Gravity Interactive’s Dragon Saga will be seeing a huge upgrade to their graphics and its 3D side-scrolling combat game. Most of the update will be poured into making the graphics look brighter and more vivid and more than enough of the update will also affect quality of life for players.

Dragon Saga is a game with infinite amounts of untapped potential, and we’re excited to be unveiling the new Legendary update!” said Vince Kim, Dragon Saga Producer at Gravity Interactive. “Overall, players will see changes and improvements that will fall under a dozen different categories.

Dragon Saga is better known as Dragonica outside of the North America and although it’s a side-scrolling fighter-type game with a combo system, it distinguishes itself from similar types by providing a 3D fighting-space. Players find themselves in PvE and PvP across a short 3D range, scrolling side to side, that also enables them to fight midair.

The additional “Legendary” graphics will make these battles even more spectacular.

As said above, the graphics are expected to have a nice perk added to their step. Aside from that, many of the special effects have also been upgraded—for example critical hits will have more splash and fireworks and level-ups will be given their own spectacular animation.

There will also be an update to the combo system, which will add a “Legendary” combo to player’s arsenal.

Players already will find themselves looking at how to use combos to engage enemies, and compete in PvP. With almost 34 possible classes available in the game (advancements from the basic classes) there’s a lot of options for players to find roles and reason.

Amid the quality-of-life improvements the drop rate for higher quality gear has been upped for the game’s dungeons. Also, the central quest hub town, Odellia, has been given some touch-ups to make life easier for players—mostly by improving navigation so that players can get in and out more quickly. As always, players may like being able to interact with the story line and obtain rewards for their quests; but they also like being in the thick of the adventure.

Dragon Saga also maintains an achievement system that gives players more than just a title or a medal when they achieve it. According to the developers medals earned through the achievement system can be equipped and will give players bonuses according to what the achievement is about.

So far, it’s looking like the “Legendary” update will indeed be legendary for Dragon Saga.

They also anticipate upcoming events revolving around the Legendary theme that will be both in game and community-oriented. The developers expect that they’ll be launching a series of PvP competitions and campaigns with rewards in order to give players a reason to engage with the new content and further enjoy the game.

Meanwhile, we’ll be keeping a lookout for the update, which will begin to launch soon and continue to upgrade elements and add polish over the summer.

Further coverage available on the Dragon Saga website.