Today the Ogres revisited the world of Minecraft again after a two week absence due to the holidays. What do we find in our absence? A very different looking world that we had left due to very scenic decorations throught the private server that we use for our Livestreams most weeks. There were giant snow globes, signs, and candy canes galore. In fact, I spent most of the session just walking around taking screenshots when I was not clobbering creepers near our Ogre HQ. Here are some of those shots.


Snow Around the Ogre HQ

Giant Candy Canes Everywhere

Giant Floating House With Creepers Below

Giant Snow Globe

Winter Ogre HQ at Dusk

Let us know which ones you like the best and we will feature that screenshot more prominently. Also, we are taking requests if you want to see something different in the game. For example, we are still try to find a way to add clubs to the game somehow for Ogres instead of clubs:).