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Post Date: 12:35 27-07-2015
Rating: 2
Author: SulzYee
Comment: For me this game is really bad… everything on this game is bad, graphic, gameplay… Writing your papers, or what? what to do here? My rate is 2/10…
Post Date: 15:18 28-06-2015
Rating: 1
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Game is pretty lame in my opinion. It gets boring fast, It doesn’t have any point. Not giving recommendation to that. 1/10.
Post Date: 11:41 22-12-2014
Rating: 5
Author: altot
Comment: A game that is both original and boring, but that was probably the intent. The stress and boredom “office” jobs bring. I can somewhat relate to this cause, I myself, am a financial accountant in a pretty big time company. It’s pretty straight forward game for those with enough experience with stuff like this.
Post Date: 11:36 26-11-2014
Rating: 1
Author: arZ
Comment: What did I play ? Papers, please is one of the worst game that I ever played, the graphic is horrible, the game play is horrible and sound is bad too. I dint understand what should I do in this game, cold not find tutorials so I quit the game. I rate it with the note 1/10
Papers, Please
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  1. Decent retro video game with low graphic and with good gameplay,but it makes you feel bored really fast

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