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This is the second match in the Semi-Finals of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.






This second match of the Semi-Finals should be very interesting as both of these shooters made short work of their opponents in the opening rounds. Which game will prevail to meet AVA in the finals?


  1. I rly hope firefall, can pull this off, but Crimecraft is a hard game to win against!

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    • have you played Crimecraft? or Firefall how can you say one is better when the other isn’t even out yet? Especially when Crimecraft failed so hard it went F2P in 6months time?

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    • Closing the gap 42-57 Firefall. Most of the people who will vote CC are playing. When they have a breather they will vote.

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    • Huh?! They even call Firefall a “Team Based Action Shooter”. Have you played CrimeCraft? They have crafting, missions both PvE and PvP, and even a storyline with the BleedOut campaign. I see them as quite similar.

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  2. I personally like CC. Old game, but fun as hell. Stable on my PC too, unlike APB Reloaded with is crash heaven.

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  3. i have played crimecraft but i didn’t like it so i vote FireFall because it looks to damn epic
    but why crimecraft vs firefall take apb/reloaded instead i know pay to win

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  4. Don’t let hype fool you. Crimecraft has proven it’s place amongst the best MMOs. Firefall hasn’t even been publicly released yet, so it shouldn’t even be a contest. Crimecraft hands down should be the winner!

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  5. It’s Firefall. I’ve played Crimecraft, buggy, full of hackers, and not fun. Firefall looks to be awesome though. Can’t wait for it.

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  6. I played Firefall at PAX East… was one of the best games I’ve ever played. Also… the lead designer is Scott Youngblood, the same lead designer from Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2. Crimecraft has NOTHING on Firefall…..

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  7. If I am going to spend time pretending to be someting I am not, I damn sure not going to pretend to be one of the people I see at the state pennitentry when our church visits there once a month >.<

    Fire Fall all the way ;D

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  8. FF gets my vote without question or hesitation.. why?

    I play CC when im bored, only to find i get even more bored because it’s the same thing day in day out with ZERO growth since i’ve started playing. The player base in diminishing, the crafting is tedious and not as rewarding as one might expect, the players are constantly insulting each other on the “LFG” and “TRADE” channels calling each other hackers, and ive yet to see a GM on CC take part im communicating with the players that racial slurs, and the amount of insulting going on is unacceptable. FireFall on the other hand has a growing player base, a strong “DEV” team and mods that keep constant communication with the community, and instead of having a “market” where you can spend real money to have what is basically “God Weapons” firefall will have a market more based on customization of your character.

    FF FTW.

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  9. Come on guys, vote for CrimeCraft! Its just an awesome game!
    Though I dont know how FireFall is, tbh, but just vote for CrimeCraft ^^

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  10. I’m hoping FF is all that and more but how do you know, it could be just a repetitive and boring as crimecraft and more.

    I’ll vote for Crimecraft just because I can play it and see what it’s really like, can’t say that much about Firefall yet. When I can play Firefall then we’ll see if it’s what the hype thinks it is, until then it could be another Duke Nuken, sh!t in a nice shell.

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  11. Yep, pretty obvious that FF supporters are using macros/bots. I would refresh the vote sometimes and see their number soar in a matter of seconds, and then stop (reached the vote cap) for some time… then do it again. Doesn’t make sense.

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    • There’s repeated voting on both sides, no one is using a macro or a bot. There are just a lot of very motivated Firefall supporters. Also, Firefall may not be out yet, but I’ve played both games, and find Firefall to be vastly superior.

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  12. That’s not cool, we vote with pure finger work. We just have a very enthusiastic community that’s pushing hard for this.

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  13. Yeah. If you’d look at our forums you’d gets hints on how to vote this thing. It should be limited to IP address from now on to prevent this type of spamming IMO.

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  14. The voting is being looked into because it is obviously not right. We will be using a different poll in the future to make sure this does not happen again. We were trying something new this year after having the poll at https://www.gameogre.com/forums/ in the past. If you want to suggest better poll solutions feel free to email us about it. We are open to suggestions:).

    To get things back on track, please try to keep comments on the games themselves. It would help to know why you think Firefall or Crimecraft is better:).

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  15. Ok, the poll has been reset and this match will be extended by one week. Repeat voters will be blocked by more than one method.

    Have fun with the rest of the match:).

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  16. Hooray! Now we can beat CC fair and square 😉

    JK of course, but I am very much looking forward to seeing how this turns out now.

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  17. CrimeCraft all the way. 😛 100% free to play, forever, and play your cards right and you can actually get paid to play, no strings attached. 2 years strong and still kickin!

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    • What do you mean? FF is 100% F2P too, and microtranslations are balanced, so who’ll buy stuff with credits will get no advantages. PvE will take part in a Persistent Open world while PvP are going to be instances. There’ll also be dinamic events, where enemies can conquer cities/spots if not defended. You’re not locked into 1 “class” per character. The “toon”-style graphic is GORGEOUS. There are also lots of vehicles. There will be more than 4 (balanced) classes. The story is awesome, quite original too. And OMG, the Sci-Fi details. Last thing, did you ever played Firefall? If not, you should not understimare it. But anyway, there’s no accounting for tastes. :3

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  18. Thanks GameOgre for fixing the multivote thing!


    You sir, are spreading a lot of misinformation there. I have been with Crime Craft since Closed Beta Phase One and it has expanded a lot in the past 2 years. As for your belief that our devs don’t communicate with the community, that is a blatant lie. As I said, I have been with Crime Craft for the full run and believe it or not, I have played quite a few games with the devs in the past 2 years and have spent a lot of time and effort (even before the creation of the Crime Craft Player’s Council) helping to pass on ideas from the community and get feedback from the people in Team Crime Craft and the devs to give to the community. Since the creation of the Player’s Council, we have met with the community manager Kevin Balentine on a bi weekly basis to bring the community’s thoughts and ideas before team Crime Craft to be given directly to the devs and he has been generous enough to give us his time to bring us all the info he is allowed to allow us to release to the public. To coincide with the bi-weekly Player’s Council meetings, a few of us have been holding public Community Feedback Sessions on a bi-weekly basis (sometimes more) to share with the community what we can and collect more thoughts and ideas, and recently even Mods and GMs have begun to make appearances at these meetings. So for you to say that there is no interaction between the community and our devs or mods, you are just plain lying. Another thing, if you believe that racial slurs or harassment go unchecked by our GMs you are wrong, and to tell people that they do nothing about it is again a blatant lie. I have in fact seen many abusive players removed from the game for their actions. Zero growth since the day you started, yet another blatant lie. There is constantly new traffic progressing through the tutorial area, and on a daily basis the words “I am new here, can someone help me?” are seen in LFG and Main chat. Your God Weapon complex, also false. The best weapons and gear in Crime Craft are NOT purchasable from the Black Market (cash shop), they are drops and tourney prizes, so in order to get the goods you must work for them. The Crime Craft Black Market does have some mid range stuff and lower level stuff but mostly, it is for character customization. So then, I guess I dont have to explain why I like Crime Craft, except that it is a solid game and has fast paced, intense game play and the new additions they are making to the game on a monthly (sometimes more) basis are only making it better. There is also a great community hiding beneath the spoiled inter-brats you find on pretty much every single area of the web you visit, but hey that’s just something you learn to ignore when you have years of gaming under your belt. Being able to say I am a part of that community and that after 2 years I can still have fun while playing the game makes me very proud to say that I am a citizen of Sunrise City! As for Firefall, from what I have seen of the community so far, they really do remind me of what it was like to be a part of the birth of something great. That’s right Firefallers, you remind me of our tight little community back in the early days of beta when dreams were still “just over the horizon”. I can’t wait till I can have a chance to fight by your sides when they open Firefall to the hopefuls, but for now, I will just have to wish you the best of luck, and tell you straight out, I may play with you guys once in a while in the future, but Crime Craft 4 Life baybee! Sunrise Blood, Born and Raised!


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  19. firefall has one of the best sci-fi writers………………………………. Orson Scott card

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  20. also fire fall is an adventure so what do you prefer a game whit a story or a game whit no story (crime craft is the game whit no story)

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  21. Um actually Demon_Lord crimcraft has a story I’m assuming you never played it to make that comment but w.e. (Im a huge firefall fan but dont like misinformation) But yea wooo firefall!!!!

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  22. Firefall is will be the best F2P game out there once it gets out.
    Crimecraft is diverse with all of it’s features and stuff.
    A few more days left. Who will win?

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  23. Firefall looks awesome indeed, but I don’t like to hype alot before I actually get to play the game. There’s a big difference between what the devs say they will give us and what they will eventually do. I’ve played alot of F2P, really alot, and every one of them seemed to suck money out of the players with unbalanced microtransaction stuff, or small rewards in game money that makes us spend more. I’ve been playing crimecraft for 2 months now and the microtransactions aren’t OP at all, the game gives nice rewards, and they are even increasing rewards for every match in the patch thats coming out tomorrow. The game doesnt have that many players, most give up before even getting into the real fight, but the game is awesome and made me quit almost all F2P I played. Firefall seems epic and I’ll be playing it when it comes out, but before we get too hyped, CC has my vote. If they manage to deliver and really keep the game F2P without ruining balance then I’ll vote Firefall in any other poll that comes up.
    Good luck and have fun! 😀

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    • PvP is still instanced. And if they mess up the microtransactions, who cares if theres a open world. I hope the game indeed pulls it off, because it really is promising. But for now it is just that. Promising.

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  24. CrimeCraft is so much better, but MicroVolts has a higher fun factor! If you like CrimeCraft you should definitely give MicroVolts a try, it has the same playstyle without all the waiting between the matches.

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  25. Fire Fall is the winner here it has much better graphics gamplay textures and sounds all though i haven’t played it myself i have seen that it is a great game from videos also the pvp mode is much better then crime craft because there are alot less restrictions so yeah i have to say fire fall here

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  26. The reason firefall beats crimecraft is because better graphics more options more fun and you can fly and kill aliens 😀

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  27. Didnt play any of these two game but on the pictures Crimecraft looks much better and I saw some youtube videos too … So I pick crimecraft … 🙂

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  28. Firefall for me that fps is better for me cuz it has a bit better graphic

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