Since Twitch launched 11 years ago, a lot has changed on the leading live-streaming platform, where most of the world’s best content creators congregate. Although Facebook and YouTube have tried to capture some of the world’s best streamers with multi-million dollar contracts for leaving the purple platform, it remains the undisputed leader globally.

But what are the most watched topics on Twitch?

Just Chatting is the category that has the most broadcasts and viewers, as it covers a multitude of topics and when a streamer does not have an exact category that represents the topic he is going to address or what he is going to share with his subscribers he resorts to using this as the theme of his or her stream.

In terms of games, the trends of the last few weeks are the following games:

– Overwatch 2

– League of Legends: the classic that never dies.

– Grand Theft Auto V: one of the games with the best ability to interact with the channel’s viewers.

– Dota 2

– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

– Fifa 23

– Valorant

– World Of Warcraft: another of the classics that never dies.

– Minecraft

– Rust

As you can see, there is a great variety of the type of games that are most watched on Twitch. This means that everyone can find their favorite streamer in their favorite game and this great variety is one of the keys to Twitch’s success.

On many occasions, Twitch’s policies are harsh in cases where they shouldn’t be and soft where they should be much harsher.

For example, a few weeks ago a streamer who was acting very badly on a live stream was banned for just one week. She didn’t realize that her audience could see what she was doing despite her best efforts to prevent that.

Another of the scandals that has been broadcasted lately and that we have been able to see in specialized websites has to do with a popular streamer who admitted having cheated his audience to collect more than $300,000 to pay debts originated by his addiction to online gaming.

Twitch has even announced the change of some of its policies after the scandal, so it has had a great importance in the community and has generated a great debate in the public opinion, regarding whether there are more content that should be excluded from Twitch categories and not be allowed in the community.

Throughout the year the most played games by Twitch streamers usually change, following the trends. Sometimes, some big streamer with a large following tries out a new game and many other smaller content creators play it as well, making it go viral and sneak into the top of Twitch broadcasts. So, while these stats may not represent the success or otherwise throughout the year on Twitch, it is the current situation and trends on the platform.

And you, what kind of stream do you like to watch the most?