Funeral Quest is a web-based multiplayer game that simulates the world’s second oldest profession – the Undertaker. You will face some mighty stiff competition however, because your adversaries will be some very alive human beings in this cutthroat game of capitalism.

Total Rating: 3.80
Reviews: 5

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Post Date: 17:50 26-06-2015
Rating: 3
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Game is really boring.. Also, who the heck would like to play this game where you are guy who buries other. Bah.. 3/10.
Post Date: 16:45 01-12-2014
Rating: 3
Author: paksupro4
Comment: This is free multyplayer simulates of untertaker ( yea you read it good). I dont see why did someone make game with story like this . Graphic is nice, i love those pictures and i rate this game with 3/10
Post Date: 01:00 29-12-2012
Rating: 3
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is pretty bad not that fun i did not enjoy it graphics are bad i dont think anyone should try this game it is really bad but if you really want to then be my guest but i dont recamend
Post Date: 23:44 25-12-2011
Rating: 5
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This game is boooring. But pretty good to play if you are bored xD. But theres other time killing games that is better so I dont recommend this game
Post Date: 19:29 23-10-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Turtlefuzz
Comment: Its ok, not supper fun. A time waister though.



  1. Game is kinda morbid because your job is to enter deathcare industry by getting mortuary license.
    Sadly not my type of game.

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  2. A decent multiplayer video game playable on Browser,gameplay is good but graphic is lower anyway I recommend this game everybody

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  3. Well this game is quite boring. Basically the players is the owner of a funeral parlour and handle customers. The main objective is to gain Burial Points and earn tags, while being in a spot of trickery to advance your standing and income. It’s a creative style of game yet boring and a long process to play.

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  4. Funeral Quest is decent. I appreciate that this game is browser-based, free, and multiplayer, but this game looks very outdated, particularly on the graphics. The graphics is the game’s main weakness, especially with its use of gradients, font family and color choice, and simplistic design. Even the maps in this game look inconsistent. For any multiplayer game, graphics is especially important to captivate many players, but this game lacks some interesting graphics. Overall, the concept and design of the game is adequate, but could use improvements in various places. I would rate this game a 2.5/5.

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