Lock and load your guns before you dive in this fast-paced frantic 2 player shooting game! There are two main goals in Gunner Mayhem, where the first one is to collect as more coins as you can, and the second goal is to shoot everything! Are you ready to run thru death, annihilation and all sorts of dangers just for proving that you can shoot your way towards fame and glory? Call a friend and cooperate in this fantastic 2 players shooting game!


  1. Rly awesome arcade game, you are in control of little dude who is shooting on enemies u can move forward, backward and jump, shooting is automatically. Try to kill as much enemies as u can and collect coins, u can get awesome powerups that are amazing. From fast shooting to huge jump and speed, but keep in mind that those powerups expire after curtain amount of time.

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  2. Gunner Mayhem is a very excellent arcade-style fast-paced runner and shooter game. The game’s graphics are amazing and colorful for arcade-style graphics, and the chiptune music is very catchy. The gameplay itself is very fast-paced and very progressing, and there’s little room where the player can slow down. I will say that the game is pretty easy when the player stays in just one place. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

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