A simple, accessible-yet-difficult, fwooshy, “feel good” flight sim. Blow things up on an infinite number of procedurally-generated islands, but watch out for volleys of missiles; when you die, you’re dead.

Post Date: 14:25 12-12-2014
Rating: 1
Author: arZ
Comment: Sky Rogue is a flying simulator. You need to destroy enemy planes. The graphic is really bad. I didnt play this game for long, because I dont like flying simulators. Rating 1/10!


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  1. this video game is awesome,it is true graphic is kiddish but it looks great,I recommend this game everybody

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  2. Looks pretty fun. Sky Rogue definitely gives off a bit of nostalgia reminding me of other 3D shooters like Star Fox and After Burner. You can definitely have a lot of fun with this game, plus the game includes a co-op mode. Art for this game is very simple with plain colors and basic 3D models; yet, the game does look modern. Overall, I’d give this game a 4/5.

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