Wheel of Time Cheats

Cheats for the game that is based on one of the best fantasy novel series ever.

Cheat Mode: 

To activate a cheat, press the tilde key [~] and enter its 
corresponding code at the system command console.

Result - Code

All spells - allammo  
Breathe underwater - amphibious  
Disable invisibility - invisible 0  
Enable invisibility - invisible 1  
Fly mode - fly 
God mode - god 
Kill all monsters - killpawns  
Kill indicated classes - killall   
Level select - switchlevel   
No clipping mode - ghost  
Normal view - behindview 0  
Select new coop level - switchcooplevel   
Sends message to other players - say   
Set game speed - slomo   
Summon indicated class - summon   
Third person view - behindview 1  
Toggle time on and off - playersonly  
Walk mode - walk

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