Paint The Old World red with the Blood the Blood God pack for Total War: WARHAMMER.

The Old World is riven by countless battles fought. Now experience the carnage in technicolour glory with the arrival of the  Blood for the Blood God DLC! All-new events, particle effects, dismemberments, and gory, gib-spattered deaths will serve to bring your gameplay to untold heights of gruesomeness.

Cower as giants chew the heads off hapless soldiers, trolls rip their foes limb from lifeless limb, and the scything tails of dragons tear through units in an explosion of blood and guts. Brand new campaign events serve to encourage slaughter across the world, all to the laughter and delight of The Blood God. Dedicate your wars to him, and bathe the world in crimson!

Blood for the Blood God is likely to increase the age rating of the game to a ‘Mature’ or ‘18’ rating depending on the country of purchase. Please check that you meet the local age rating requirements of the DLC before purchasing.

With around 20-25% of Total War players under the age of 18, Creative Assembly design Total War titles to be accessible for lower age groups, but have provided optional Blood Effect DLC for recent titles to enable older users to make an aesthetic choice should they wish to.

Alongside the Blood for the Blood God DLC, Creative Assembly will also be releasing the first patch for Total War: WARHAMMER. This update brings significant unit rebalancing, numerous technical and gameplay improvements to the game. Also included in the patch are the new Vampire Counts’ cavalry unit: Blood Knights, free for all players.


  1. Total War: Warhammer is a turn-based strategy real-time tactics video game published by Sega.The game features four playable factions: The Dwarfs, The Empire of Man, the “Greenskins”, and The Vampire Counts.Gameplay is interesting,graphic is great,I suggest this game everybody

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