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Burnout Paradise is the fifth game in the main Burnout racing video game series and seventh overall. Gameplay is set in the fictional “Paradise City”, an open world in which players can compete in several types of races. Players can also compete online, which includes additional game modes, such as “Cops and Robbers”. Several free game updates introduce new features such as a time-of-day cycle and motorcycles.
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  1. Burnout Paradise is very cool racing video game,it has interesting gameplay and good graphic,I suggest it everybody to try,because I enjoyed playing it

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  2. Burnout Paradise is an racing game with very good gameplay and good graphic.Great game for playing when you get bored by other games.I recommend this game to everyone,try it.I’ll give 10/10 to this game .

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  3. Personally I wasn’t a fan of the Burnout series but if you enjoy racing games definitely give it a try. The graphics for this game are pretty good for its time.

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  4. I enjoy other racing games much better than this. But maybe because of the memories associated with those games. Tho this game is good but it lacks character in me. Would give 3/5

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