A very childish game, that only small people from 4 to 7 years old will play. A lot of items and privileges on the game cost a fee.

Post Date: 00:13 03-03-2010
Rating: 9
Author: quinn
Comment: Webkinz is awesome, even if you aren’t a kid. There are tons of minigames you can play, and you can decorate your room and other fun things…however, there is not many chance to communicate with other users.

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  1. In webkinz you take care of your pet ,you can also play arcade games.Game is colorful and cartoony ideal for younger kids.

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  2. Webkinz is a neat virtual pet game which I used to play back in my elementary school years. In order to play Webkinz, a plush that comes with a code needs to be purchased. The concept of buying a plush to play a game is interesting and unique in the perspective of a child, but it is not the greatest system in actuality, especially when you need to buy more plush to keep playing the game. The game is very interactive, but what I enjoyed about this game was decorating my house, playing mini-games, and collecting rewards. What I did not like about this game is that the player’s Webkinz account would expire, which would require the player to buy more plush. In a way, Webkinz is pay2play, but at the same time it is not since the player would be buying the plush, not the game. Overall, I would rate this game a 3/5. This game was a fun childhood game, but I did not like the pay2play model that this game had.

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  3. its a kiddy game suitable for like 7 year olds.
    the game is fun with many features. mostly educational and adventuruously enjoyable. the kids can pick up lessons to aid their growing up process.

    i recommend for kids . thumbs upy~

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  4. 3/5 – Wow I used to play Webkinz back in elementary school, I’m surprised it’s still a thing. We had our assigned laptops and at the end of the day our supervisor allowed us to play it. Basically you need to buy a webkinz toy from a store, it comes with a code that can activate your game account and your toy animal will resemble your animal ingame. Pretty educational game and fun to play with other kids

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