Pid is a platform game that will turn everything you know about 2D gameplay upside down. You play as a young boy that gets stranded on an old remote planet. He must fight off a variety of malicious robots bent on stopping him and befriend unlikely allies to shed light on a huge conspiracy that keeps the planet mesmerized and prevents him from ever reaching home.

Post Date: 15:19 28-06-2015
Rating: 8
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Game is pretty funny for me. Something like Mario, but in different level xD… I like it, graphics are pretty fancy, doesn’t get boring fast. I like it 8/10.
Post Date: 15:36 27-11-2014
Rating: 5
Author: arZ
Comment: Pid is a 2D platform jump and run game. You are controlling a young boy that need to fight different robots. You need to clear the different stages, levels. The graphic is nice, but the game play is not so good. I rate this game with a note 5/10
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  1. Interesting game with a lot of puzzles to solve.
    Love the soundtrack and type of gameplay in this game.

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  2. Very decent 2d puzzle video game,I enjoyed playing it I suggest it everyone

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  3. Simple and fun game to play but occasionally it will get extremely frustrating where you will have to force yourself to play it. Other than that it’s good game with great visual style and a beautiful sound track.

    Might tilt you from time to time

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  4. Graphics for Pid is alright; I like the character designs and the overworld designs, but the fog effect makes the game look a bit mute. Game is fun though; you get a solid puzzle-platformer experience, and the soundtrack is nice. Game also has a co-op mode which could be fun if you want to solve puzzles with friends. Overall, I’d give this game a 4.5/5.

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