Warcraft 3 Resources

The WarCraft franchise has been so popular online that it will spawn a MMORPG that hopes to rival Everquest.

Game Ogre's WarCraft 3 Review
The Russian general in War and Peace said it best, "patience and time". Although it took several years, Blizzard has constructed a masterpiece. 

WarCraft 3 Cheats
Getting wiped out by the undead? You won't be for long with these cheats.

WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Cheats for the excellent expansion pack for WarCraft 3. 

WarCraft 3 Race Descriptions
Is one race stronger than the others? Find out what all four races are like.

Warcraft Millennium
Primarily a strategy site that also offers maps and replays.

Warcraft Replays
Boasts a large database of high-level replays for WarCraft that is updated constantly. In addition, they also host free tournaments.

A very interesting database for WarCraft 3 that can be downloaded. The database consists of information about units, buildings, skills and items. It should be noted that 60,000 gamers use this product.




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