War of the Immortals also known as WOI is a new Free2Play MMORPG that was recently launched by Perfect World Entertainment. Can you give us a brief story about WOI? How does this title tie into your other title Battle of the Immortals?


After the Great War, the leaders of the last reaming human city discovered a great hidden power within their city, Atlantis. The elders used this power to raise the city out of the sea and away from the monsters. Years passed and new alliances were made, but a war started to brew once again. Fearsome and dangerous monsters started to siege Atlantis and its allies. By calling upon the great powers of Odin, the heroes of old were resurrected to help fight this battle. And, this is where War of the Immortals begins its story. 

Can you give us some details about the setting and about Motenia? What where the inspirations for the concept and designs of WOI?


We looked at different legends and mythology while designing War of the Immortals.  The main inspiration came mainly from Greek and Roman architecture styles, which are reflected in Motenia – the main planet in War of the Immortals filled with vast landscapes and diverse environments.


Players will traverse through each world by overcoming challenging obstacles such as world PvP. In search for honor and glory, they will also encounter fierce monsters, as well as the evil forces of Loki, who are waging a war to take over Motenia.


Character creation is one of the first things to do in playing WOI. Can you tell us about the different characters that players could create in the game? What really makes each of the 8 classes stand apart from each other?


The 8 character classes contain some of the traditional roles such as tank, healer, ranged and melee dps’s and some unconventional classes like a debuffing magic based melee fighter. While there are many classes to choose from players will experience an epic single player story but with many MMO based events.


The game really allows players to experience the story and the world. The scenario quests are the driving force behind the story advancement but there are a number of events, side quests, and instances to also help the player to advance. To get a more extensive breakdown of each of the classes and how they differ, check it out here: http://woi.perfectworld.com/gameinfo/class/berzerker

Mounts and pets are also available in WOI. Can you give us some details about the benefits of each type of pets and mounts in-game? How can players attain the pets and mounts?

Mounts allow players to travel faster across dangerous zones and provide strong buffs that persist after being dismounted. Pets, on the other hand, play more of a pivotal role – fighting alongside you.  Depending on your play style you can choose from a large variety of pet types to pick a more tanky type pet or DPS type, etc. Additionally almost all the stats on the pet can be modified so it really depends on how much you want to customize it. With that said, mounts and pets contribute significantly to a player’s success.

ZEN is the name of the virtual currency used throughout all the Perfect World Entertainment’s games (excluding Torchlight). It is used to purchase items in each of the games’ cash shop to enhance the user’s gameplay experience. What kind of premium items can be bought with Zen in WOI?

There are lots of cool customization items available in the cash shop, including various fashion items, mounts, pet eggs, and booster packs. One very popular item in particular is the Platinum noble box which is very popular. It gives the user a quite a few HP and MP potions, as well as a platinum card with bonuses to in-game mechanics such as resurrecting on the spot.


These items can also be acquired in-game with a bit more time. Therefore, players need not purchase cash shop based items in order to level up. There are many built-in mechanics that will reward players with increased EXP to explore the game just as efficiently as players who purchase items.

Can you give us more information on PvP gameplay in War of Immortals?

PvP becomes available at level 50 and only in various zones depending upon the color of the zone. Green zones are safe areas, where PvP is not permitted. White zones are neutral zones, where players will be penalized for attacking players who have chosen not to flag themselves for PvP. All other color zones are arena zones for full-on PvP.


There are also larger scale PVP battles involving clans and factions called Territory Wars. As guilds level up, they are encouraged to fight for land to gain exclusive rights to obtain material to upgrade their clans. Factions and clans can also expect additional rewards for controlling certain parts of the world map.

Now that War of the Immortals has launched, what is in the future for War of the Immortals?

We are constantly looking for ways to create new content and keep our players entertained with exciting features. There’s always potential for new classes, new instances, and items to come. In fact, we already have some new content in the pipeline so keep your characters ready! Also check out our website for the most current news, updates, tips and events at http://woi.perfectworld.com/.

What is your favorite feature of War of the Immortals and Why?

Personally for me, it’s our unique and robust pet system, which is available very early on in the game – pet skills starting at pet level 1 and pet focus system starting at level 60. Almost any monster you encounter can potentially become a pet! As you slash your way through fearsome monsters, they have a chance to drop themselves as a pet egg for players to simply capture. Pets essentially become a valuable second player that fights alongside you. They can output enormous amounts of damage and have their own unique skills to contribute to any given situation. Depending on the roles you want your pet to take; it can be molded to fit that purpose.

If you enjoy playing the game alone or with other players, the pet is an invaluable companion.



Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about War of Immortals?

War of the Immortals provides a great experience for single players and those who like to team up with their friends. Regardless of experience, players will be able to participate in all levels of the game from dungeons to full blown Territory Wars in relatively a short amount of time. The game is both easy to understand and yet vastly complex, allowing the user to create a very unique experience tailored to their gaming style.


We encourage you to check out all that the game has to offer. Since it’s free-to-play, you have nothing to lose.


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