The seventh adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG, The Dark Frontier introduces a huge new game world with more possibilities.

This Adventure is for Level 7 Players only.

For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss.

Adventurers (join by rolling in this thread)



Phase One

Defeating Dramon drained your strength and energy so you wander around aimlessly until you see a very dark horizon ahead of you. Curious, you go to explore to see what all you can discover. You come across a rowdy “saloon” during your travels and decide to stop there. Inside the bar is a wild cast of characters with many bloodcurdling to tell. Roll a 60 or better to talk to one of the more interesting bar patrons.

Phase Two

You sit and hear legendary stories about the area. Turns out that the bar patron you are talking to is also a guide and offers his services for an expedition through the Dark Frontier. Roll the dice to see how much you must pay the guide. The roll is multiplied by 10.

Phase Three

You and the guide set out to explore the Dark Territory! You see many interesting places on your trek such as a lonely house, a winding river, and what looks to be a dark fortress in a deep valley. Your guide takes you to the house. It has 5 rooms and you will roll for each one to see what happens! What you find will be determined depending on how high your rolls are. Thus, you will have a Phase 3 A ,3 B, 3C etc.:)Phase Four

After the house, your guide takes you down to the river. You see a little makeshift market with various vendor stalls. There are building supplies needed to cross the river and possibly valuable items in piles and boxes on the ground. You need a 100 total to buy enough building supplies and one mystery item. The number of rolls it takes to reach 100 will affect the prices.

Phase Five

Roll the dice the number of time it took to get to 100 in the previous phase. The higher the roll the better your mystery item will be. You and the guide then work on a boat to take you across the river to the dark fortress.

Phase Six

While using the boat to cross the river, the guide wants your item and puts up what you have paid him so far in a winner-take-all battle. Come to find out, your guide is actually a deadly shape changer named Baltar known for robbing and sometimes destroying travelers whenever possible. Defeat him by doing 1250 points of damage and you get your money back!

Phase Seven

You get your money back after defeating Baltar and make it to the other side of the river. You then start making your down the valley towards the menacing Dark Fortress in the distance all alone besides your pets. As get closer to the fortress, you suddenly hear bloodcurdling screeches and gigantic roars! Your pets start going crazy so you need to calm them down by rolling at least their damage to continue your journey.

Phase Eight

After calming down your pets you approach the Dark Fortress. To get inside, you will need to break through the heavy steel door. With your pets, you will need to unleash 2000 points of damage to enter the seemingly evil structure!

Phase Nine

The door comes tumbling down under the power of you and your pets. You finally get to enter the Dark Fortress and you can not believe what you see inside! You see giant portals in the middle of the fortress and what appears to be dragons on the other side. The dragons see you from you the other side and start screeching again. This time the screeching sends a copy of you and your pets through the portals to fight you! To defeat your doppelgangers, reduce their hit points to 0 before they do the same to you. Rolls 1 to 50 will be damage for the clones while 51 to 100 will be damage for you. Pet damage is canceled out here with the clones. The boss will emerge once the clones are defeated!

Phase Ten

You defeat your clones and your pets return to your side. However, the whole fortress begins to shake as something begins to emerge from the biggest portal. You see monstrous feet and a potent stench as this continues for some time. Eventually, you see more of the body that is covered with gigantic scales like armor and even a pair of wing! Finally, the massive dragon shows his nasty head and roars while breathing fire towards the fortress ceiling. Its body feels most of the fortress as you ponder how you will kill it. Luckily, you hear and another roar as the Big Blue Ogre emerges. Apparently, the two titans were battling each other where the portal goes to. Join the Blue Ogre in fighting this giant dragon by inflicting 5000 points of damage.