by Wynne MacLaughlin

? part 2 continues with the excellent story of Grand Theft Otto
? being involved in a guild war
? great scripting
? well-placed humor
? small game play area keeps the game exciting through out
? sound effects bolster the game’s charm factor

? little too linear

The Bottom Line – A module that transports you into a fantasy novel.

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Metal Of Honor is the second installment of In The Company Of Thieves series. The first installment Grand Theft Otto stood out as the top NWN module based on thieves. MOH is not only better than the original but it is also in the same league as elite modules like Dreamcatcher and Elegia Eternum.

What makes this module so special? Metal Of Honor puts you in the role of a thief as a member of a “good” thieves guild. You and your guild members will have to contend with a “bad” thieves guild in an exciting guild war. However this not simply a thief versus thief combat module because this guild war takes place inside a beautifully woven plot that involves two princes.

A great plot alone does not make a great module if the production quality is poor. Fortunately MOH shines in this area as well due to a tight (a good thing) game play area special effects great scripting and music that really captures the mood of every situation. In addition humor also plays a major role in this module. For example you must summon an umber hulk that jokes about republicans and lawyers.

The only negative of this module and the reason that it did not receive a perfect score is that it can be overwhelmingly linear at times. For instance I jumped the gun when starting the guild war and I was locked out of the remaining events of the module like the carnival. Being punished for being impatient makes sense but getting locked out of the rest of the module for doing something that will happen anyway is too harsh.

Besides that one complaint MOH will captivate you until you finish it. This module will not last near a long as some other modules currently available but that is not a problem because it focuses on quality rather than quantity. Thus if you want to be the “hero” of a fantasy novel for a few hours there is currently no greater module than Metal Of Honor.

Game Ogre’s Rating (out of 10):

9.75 ogreclub

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