Many people who study the relevant industries are all asking the question: will smart watches be a serious part of online gaming? Smart watches are already here. People are already using them for online gaming. However, they do not yet have the cultural dominance that is associated with other smart devices and mobile devices.

People are still using their desktop computers and laptop computers for online casino gaming even in a mobile world, which demonstrates the fact that technological change is very much an evolutionary process. Different niches develop for different devices. It isn’t just that certain devices appear and replace other devices. It is more that people will have more choices for the devices that they do plan on using, and they are going to be able to enjoy the fruits of their hobbies more easily. It is possible to get to the website from many different devices today. Adding smart watches to the mix just expands the pool of available devices slightly more.

When it comes to evaluating the potential of smart watches for online gaming, people should ask themselves whether or not there is any real reason why this would not be the case. People can certainly play games efficiently on their smart watches. Smart watches are small and yet very powerful. They’re certainly going to be powerful enough to handle the rigors of online casino gaming. As such, there aren’t a lot of technical barriers to this becoming something of a trend.

However, it should be noted that the gaming interface is going to be very small with smart watches, unless people are connecting the smart watches to another screen, in which case the experience is going to be very different anyway. Some people are going to have a problem with the small screen, even though they will probably be able to enjoy great screen resolution with this small screen. Other people really aren’t going to care.

It is worthwhile to return to recent history when asking the question: will smart watches be a serious part of online gaming? Lots of people said that the screens for mobile devices were going to be much too small for anyone to use for the sake of online casino gaming. This turned out not to be the case. Other people said that most players were not going to want to use touchscreens and that they would prefer to use the fully featured keyboards of desktop and laptop computers. However, this is a dated opinion today.

It is possible that modern opinions about smart watches are going to seem dated. The idea that smart watches would not become popular might seem to be a hilarious idea in retrospect. However, this sort of thing can be difficult to predict. There have been technological forms that people thought would triumph and that did not, and there have been technological forms that truly took everyone by surprise. Almost every opinion is shared and featured today, so being surprised is harder. It’s all about which of the shared opinions becomes standard.


  1. In my opinion smart watches will never overcome PCs in gaming,however at something they are more usable then PCs,but maybe they could overcome smart phones.

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  2. Personally I wouldn’t use a smart watch in favor of a PC or console but it would be a good experiment. I feel like the screen would be just too small to navigate the game.

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  3. I haven’t seen people used smartwatches for playing games. I just don’t think it’s really that viable, because 1) you’re dealing with a small screen and 2) it can be hard to play games since games either require two hands or require one dominant hand [and you can’t really play a game with your right hand, if you wear a watch on your right wrist].

    But I do think smartwatches can be good for things like game notifications and alerts, so then you don’t have to constantly look at your smartphone. If smartwatches will have any role in gaming, it’ll probably be in conjunction to other devices like smartphones.

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