RuneScape Versus Maple Story 2

Second round match in MMORPG Showdown 3

The Match-Up

RuneScape vs. Maple Story is the very first rematch to take place in a Showdown. These two free MMORPGs also met in the first round of the first Showdown 2 years ago. That match was a definite highlight of the tournament so it was highly anticipated that the two games would meet again. Maple Story narrowly won that first encounter and RuneScape was booted out of the first round last year by Sword of the New World. However, RuneScape has been named the World's most popular free MMORPG and has made quite a number of improvements this year including better graphics. RuneScape also achieved its first Showdown victory with a win over AQ Worlds in the first round this year. Like RuneScape vs. Maple Story 1, RuneScape vs. AQ Worlds turned out to be a great back-and-forth match. Although the forum discussion was a blowout, RuneScape vs Maple Story 2 was close as well. In the end, Runescape proved to be too much for Maple Story thanks to its improvements and the heavy grinding in Maple Story. RuneScape now moves on to the semi-finals.

Tale of the Tape


  • Free to play.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Made in Java.
  • Offers a premium version.
  • Browser-based.
  • World's most popular free MMORPG.
  •'s Game of the Month for September.
  •'s 2004 Best Free Online Game and 2005 Best Free MMORPG.


Maple Story

  • Free to play.
  • 2D graphics.
  • Players can marry each other after completing certain quests.
  • Different versions all over the world.
  • Large amount of grinding.
  • No PvP.
  • Offers a cash shop for special items.
  • Various mini-games are available.
  • Has attracted several clones.

Select Comments For Runescape (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 8
Author: iron zeppelin
Comment: Runescape has flaws, to say the very least, but as a game in itself it offers a lot of opportunities no other game can. People always go on about how grindy the game is which, although partly true, doesn't take into account the fact that as a paying member you get a load of quests which can get you to a high level on almost any skill fairly quickly. Also, unlike many other games, combat is not the only place you need to level up in as there a huge variety of skills. This is probably the main draw of this game as few other MMOs offer that. The graphics are basic, but I still think that they look more attractive than anything you will see in Maple Story. There is also a much bigger amount of things to do here than in Maple Story. One massive downside is the puerile and on the whole childish community who ask female characters to be their girlfrieds and run around shouting "NOOB" at anyone doing anything constructive. Another downside is the combat system. The combat system is boring and based on luck much more than skill or even hours played. At least the game is pretty casual and easy to get into. I want this to beat maple story because it is simply a more enjoyable game.

Rating: 10
Author: Caveman869
Comment: While RuneScape is clearly not the best MMO in the world, against MapleStory it makes the latter seem like a pushover.

Story depth------10-----------------8----------

Overall: RS = 8.4 MS = 6.6

While I'm doing this, both games have grinding abilities. At least for RuneScape, you can AFC and have non-combat grind skills. The quests in Runescape are way better. Runescape is not downloaded and has better graphics than MapleStory. Runescape is also updated more often than MapleStory. So compared to MapleStory, RS is way better. Sorry all MapleStory fans

Rating: 9
Author: vandin
Comment: Runescape may not have the best graphics or the best sound, but it completely makes up for it with its amount of content. The quests in Runescape are phenomenal and actually take skill to figure out unlike the "kill ten of this monster" type of quests. Also, I have been playing Runescape for 3 years or more and I really haven't ever been bored with it. I think it's a lot better than the other free MMORPGs because of the non-combat skills that you can also work on. Furthermore, Runescape comes out with new content for members about every week so you always have something to do. Overall, I think it's a lot better than Maple Story, which is a huge grindfest.

Rating: 9
Author: insanespoon
Comment: Runescape is a very good f2p game. It uses a skill based system, which has levels of skills. There is not much to do for free players, but I've heard members have plenty to do. Deserves the award more than Maple Story does.

Rating: 7
Author: komgred
Comment: Runescape, a game that some people love and most people hate.

Graphics: For a game that is completely developed in Java and is browser based, the graphics are really impressive. RS shows a high amount of detail. Compared to other games such as AoC or WoW, the graphics are terrible. 7/10

Gameplay: There is a wide variety of skills to level up and, unlike most MMORPGs, you are not restricted to any one class. The downside is that the leveling process is a grind fest. I can't even remember how long it took to get to level 60 Woodcutting by chopping willow trees from level 36. The quests are very good, it is not your average kill 10 or collect 10 quests, but is a whole new type of gaming experience that players will enjoy. Combat is horrible, but you can live with it. PvP is atrocious. 7/10

The community is terrible, there are some players who will help you out but the majority act like spoiled brats. It does get better if you are a member since it has a more friendlier atmosphere. 4/10

Difficulty: New players will be able to remember how everything is used due to the very helpful tutorial island. Quests are also simple to new players. 8/10

Overall: 7/10

Select Comments for Maple Story (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: anigous
Comment: I would review Runescape too, but I'm level 46 in this game. MapleStory compared to every other game fails and succeeds. MapleStory is no doubt the king of grinding. You get little exp from monsters and quests. Where this game succeeds is its grouping system. The wonderful PQ, this "group quest" requires teamwork and most importantly the will to group. While the PQ is fragile with all the "inexperienced" players, it is still a good way to relieve yourself of grinding. The sound is just standard, but I find it easier on the ears to use Windows Media Player. Gameplay itself is one strange smoothie. The four classes are like the fruits/stuff-to-be-blended, and combat is like blending it. It does not stop until the smoothie is smooth (leveling up). Then if you aren't leveling for new gear, the smoothie sucks. The game has no PvP, and some people think that Assassins  would over power the PK scene.

Lunia had a special balance channel. Maybe if that channel took away benefits from sins? Oh well, Maple Story is a nice game to play because the game holds your hand al the way to level 10. Newbies and veterans making new characters also might enjoy having endless amounts of newbie potions.

Oh, how can I forget the community! It's a wild card. You either meet cool guys or jerks that only think of some lame insult that includes the infamous "noob". Oh how some people dread the word! Reason for giving a ten: I've played with more friends then jerks. The chatting makes the grind more tolerable. The social game is pretty enjoyable.

Rating: 2
Author: corvax
Comment: For a MMORPG that has to be downloaded, the graphics are way too kiddy. Gameplay is a complete grind and quests are the generic Kill X~ Collect X. There is no PvP. The community is just plain terrible. There are also a lot of cash users, some who think they're better than all the people who don't use NX. If you're going to buy NX cash, then prepare to shell out at least $50 every 3 months, because once you start spending, it's hard to stop.

Rating: 6
Author: komgred
Comment: Gameplay: This game is mostly about grinding. There are quests in this game but they are very repetitive and they result in constant grinding. When a character is created, they start with the beginner job. When the character meets a certain requirement, they can complete the first job advancement and become a Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Pirate, or a Thief. There are four class advancements available through out the game. 6/10

Graphics: For a 2D side scrolling game, the graphics are great. The game acts like a platformer, which MMOs should not be. The layout of the game does not suit the graphics. 6/10

Community: Same as RS, absolutely horrible. I did find some nice people. 4/10

Difficulty: New players are sent to Maple Island, which is basically a tutorial like in RS but a little different. Soloing is very difficult for some classes, as a lot of monsters that they will encounter can be stronger than them. 6/10

Overall: 6/10

The Voting

Runescape received a total score of 7.6

Maple Story received a total score of 6

The Result

Runescape Wins!

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