Plantera is a clicker farming management game.



Game Description:

Plantera is a rather unique game in the constantly growing clicker management genre. For starters, Plantera is the very first clicker game that I have had to pay for. All others have been free. Second, you are farming in “real time” instead of just a plethora of numbers flying by. Basically, you buy the plants, trees, animals, and extra with what you click on and farm. You have birds and animals trying to bother you so you need to solve those problems with scarecrows and dogs respectively. The more you build and make money, the more you can expand. Your helpers even can work for you when you are not in the game. Overall, a very colorful and addictive entry into the clicker genre.

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  1. time-wasting video game where you have to farm by clicking a mouse,the game is pay to play and I think it worth it for 2,99€,I suggest it everybody to try 🙂

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  2. If you like more kid friendly games this one’s pretty decent, I think if I ever had a kid this would be the type of game I’d let him play. I don’t think it’s worth the money though

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