyway

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  4. Never been a fan of this kind of games altho this one cought my eye and i think it looks intresting, funny and intresting gameplay

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  5. Pretty cool Japanese social game, a really great way to interact with and meet new friends. Even has mini games which seem pretty fun. The Kuso Lover system is kind of a weird feature for a game though. The virtual room feature is kind of neat though; kind of like a house system that you would expect in any other virtual world. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.2/5; compared to other virtual worlds and social game, it feels average.

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