If there’s one thing that truly excites people every time it comes up in the conversation is online free gaming. Over the past few years, the online gaming platform has seen a boom in its players. It is one platform where people come and play with their friends and have even managed to make new friends globally. There are thousands of games being played all across the globe and therefore, many more games and genres are being added for the same.

The online gaming platforms have managed to always keep gamer’s interests and there is a huge variety available for every age group. The online gaming platforms have added many features like being able to connect with anyone globally, voice-over commands and the feature of group calls which makes the entire experience more fun. Therefore, along with various people watching good online content, people are also enjoying various available online games.

1.  Online Games

It was believed that nothing could meet the level of fun people gained by playing in arcades. However, with the ever advancing technology and features available, the online Roulette Casinos has managed to give the players the equal amount of fun and that too by staying safe in their homes. This is one particular online multiplayer game genre that is played with the utmost excitement and has managed to be in the top 10 lists throughout the Internet.

2.  MOBAs

A game that has seen a rapid increase in its players during the pandemic is League of Legends, popularly known as LoL. It is an online multiplayer game with various enjoyable features that has managed to blur the wall of online gaming since people play with an illusion that they are playing offline. This game is played globally and has been in the trends continuously.

3.  Sandbox Games

Despite its odds, Minecraft has managed to be in the popular sandbox games for a very long time now. It has the added advantage of owning a mobile version too. The mobile version makes it even more popular and globally accessible. This game has seen a sudden rise in its players over the past few years in particular.

4.  Battle Royals

A battle royal game that has been the talk of gamers for years is none other than Fortnite. This popular online game has been everyone’s favorite for years and is considered even better than PUBG. It has attracted various players all over the world and tops the list every time.

In conclusion, gaming has been a part of everyone’s lives. The new updated version, the online game, is now everyone’s go-to comfort zone. People play and make friends online by playing various online games. It is entertaining, relaxing and has managed to fill the void of not being able to connect with people in person.

Online gaming platforms have been trending especially after the lock-down and this platform has managed to keep everyone’s expectations by introducing many games and new features regularly.


  1. Looks like the days of RPGs is over. In my opinion, there aren’t really that many sandbox games to justify it being a “top genre” especially when compared with the hundreds of thousands of RPGs out there.

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