Two alien fighters are about to measure their strengths and weaknesses by dueling themselves on the craziest and funkiest 2 player fight ever existed! However, these alien fighters are interested for having quite simple, but fairly challenging fights where both players are able to move around, block attacks whenever needed and willing to deliver one or two fist punch to knock down the opponent and claim a glorious victory. Improve your skills by defeating the never tired CPU opponent, or go ahead and challenge your friends to a 2 players Punchout tournament where the new alien fighting champ can up raised!


  1. Alien Punchout is a fun fighting game, though it is somewhat difficult to beat the opponent in one player mode. Two player mode would be quite enjoyable though. The one thing I do not like are the controls, especially the placement of the action move on the keyboard; I even think one player mode could have also accepted the arrow keys for movement. The graphics are quite decent though and I like that this fighting game’s objective is to get three wins. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.65/5.

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