The fifth season of Ogre Wars has started—beginning on the auspicious date of April 18th—and we at GameOgre would like to invite everyone to join us in this highly-casual (but oddly hardcore) battle of the community across the imaginary land of conquest. Ogre Wars is an HTML-based web game that works a lot like many of those old turn-based games about gathering resources, typing numbers, and clicking buttons. The difference here: you get to joke with your ogre friends about how well or how badly you’re doing.

To properly do this report, I joined forces with the Ironheads. Little did I know that was also Ogreman’s main brute-squad (probably a good choice on my part as I too fear his club.)

For those interested Ogre Wars provides three ogre nations to join: the Stompers, the Gold Beasts, and the Iron Heads. At the beginning everyone is given a fairly level playing field, with each of the different nations having slightly different boons depending on offense, defense, income, and intel. Depending on the actions of the people in the different nations decides how well they end up doing against other nations—plus a little bit of the winds of fortune, but in the end it’s a game of domination.

So where are the nations right now?

These numbers don’t say much about the state of play and they fluctuate through the day, but they’re a good way to get a snapshot of what might need to be done for your nation to help stay on top or edge closer.

Dominance isn’t very clear right now with the Stomper and Gold Beasts near head-to-head: Stomper 36.90% and Gold Beasts at 36.06%–but, poor Ironheads sit very low at 27.04%. These tables could turn with some innovative thinking involving larger troops, better weapons, or just a sudden influx of spies sneaking into enemy territory and identifying weak targets.

Right now, while the Stompers are on the top they do have less villages than the rest of the troops so if you’re joining they’re potentially a good nation to hook up with.

Amid the five largest villages the Stompers own the top three and the Gold Beasts the next two. In descending order the current players on top of village prosperity are: FoxWMB, pureevil4, satsukiyami, Aaddron, and speedyturtle. As for the richest villages top 5, the Stompers are once again on top and the Gold Beasts hold down the next four: HomeBrewed, Rogue_Sora, Natdanai, Hamr, and Boxcar_Clancey.

There’s a wide and interesting variety of people to play against lined up here and it’s virtually the whos-who of ogres in the forums that you talk to daily. In fact, playing OgreWars also means you can join the nation forum and talk to your allies there—and you can even brag about it in the forums proper.

Come and join us today and let’s see if we can upset the Stompers lead!