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By Greg Pietruczuk

Firstly, I must admit this is a sticky subject for many MMORPG players. Some people love it, some hate it. Personally I think it is targeted for specific group of players. Don’t let other players push you to be a part of this kind of servers, you have to feel to give it a go in order to have tons of fun.

The main problem with playing on RPG servers is the fact, that we don’t have the choice who do we play with, who are we going to meet on our way. It can go two ways. More annoying is when we encounter people that are just to spoiled the fun, acting childish and pissing players off. They will get banned anyway, but for every banned one sooner or later you meet another one. Multiplying like rabbits.

Second situation I have noticed quite often while playing on RPG servers, is when players have different view on role-playing aspect of MMORPG. People tend to argue about game’s universum characteristics, races’ behavior and other lore related problems. This may affect our game quite heavily, instead of enjoying our time in game we have to spend it arguing and explaining our actions. Not my idea of fun.

Best thing you can do when deciding to play on RPG server is bringing with people that are known to you. From guild on standard servers, guys that you have played with for quite a while now, or even better, people that you know from real life, ones that you have played pen and paper RPGs with. You know what to expect from them, what type of humour they like and such. This is the best and easiest way to have some proper fun right from the beginning on RPG server. Will save you lots of time and stress related to finding the right group and guild that suits you best.

If you decide to play on RPG server, be sure you really want to do it, you have enough motivation to be a part of it. It is not only about you and wasting your time – it is about showing respect to people that treat it seriously. Golden rule - don’t spoil other’s fun.

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