Unreal Tournament Review

by Epic MegaGames

•  beautiful graphics
•  excellent controls
•  bots give an alternative to a story-driven single player mode
•  significant mod community
•  high replay value with the bots

• CTF mode adds nothing new 
• a few instances where the beautiful settings get in the way

The Bottom Line - The game that hit the mark for online shooters.

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Although Quake 3 Arena came out before Unreal Tournament, UT is the story-less multiplayer focused game that shined the most out the two. Why? UT utilized exceptionally intelligent bots in excellent looking locations while Quake 3 failed to impress. That is when the once dubbed "Quake Killer"  franchise finally got the job done. Of course, Half-Life surpassed both of them, but that is another story. Due to UT's popularity, several successful mods  have extended the game's high replay value even more.  

Game Ogre's Rating (out of 10):


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