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This is the final match in the second  round of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.


This match is a rematch from the Online Shooter Showdown in 2010. After winning the first Shooter Showdown, Crossfire was pitted against another Free-to- Play favorite on GameOgre.com, Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA). In somewhat of an upset, AVA was able to defeat Crossfire. However, it was unable to win the Showdown as Crossfire had accomplished the year before. Can Crossfire tied the series at one win each? If AVA wins again, can it win the entire tournament this year?


  1. i shall choose ava as there are not many hackers, great gameplay and nice graphics for a fps.

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  2. I’ve had issues with hackers in both games so I’m gonna go Crossfire as it’s the one I enjoyed more before it was invaded by hackers.

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  3. I’m going with AVA here…the customizability options it has are pretty great. The range of weaponry is formidable and the medal system certainly adds a new type of competition. And, also, the graphics are awesome for a F2P online shooter.

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  4. Voted for crossfire even though i didn’t like it because they kept kicking me out the game and say im hacking when i wasn’t

    never played ava…

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  5. AVA is an all-around better game. Crossfire is loaded with hackers, and the program caused problems running on my computer sometimes.

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  6. I vote for counterstrike source. why? cuz the hackers are insta ban hammered DUH!

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