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Chaos shooting and huge amounts of blood, that is the best way to describe “Blood and Bacon. U need to survive never ending waves of enemies and you need to kill as much as u can. Players are attacked by pigs with evil on their minds. Equipped with a selection of top choice firearms, the goal is to rack up as many pork related kills as possible.

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  1. This is crazy shooting survival video game where you need to survive waves of enemies with much blood when you kill enemy,graphic is low,but anyway I suggest it everybody especially somebody who wants to wreak anger

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  2. Another survival FPS game. It is similar to most of zombie games that have “zombie waves” but in this game it’s wild creatures instead of zombies. Graphics and gameplay is really bad imo and I wouldn’t suggest this game to anyone. There are dozen of better games. 1/5 from NeSsQQuiCk

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  3. Blood and Bacon is one survival game where you need to shoot at almost everything to survive.Graphic is bad as gameplay.I’m not this type of gamer and I’m not playing this kind of games but if you like to kill creatures,then try it.

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  4. Really bloody survival shooter game, but i like it though.
    Blood is literally everywhere when you shot something, pretty violent..
    But i recommend it to everyone who likes to shoot and kill in video games.

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  5. I don’t like this too. The font style and color is pretty annoying. lol I like survival games in top view and there are a lot of great fps nowadays and definitely this is not one of those. 1/5

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  6. Blood and Bacon is a fun, and somewhat funny, first-person shooter, especially the continuous shooting and the gore, but the game does not feel very immersive. The gameplay is interesting, but it is not enough, and the graphics looks outdated. The gore, while somewhat funny, is a bit over-excessive. Overall, I would rate this game a 3/5.

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  7. For its price, this game is a godless blessing. You shouldn’t expect from an inconceivable cheap FPS game like Battlefield gameplay. Despite its price tag, the game does have MP option! What’d you demand more ?? I guess nothing.^^ Who demands to see bloody farming beef, just go grab it.

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