Take the rover moon buggy for a spin on the surface of the moon in this multiplayer 3D Avatar Chat World. Adjust the gravity, try a rocket pack and dance with friends from all around the Moon!

Post Date: 16:19 11-09-2012
Rating: 5
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This game wasn’t really that fun. It might look a little bit fun, and you are right. But it’s only fun the first few minutes. After that it is just boring. The bad graphics doesn’t really help a bit either. But well.. In total the game is a solid game I guess. I think this game might fit younger people than me. Not like I’m very old though xD

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  1. Decent video game it is enjoyable in start,but later it is so much boring and graphic is awful,it could be better.

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  2. 1/5 – This game seems like fun at first but you get bored after a few minutes. The graphics are also pretty bad for current times compared to games nowadays.

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