Tabula Rasa vs. Eve Online

First round battle in the MMORPG Showdown 2 series

The Match-Up

Similar to last year, Eve Online is paired up in the first round with another sci-fi MMO. The difference this year is that Tabula Rasa is a recently launched game while Anarchy Online was launched before Eve Online and is showing its age. The differences do not stop there because one of the few common aspects between Tabula Rasa and Eve Online is that both games have a sci-fi setting. While Eve Online is mainly known for espionage and its economy, Tabula Rasa is more tuned for action like an online shooter. These differences made for a much closer match than the one with Eve Online versus Anarchy Online last year. Eve Online took a very early lead, but Tabula Rasa kept closing the gap over the weekend until the last few days. In the end, Tabula Rasa could not pass up Eve Online and this match ended up being one of the few where both games had high scores.  

Tale of the Tape

Tabula Rasa

  • Launched in late 2007.
  • From one of the most widely recognized names in the entire MMORPG industry, Richard Garriott.
  • Players make ethical decisions that have long term impacts on how their characters are treated.
  • Cloning system allows for players to easily try out other classes.
  • Logos system represents the magic in the game.
  • Player and NPC battles have a huge impact on the game.


Eve Online

  • Offers a 14 day free trial.
  • The dominant force in sci-fi MMOs.
  • Has gained attention due to major events of espionage in the game.
  •'s 2006 Non-Fantasy MMORPG of the Year.
  • Players control corporations.
  • One of the best economies in an MMO. 

Select Comments For Tabula Rasa (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 8
Author: Jrod
Comment: I beta tested this game and it was pretty good. Pros include: smart AI, fun combat system, it is easy to solo and group, and runs well on older PCs. Cons include: bad UI, lots of bugs, pointless crafting system, and bad PvP. Overall, I would say Tabula Rasa is the best MMO to come out in a year full of dismal MMOs.

Rating: 8
Author: Banger
Comment: Love the fast-paced action. It starts out more fun than Eve, but I think Eve is a better game overall.

Post Date: 04:28 07-12-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Big Mo
Comment: A blast at first, but eventually gets old.

Select Comments for Eve Online (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: kazalor
Comment: Eve Is truly an amazing game with its complex gameplay. Unfortunately, I only played the 14-day trial but those 14 days were the best MMO days I've had. The graphics in Eve also stand out from the other MMOs out there. Eve will win because it is the best.

Rating: 6
Author: GoodEventide
Comment: A game with great graphics and good deep crafting. However, the problem with this game is that it sells itself to have great PvP. The company took a shot of where everyone was and most people were in the PvE area. Also, I always heard on how good the community is, but all I ever see is Eve players saying that Eve blows WoW and every single MMO out of the water. Also, you need to spend way too much time playing the game.

Rating: 7
Author: jobo
Comment: Can't deny it is a good MMO, but I don't like the big learning curve. Plus, the game has too many scammers for my taste.

The Voting

Tabula Rasa received a total score of 8.0

Eve Online received a total score of 8.4

The Result

Eve Online Wins! 



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