Bitcoins games have become mainstream among present-day players. Thus, the online gaming niche currently witnesses the bloom of crypto arcades. But will BTC games pass the test of time, or are they about to crash in the nearest future? Let’s see what the experts’ predictions are!

Crypto Gaming Market Today

Blockchain technology has pushed the envelope of modern gaming. Players have come far and hunt for innovative HD games to play with cryptocurrencies. Though Bitcoin has been here for a while (since 2009), gamers of those times considered it as ‘underground’ money. Today, none of the arcade fans doubt the trustworthiness of digital coins and use them on game sites.

In 2017, the first-ever blockchain game made its triumphant debut on the online gaming market.  In this game, the player’s goal was to collect, breed, and sell adorable virtual kittens. The game immediately hit the gaming niche by storm and marked the beginning of BTC games.  

Bitcoin Arcades: a Brand New Trend among Gamers

Skeptics may say that Bitcoin games will not survive for long. However, the facts point to the opposite! Nowadays, more and more players prefer cryptocurrencies to money for online gaming. The reasons for this transfer are clear: a rich selection of games and lightning transactions. When you want to play online games with Bitcoin, the most crucial nuance is to pick out a trusted online BTC casino. On top-class sites, you may play games with Bitcoins from the world-recognized game providers.

Playing crypto games on reputable online game sites, you are sure to get:

  • vast BTC games assortment;
  • 100% secure payment methods;
  • zero transaction fees;
  • impressive design and stunning game graphics;
  • great choice of Bitcoin wallets;complete anonymity;
  • bonuses for players.

Popular Games to play with BTC in 2021

The assortment of Bitcoin games keeps growing by leaps and bounds in 2021. Developers tend to satisfy players’ rapidly growing demands and please them with newfangled releases. Modern BTC games have stunning graphics, groundbreaking sound effects, and 3D animation. Crypto games have come a long way from old-schooled alternatives.

How to Play at a BTC Arcade

There is nothing challenging about grasping the basics of Bitcoin games. For a start, you need to find an online arcade with a great reputation. Experts’ reviews will help you make the right choice. Pay attention to the available games to make sure that arcades offer what you need.

Gamers may use different VPN services or site mirrors to reach an arcade site from any country and stay anonymous while playing. After these simple actions, you can visit the arcade lobby and find Bitcoin games matching your particular needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts: Will BTC Games Pass a Test of Time?

It becomes clear that skeptics feel Bitcoin games won’t go anywhere in 2021 or after decades. Players currently have a crush on BTC games because they give them multiple privileges.  It is because Bitcoin is not under authorities’ jurisdiction. Besides, the game assortment is expanding at an enormous speed. After ‘tasting’ the brilliance of crypto games, players will never give up on them, whatever skeptics say!


  1. Bitcoin will probably survive. I think a lot of people panic when they start seeing things turn out unfavorably for them, so they make hasty decisions. The main reason bitcoin fell was because of Elon Musk getting people onboard with Dogecoin, and that’s really just a temporary occurrence. Eventually things start to stabilize again.

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