is trying something new in 2017 or at least something we have not tried since late 2011. Our newest big forum event known as the Online Game Rumble features a twist that should be very interesting. Each participant chooses one game to cover for the entire two month event.

Once the player chooses their respective game, they receive double to triple the amount of points of other event items. So far, we are allowing participants to choose the same game such as League of Legends or Counterstrike: Global Offensive. However, those players with unique games will reap more points than those with the same popular game.

How can each participant cover their game? Well, they can review the game, post about it, vote for it in polls, write guides and strategies, provide tips, take screenshots, and even make videos. Any way to have fun while showing others their game is the overall goal here. Due to the name of the event, we may even create characters for each player.

The ones who do the best in the event will receive various prizes such as medals, forum points, and most importantly, items from the Game Ogre Shop. The shop consists of such game loot as League of Legend RP cards and over 100 Steam games. The Steam games include the aforementioned Counterstrike: Global Offensive along with other popular games like Awesomenauts, Garry’s Mod, Terraia, and Chivalry.


  1. Lmao, I can’t wait to see this event occur. I’m still waiting for this Ogreman, start doing some youtube vids on this. Also hope to see all those characters found on the game. 🙂

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