This game is a very fun browser game that runs on a plugin you play as toys also you can do battles in matches its also free the controls are WASD Mouse also you can buy other toys if you dont like the look of the one you have right now.


Big Head Bash
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  1. Fun arcade fighting browser game with fast paced battles.
    Nothing revolutionary but solid game to try out.
    Lot of weapons to collect and character skins to choose from.

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  2. It looks like DDTank but you can freely move, I kike the toy designs it’s probably fun playing it with friends, tried searching the game and saw a lot of weapons and skins, which is good cause i like collecting stuff. 🙂

    I can’t seem to find the stars to rate this game in mobile. 🙁

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  3. 3/5 – Decent free to play arcade game playable on your browser. What i like most about this game are the references to popular comics, music and movies (Also I can’t find the stars rating anywhere and i’m on pc, i’ve been rating games out of 5 instead)

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  4. BigHead BASH is a cool game; the characters really remind me of bobble-head toys given their huge head size. And some characters are very meme-like or are parodies of things in pop culture. Pretty fun 2D shooter game though, especially when playing with friends and other players, but it would be nice to have more game modes than just team vs. team PvP.

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