Every two months, GameOgre has a big Forum Event where members of the forum compete against each other to win prizes. The current one is called the Ogre Game Battles and Cards Event and can be found at https://www.gameogre.com/forums/game-news/60587-ogre-game-battles-cards-event.html The top ten participants will all receive prizes. Most will win different amounts of forum points that can be used in our forum shop at https://www.gameogre.com/forums/xperience.php?go=shop&cat=1 The top two participants receive $10 and $20 worth of cards. Furthermore, those who get at least twenty thousand points in the Event will double their rewards. This is not that hard to do if you participate every day or so. In fact one Event a few months ago had every member in the top 10 get double their prizes.

Depending on how the Event is going, double points activation also begins. This is where a member can complete a task like reviewing a gameΒ  or posting so many times in a forum to activate double points for the rest of the Event. This helps latecomers or members with a lighter pace than the rest to catchup in case some of the members in a higher position get complacent and stop earning points in the Event or slow down to a crawl. Thus, effort has a chance despite the size of the lead.

If you have not participated in an Event yet, all you do is start claiming items and you will be on your way:). For example, play some of our games like Ogre Wars and Triple Triad and you can claim 50 points from those right off the bat. See you in the Event!


  1. I wish that more gamers can join us so we will make one big community.
    I just got to say that this Forum is amazing!

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  2. Great Event, I always love to participate in the Events. Specially on this site, all Events have own rewards and own way for fun. I recommend everyone to join Events on GameOgre if they have time and wish for fun πŸ™‚

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  3. It was a great event, but now its over and we got a new one. Hope that more ppl come to the new one. Congratulation to the winners hope I see you in the next one.
    It was a cool and funny event with a nice competition.

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