This week on Browser Blast: An innovative RPG with an awesome items framework!

Hello again, everyone! After a bit of a hiatus, Browser Blast is back, bringing you the best browser games in the net.

This week, I’ve got a nice little gem known as “Trisphere“. I stumbled across Trisphere a…long time ago (800 days, according to my account info), and recently went back after randomly remembering it one day. There’s been a few changes since I left which have greatly improved the game, and my experience coming back has been pretty awesome!

On the surface, Trisphere is a text-based multiplayer fantasy RPG game. It features quite a few of the generic elements from the genre, such as questing and turn-based fighting. The real uniqueness of Trisphere, however, remains within a few of the pretty cool features that it boasts.

First, there’s the item system. There are plenty of base items that exist throughout the world…you know, things like ‘bronze spear’ or ‘topaz ring’. However, Trisphere adds on to these base items in the form of randomized prefixes and suffixes affixed to items, giving them special properties. This leads to a great deal of different items to collect, from the ‘Dripping Dwarven Heavy Axe of Burning Essence’ to a ‘Bronze Spear of the Crab’. The prefix/suffix system creates plenty of neat names, while adding a collection aspect of the game that many other browser MMOs lack. It also makes the marketplace quite interesting, as some combinations of suffixes and prefixes are much more desirable than others. (The elemental resistances, for example, are considered useless by much of the playerbase.)

This system is great by itself, but combined with enchanting and socketing by the players, it leads to some really neat customization opportunities for the players. Enchanting and sockets allow players to add both magical scrolls and rare stones to their equipment, meaning that they can further tune an item they like to fit their skillset..this customization can be a large part of the game, especially when fighting bosses and such.

The other feature that makes Trisphere stand out, in my eyes, is the foraging and crafting parts of the game. Players have a certain amount of fatigue each day that they can use in order to forage for raw materials. This takes place on a grid, where players have three chances to grab a certain amount of items in a shape determined by their foraging tool (such as a pick). This adds an interesting strategy mini-game aspect to the crafting, which helps make it seem a lot less grindy than in many other games today.

No game is without its faults, however, and Trisphere is included. I only have one complaint about the game, however, and it is quite short. The game is very grindy. Between getting your crafting skills up to leveling up your character, you will likely end up doing the same thing hundreds of times. I find this to be much more bearable than in many other similar games, however, as the grinding can be done much quicker and there’s always some nice people to talk to in the chat. That’s just personal preference, though, many other players dislike grinding much less than myself.

So go try it out for yourself, it’s a great game, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Link to game.


  1. 10/10 for uniqueness and amongst other things.

    It really is a great game. It’s so good that Quinn doesn’t want to scare off interested gamers by adding his referral link to his review!

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  2. Doesn’t seem like my type of game, but more pictures would be nice to add 🙂 Anyways good writeup 😀

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