by Adam Miller

? excellent story
? great way to begin a character

? occasional bugs

The Bottom Line – A series of modules that is actually better than Neverwinter Night’s main campaigns.

Download – Hak Pak for the Entire Series (3.5 MB)

ShadowLords1 – The Message
ShadowLords2 – Hill’s Edge
ShadowLords3 – Skull’s Gorge
ShadowLords4 – Stonemeet
ShadowLords5 – Enter the Shadow


Do you own Neverwinter Nights and you are not crazy about the main campaigns that came with the game? No problem because you can pick up the Shadowlords series and engross yourself in a deeper more satisfying game experience. There are a total of five installments in the series and each one boasts a great story fun puzzles and riddles and game play that very seldom breaks down to the point where you are stuck at one point for a significant amount of time. The quality of the modules also increase with each installment. According to the author he spent around two years working on the story. In other words he has been writing the story for the series long before the game hit retail shelves and it definitely shows.

The interaction with henchman also stands out as a major game feature. For example the henchmen will actually strike up a conversation with you at different parts of the game as you encounter different situations. In fact my male fighter could even flirt with the female thief. You not find that type of communication from your henchmen in the main game.

The only downside to this series and the reason it does not get a perfect score are the occasional bugs that can shut down the game. Most of these bugs are in the same general area but they can still be very annoying if you get a few of them right after each other. Those glitches aside Shadowlords easily stands above other modules series and should be played by anyone who owns NWN.

Game Ogre’s Rating (out of 10):

9.50 ogreclub

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