Feel the wind blowing on your face as you tame down colorful birds and match them in groups of 4 same colored ones. Become the ultimate Bird Runner as you endlessly run over the horizon, carefully jump to reach and touch even the highest birds, patiently glide thru air as you collect the floating coins and having fun while playing this unique 2 players game which has match 3 game play enchanted with running challenge. Have fun!


  1. Bird Runner is a very interesting game. What I like about this game is that a single key has different ways of controlling the character. For example, pressing ‘A’ does a small jump, holding down ‘A’ does a long jump, and releasing ‘A’ and holding it makes the character glide. I find that to be very innovative. The game’s objective is simple though, since the object is to collect four birds of the same color, but I do like that the game gives the player an option to play with 2 players. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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