MMORPG gamers have a plethora of high-profile MMORPGs just released or in the pipeline to look forward to. From sequels of major MMORPGs like EverQuest 2 and Asheron’s Call 2 to an all-time favorite movie franchise like Star Wars Galaxies to PC game franchises that are entering the MMORPG arena like The Sims Online and World of WarCraft the future of the MMORPG genre has never looked brighter. With those MMORPGs leading the way more gamers are likely to jump on the speeding MMORPG bandwagon than ever before. That said which of those highly-anticipated games do you want to play the most? Too close to call? Well lets break down their stand-out features to see what each one has to offer you.

EverQuest 2

  • Sequel to the most popular MMORPG in America.
  • Stunning graphics that will rival any PC game.
  • Players will be able to construct player towns!
  • Dynamic events that will actually shape the game world.
  • Complete overhaul of the quest system.

Asheron’s Call 2

  • Sequel to one of the current top MMORPGs.
  • More options for building a character with 9 main skill trees and 18 specialized skill trees.
  • More rewards for each level after level 35 than the original.
  • Each point in a skill now yields a noticeable effect.
  • Characters can now change their focus so they can either begin something new or correct a mistake that you made at the time of character creation.

Star Wars Galaxies

  • Based on one of the most popular movie franchises of all-time.
  • PvP system will pit Imperials versus Rebels.
  • Players can be covert Imperials or Rebels.
  • Each playable species has its own language.
  • Players will be able to drive and own vehicles!

World of WarCraft

  • Based on one of the most vaunted game brands on the PC.
  • Simple and easy-to-learn with a heavy dose of combat much like one of Blizzards other successful series Diablo.
  • Style of game play does not require as much of your time as games like EverQuest and Asheron’s Call.
  • Substantially larger world than anything before in the WarCraft franchise.
  • Heroes of former WarCraft games will be making cameo appearances in the game.

The Sims Online

  • Based on the best selling PC game franchise ever.
  • Could revolutionize MMORPGs with true mainstream acceptance. A game that entire families could play.
  • Forget about swords and dragons here. The Sims Online allows gamers to fantasize about “real world” wants and desires.
  • Combines the addictiveness of the PC game with the addictiveness of the entire MMORPG genre. In other words people will lose endless amounts of sleep over this game.
  • Simply put people love to watch other people. The success of reality shows on TV are proof of that. A large part of the attraction of this game is to watch how other players react in “real world” settings.

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