Doom (2016) is the vaunted reboot to the all-time great first person shooter of the same name.



Game Description:

Doom is a reboot of the classic Doom that debuted all the way back in 1994. Overall, this 2016 version is the fourth title in the series. However, the previous game (Doom 3) was released all the way back twelve years ago in 2004. That is quite a long time to go without installments so don’t be shocked to see quite a difference in graphics and system requirements from the previous installments. My big Alienware rig dates back to 2009 and I can not run Doom yet unfortunately.

Players can blast there way through both single player and multiplayer modes. However, it should be noted that this new version is best regarded for it single player mode so far. Hopefully, the multiplayer aspects will improve over time with the feedback from the franchise’s vast player community. Would also love to see mods for this version.

Game Trailer:

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  1. Very cool first person shooter video game with awesome graphic,gameplay is cool and story is interesting too I suggest this game everybody

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  2. I actually didn’t really played this game, but i have seen a lot of gameplay of it.
    It’s like quake game, it has old style of picking up health which i like and graphic is pretty impressive as well.

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  3. The game looks so good the graphics is nice the gameplay is good too I like the design of guns and environment is awesome the interface looks simple but I find it charming 😛 I wish I can play this.

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  4. Maybe I’m kinda biased to fps but this game has good graphics and gameplay. But like I said before, too much fps games now that you certainly need something to stand out. Doom series is quite good but with nothing new just the same classic fun game we all know it was. But still, a 4/5 for me.

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  5. Still dont offer a lot of things. But it’s graphics are smooth and sweet. I can’t comment on the gameplay cos i only watched some videos of it. Nonetheless, i really think it’s a good game. 8/10 fits

    Thumbs uppy~

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  6. For me, Doom is a solid FPS experience. The graphics are great, the game play is silky smooth, and the action is really over the top. However, my expectations for the single player story line were not as expected. I thought the game would include as great of a storyline to Wolfenstein The New Order. Doom just doesn’t have too great of a storyline and setting. Other than that, if I we’re to rate this game it’ll be a solid 4/5 stars

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  7. Doom is a great FPS game. The graphics are great and for the gameplay you could just slap another name on the multiplayer and boom, nobody cares. Granted they did try to rectify this this with a pickup that let’s you turn into a demon during combat for a short period of time, but you usually end up dying so quickly after you obtain it, that it usually makes it’s purpose seem unnecessary. But hey, at least Free-for-all (Mixed team modes) and Deathmatch (Last man standing) can be genuinely entertaining and fun at times with the right opponents.

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  8. 5/5 – DOOM is one of if not the best FPS game. The graphics are top level so make sure you have a good processing machine before getting this or you won’t be able to run it. Ive always been a gameplay first, story 2nd type of gamer so i thoroughly enjoyed how most missions were not repetitive and theres not much of a emphasis on story. Its currently 50% off on steam so maybe now would be a good time to get it.

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