The MMORPG king. Players experience the lands of Azeroth from a new, in-depth perspective. As heroes, they explore familiar battlefields, discover new lands and take on epic quests and challenges in Blizzard’s massively multiplayer, on-line, role-playing game.

Post Date: 08:37 21-05-2015
Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: So this time I will review the game I played since Warcraft III. Blizzard entertainment that created this game really know how to schedule whole lore through the all expansion.

Starting of with Warcraft III, which is the only reason why WoW as we know him today exists. It was only the mask for the Wrath of the Lich King in expansion. Whole campaign has everything based on Lich King’s lore and every character that helped (tried to stop him) are there , in Wrath of the Lich King.

Vanilla – Nothing else but introduction to the game, characters, classes, Alliance & Horde. Was really good start, but it was also really buggy since they went from “MOBA” game to MMORPG.

Burning Crusade – Lore was great designed as well as the whole Outland that was represented in whole expansion. Illidan was managed to get to the top of the Outland , and he was once a great Night Elf. Also attack on ancient tree (which is only known on trailer) but in game as battle for mount hyjal is also one thing that lead Demons to defeat. But they were always arrogant and till this day, they are battling to pass in the blasted lands through dark portal.

Cataclysm – I think this was a whole turnover in a gameplay. PvP wasn’t really interesting since everyone wanted to try to kill Deathwing which is a great raid (great designed) and there I think you could visit Deepholm for the first time.

Mists of Pandaria – New continent, new character. Panda’s kinda brought harmony in the game. They are very good designed, and they are represent in game as a calm and really good people, but the Sha invaded them because of Garrosh.

Draenor – Nothing else but really getting known to the all Horde bosses that fought against Dranei’s before drinking the blood of mannoroth.

So characters are: Taurens, Orc, Undeads, Trolls, Goblins, Humans, Dwarfs, Night Elfs, Worgens, Gnomes, Draenei and for the end Pandarens.

Classes : Hunter, Warrior, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Shaman, Death Knight , Paladin, Monk.

I really like the game cause it’s open world after all. You can explore everything , have some mounts, pets. It’s great! Dungeons and Raids are well scripted, but some of them need improvements for sure. For example Gnomeregan. I hate that dungeon you just jump kill trash and thats it. But in overall they are good.

There are PvP – which stands for Player vs Player & PvE – which stands for player vs envoirement. Currently im PVE based because PvP is kinda unbalanced, but i hope they will fix it.

I’m also trying to keep members of Game Ogre posted with latest news about world of warcraft, since I am moderator, and I wouldn’t be if i don’t like this game, right?! 🙂

I just love this game, and you should too. It’s maybe about the tastes that you don’t like it. But if you starting watching some trailers, or watching some lore about the game, and once you start it, you won’t regret. I promise! So my rate is 10/10 for the best MMORPG game i have played in past few years.

Post Date: 21:51 12-12-2014
Rating: 7
Author: gavrilo3
Comment: i like it but i can blame maybe is questin little stupid but i think they will fix it in future expansions idk why they create so many stupid races 😀 i no like too much pandars but idk someone like him but ok for me one of best MMORG but no all time and is pretty nice and fun if u play with friends

Post Date: 11:36 15-11-2014
Rating: 9
Author: paksupro4
Comment: World of Warcraft is a most popular MMORPG in the world at this moment . It is created by “Blizzard entertainment” in 2004. From that year game had 5 expansion : The Burning Crusade – 2007 , Wrath of the Lich King – 2008 , Wrath of the Lich King – 2008 , Mists of Pandaria – 2012 , Warlords of Draenor – 2014 .Every expansion have certain LVL cap and in every expansion there is come new race and a lot of new stuff in game .
When you starting game you have to chose tipe of playing that you want – Normal, PvP , RP, PR-PvP . After that you need to choose a side – you can chose Aliance and Horde . Then you have to chose race .In horde you can pick Orcs, Undeads , Taurens and Trolls ( this is in first WoW, in expansion you can chose more Blood Elfs , Goblins and Pandarens ) In Aliance you can pick Humans , Dwarfs , Night Elfs and Gnomes ( this is in first WoW and in expansion you can chose more Draenei , Worgen and Pandaren ) . After choesing race you need to pick class. Classis are same for Aliance and for Horde , one race may be only a few classes. There is 11 classis : Priest , Rogue , Warrior , Mage , Druid , Hunter , Warlock , Shaman ,Paladin , Monk and Death Knight. After choseing classe you can costumize your character , there is not a lot of tools for costumize but you can do a some cool things with it .
After you finishing your character you are entering the world , and start doing questes and thrive throw LVL . The world is huge , I mean absolutely huge , there is two continent in the first game , in expansions there is 3 , and that is a lot of space to research. In the game you have thousands and thousands of questes that you can do. The questes are same like in the almost all MMORPG – killed so that, bring this bring that , that to him/her and stuff like that. When you going throw LVLs you can upgrade skills and use it in fights. While you upgrade your LVL in game you need to find and good gear for you , you can get it in questes , raids , instances and by drop of killed monste. Every class have talen tree that is special for every class. After you reach 20 LVL you can ride mount and i think that is soo cool , there is a lot of differend and nice mounts. The game is full of different content , a lot of mounts , pets , skills , profesions, a lot of different monsters to kill and more interesting stuff. One of the most immportent things in game are profesions. There is a lot of profesions like : Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Herbalism, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Leatherworking, Skinning, Tailoring, Mining, Inscription, Cooking, First Aid and Fishing.
When you reach max LVL , (in the first game 80 ,and I every next expansion its move five lvl up) you can go on the instances and raids , of which there are many in the game. Every LVL have some Instance and Raids so you can do it and if you are not max LVL. Every expansion have some new instances and raids. Some of the popular raids are Blackrock Depths, Hellfire Ramparts and The Nexus. Beside Instace and raids there is battelgrounds. Here you are fighting with other player of your opposite side .
This is perfect game and you should try it , you wont regret it . Game require a monthly paying for playing ,and I think that is weak point of this game . I rate it with 9/10

Post Date: 11:53 09-10-2014
Rating: 6
Author: awsumcheesehad1998
Comment: First time when i saw this i found it interesting but when i began playing it,it became really boring at start and mission were very boring….and also u have to pay for it so not my thing :p

Post Date: 23:55 03-10-2014
Rating: 10
Author: brankomiljus20
Comment: World of Warcraft created by “Blizzard entertainment” is one of most popular MMORPG games ever created. Game has for expansion. 1st one Burning Crusade, after that Wrath of Lich King, after that is Cataclysm and on the end Mists of Pandaria. Every expansion has additional characters cap level and new parts of map and usually new Races. World of Warcraft have to different sides for playing: Alliance that stand for force of good and Horde evil side. In last expansion came out Pandarian, who is common for both sides. Every side has specific Race of characters. Alliance has Night Elf, Human, Gnome, Dwarf and Dranei and Worgen. Horde races are Undead, Troll, Orc, Blood Elf, Taren and Goblin. Each race has classes. Classes in games are Paladin, Warrior, Druid, Priest, Shaman, Death knight, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Warlock and Monk. All races can’t use all classes. Each race has special abilities.
Main roles in this game are: Healer, Tank, Damage and Dealer.
U start game on level 1, your goal is to get higher lvl as you can, to achieve that u need to do quests and kill animals and monsters. Every race has Capital city and when u start game with one race u starts near their city. Cities are connected with Portals or Flight paths.
By doing quest you’re getting levels faster than usually. Some quests are simple but some of them are hard. You start on land with all monsters have level 1 and do quests for same level. By doing quests your level is increasing, so u need to go on next part of map that mach your levels. Depend of extension max levels are increased. When u get curtain level, u can learn riding skill, so u can use mounts. There are many different mounts in game. First level riding skill allows you to ride slowest mount, but that is still better then walking across map. On higher levels u can use flying mounts that allows to mover over map even faster. U can train your skills to get them stronger or to learn new ones, but for that u need gold. Gold are gained by doing quests, looting death monsters or selling stuff. To learn new spell u need to go to class trainer and give him money for that.
There are two kind of profession.
Primary professions are. Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Herbalism Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Inscription, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning and Tailoring.
And secondary professions are Fishing, Cooking and First Aid.
Every character can use up to two primary profession and all secondary skills. Some professions are depended from another one so they are recommended to be used. Each class benefits from specific professions more than other. U can join group for dungeons or raids to get stronger gear and to level up faster. Dungeons are different for each level. When u get max lever u need to go in High lever dungeons and raid so u can get stronger gear. U can also go into PVP mode of play. Instead of dungeons u go in battlegrounds and arenas to fight with other ppl. By doing this u get different points that u can use to buy pvp gear. This game is rly addictive to play, but it is really good. Most fascinating thing about this game is that they are created entire word that u can move trough, graphic is really good and game is so fun to play
Post Date: 19:36 31-07-2014
Rating: 10
Author: SilentAssasin828
Comment: This game is awesome.It is old but it is great.

Post Date: 11:00 24-07-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Hornhuff
Comment: Best MMORPG i have ever played,it has so much more to offer than other games in the sam genre

Post Date: 13:59 18-06-2014
Rating: 9
Author: 420Hairlyman
Comment: Must-try MMORPG game, probably the most epic MMORPG evere published by any company. Lots of quests, lots of details, what to say, WoW exists for over 10 years now with its expansions. The main problem I’ve encountered with this game its a bit expensive (it costed me 35e 2month game-card).

Post Date: 19:21 17-06-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Vrcinac
Comment: well if i played on retail it wouldve be much better but im on private server. wow is in my opinion best mmorpg out but to bad it eats to much money…

Post Date: 08:44 21-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Geograf
Comment: Review of World of Warcraft Lich king
Sorry i can’t make review for Mister of Pandaria beacuse i didnt play it
On start you have to chose Aliance or Horde . After that there is Races. Aliance races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome and Dranei. Horde races: Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll and Blood Elf. Every race can be some classes but you must chose only one. Races: Mage, Paladin, Hunter, Warlock, Priest, Warrior, Rouge, Death Knight, Druid and i think thats it For example: Human can be: Hunter, Warrior, Paladin, Warlock, Rouge, Priest, Mage and Death Knight but cant be druid When you create your character your point is to level it up to 80 level ( maximum) On level 10 you get talents, every class has 3 different talents to chose. For example: Mage can be fire, frost and Arcade On level 10 you can go to Battle ground. There is few Battle grounds, you keep leveling and you get more. In battlegrounds is Aliance vs Horde and it calls PvP. In every battleground you have other point. If you are level 10 you can play battleground with level 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ,15 ,16, 17, 18, 19. When you get 20 level you play battlegrounds with level 20, 21 ,22 ,23 , 24, 25, 26 , 27, 28, 29. And all time like that. When you get level 80 you play only with 80 level battle ground. You have Glyphs too they give you bonus healt, mana, dmg… On 80 level you need to chose your specialization You can be healer, tank and dps. Some class can be all of that, but some only 1 ( every class can be dps ). For example: Paladin can be healer, tank or dps. But mage can be only dps. Warrior can be tank or dps. There is Dungeons who is for 5 man group, in that group you need 3 DPS, 1 Tank and 1 Healer. You can go into raid too there is Raids for 5 groups and for 8 groups. Raid for 70+ level can be heroic and can be normal ( heroic is harder ). The hardest boss to kill is Lich King, and he give the best armor. There is a few types of armor. Armor can be: Heavy, Cloth, Leather and Mail. No one can get Heavy armor before 40 level. But some classes can wear only cloth and armor. The weakest armor ( giving the less armor but not less intellect, strenght, agillity… ) is Cloth armor, then Leather, then Mail and last Heavy. In wow there is 2 worlds: Azeroth and Outland. Azeroth have main zones: Kalimdor, Northend and eastern kingdoms. But Kalimdor, Northend and East kingdoms have thier zones. When you level 10 or 5 or 15 levels you go to other zones. Every race have main City, there you can find everything On level 20 you get frist normal mount, on level 40 you get second normal mount, on level 60 you get frist fly mount and on level 78 you get second fly mount Fly mounts can be used only in Outland and Northend. Best armors have tier. The best is tier 10 i think I played WoW long time ago

Post Date: 12:49 14-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: savicaa
Comment: First this game came up from World of Warcraft 3 i think . Naimly i played this game little bit but i didn’t like it much so i stoped .
In this game u need to choose your champion on start , when u choose , u start game . When u get in game , you get some gold to make your base , also you need to learn more money if u want your base be big. And your army can’t be big if u don’t have big town and lot of cash.
In this game u need to win your oponnents , you have a lot of oponnents in game , but when u get in game you have only few. Your mision is to kill their champs and their army , after you do that , your next mision is to kill their town , when u do that , go on other oponnents , but also u need to look at the map , if you are fighting with someone you need to care for other oponnents cause they can kill you if they go together.
I would recommend u safe getting gold and making army , when u get big , go and fight !

About game , i think that this game has really nice graphics , really nice sound and very good animations what i like the most in this game 🙂

Post Date: 20:45 27-03-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Zwoosh
Comment: Really good game and fun 😀 pvp is i think best in this game and you have so much stuff to do one of the best game I ever played 😀

Post Date: 13:10 22-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: DovlaKG
Comment: Its a good old game,it has a wide player network and in MMO’s its more people more fun.It has tons of features and spells for every single class and really is in depth.The bad side is it can get very boring leveling your characther.

Post Date: 11:58 21-03-2014
Rating: 6
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: Good game, graphics I dont like very much. It is entartaining, but on begining its hard to keep up.

Post Date: 20:56 21-07-2012
Rating: 9
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Good MMORPG game. Most popular of this category in the world. If anyone dont know this game should to shame of it ;D Definitly everyone must to play. 9/10 from me.

Post Date: 18:54 20-07-2012
Rating: 10
Author: dj messi
Comment: Love the graphics! 10/10!

Post Date: 15:50 09-07-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: This game is the MMORPG that started it all Its So addicting and entertaining i spent 10 hours playing it straight because it was so fun the graphics are GREAT and the game itself it epic .

Post Date: 11:45 05-07-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: WoW is a very entertaining that can keep you up all night. It’s a shame that it’s P2P but it’s probably worth it. Personally, I don’t like the graphics very much. Well I guess it’s okay but don’t really like games with ”cartoon” graphics. Otherwise in total, it’s a great game. There’s many classes and races which gives you many options on how you wanna play the game. It got really many players although it would probably have more if it was free. But still a great game.

Post Date: 05:33 05-12-2011
Rating: 9
Author: KiteDancer
Comment: Wow is probably the best mmorpg out there, with lots of classes, races and things to do, and with 11 million subscribers making friends is one heck of a breeze. It has many professions, a huge world, awesome content and regular updates. In my eyes, this mmorpg is addictive and fun, but I have to admit the paying does get annoying.

I also have to admit that the subscribers are lowering. And I ALSO have to say that in a year or two, I will be agreeing with most of the people on this archive and saying that it’s just another online game that has grown.

But for now, this game is EPIC.

Post Date: 09:18 08-11-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Aryanatu
Comment: WoW is pretty much one of the longest thriving mmos. Despite the cartoon graphics, it manages to challenge the player continuously with excellent end-game content. The difficulty with Wow is that it has progressed so far, that it becomes a grind for new players. Those who are long term players, starting from the beginning or Burning Crusade, feel more at home with the game, since they have progressed along with it and have heirlooms to help their alts level etc. I would say overall, this game is elitist and doesn’t really allow new people to share the same experience. There will always be a ‘better than you’ attitude with competitive atmosphere, which makes the game difficult to approach for new players. I’d say if you want to get the umba serious game raiding sport in your life, this is the game for you, but if you want to find a more relaxed, casual game where you won’t get teased and made a fool of in groups for not knowing things etc, I’d say go for Rift. Rift is a newer game, so less snobbery, and plenty of things to keep you interested.

Post Date: 19:35 27-10-2011
Rating: 0
Author: raybaeck
Comment: I personally hate this game, and I don’t think anyone should pay to play this game. It’s confusing and boring.

Post Date: 09:40 10-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: tachyon
Comment: The best mmorpg ever. Almost zero bugs, and I’d like to see anyone under level 80 tell me where they found one. Blizzard shows everyone how to run an online subscription based game. With great customer service, and just a seamless, smooth, enjoyable gaming experience. If your actually paying for any other game subscription, you are playing the wrong game.

The only drawback to this game is character customization.

Post Date: 15:16 03-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Dark Knight
Comment: Wow is the best game I have played in my life. It’s universe is very vast and one cannot get easily bored. Yeah its true that the graphics are a lil’ outdated and blizz has made the game kinda easy for players but overall they dont punish players for being creative I mean that ol’ players should be able to extract out more benefits than newbees……
thats it simple to play difficult to Master.
TY For Reading.

Post Date: 16:09 22-09-2011
Rating: 0
Author: lovebody
Comment: Business is business and shoving a player into an assembly for team effort is the way to get more accounts created/activated, though I refuse to play WoW for the reason I am obligated to join a band for the purpose of gaining my character a rated BG/PVP. Individual BG/PVP rating should not decline your subscribers, cause the amount of players queue is regulated nonetheless and allows the certain amount to enter. Why so many WoW banners on may websites, desperate?

Post Date: 07:59 20-09-2011
Rating: 8
Author: wizzygeek
Comment: World of Warcraft is a fantastic MMORPG! Anyone who says otherwise is a retard. However, even a fantastic game like this has flaws. One of them is really simple: THE PLAYERS! On my realm (Nagrand, Oceanic), there are so many retards floating around ready to call you a “n00b” if you have been playing longer than they have, and have better gear than they have. There is no way to stop these idiots, but the game should revert to TBC or Vanilla, where people have to work hard for their gold, gear and ranking! The other problem is the way the game is so easy now. Anyone could do a dungeon with the RDF, which makes NO SENSE lore-wise. Doing PVP without visiting Warsong Gulch, just using the Battleground Finder… What the heck! Now, casual players should have these features on a casual realm, but hardcore players like me that doesn’t see how this fits, should have a Veteran realm or something! But, there are more positives than negatives. WoW has really good balances classes for PVP, PVE or RP (the gear… looks… AWESOME!). Noobs cannot beat pros because of their class… The one with more skill wins. The world (of warcraft) is really, really, really, REALLY BIG! Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Maelstrom, etc, etc.

That is my review of World of Warcraft, and that is why I give it a 8/10. A fantastic game with a great, expansive world, and balances classes. But with noobs, idiots and stupid people, and way too easy content. But, overall, the best MMORPG avaliable to casual and hardcore players (more casual than hardcore!)

Thank you for reading this!

Post Date: 18:53 17-08-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Webber
Comment: WoW is finally losing subscribers after 7 years! 12 million was the wall that WoW could not break through. Seem to me that Rift made a difference!

Post Date: 01:33 22-07-2011
Rating: 2
Author: Bryde
Comment: This used to be my game of choice since 2005. I got 2 level 85 and a dozen level 80. I gave up on the game after they nerfed it so much that it is now made for kids. There’s no freedom, no roleplaying, no difficulty, no brainer. Too bad. Moving on 🙁

Post Date: 01:50 07-07-2011
Rating: 8
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: The limited f2p model could have WoW overrun with annoying newbies in no time. How is this going to help after Catacylsm failed at epicness?

Post Date: 00:24 11-06-2011
Rating: 3
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: With the exception of a Development Team, Taking all the User friendly Interfaces out of all the games that where out at the time when WoW went BETA, and combining all that friendly UI into one MMORPG.

WoW is all about who has better gear, and grinding instances, and reputation. People buy their way through the game now adays with Real Life cash for game gold. Or they beg some higher level to power level them. So they do not have to work for anything.

People used to be proud of that 1 Epic piece they earned through regular game play, once upon a time. Now it is all about the Pretiest gear, and rushing to level caps as fast as possible, and buying the best mount, weapons, gear, etc.

WoW is now full of wallet warriors, and players will sit idle hours on end in any major city, to show everybody what they paid for with real life cash but will not admit it, spam the chat channels with insults and immature stuff. While spending their time in just the Auction House, buying and reselling items all day, and night long. I know people that just log into WoW to stick lots of stuff up for Auction, and log out for the day, thats all they do.

It is their sub, they can do what they want with it, but the whole concept of MMORPG’s goes at the window, and WoW turned into a chat room and not a game.

You will get addicticted to it easily, but I would recommend getting addicted to a better game, other then WoW, There are a lot of new games out now, the blow WoW out of the water, F2P, and P2P.

Post Date: 19:42 26-04-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Lions
Comment: An immense game full of quests and adventure, and basically the standard in the MMORPG industry. The only downside is the cost, but I feel I should concentrate more on the gameplay, therefore this still gets a 9.

Post Date: 09:22 06-03-2011
Rating: 3
Author: Angelscar
Comment: I have been playing wow for 2 years now.In the begining it was enjoyable but then i ended up addicted.Hardware changes and possibilities in games are increased, while wow has great graphics, stuff are starting to get old and boring. Lorewise wow is really rich. Also wow is great for those who enjoy pve(wow is poor at pvp).

If blizzard decides to give their players something more than 30 euros bill extra every 2 months and make a new mmo based of wow while it has AION graphics and style then it will be the next game of sentury.

Post Date: 00:07 19-02-2011
Rating: 6
Author: Baltaron
Comment: World of warcraft has been a great for years but times are changing so is technology. I have played WoW for 5 years now and feel it’s time to move on leaving my 6 level 85s behind. thanks to this site I found “Rift”. I’ve been playing open beta now for a week and tried diffrent characters. I think i finally found the replacement. Blizz hats off to you for many years of entertainment.

Post Date: 18:56 12-02-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Adrian
Comment: As everyone will say…”This is the best game”. I beg to differ, sure the graphics are stunning and the gameplay is nice. But…why pay to play?. Personally if I were to go spend money on a MMORPG, I would spend it on LOTRO.

Post Date: 11:45 12-02-2011
Rating: 10
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This is one of the best 3D MMORPG. The equips crafting system is awesome. This MMORPG is pay to play game. THe graphics is awesome!!

Post Date: 18:17 10-02-2011
Rating: 6
Author: OldschoolRPG69
Comment: It was fun while I was out of work and needed something to do, a friend got it for me and played a bit together in the beginning, mostly for him to get the 60lv friends benefit… I said I would not play MMOs ever again after college (EQ1 and DAoC early years) but a free game and all was cool. But after the many updates and nerfing of the classes to make other classes happy, I burned out (Even after Cataclysm came). Don’t get me wrong, it is a good game and very colorful, but I personally found that it was all about looting, gearing, and getting to the top level as fast as possible was the main goal, then join a guild and try to have the best gear. No real RPG in there at all. Just grind and hope you make a friend to help you along the way. Then the updates put all these stupid effects in first person view to the point that first person view is hampered drastically in Cataclysm, real sad there… I am hoping “Rift” gives a better run into the RPG/PVP style of gaming I like. WOW is a good game to play to pass the time, but the overall RPG of it is over rated. And I also want to add the cartoon feel of the colors of the game itself, I did see that when I first saw my friend play it and did comment about the over colored aspects of the game (EQ1 was more dark and realistic in color in my opinion).

Post Date: 14:37 11-01-2011
Rating: 10
Author: johnthemon23
Comment: This review is of Vanilla wow, before BC or WotLK. Questing would be rather boring by todays standards, but the world is so good to look at and the combat so engaging, that it easily makes up for it. All of the characters look cool, and you feel like you can take on the world by about level 13 (even though you’re still very weak). Excellent unsurpassed endgame content, although no heroics at this point. There are a few problems with class balance, and some specs are lacking in viability (i.e. balance druids). A 7 by today’s standards, but at the time easily a 10.

However, the modern version of the game is easily a 10.

Post Date: 17:32 28-12-2010
Rating: 2
Author: dokhidamo
Comment: The game is absolutely beautiful, moreso after the latest Cataclysm expansion. But the game suffers from one large drawback, it’s playerbase.
You are given the choice between two factions, The Alliance and The Horde. Basically it’s a choice between winning and not feeling like a class A donkey. The Horde has become so corrupt that it’s two main storylines involve you either working to deforest and destroy the world, or destroy the world and raise everyone as the undead. The Alliance, meanwhile, are suffering badly from “failure syndrome” whereas no matter what storyline you take, you’re bound to find out in the end everything you did was worthless. To make it worse, the playerbase on both sides is filled with people of all kinds, including trolls, haters, people with too much rage, and se*u** deviants.

Bottom line, if you want a great solo experience or dedicated guild experience pick up this game. But if you’re casual group kind of person, avoid this like the plague.

Post Date: 03:21 16-12-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Tenzo6
Comment: great game. Easily one of the best mmo’s of all time.

Post Date: 20:48 08-12-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Calli21
Comment: Rating: 9
Author: Calli21
The gameplay is absolutely fabulous, if you search the web you can find many articles where the creators of wow’s biggest competitors admit that their gameplay is world class and unable to top it. The graphics aren’t extremely nice, but in my opinion it doesn’t need an improvement as well. It suits the game.
There is a big community built around the game which improves the way people are ‘living’ the game. There is also a very cool storyline in the game. (It really surprised me when i started a character and took the time to read all the quest texts).
You have to pay a monthly fee to be able to play the game, but to me that is the greatest advantage of all! – How? Because that way Blizzard can keep working on the game 24/7 and that really pays of! Another advantage of the monthly fee is that everyone who plays world of warcraft will be ‘behaving’ in game, limiting the amount of annoying spammers etc.
Any disadvantages?
Well… it’s hard to find them but I’ll do my best to make this an honest and objective review:
First of all i’m gonna repeat what most people say: graphics could probably be better. (more info has been mentioned before.)
Some people also say Blizzard screwed up with the expansions. I have to agree that a lot has changed, but not necessarily in a negative way though! I guess the main thing that bothers these critics is the raiding aspect. Nowadays if you have reached the maximum level, it is easy to get some descent gear and start raiding. Guilds aren’t a requirement anymore. However, guilds have all kind of advantages. Guildbank, guild achievements,.. A well structured guild still is and always will be the key to high-end raiding!

Why didn’t I rate it 10* ?
well… I figured there is always room for improvement 🙂


Post Date: 08:59 07-12-2010
Rating: 8
Author: winston9999
Comment: This MMORPG could be improved, but it is by far one of the most successful and fun mmorpgs out there. WoW combines unique systems and combat that no other mmorpg has managed, or maybe, will ever manage to improve on. WoW can be a very boring game at the start levels 1-15, but have some patience to see the rare beauty of mmorpgs. There’s always something to do in WoW, and with over 3 continents, its going to take a hell of a lot of time to explore WoW fully. What makes WoW so successful is because it’s so addictive and fun. It drags you into the world, and you feel like you can do anything if you put your mind into it! But WoW doesn’t really have a storyline like the previous game Warcraft III : Frozen Throne. I wish WoW could be a little more story-based, because with nothing leading you, there seems like there’s no point in playing WoW without a raid or something. Still, overall, this game is one of the best mmorpgs out there, and you should give WoW a try if you are looking for some serious mmorpg gaming. (If you do not want to pay the monthly fee, try a private server!)

Post Date: 21:58 17-11-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Julein
Comment: Best MMO ever by far… people say its been passed up it graphics and i say yes but they still have the best art i think. you might think different though. PvP is what i love about this game, what was the funnest time i ever had on it i would tell you this, the time me and my two lvl 60 friends decided to raid, it was so much fun even though we would get 2 shotted by some 80 mage. trying to sneak in and kill things before he got us. I quit after i got 60 and got my epic set and stuff. PvE is below average for games now adays. character customization is average. to bad blizzard is greedy and cost so much, could you imagine how many players they would have if it went free today. everybody hates it thought cause its rep

Post Date: 11:21 14-11-2010
Rating: 0
Author: Tribaldragon
Comment: Supposedly the best MMO out there…..
I would say the ONLY reason for that is due to the flooding of advertisement they put out. In all areas, this game fails greatly.
#1 By far the most cartoony graphics. Still on the same level of Dragonslayer that came out in the 80’s.
#2 End game is truly the end until a new release.
#3 Entirely too easy to level. It’s like a race, very easy to get bored with very fast.

On my personal experiences with the game, from the start, when trying to work on quests especially at the beginning, and having what seemed to be 30 toons fighting it out all around you was very irritating.

I maxed one toon and dropped my sub after I found there was really nothing else to do. Went to LOTRO, and by far a better game. Working on my 4th toon, and still enjoying it. Far better graphics, game experience, versatility, and a much better community.

Post Date: 16:24 12-11-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Bandole
Comment: Well, Ive tried every single game as it launches hoping that I cant stop playing this game. Aion, Warhammer, Lotro, etc. All of them.

After a few months I get back to it, why? It still has the BEST jogability, period. Play as a rogue or mage and you will understand what Im talking about, or go a little further ARENA.

Plz launch something new!!! Cant stand orcs and blood elfs any more…

Post Date: 09:33 10-11-2010
Rating: 8
Author: winston9999
Comment: i just HATE the monthly fee.

pros of wow
– great game just great
– addictive and fun
– easier and cleverer than most other mmorpgs
– good quest/ instance system

-monthly fee
– boring at the start
– *as of wotlk boring at lvl 80 unless u pvp


Post Date: 01:32 13-10-2010
Rating: 0
Author: 420dude
Comment: outdate
good game but outdated

Post Date: 16:44 01-10-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Ratzingerr
Comment: You ppl still think WOW is a game. Well its much more then that, its the real life of many many ppl beleive me. Its our friends, our community, our job and much more. One can actually live in the game and have all kind off emotions one would have in real life, except its saffer. One can be evil, kind, a thief, a listener, win against others or with others, be respected, be ignored, be what ever you really are without having to mesure words or behavior.
Btw it can get a bit addictive.

Post Date: 22:06 28-09-2010
Rating: 0
Author: 420dude
Comment: Graphics are now officially outdated on this game.
Warhammer stile game.. gets a 4
Pvp battle fields are fun in this game .. gets a 9
It had its time under the sun… Blizzard needs to come up with a new winner.
WOW is without any doubts an outdated game.
Nuff said.

Post Date: 20:31 15-09-2010
Rating: 10
Author: chri421r
Comment: Without any doubts the best game in the world.
Nuff said.

Post Date: 13:55 15-09-2010
Rating: 8
Author: 420dude
Comment: For the fans……

Blizzard started its life in 1991 with just a handful of employees and a different name. It completed a few projects before reorganizing under the name of Chaos Studios (Chaos and Warhammer go hand in hand…) They realized the name was already taken and switched to Blizzard Entertainment. Their first game as a new developer was the smash hit Warcraft: Orks and Humans, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Originally, Blizzard contacted Games Workshop to make a Warhammer real time strategy game. GW supposedly gave them the go ahead and Blizzard began to make the game. Somewhere between half way to eighty percent of the way done with the game, GW pulled the license from Blizzard. Blizzard had a game almost completed without a name! They decided to rename the game, characters, and adjust the story to their own IP which they called Warcraft. This is not speculation, but the real deal. It is not that Blizzard happened to come up with similar characters, they just changed the names in their first game.

So it’s not like WOW copied warhammer…. WOW was going to be THE WARHAMMER ONLINE!

Post Date: 17:42 27-08-2010
Rating: 8
Author: 1sty
Comment: WoW is a decent game for sure, and I have no idea how people can consider this addicting, I can play while having loads of homework that night and still able to get through a decent amount of a raid with time to spare, I have never just craved this game at a point or gone into submission because i couldn’t play it, if anything I feel bad because i get too distracted from it, if you want to get to a point where WoW can be an easy thing to get control over, go get some friends.

Post Date: 10:39 23-08-2010
Rating: 5
Author: Samsta
Comment: I love how people are blaming the game for ruining their lives! That’s like saying McDonalds made me fat!! Its your own fault you got sucked in you addicts, get over yourselves.

Post Date: 13:51 09-08-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Betroyal
Comment: Played this game for over 3 years, which basically says for itself – a great game, probably the best ive ever seen.

Like most of the other mmorpgs, it consists of leveling (1-80) and endgame (80). Sadly, leveling takes quite a lot of time (from couple of weeks up to few months for newbie people), and is much worse compared to endgame (i wouldve rate it 4 out of 10 if the game ended once u are 80).

First dissapoinment in this game – absence of world pvp. Battlegrounds and arenas offer much more rewards then plane old ganking in the game world. Isolated instances – raids, flying mounts, sanctuary cities make sure that most of the players stay “safe”.

Second dissapoinment – pvp is completely separated from pve. Even top pve gear is rather weak in pvp, and vice versa; so any accomplishments in pve mean nothing in pvp.

It has quite well-developed economics. You will need a lot of gold for mount, enchants and consumables, and even top raids dosnt give you much gold. So you will have to grind a lot of money either by crafting or by completing daily quests.

Another bad side is that it is completely casual-unfriendly game (at least in pve). If u want to clear the endgame pve content, you would most certainly need a raiding guild, which require you to raid several days a week from 19.00 to about 23.00. So if u cant play in the evenings you are pretty much ruined. That is the actual reason why i’ve quit it. Just so you understand how much time consuming this game might be, ill tell you that the world’s best pve guilds require recruits to be able to take a vacation for a week or two when new patch comes out, just in order to be able to sit and play day and night until new raids are cleared.

Cross-realm lfg system will easily put you into a battleground or dungeon by just your one click; the waiting times are usually not long (5-10 mins), and it will teleport you to the place and back to the original location. Sadly, there is hardly any challenge in dungeons even for unskilled players. Lvl 1-60 dungeons were made 5 years ago and were getting nerfed over and over ever since. Basically, if u want challenges u will have to grind easy stuff for a couple of months until you ding 80 and get some gear to enter raids.

TO sum up, dont bother with this game if u dont want to give away a few months before you get to interesting part, and if u dont have at least few evenings free in your week to play. If u do, it would almost certainly be worth it!

Post Date: 18:50 27-07-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Shtriga
Comment: WoW is so unique, not a single MMORPG has managed to meet up with the standards that WoW has. It’s addictive gameplay will keep players entertained and occupied for years, and the game has no end to it. So if your looking for an MMORPG to play for a while this is it. The price is quite commonly high sadly though, but most players would say its worth it.

Post Date: 22:25 19-07-2010
Rating: 10
Author: thegreatgamer
Comment: This game is incredible, the depth of it was really impressive. I like how there are so many different items in the game that you never see people who look the same, except death knights, The world is so bid and there are so many things to do while exploring it. I could go on forever, but ill just leave it with the title of GREATEST GAME EVER

Post Date: 09:52 12-07-2010
Rating: 9
Author: xanendorf
Comment: hi everyone. I am a player of this game for 3 years, and love it, but before i tell you why, im going to tell you why the people who rated as 0 are wrong
Alright first off.
the complaints
lag- this one is easy, upgrade your computer/internet, this one is on you
community- This is one i feel strongly about. this game isnt about you getting your loot and being awesome, its about you finding a group of people that you enjoy playing with. If the people in your guild suck, get a new guild, if they people on your server suck, move to a different server. its that easy. and the majority of people i know that play wow, are 30+
grinding- blizzard has said over and over that this game has very little grinding, and the little grinding it does have, is awesome. like killing 30 humans and harvesting their souls, awesome?
pve/pvp sucks- everyone has their own tates/opinions, personaly i like the pve because it has so much more interaction with your friends
the graphics- just as cartoony as wc3, love them
the sound- epic, wolves /bears yada yada yada
the player interactions- With your FRIENDS, you can put dicks on the ignore list
the game play- very deep, ( when you reach level cap, there are many bosses with unique mechanics that lead to very fun raiding nights)
GET FRIENDS! this game is real boring if you dont know anyone. sure you can solo everything to lvl cap, but thats no fun! get with your friends and go kill some demons or whatever.

Post Date: 03:53 29-06-2010
Rating: 0
Author: savvy2010
Comment: Only for hardcore gamers imo.this game was unique and fun, and the community was great, then blizzard started releasing more and more content very fast, probably because of the growing popularity. it seems like a large grind of a game

i would have been fine with just playing day long alterac valley battlegrounds, but they nerfed that because people wanted there tokens, not sure if they have brought out any other bg’s like that, i would play again just for that. 🙁

Hardcore gamer: likes spending 12 hours a day on computers. this is the game for you

Casual gamer: go play a game more suited to casual players, sc2 is out soon 🙂

Summary: most likely the best game out there, but it will take your soul ;)theres alot more i could say about this game, but im just trying to let people know what there getting into

Post Date: 08:37 16-06-2010
Rating: 7
Author: Raben100
Comment: World of Warcraft is a very big Mmorpg game and it has very good details as many others dont have but i will say ONE thing about this : If you are a guy who really like computer games too much then DONT PLAY THIS…It will ruin your life then because you will with playing too much..Trust me on this but, ofcourse if you are a casual gamer then try it !

Gameplay 7/10

PVE 4/10

Graphic : 6/10

PvP 7/10

I have played this for 5 years so i know 100% what im talking about and i have meet many gamers who has already ruined their own life so WATCH OUT! 🙂

Post Date: 20:30 30-05-2010
Rating: 10
Author: BT786
Comment: The best MMO I have ever played. Roleplay is great on some servers, community has it’s babies and it’s players.

Combat is amazing, with over 67 Abilities to use in a 10-140 second battle.

PvP is outstanding, many tournaments to compete in for cash and I even made a quick 300 bucks competing in online tournaments.

This game offer’s more then meet’s the eye and people overlook that.

Post Date: 07:18 10-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Tusker
Comment: Apart from basically everyone being a complete jerk, the physics and complete character customization of this game is great. Also, since there are so many quests, you almost never have to grind. 8.2/10

Post Date: 12:28 08-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: killervcv
Comment: Awesome game that blizzard ruins with every patch and expansion.

Post Date: 19:28 05-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: blastoise466
Comment: steve friend we got a new security system

Post Date: 23:09 02-05-2010
Rating: 2
Author: steve3562
Comment: I played this game for nearly 4 years. I agree with Irish, all games have flaws, but this one has one that’s huge. Security. My account was hacked last week. I have 7 level 80’s that are now naked after being ToC and ICC geared. I just talked to a friend that actually talked to the person who hacked one of our other friends account. He told my friend that he got his information through the peer to peer method of patching that Blizzard does. He gets information because of blizzards shoddy file transfer procedures! Am I bitter because of this? You bet your hind end! They won’t answer the phone or emails! Game side, no matter which class you choose, after about 10 levels you do the same thing over and over. Its extremely boring. After my first 8 or 10 characters, I played only because friends asked me to. The repetition was nearly unbearable. Now I’m done. I don’t care if anything changes with Cataclysm and if they do the same thing, the patching and questing, with Diablo 3, I won’t play that either. Which really sucks because I’ve been looking forward to both being released. Not any more. I’ll find another game to play and I sincerely hope posting this will make other players boycott any of blizzards attempts at ruling the gaming world. Use them and you’ll regret every minute. Wait until you get hacked.

Post Date: 03:54 27-04-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Irishcarbomb
Comment: All games have flaws WoW is no exception many patches take a long time to load, some players are harsh, higher expectations, and you gotta pay! But lets be honest graphics are pretty killer and you have a choice on what you wanna play you aren’t point click attack but wide range of spells. Yes Blizz made characters saying these are stats are best but lets be honest they made wide range of characters and you can choose which one. the community is diverse! I find all types of people on WoW just find your group and stick with it. I’ve always enjoyed playing this game because there is so much to do. If you lvl a character to cap lvl and make another you dont have to do the same exact path to cap you can mix it up. Overall I give this game a 9/10 because it is just stellar in a lot of stuff but it has its flaws just like any other game.
2 80s on Burning Legion and 1 on Hakkar

Post Date: 22:05 30-03-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Furryelmo
Comment: Made account in 06 been on and off mainly because i believe that if you have breaks for about 3months after about a year it will stop you from getting ovely addicted. To start with please dont copare this game with free MMORPG’s in terms of the actual game, for me the paying games are an a differnt league then the free ones. The graphis are good and you dont compare graphics of MMORPG’s with ps3 and xbox360s because they are both games consols designed for games with awesome graphics. To be honest there is nothing wrong with this game if you dont play too much, the only bad things i can say about this games are:

-Paladins WAY to OP
-Gold farmers, Spam in trade, EBAY selling etc…
-NINJA LOOTERS seriously WTF wrong with you people?!?

Play Prot Warrior
(For those who say Prot is OP look at paladins!! they are warriors that HEAL and BUBBLE at please nerf them i mean even the paladins must think that they are OP.

Gratz Nhym, Gigi, And the Druidboyz for Pwnage like us. Ace song even though i would pwn BM hunter any Warlock Rogue pwned by my damage shield talent DK piece of cake and Druid hmmm maybe they differ from NOOB to PRO.

Post Date: 18:49 29-03-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Colgrove7391
Comment: I have played the game for 3years now and still love it. The game play was very easy found lvling very easy for both either pvp or pve. I tend to have no problems with the game when patches come out sometimes u get lag or disconnected. The thing i dont like is that they have made the game way to easy(taking out elite mosters or taking away class quests), but for the most part this game is the best online.

Post Date: 19:23 24-03-2010
Rating: 2
Author: Slythez
Comment: To Be Honest This is an Mmo which is overly Hyped its a quick pick up game yes but ……. You lose alot of time in your life. This is Just like a Drug Don’t start playing it. Only Reason I liked this so much is because it was easy to make friends and what not. Its more like a Online Social Network then a Game IMO. Cataclysm will Fail btw why would people want to play the old shit just harder. If they really wanted to do that they should have never came out with BC or LK. Ok game i guess

Post Date: 20:33 19-03-2010
Rating: 0
Author: andree123
Comment: I’ve played the game in 2 years now… there’s no meaning with this game…

You have to play many hours to get good and wow takes to many hours of ur lifetime!

You just click on a spell… there’s no aim or nothing just click click click… boring.

Blizzard keep making new expansion and updates that fails…
Pve: Pve takes too long… U die often and you pve to get better gear to do more and new raids… and then u wanna get better to do the new and better and better… and in the end what do u have them for? to get better… and full with kids that makes everyone fail in dungeons…

Don’t start with wow… u will just get crazy!
Post Date: 20:26 15-03-2010
Rating: 10
Author: rtek
Comment: Best mmo game for now, best pvp, great pve with arena rating-2vs2-3vs3,5vs5 professions, auction house for sell and buy gear, so many achivement, big world to play,all classes have strenght and weakness, for me the strongest pvp class now is afflication warlock. I have all classes lev 80. I try to play many mmo games like-guild wars,lotr, warhamer,aion,conan and not one of them is complete like wow. Sorry there is one game but is different from wow, it is Eve online. I wait for Star Wars The Old Republic and when this game is good i stop playing wow. After 5 years i get bored normaly. I know why are some people against that game, they get frustrated bec of so many excelent pvp players, and when they reach level 80 and still get easy killed is because they dont have skill. Normally this people begin to hate game he he. Same is everywhere in game world

Post Date: 01:52 14-03-2010
Rating: 0
Author: futurekiller
Comment: Post Date: 16:45 14-02-2010
Rating: 0
Author: futurekiller
Comment: game sucks the whole world is not that diffrent and you can only have pets on hunter or knights on perfect worlds and other games that are in the top 10 u actuly can capture the pets and have them on any class or species unlike this game and what is diaponting is that they allow higher ranks to kick ur ass evry time they come by i am levle 80 druid and tehre are still people that come and kill evry one plus u dont have enough freedom on the game u cant real explore cause all the bad guys charge after u tile u die unless there is water and they are not water creatures you know what rely sucks thouth u cant make ur own shops such as games like perfect worlds there are not real wars and u take so long to level up the only good thing is some of the graphics

Post Date: 05:53 05-03-2010
Rating: 9
Author: baldie
Comment: World of Warcraft is getting old only in years. Blizzard continually improves gameplay despite what the whiners on the WoW forums cry about with nerfs. I was addicted for a solid year! My eating habits got worse than ever and my hygiene nosedived off a cliff rofl. IMHO Cataclysm will make WoW bring back players who left.

Post Date: 16:01 17-02-2010
Rating: 10
Author: lucif
Comment: I played WoW for a long time and i must say i enjoyed playing it. I think it has good graphics and the gameplay is good. but i lost my interrests because of the BAD patches.(every patch a other class is overpowered)with pvp its realy irritating! But hey! its a way to keep people playing the game. The achivments killed pve (people wont invite you if you got no achivment)But on the other hand Blizzard is taking good care of their customers.

P.S Don’t get addictive!

Post Date: 04:50 16-02-2010
Rating: 7
Author: wowie
Comment: I think the steam is going out of WoW. Tearing up the world in Cattlism is not going to help. WoW was so addictive just a couple of years ago but the deathknights came along and ruined it. I have canceled and restarted my subscription several times hoping to get that old spark back. I hope Cattlism will help but I have my doubts.

Post Date: 22:45 14-02-2010
Rating: 0
Author: futurekiller
Comment: game sucks the whole world is not that diffrent and you can only have pets on hunter or knights on perfect worlds and other games that are in the top 10 u actuly can capture the pets and have them on any class or species unlike this game and what is diaponting is that they allow higher ranks to kick ur ass evry time they come by i am levle 80 druid and tehre are still people that come and kill evry one plus u dont have enough freedom on the game u cant real explore cause all the bad guys charge after u tile u die unless there is water and they are not water creatures

Post Date: 22:27 12-02-2010
Rating: 0
Author: futurekiller
Comment: game is stupid i mean i played tile i was elve 80 on druid hopoing to find something diffrent but nothing

Post Date: 22:43 07-02-2010
Rating: 10
Author: eazi
Comment: I’ve played almost around 7~8 MMO’s what makes WoW better is not just the gameplay.. it’s how Blizzard is taking good care of their customers.. and lot of things that you won’t understand unless you play the game and get to a high level.

Post Date: 17:57 30-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: tomtomwow
Comment: This is the best MMORPG there is. i completely agree with ticax182 and i think that it is definately worth the £15 a month. it’s not just sad people that play it- people that just like the game play it aswell. i think that their advertisement is helping get more people to start playing, from ozzy ozbourne to Mr T. Going back to the money, they need the £15 a month to pay for the making the actual game because it is a million pound + game to make. Dave1004
you are completely wrong because you dont always have to grind, you can do quests or dungeons. all in all this is an amazing game.
10 OUT OF 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 03:34 26-12-2009
Rating: 9
Author: ticax182
Comment: to all you bashers.
You bought it, you played it.
Blizzard doesn’t give a damn about what you say, if they made money from you, then their mission is complete. Screw what you have to say. Now I’m a fan of this game, and I also have to say, Dave1004, aren’t you over exaggerating on the Day by day progress reports? If thats what your going to write, then put some sources, some proper research. How do you know Runescape is better? I’ve played myself. The community is more then just 12 yr old lifeless kids, there are even younger, addicted people, and also older, like, age 30s and so, trashing and “pwning noobs”
So you can’t pay 15$ a month? My cousin who works at a KFC can pay for that, and all his own needs.
Grind? bulllocks. WoW has more quest then any game, unless all you do is grind.
I applaud blastoise466.
Think of your internet service. Unless you are using the cheapest shit ever, it would be more then WoW.
Include China, Germany, Russia, Korea and Japan. They each have their own translated WoW versions, with EACH their own servers. Sure they can all access the original American one, but still, their own works better in their own countries. In china, they called it 魔兽世界, widely popular.
Combine all those players, and you have much more then just 13 million.
Yet again, when Blizzard make another expansion, you can sit back down on that chair, and start ranting about how it’s stupid and stuff, while millions of players enjoy an online adventure, you’ll be stuck playing Runescape. Good luck.

I myself, have stopped playing MMORPG completely :D. I have a life. But that doesn’t mean I think that all games suck. If the game is super addictive, it must be a good game.
Blizzard don’t really care about what we’ve said here, counting money or not, they still succeeded. 56 cents an hour? What, you talking about the Janitor? Not even he makes that little, he work make dozens times more. There are laws for underpayment in the USA, and for a company that big, it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Post Date: 14:37 22-12-2009
Rating: 9
Author: blastoise466
Comment: Look listen to me:

U think WoW sucks because a couple of reasons. But the other games are badly hace problems. The only thing u might do is:
-Don’t get addictive
-Boring enough at 60’ies but every game has a boring limit
-Like Dave1004 it doesnt deserve a four u can cahange your numbers about 7-10 but don’t you think 4 is a little bit down? I know there are cons but it doesnt deserve a 4 either just for money hogs and its pvp system.If you want to review the game review it nicely please.

Post Date: 05:58 15-12-2009
Rating: 4
Author: Dave1004
Comment: Wow was a damn good game at the start, with amazing graphics and a flawless system. It was enjoyable just to walk around and enjoy the scenery. Character creation was fun, and everyone got along.

Then blizzard turned into money hogs. The game started to cost more, and the community was flooded with immature kids and immigrants. WoW is actually a huge traffic site of illegal material and etc. What I mean by that is how people are being forced to work for extremely low pay (56 cents an hour, anyone?) in horrible conditions just to mass-farm gold and accounts for companies to sell.

The battle system is fun, but the community (Once again) is never about ‘just having a good time’. Oh, sure, the roleplay servers are awesome, hands down, but the main point of the game is to have a bigger, better stick than the guy beside you.

Day One of WoW: Explore. Explore. Chat. Explore. Quest. Quest. Explore. Explore.
Day Five of WoW: Explore. Explore. Explore. Quest. Quest. Explore. Chat. Chat.
Day Fifteen of WoW: Quest. Chat. Grind. Explore. Chat. Quest. Dungeons.
Day Fifty of WoW: Grind. Grind. Chat. Explore. Dungeons. Raid. Grind. Grind.
Day 250 of WoW: Grind. Raid. Raid. Raid. Raid. Raid. Grind. Grind. Grind. Grind.
Day 450 of WoW: Parents send you to the hospital, computer is removed. Gained 35 pounds, lost all real-life friends. Girlfriend ignores you, your cellphone lies dead. Depression sets in, razor comes out.

This is the average of a WoW player. I only played for 144 days (Exactly!), so the rest is whatever I could find online from different opinions. Oh. And Why the HELL do you people pit WoW against online/browser games?

I had a guy come up to my in 07 and spaz on me because I was playing Runescape in an internet cafe, and he WoW. He told me that Runescape was worthless SH** compared to WoW, since the graphics suck and etc etc. On and on.

First of all, games like Runescape don’t need to be downloaded. Secondly, they’re JAVA-BASED. Java. WoW uses a HUGE multi-million system specially designed for it, and Runescape (Just using it as an example) is something one man (Andrew Gower) created in 1997.

Aiight, on to rating. Overall, if we looked at wow before 07 or so, it’d get an 8/10. Now, it’s a…


Graphics: Must I say? Amazing. 10/10.
Music: Superb. Soft and tranquil at times, and blood-filled and chaotic. 9/10.
Gameplay: Good, but nothing new. 7/10.
Community: Very good, the game is run on community. 8/10.
Price: Not worth it…40$ for the game, then anywhere from 15-40$ a month. 6/10.

Replay Value: In ((MY)) opinion, not that much. Sure, you can get level 80 for every class, but it’s still just GRIND. 4/10.

Overall: 4/10. Good for a few months, but be careful – You’ll wake up one day, and cry at what was your life.

Post Date: 22:40 29-11-2009
Rating: 4
Author: kjames423
Comment: Not a terrible game but not worth $15 a month. Too easy to beat all the raid dungeons when an expansion comes out. Sucks you money and life away. Community is full of 12 year olds who have no lives and spam chat. Was revolutionary at first but lost it’s thunder after WotLK came out. That expansion sucked.

Post Date: 06:46 25-11-2009
Rating: 8
Author: scwc1996
Comment: World of Warcraft is not the first pick on my list, but it is absolutly a great game. Balanced PvP, good Roleplayers, Good Community (On roleplay Servers) and alot of Quests and Items.

Post Date: 23:42 23-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: zalavis
Comment: BEST freaking game ever, ive been playin since 12/26/07 and I started out at a undead warlock and got to lvl 55, when wotlk came out i made a dk and got him to 80. took me 2 years to get to 80 because i quit 2 times to play runescape again(not my best disicion, first mmorpg game i ever played) but this game has awesome music if you listen to it! its best. if you look at the Wraith of the lich king trailer, IT LOOKS LIKE A F*CKING MOVIE! they are awesome with the graphics, this game has a exelent story line. this is so addicting. Blizzard did an awesome job creating the world of warcraft. They are awesome programmers. i want to work for them =)Start this game and you will never want to get off 98% of everyone who tried it got addicted and stuck to the game. 2% of the people who tried it lost interest and quit. either because leveling to too hard, They got banned, they dont know where the quests are( is the best place to help you with quests) or its either because they find a new game that they like. Over 12million people play this good game. Hey $15.00 a month is worth it. trust me. ENJOY WORLD OF WARCRAFT!

Welcome to the World of Warcraft! By, Blizzard Entertainment.

Try for free at

Post Date: 07:28 14-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: James4him
Comment: I say world of warcraft is the most extremely game got to me addicting i played it and i played PW as well and i think it is a game that gets your social life in real out and it is a cool game but watch your time on it you can do many things emotes have cool armour explore and most like exploring the places in wow of the high graphics because they call it beautifull as all do and some Believe that in wow you need honor and no not honor points in arena just honor for example:a players is in pvp on a horde and i has in team a nother guy that helps he would say no you stay here i will do this battle for myself this is an example of honor and yeah dont highjack in wow its never fair to do that on a lower level as a paladin rogue mage almost all classes i played and i think the best are Death knight paladin and rogue
DK on blood Pala on Holy or retri and rogue definitly on subtelity i believe the rogue is a true nunja and it has various skills its the shadow of the dark the ninja of the black it is a high skilled dps and if your good on it your almost invincible but it has it rissks actually paladins are honorfull and magical warriors of their armour and dk are death itself so i would choose between these three to start you cant try jump on wall or on a tree and then hit your target that’s a good thing on rogue your always fast and palas kill fast and dk are just fast dsp on high rates usually.

Post Date: 17:43 13-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: SemiDetached
Comment: Alright. Where to sart?

Overview: World of Warcraft is overall a good game. It has a good PvP system and a steady growth in stats and monster stats (For those who don’t have too much money). I’d say for a new player, it’s probably stand alone until level 30 or so. Then you will start meeting new friends and join a guild, etc. Also, a person with a lot of money will never be fully overpowered, as the enemies also come in Elite modes. Luckily for the less geared, there exists Rare enemies – with the same power as normal enemies – who drop uncommon and rare loot. Rare Elites piss me off, if i’m honest. If you can take ’em… You don’t need their loot. Mainly used for achievements since Wotlk. [Medium rare, Northern exposure, etc.] The PvP system is a rather good one, i’d say. Allowing the aquisition of PvP gear (which is all powerfull for their level requirement.) Although level 60 and 70 PvP has been rendered useless thanks to wotlk. The same happened with TBC. When you hit 80, epic gear is really easy to get. People talk about epic raids as if they were absolutely necissary. You get nice gear from a 5 man dungeon that a team as low as 78 can beat. (Trial of the Champion) Then you get your Naxx and Uld farmers, looking complete cocks with no life, parading around in their epic raid shit. To me, WoW is a game to be taken in moderation or else is consumes your life. Which is when i come to my Good and Bad points;

– As much as people may think WoW is for all of the kids and babies, a lot of servers are full of mature people who still have a laugh. If you get a good guild like i did, there will be no babies pestering you… Cause you’ll be too busy speaking to your guild
– It’s an incredibly fun thing to do with your time. I was kinda reluctant to join WoW at the time my friend suggested it. I had noticed he’d been spending a lot of time on it and i thought i’d turn sad or something. You’ll be on it constantly until 80, that’s for sure. When you hit 80 maybe get a bit bored after you’ve raided for gear, done lots of arenas, etc.
– The graphics… Right. People slag WoW’s graphics off, claiming them to be crap, childish and cartoon-like. That’s because they’ve never seen the Warcraft games. Wake up, people. The graphics are modelled after Warcraft. Blizzard have enough fuggin’ money to get better graphics than anyone – they just want to keep the warcraft feel.
– It offers a wide range of mounts, armour, quests, zones, races and classes. Some of the classes i’d never thought any game had before i checked WoW out. The possible class race combinations are;
Druid – Tauren and Night elf
Warrior – All Races
Hunter – Night elf, Blood elf, Dwarf, Tauren, Orc, Troll, Draenei
Death Knight – All races
Priest – Human, Undead (strangely), Dwarf, Troll, Draenei
Mage – Human, Undead, Blood elf, Gnome, Troll, Draenei
Warlock – Human, Undead, Blood elf, Gnome, Orc
Shaman – Troll, Orc, Tauren, Draenei
Rogue – Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night elf, Blood elf, Orc, Undead, Troll
Paladin – Human, Dwarf, Draenei, Blood elf
The good things about the mounts are;
– They minimalise travel time
– You can show off your hard work with them
– They contribute towards achievements
– They look cool
– You can show your skill in professions (Engineering – Motorbike mount, etc)
– Some can fly

Bad points, now;
– Obviously. You have to pay. Tragic.
– It’s extremely life consuming and addictive — which combined with my above point, drains you of money. eventually you’ll get bored of how your char looks and change it by paying, etc.
– You have lost your life. You have no life.

Actually i’d say that’s about it. Overall i think WoW is a very good game. About on par with Guild Wars in my opinion. I DO have experience on both of these games and am not biased towards any for any reason. I have 3 and a half years of guild wars experience and One year of WoW experience. I learn quickly and am not an annoying brat constantly asking for help.

Zantetsuken – Level 79 Night Elf Death Knight. Burning Blade (Europe)

Post Date: 20:06 09-10-2009
Rating: 5
Author: socialstatus
Comment: I have got to level 60 , quit and tryed a new game, got bored and came back to this game, they raised the level cap to 70, got to 70 quit played a new game. And than the same with the expansion to lv 80. But before I completely bash this game, Ima give this game some compliments for things that it truly deserves. This game’s economy is impresive actually for such a mindless game, the economy actually makes sense, prices are usually based on either the stats of the item, rarity, or the difficulty to create the item. Another thing, the amount of players who play this; there are freaking a 11 million players if you cannot find someone to help you with a quest or a guild to join, you are not looking hard enough because, these realms are freakin PACKED, people complain about all of the little two yearolds, but they fail to remember all of the older players with their “say chat” and “guild chat” on; do exist. This game incorperates “rolling for drops” and two levels of that system “need” and “greed” , need takes priotity over greed, and greed is for the greedy people in your group.

Alright now time bash this game:
Warcraft has an ego, honestly the 11 million players has gotten to blizzard’s head, and that has hurt the customer service and things like that.

This game is MINDLESS lets face it all of you who argue against this point are retarded because, who honestly uses their own talent build for this game? Or even goes without a “questhelper” addon anymore? this game isnt about the game anymore its about who’s a higher level. Its who has the nicest wepon. things like that.

This game is a total “level treadmill” : which means that this game’s quests give such a low exp rate that you are forced to grind just so you can keep up with an ambitous guild mate .

honestly this game is NOT the first mmo like many of you out there think
this game is NOT the greatest game in the world ; there are free mmos that are lightyears ahead of this game.
the storyline isn’t really that great
and the pvp system is gear dependant, not skill dependant.
In the end this game deserves a 5, no more no less, if you want to play a game that challenges the way you think dont play this, but if you are just sum guy who wants to play casual game and has some extra money to spend go for it 🙂

Post Date: 05:33 08-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: katagabone
Comment: the BEST MMORPG EVER blizzard will make it even better when CATACLYSM expansion will apear

Post Date: 23:33 04-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Blackfire99
Comment: Best game in thw world i love it there could be no game better

Post Date: 01:16 03-10-2009
Rating: 8
Author: rudeboylou
Comment: Well I have been playing for about three years now and i have just recently decided to retire form wow. The game is still the best mmorpg I have played to date and I have played WAR, AOC AND EVE as well as EQ. A lot of the complaints I have read in these reviews are valid , a lot of the players are immature and its almost a completely a solo able game other then end game raiding and pvp battlegrounds. The pvp sucks because every three months they release a patch making one class overpowered and damn near un stoppable. There is no real balance in the pvp and most of the BattleGrounds are terrible. The newer ones, while entertaining, really do little to improve the PvP quality and add too many gimmicks like siege weapons to make up for poor balance in PvP.

The leveling grind is long and repetitive and often boring.It seem like work sometimes which is a huge con.

End game has become a joke. Blizzard has tried to hard to make this game easier for the kids and they have succeeded. Only blizzard would make a game where you grind out Naxx 10 then 25 for six to seven months to get decked out with gear only to release a patch 6 months after they opened up Ulduar to make most Naxx gear obsolete. It is stupid to have wasted countless hours of raiding only to have the gear you worked so hard for become very much obsolete(heroic badge gear is better then naxx 10 ans 25 gear), and For the sole purpose of helping newer players get through what was once progression so that they can enjoy the same lvl of raiding as guilds that have been grinding out for since the release of Wotlk.

Overall: i rate it a 8 because regardless of what anyone says its the best game there is for now.The graphics are nothing to write home about but its Warcraft so what do you expect.The game play is still the best imho and the story line doesn”t completely blow.The raids are still fun even though they are fairly easy. But if your in a tight knit high end guild the game can really be fun.However blizzard keeps attending to the complaints of the newer players and bending over backwards to keep there subscriptions and the money rolling in, all the while pissing off established players and guilds forcing them to rethink the game as a whole. I myself am leaving to go play Eve even though I believe it to be inferior to WoW. Here”s hoping that Diablo 3 and Starcraft 3 don”t disappoint. They way blizzards going i wouldn”t be surprised if they screw that up too, but at least i know Blizzard wont get $15 a month outta me any longer.

Post Date: 15:42 10-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: VaLiA99-RuneScape
Comment: I’ve saw lost of World Of Warcraft videos and they tell that its very awesome,awesome graphics,awesome action and everihing is awesome compare to RuneScape. But I will give it a 9 becouse Its a P2P game and in my country 1 month of World Of Warcraft cost more than a year of membership in RuneScape.

Post Date: 09:08 30-08-2009
Rating: 5
Author: crazycooler
Comment: u are comparing WOW with low class game like

silk road

of cos this would be a btter game

compare wow with better games like


which has about the same standard
i like WOW pve but not pvp system i feel that GW and EVE still owns when come to pvp

wow is a copycat blizard is only good at copy someone and improve it
if u ever play EQ u will know WOW copied about 60%-70% of EQ

Post Date: 10:23 06-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: gob345
Comment: yhis game is AMAZING.i have tried playing lots and lots of mmos,but they cannot compare to this.first i played runescape.compared to WoW,runescape is bull shit.then maplestory,then trickster,than goonzu,then xiah,then silkroad(etc…)i only played them each for like 1 month.they sucked.then my friend opened me up to world of warcraft.i tried the trial…I was amazed!so my mom said i was addicted and cancelled here 1 year later,i started again.So for all you dumbasses who say its a bad game that gets u addicted,THATS WHAT MAKES IT A GOOD you can make time management,8 hours sleep,if u work lets say 8 hours,4 hours WoW,and 4 hours go outside and excercise.Now im gonna list pros and cons=)
PROS:-Good graphics
-Great PvP
-Great chat system
-Nice community
-Epic weapons
-Medium difficulty game
-Loads of races and classes
-Talent tree
-The BLIZZARD community keeps updating the game
-This list is going to take forever to type so i cant write anymore

Now,Unfortunately,this game also comes with bad stuff too
-Shitty players(ex.Haha noob lol)
-Takes FOREVER to download
-15 bucks a month
-Must buy the game
-People will call you a nerd.

Now I will rate the parts of the game

GRAPHICS: Theyre great but not like x360.its still good but it looks kinda papery,ill give this:8/10
GAMEPLAY: It starts out like any mmo with its tutorialish quests.then it gets exciting.oh man I really cant describe this except for Gaming GOLD.,ill give this:9/10
PvP: AMAZING!best pvp on any mmo ive ever played. the only shitty thing about pvp is that u gotta keep clicking stuff to start O_o.ill give it:10/10

Listen,as i said before,i cant describe this as anything else but gaming GOLD!i reccomend the trial version to see if u like it.

Post Date: 04:41 21-07-2009
Rating: 2
Author: dylkann
Comment: I can’t even think of any thing nice to say about this grind fest/waste of life and my laundry list of complaints about it is more than I am willing to type out…so you can try it and decide for your self if this game is worth the money you spend on it every month…As for me as soon as I find a better game I am pulling the plug on this game and deleting it from my computer for good.

Post Date: 01:46 17-07-2009
Rating: 4
Author: Riverhill
Comment: Its seen its day, I cant see another expansion comeing out, As it is now, you have to buy all 3 games to play LichKing, I cant see people buying all 4 if
Blizzard comes out with another. So the world of Azeroth is in its deaththrows.
Its graphics are 2nd to none, but if your not looking to take on a 2nd job running with higher end Guilds dont even think of going past the first “WoW”.
After the introductory game 5 man dungeons are gone, and pick the hero of the story the game is based on, the “Bad guy, Hord” you will find often operates at a disadvantage.

Post Date: 01:01 12-07-2009
Rating: 9
Author: teh_pwnzor
Comment: This game is great, leveling is fun, questing is fun, and pvp is fun… THe only downside to it is that with each expansion all the classes you have known to love and cherish are stripped of their powers and nerfed in every patch, along with other calses getting so OP its not even fun.

TBC Brought a lot of good, and also a lot of bad. PvP Started to slide down hill, but the PvE made up for it. They implemented an Arena/ Gladiator type battleground where you can compete in 2v2/3v3 and 5v5 battles to the death, winners getting points and losers losing points, which you can spend on gear upgrades.

WotLK Brought the destruction of this game in my opinion. The PvP system above lvl 70 is totally imbalanced, and not even fun anymore. I would stay up till 5am just doing battlegrounds or running instances, but no with the level cap being 80, all the lower level dungeons to upgrade gear while leveling (i.e. Maradon/ST/UBRS etc) are cobweb infested and never run anymore.

All in all this game is great, but the PvP really makes me depressed…

Post Date: 07:03 03-07-2009
Rating: 7
Author: SmellySpy
Comment: I love Blizzard, and still play WC3:FZ and D2 on a regular basis, but for some reason WoW never really grew on me. I played for a long time, and I just never felt much connection to it.

Oh well, there’s always Diablo 3!

Post Date: 02:26 02-07-2009
Rating: 9
Author: fycfyc
Comment: WoW is the game!! personally iv played a couple of MMORPGs, some free and some not, and the thing that actually made me stick to it is WoW. Great details, great stories/history behind(each expansion and instances and a lot of the maps/quests. most come from warcraft, juz go read the history and lore, its realy interesting). game play is sick and really balanced. the only bad thing i think there is about it is u do have to spend a lot of time at end-game instancing, sometiimes u juz feel u r working rather than playing a game(especially if u r a good, or the main healer in ur guild…)

about the ppl who say the game is full of dumb kids, ok leme tell u this, u dont read world chat ok? in this game, u concentrate within ur own guild(so find a good 1 that u like). i hardly talk to any1 outside my guild now except in BGs. i dont trade outside or PUG cuz PUG fails, and thats kinda the guild rules of a lot of the guilds in WoW – No trade to outsiders,no PUGs,some even no auctions

Post Date: 04:31 25-06-2009
Rating: 1
Author: mirrorheart
Comment: No…not worth it…Play Runescape, at least that doesn’t interfere with your life! first your just using this game to eat up your free time and before you know it, your social life is going bye bye.15$ a month for a game thats not fun but addictive doesnt exactly work for me…dont think im a guy who is just rating this game badly cuz it “looks” bad i got to lvl 80 twice, it takes more of your life than any game is this world. people say you can do so many things in this game, thats the bad part, you never stop wanting those things. I cant quit now im about to hit lvl 20! im about to get my first mount! i just bought the expansion! i just lost my life! heed my warning DONT PLAY THIS

Post Date: 14:55 24-06-2009
Rating: 0
Author: adid727
Comment: This game is full of kids. All of them call you a noob no matter what level your on. And it takes so much of time to get these kids to come and help you on a quest. If they were in my house i would have bought them each an ice cream so that they help me on my quest. but if they are miles away from me i can’t do that. The only option left is to beg. beg kids. no thanks, no thanks.

Post Date: 01:03 15-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Rocket500
Comment: This game might be the only one i would recommand to people wanting to play a mmo. This is comeing from someone who has played all the mmo’s on this sites top 10 and even some of the free ones they listed (im a bit of a mmo nerd/fan depending on how you look at it)

Its fun its a great combat, gear, class, and role system. its balanced to a perfect equal scale. it has been cleaned and polished off all bugs to a nice shine.

Leveling does take awile, but it has a fair pace that generaly gets more intesting as you level with new skills. It still is somewhat a grindfest which may bring this game down a bit, but theirs enough quests to get you to the end. Then you get to the final level and realize the game has just started. The gear balance system in this game is what gets people hooked. Why, because like a good collage its prestigious other then the upgrade in stats it shows others that you were good enough to kill that certain boss and lucky enough to win it. As weird as that may sound this is the reason people get hooked. It most certainly got me playing this game for awile.

Overall its a great mmo, but as far as a great game its more average. Im still waiting for a Great game that happens to be a mmo.

Post Date: 09:13 13-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: redback93
Comment: To all the people who have just started it, and have been told that they suck, that is just because either 1 of 2 things:

1. You are an alliance, and people are meaner in the alliance
2. Your realm is not the right one for you.

Post Date: 06:26 06-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Zhalseran
Comment: World of Warcraft can’t be described as anything but utter gold. It has a level of polish that one would expect from Blizzard, and it makes WoW the only game I have ever been willing to play for so long, let alone pay the monthly fee.

What makes WoW so fun, is that it takes everything that made Diablo II fun, and pumps it up a notch. Endgame raiding is some of the most fun I have ever had, and even running normal 5-man instances is a good time. Leveling can be a lengthy process, but never a drawn out process or mindless grinding in some games. Quests are all over the place, and there is usually enough variety to keep things interesting. The world is huge and varied with lots of interesting places that often tie in to the Warcraft lore, too. Unlike a lot of games where the whole game is leveling, it doesn’t really start until you reach the level cap though. There is simply so much to do that if you have the motivation, you will almost literally never run out or be bored.

One of the things that really makes the game shine is that it is a constantly changing world. Blizzard is constantly making adjustments to this or that, adding things with patches, you name it. The games GMs are excellent and offer a level of service that is unparalleled, both in game and out.

Words can’t really do this game justice. Admittedly it may not be the game for everyone, but if you have not played WoW, I highly suggest finding a free trial of the game. I picked up the game on a whim, and by the end of the first free month of play I was hooked. 3 years later, the game has only gotten much, much better.

Post Date: 06:39 02-06-2009
Rating: 8
Author: snodeath
Comment: ive played world of warcraft for a very long time it’s a good game id rate it 8/10. for those considering playing should know the 10 day trial is so limited you wont be able to experience the really fun parts, you’re not even allowed full chat features.

top things i can think of to note for people thinking of buying

good side
-this game has one of the best pvp systems i’ve ever known(wrath of the lich king expansion was disappointing though since everyone dies so fast causing a lack of strategy, hence i quit 2 months ago)
-leveling is alot of fun with exploration and skills but is mostly too easy your going to have fun but without challenge unless u start killing like 3 or so things at once depending on your level
-can have your own social life in it which i blame for its addictiveness because your entwined into competing with other players and make some friends in this game which inspires you to become better. if your noob your taunted if your pro everyone looks up to you a bit. not in a ecstatic way, but people will ask your advice and always want you for something-commanding a nerdy form of respect.
-arenas are tons of fun but also aggrevating as hell when you’re struggling
-new acheivement system is unlike anything ive seen and shows others alot of the insane stuff you’ve done thats pretty fun.

bad side
-this games takes times its not something you can play casually and be good in because its so gear based but is skill based none the less.
-after you get to the level cap you cant really do much to advance other than raid, pvp, or get items solo that arent top teir and are designed to consume your time through grinding for reputation or a unique curency for items for days/weeks. also the only way to get some amazing cosmetic items as well.
-pvp can be a game of rock paper scissors when the players are skilled
-killing computer opponents can include just one or two buttons and be a repeat chore.
-pvp doesnt allow you to take any items from the player but also dont lose anything either the system just gives you honor for killing opponents
all together i beleive if you want a good MMORPG get this but take it easy and when your level is capped just try out a few raids with some pvp/arenas and quit you’ve had the best part you can play casually with now you’re on repeat where people lose their lives and get a mini social life. (excuse the slopiness of this review please.)

Post Date: 04:09 01-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: clickmehere
Comment: The game is good. Alot of people who have reviewed this game have not played it and are guessing based on the games No-Life Problem. Well it is one of the best MMO’s I have played. There is alot of creativity into your character, not just designing his or her look but configuring talents, build’s, and macro’s. The game has over 12 different skills all of which you can quit and come back to later. There are over 10 million player’s all of which are nice people who love playing the game and helping younger players out. Out of all the MMO community’s I have never seen a dedicated one such as World of Warcraft’s. There are websites dedicated to helping new player’s go pro and help pros get even better. There are over 100 dungeons. 9 DIFFERENT CLASSES WITH THERE OWN LIMITS AND ABILITIES. Best of all the world itself. It’s so huge and there is almost no load time! It’s a simply amazing and great game that everyone thinks is horrible and full of no lives.

Post Date: 21:55 21-05-2009
Rating: 6
Author: toom86
Comment: I have been playing WOW for 4 years or so now. It’s a fantastic game in lots of ways. If you want polished quests, beautfiul landscapes and fun end-game content then WOW is the game for you. Not to mention fun pvp. Flying mounts are also tres cool.
However if your looking for something adult and a bit more skillful then you might want to check out another game. Timing and economics are the main skills you need in the game rather than guile or reactions (even with rogues it depends on when you do things) and this makes me personally want something a little bit more.
Also the World Events tend to be a little twee and cheesy. Lore is not really WOW’s strong point. Sometimes after several years of padding around you start to wonder what the hierachies and politics are like behind the various NPC settlements you come across. WOW would be improved if they concentrated on making World/Player interaction more stimulating. The culture of ‘get to level 70 with the BEST possible items’ encourages a lot of childishness and squabbles.
Post Date: 17:34 14-05-2009
Rating: 0
Author: clearshot126
Comment: the game its self is ok, however its the players that make it a poor game, i started this game and once i got to around lvl 30 everyone called me a noob and said my gear was rubish (ok yes it was) but no one tells me how to get better gear and what anything means, no team work, rubish players

Post Date: 10:23 12-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: capped88
Comment: It’s all parts good and bad in equal measure. You have to spend a shit load of time on it to get good or else why play? Then again, you get into it and it’s all you do. I’ve been playing for 3 years now and I don’t even really enjoy it as much as i used to. I just wish something else would come out already cause i’m bored with it, but i can’t stop playing…

Post Date: 00:49 02-05-2009
Rating: 1
Comment: its ok with nice gameplay, but this game will take over your life if you play it. Dont waste money and time for wow. Not worth it at all. Im giving it a 1 because i feel nice today.

Post Date: 10:44 26-04-2009
Rating: 0
Author: hazzacool
Comment: IT IS SO FREAKING ADDICTIVE it is very fun at begining gettting to kno stuff and pvping but it rips away your life it virtaly took myn off me

Post Date: 05:08 26-04-2009
Rating: 0
Author: OsiriusVicorus
Comment: It’s okay I guess but this ain’t nothing liek Halo! Halo FTW!

Post Date: 15:38 19-04-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Tothegrind
Comment: Well…
Ahh what to say about WoW?
Its fun,
Its addictive,

Thats about it.

I recently stopped playing this game due to how addictive it is.
It does take over a large portion of your life to the point where its
24 hours
-8 hours sleep
-1 hour personal hygiene
-1 hour sleeping
-14 hours WoW

And what can we expect to be doing in these 14 hours of warcraft?
Lets have a little insight
you can:
Level and alt XD fun but tedious.
Create a twink, if you have at least 1k gold to spare.
Grind reputation for days just to get that 1 item to be replaced by naxx 25 loot.
Farm some GOLDDDD XD very tedious.
Chat to your guild while you idly stand on Orgrimmars bank roof.
Abuse people over /2 (they love it)
abuse people through /w (anyone from kor’gall EU Horde whisp bullforce)
Daily HCs, good, unless you have a tarded group of green geared idiots who have just dinged 80.
**RAID, this is the worst feature of the game.**
Let me tell you why, do you want to be doing the same dungeon for 4-8 hours just to gear everyone else up, then next week when it resets, do it again.
It is monotunus it is tedious it is BORING.
I mean, it only requires hours of constant concentration.

I have even noticed my eyesight get worse since playing this game.

But besides this its a great game just too much to do in not enough time.

Post Date: 00:01 10-04-2009
Rating: 0
Author: mactrac
Comment: my dad plays this game its his life (almost) i hate it. it takes time away from us he’s played it ever since it came out, He’s trying to quite but it is HARD. he got my mom into it (lucky for the marriage) I DO NOT RECOMEND IT
it was on the news that a mother played the game SOO much that she did not care for her kids. she had 3 one died the others survived by eating their brother (this MAY be accurate) i do not recomend it. its not a Memory hog its a LIFE hog take your life you got nothing else. Your life will fly by u your kids will not respect you (if you get addicted) if your those people that think you wont YOUR WRONG 1 month of playing is all it takes. took my parent that. So please Dont risk it. Love your family. Care for your friends. So please im am 14 my parents play World of Wacraft it does not help. So please again, Do not play it. This is your Warning, are U gonna take up the cup?

Post Date: 00:24 07-04-2009
Rating: 0
Author: DeAthLord_X
Comment: THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE played it on Storm scale PVP server i have 2 level 70s and it is boring and silly kids all over every one looks the same even if in one of the top raid guilds and have t6 u still look the same,

Boring game with crappy graphics and just 2 easy to level a 6 year old can get there maybe that’s y so many kids play it

For kiddish casual gamers Play it

For mature hard core gamers go play eq 2

Everquest 2 Dominates this game in every part
Post Date: 17:13 28-03-2009
Rating: 0
Author: bugmenot
Comment: I don’t get it. I’ve actually TRIED to get addicted to WoW before. I used zygor’s guide and some of my friends tried helping me. Game was too boring. Reached level 20 and wondered why I wasted so much time.

Post Date: 23:01 27-03-2009
Rating: 9
Author: warstallion
Comment: Gameplay: The quests are your traditional kill 10 and collect 10 types but they were implemented in such a way that you will find them very enjoyable and fun to do with friends. Instances are also very fun and brilliantly designed. The classes are very unique, each one has a defining role within a group. Each class has 3 talent trees so you customise your play style. Each skill that is bought from a trainer represents one of the talent trees so you upgrade any one of them to what fits your character best. The professions are very good as you have a lot of options on which objects to make with your desired production profession. In pvp, some of the battle grounds are imbalanced as well as some of the classes and the horde wins most of the time but it is still very enjoyable and fun. 9/10

Graphics: For a warcraft game, the graphics are spectacular. They make the environment really stand out. Due to its low graphics, old machines can run the game. 9/10

Community: The community isn”t that bad, you get quite a few people begging for money and wanting to port to Stormwind. I don”t see the point of adding a friends list because once you join a guild the fun really starts to happen, you make a lot of friends that you can speak to in guild chat and you always go on raids to alliance/horde areas and instances. Some of the people on the alliance side are immature and act like idiots while the horde is completely the opposite, they are very polite. In pvp, the alliance suck because they do not know how to work in a group while the horde does thus resulting in a win for them.

Difficulty: It is very easy to get started within the game, no need for a tutorial because the layout is very simple so you can figure everything out by your self. Soloing is very easy, as all the classes can solo. Making money is also very easy as the gathering professions will make loads for you. 10/10

Overall: 9/10

Post Date: 22:37 20-03-2009
Rating: 9
Author: warstallion
Comment: Im sorry to hear that James R. and I dont mean to offend you at all, but some people are addicted to these games easier than others. I cant play this game for mor than one to two hours before I have to go ride to a friends house on scooter/bike or just go outside and get some fresh air, or watch some tele or play my x-box. I feel sry for you though :/ my friend plays it he got addicted, and stopped after a year. He took almost 12 weeks of school off to play world of warcraft and he never did homework or anything, he would just play warcraft. He quit for two months, but has decided to start again because of me, but I stopped him from doing it cause he is just one of those people that are easily snatched into the whole world of warcraft thing…whatever it is. Be warned people if you play a game that isnt that great for more than 5 hours you will never get off this game…but I still think it rulez ^^ and Im still not addicted and never will be.

Post Date: 14:57 11-03-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Bandole
Comment: Pros:
BEST controls from all MMOs developed. Cool and huge cenarios, flying mounts are pretty cool, outdoor fights, arenas, battle-grounds are EXTREMELY cool. PvP is the best I’ve ever experienced. Extremely addicting.
Im still playing it because it has the best engine so far (Controls, jogability, 1 sec in a fight makes a huge difference).

Cons: Soulbound is the stupidest thing ever made, there is no commerce at all, only for silly stuff. You cant trade good weapons, armor, etc You have to kill the boss that drops it 2034923490 times. You will spend a year trying to get end-game gear, and you cant do nothing with the previous gear you had, NOTHING. The first MMO that you cant do nothing if you are rich in game.
If you wanna have 3 well geared characters, 3 years will have passed.

Post Date: 17:27 09-03-2009
Rating: 8
Author: TalkinCrap
Comment: Addicting… but not worth the cost.

I’ve played this game off and on for the past 2 years. It’s very expensive and very addictive. It almost feels like there is an infinite number of things to do. And you can’t experience everything with just 1 character. Once you reach the maximum level and experience the end-game content, you’ll find yourself wanting to reroll another toon and do it all over again.

While this game is massive and has an awesome backstory (literally enough to fill several standard-size books) It feels like it just isnt worth the 15 dollars a month. Since the game is so big and since so many people play you will run into a few glitches; it’s inevitable. They usually get fixed, but the low priority ones can take several months before they are attended to.

The customer support does exist and it is very helpfull, but you will have to wait literally hours before a person can talk to you individually. However, IMO its worth the wait because you get to talk 1 on 1 with a GM (game master) which I’ve never seen in a live MMORPG.

Be sure you have time to play this game, because even if you only intend to log on and check your mail, you can wind up playing for hours on end.

The community is decent and the economy is conditional to the server; for instance if your faction doesn’t have that many players you will be able to find items in the player-controlled auction house for very cheap. But if your server is over populated you will see items costing 2x to 3x as much as they are worth.

All and all, I’d say anyone who enjoys playing RPGs should pick this up. Whether you’re a casual gamer, or a “hardcore” gamer, this game has features that appeals to everyone.

Post Date: 01:06 08-03-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Gustavo M
Comment: There is a true fact related to WoW, wich is that it is being claimed “the best MMORPG” due to intensive merchandise and advertising cause the game itself is not that spetacular. It’s like any other MMO out there, but with a small touch of cartoon’ish effects and gameplay.

The “oh-so-innovative” is a fairy tale, cause WoW offers of what the others MMO’s have to offer. Instance raids, nonstop farming and wasting your entire life by getting a piece of armor that will shine like a christmas tree on your ass.

So I guess that we must see the game, not the advertising cause WoW is pretty much to ordinary. I’d give a “okay” to it. That’s all.

Post Date: 20:53 01-03-2009
Rating: 4
Author: jolterxtreme
Comment: its has a great excellent game concept, graphics and blablabla… it shlould be the most leading game for next future generation however the game is spoiled/runied NOW because the balance and losta fixed needs to be done… i dont know if this game shld be recommended, its more focus on sucking u dry right NOW rather than giving u a gd experience to play MMORPG in future… so please wait till the balance are fix and they are truly concern for players interests.

Post Date: 19:16 01-03-2009
Rating: 0
Author: sunwaterrock
Comment: Don’t play this game! WotLK ruined it…classes are unbalanced, raids aren’t fun, what is the point of this game? It’s endless…you raid to get more gear for the next raid, and what do you do when you finish all of the raids? you PvP, then what do you do when you get all the best PvP gear? They come out with more content, so you keep playing. I had 2 80’s and 1 70 and I just had to stop. I was all for PvP, and blizzard had completely ruined it. Mages, DKs, Rogues, and Paladins, just dominated everything. My priest could get 2 shot by just about anything, and i had 600 resilience. This game is crap, don’t play, HUGE waste of 2 years of my life, and a good $400-500 that i had spent on server transfers/monthly payments/etc.

Post Date: 01:35 18-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: wallpaper
Comment: here is the thing about wow, it never ends. The game offers you all kind of gameplay, from the role-play realms (servers) where you can focus on the neverending lore, the normal/pve realms where you are not exposed to foe attacks, and the pvp realms where you can focus on world pvp fighting whatever foe crosses your way.
The lvl up was designed so you learn to play your class, build/try specs (class variations),learn about the lore, know the world, meet people, and for starters, is usually built upon smaller goals like getting and upgrading your mount, raising your professions and learn new recipies, colecting gold, etc… everything you have you earned through time and work.
The game itself starts once you reach max lvl, and no longer have the preassure to lvl-up. This is the part where team-play becomes absolutly essential. At this point you’ll also want to experience end-game content, like arenas and raids. For this objective you’ll need a group of people you can trust, if you’re talking about raids, 10-25 people, that are prepared, that know they’re classes and ready to go.
Wow is an evolution game, you will not learn to play your class in a month, you will not be able to craft or buy your consumables without grinding, and keep in mind that gear generates better gear and allows you to progress into harder content.
You have a very large variaty of diferent stats to choose from for your gear and equipement, knowing what kind of stats are best for each class/spec and habilities is essential to succeed.
cuting it short, it allows diferent levels of dificulty acording to how well you know the game and your part, allowing you to progress in complexity over time and rewarding you for it, so it requires massive amounts of time to be trully enjoied.

Post Date: 00:36 14-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: kebralt
Comment: It takes over your life. it also wastes LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY. If you wanna play a game sorta like this that wont get u hooked, try perfect world international.

Post Date: 10:24 13-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: nerdboyxxx
Comment: Im sorry to hear that James R. and I dont mean to offend you at all, but some people are addicted to these games easier than others. I cant play this game for mor than one to two hours before I have to go ride to a friends house on scooter/bike or just go outside and get some fresh air, or watch some tele or play my x-box. I feel sry for you though :/ my friend plays it he got addicted, and stopped after a year. He took almost 12 weeks of school off to play world of warcraft and he never did homework or anything, he would just play warcraft. He quit for two months, but has decided to start again because of me, but I stopped him from doing it cause he is just one of those people that are easily snatched into the whole world of warcraft thing…whatever it is. Be warned people if you play a game that isnt that great for more than 5 hours you will never get off this game…but I still think it rulez ^^ and Im still not addicted and never will be.

Lol tauren druid.

Post Date: 02:56 05-02-2009
Rating: 1
Author: trabian88
Comment: Dont play this game it will take over your life.I played for only about a month and forced myself to quite. The game makes you want to keep playing and if you dont play, normally your friends get ahead of you and you have to play 24/7 to catch up. Its horrible. I hated it when my friends wanted to hang out because i had to lvl on wow. Ya you may think that your not going to get addicted.I did but i got addicted. And it only took 1 month. Dont play this game!

Post Date: 00:00 03-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: cericsage
Comment: World of Warcraft is a wonderful game. It was designed to make players think, and then associate with eachother to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be impossible by yourself. That idiot whos worried about how he cant aim at the monster is missing the point of the game. Its about crunching numbers and figuring out which talents, skill rotation, positioning, party members etc to use for dungeon or pvp alike. And i wouldnt say the game is bad for you because your still ONLINE…talking to REAL PEOPLE. I currently have a level 80 tank death knight (Evildoesit, horde archimonde server US) and im enjoying the Wrath of the Lich King raid content. Sure leveling was tough and i hated it, but once u get to the final stages of the game is where it really opens up. My guild and myself meet regularly about 3-4 times a week for anywhere from 1-6 hours and do a raid. Throughout the raid everyone is on Ventrillo (a program designed to let players voice communicate.) A good game creates an experience that involves the player much the way a good book does. This game accomplishes that by far. End of story.

Post Date: 15:26 23-01-2009
Rating: 0
Author: James R.
Comment: Listen to me. If you are thinking of trying this game.. DO NOT.
I played this game for a long, long time and became fully addicted.
I would stay up sometimes 24 hours straight doing raids with other
addicted players. I’ve lost jobs, girlfriends, money, time, and
family respect because of this game. Every day I would wake up
and play warcraft. Everynight I would goto sleep and have dreams
about warcraft. It follows you. It latches onto your inner child
and promises to fulfill you. In the end it destroys you.

Looking back, I can’t really explain how I became addicted.
It just kind of hit me one day that I was, and I knew it.
Probably a little over a month is all it took, you see, I’m
the type of person who likes to finish what I start.
And in this game, you simply never finish, so you keep playing.
Friends would call and call, asking me to come out and do stuff.
I would ignore them and play warcraft. It was more real to me.
Who I was in the game, was more important than who I was really.
I’m sorry Adam, Joe and all you guys who I dont speak to anymore.

In the game, there is a way to check the total time you’ve played.
I played for a little over 3 years, and on my last day of playing,
my total time played for all characters was 655 days 17hours.
That averages to over 1/3 of my day, everyday, for three years,
playing warcraft.

So I ask you this:
Does heroine have good graphics and a good storyline?
Does meth have a good pvp format and good content?

Play the game, you will become addicted. End of story.

Post Date: 09:15 19-01-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Kempo
Comment: This game is horrible The graphics aren”t the worst, but the game play and whole objective is just stupid. Every quest you do is “go get me 10 of these or kill 10 of those” to get some crappy quest reward. Probably %1 of the quest rewards are worth it. All of the better gear is found in “dungeons or raids” which intentionally take an hour or more to get to, (and even longer to finish), because after all, the longer it takes you to level, (which is forever), than the more money you have to pay to renew your subscription every month. The pvp is a joke!!! click this button, wait, click that button, wait. It takes little to no strategy and is almost all automated. If you want to shoot something, you select it and press shoot, theres no aiming process. LOL Therefore, every ranged attack is basically “heat sink” because the game isnt advanced enough to let you aim. So if a mage launches a fireball and you run behind a brick wall, guess what, you get hit by a fireball. If you run away from a monster and hes 15 feet behind you, hes still hitting you. Overall, I could sum this game up in 2 words. “EGO TRIP” The whole point of the game is to show off and up 1 the other players. “Look at my epic sword dude.. it took me 2 weeks of battlegrounds to get but it owns.” “Oh grats dude grats!” It”s seriously the biggest dumbed down joke i”ve ever seen. Blizzard make diablo 3 already and quit wasting my time, and money.

Post Date: 16:42 11-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: sergio owns1
Comment: I have played this game for 1 month (because I realised 20 dll is a lot) but overall this game has it all….of course if u got the $$ to pay it

Post Date: 17:24 10-01-2009
Rating: 9
Author: [email protected]
Comment: Graphics: 10/10
Gameplay: 8/10

I like WOW the graphics is pretty good and doesn”t require too much system requirements. The gameplay is okay also even though you will need a lot of time to farm

Post Date: 22:29 07-01-2009
Rating: 9
Author: nerdboyxxx
Comment: I have been playing this game little over 2 weeks now and I can say that it is by far the best mmorpg I have played to date. It combines a solid background, awesome gameplay, and pretty nice graphics into one package they called wow, and it will take a mammoth to take this beast down.

-Community is nice. Some level 80 came up to me and gave me 30 gold for free at lvl 4 and I was stoked cause I bought all my upgrades at that point on my undead priest.
-The graphics are fair, but can be run on basically any computer.
-Gameplay is awesome, and provides a lot of background to your race, class, and the entire world.
-The sound is pretty good also, love to hear my enemies fall when I kill ém >:)
-You can create unlimited characters, and there are hundreds of combinations to edit them, making it very versatile character creation system.

-20 dollars a month isn’t cheap, I am barely scraping by to pay for the first 5 months :/ time to get a job lol
-There are some alliance/horde players that will go into other races starting areas and kill lower-levelled players; these people are called “gankers” and they will appear; it is best to avoid them.
-The game really starts at level 60, with battlegrounds, raids, and certain dungeons requiring you be a certain level to enter them, or have a chance to survive. This means that gamers with little time on there hands to get to 60 will be hard-pressed to make morfe time for the game.

World of Warcraft allows casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy themselves with its level of depth and simplicity. One problem with the gameplay I found is that players with little to no time on there hands for the game will be hard-pressed to level up to 60 to start raiding and battlegrounds. This is one problem casual gamers will face, especially those people that dont play very often. The game requires a lot of attention.

Graphics: (7/10)

The graphics are nice, simple, and can be run on older computers allowing smooth gameplay all ’round. This simplicity can, at some points, ruin the depth of the game, as everything is just brown for a tree or green for a leaf, there are no detailed shades and such. This can be resolved by turning up the graphics, but not all computers can run at that level.

Gameplay: (9/10)

Gameplay is awesome. You can quest, grind, raid, PvP, or just explore and do whatever. The world is so vast you can never get tired of travelling. Problem is, as I stated above, you need the time to level to 60+ to get anything out of the darn game.

Sound: (10/10)

The sound is awesome, I can see no prtoblem with it. The world’s depth is deepened by the sound, it really reflects off the location, battle, monster, or whatever it may be. 10/10 and I have no qualm about that.

I dont have a calculator or pen and paper handy on me, so I will have to give my best round-up and rate this game a 9. This game, no matter what the opinions of other people is, will be the head of the mmorpg industry for many years to come, unless some miraculous game pops up that completely rips the mmorpg industry in half (not going to happen :/).

Post Date: 21:28 06-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Yabzee
Comment: I have played many freebie mmo’s which try to emulate world of warcraft, they all fail. No other game has brought me such memories, to get my first mount, my first instance, my first raid….the whole experience is noteworthy in my gaming life. Moving onto the review!

The gameplay of this game consists mainly of combat, which is fluid with such a ease of use it feels like a third arm. In terms of stuff to do there are thousands of quests, quite a few dungeons, all of which covering a specific level region and battlegrounds. The quests consist mainly of fetch x amount of or kill x amount of, however for a reason i cannot seem to find the quests drag you in with the diversity of scenarios they produce. The dungeons are also a major experience in WoW, each of them and so unique it makes the your first play through nothing short of inspirational, other play throughs after are often just as great but with you seathing for your next blue armor piece. Battlegrounds are by far the best incorporation of pvp in any mmo i have played, ease to understand but as complicated as you make it…i for one played a rogue and felt like a kid in a candy store when that tauren runs of, leaving his squishy mage buddy to feel my knife seeth through and sevre his spinal cord :).

Graphics in this game are…as i scream to those console gamers are the best they can be for there style, there are clean, vibrant and diverse. I personally found the graphics to be great, especially on that gryphon looking over and seeing the scale of the world. Overal the graphics in wow add to the experience more than they give away.

The community in wow is as varied as the world we live in, i was in many, many guilds throughout my time in wow, and i would say 99% of them included people who were helpful and polite. The chances are if you are a half decent human being you will make some great friends in your time playing, as will you make some enemies eh?

The lifespan of wow is one of the greatest, should i play this? factors. The truth is the lifespan is as long as you make it, i got 2 years and am thinking of starting anew. However a word of warning…to play this game means a great great addiction if you are not careful…i remember playing from 10pm to 6am, as sad as it sounds.

To rounds this of for 10 quid a month (GBP), you get a game that could last you through years, if you work out how many 360 or ps3 games you would ave bought in this duration you begin to say the silver lining. You came to this site looking for THE MMO, you just found it! buy, install, patch………play! all the best Yabzee – remember this name.

Post Date: 22:06 01-01-2009
Rating: 1
Author: awesome
Comment: Comment: I’ve played the game now for a bit over 2 years, seen all end-game content for the most part (not too much from the original), and I’ve seen every part of this game.

As everyone else has said, the quests are go kill this, go collect this and so forth, and that’s about what you’d expect. The graphics are a bit cartoonish but fairly solid for not the best computers. Battlegrounds can be fun, but get old and repetitive. If you do it with friends, they seem to be more enjoyable. Arena will vary based on who you ask. For priests it may not be so fun, while for Rogues it may be a blast. Overall the arenas are simple maps with the same goal for nearly everyone. The class-balance for both PvP and PVE are based off of arenas, go ask the developers why.

PVE content was phenomenal in the original WoW. It was also very good in TBC. The content was nerfed right before WOTLK came out, somewhat understandable. However, there have been 4 new raids, 1 is a recycled raid from the original WoW (Naxxramas), and the other 3 have 1 boss each, with the next, 5th raid, seemingly will also have 1 boss. The encounters are fairly simple, even on heroic mode, and lacks a lot of skill that was required in WOTLK’s prequels. The developers listen a lot to the whiners on the forums, and have more recently shifted their focus of, what’s best for the game, to, what will get us more money. Barring an amazing surprise where they fix this to the way it used to be, I’d avoid this game, and anything else Blizzard spews out.

Post Date: 23:52 27-12-2008
Rating: 3
Author: XZSear
Comment: I played this game for.. just about 10 days? That’s correct. I started playing WoW because my friend who is pretty much addicted to WoW convinced me to play it. Let me tell you, it’s a good game for the first… 2 minutes. This is why:

Graphics: 1/10 WoW’s cartoonish graphics pretty much ruined the scenery, and because of it’s low graphics it can run on old machines. 2/10

Quests: Almost every single quest is the traditional ” kill this and kill that”
type of quest, and they get boring very easily. And along with they’re “Go Fetch Me” quests, they just don’t make sense.

Gameplay: Somewhat fun although very low on updates. 6/10

Overall: 3/10. Not recommended
Post Date: 09:11 24-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: komgred
Comment: World of Warcraft is considered one of the best MOORPGs due its amount of subscribers and its addictive nature.

Gameplay: The quests are your traditional kill 10 and collect 10 types but they were implemented in such a way that you will find them very enjoyable and fun to do with friends. Instances are also very fun and brilliantly designed. The classes are very unique, each one has a defining role within a group. Each class has 3 talent trees so you customise your play style. Each skill that is bought from a trainer represents one of the talent trees so you upgrade any one of them to what fits your character best. The professions are very good as you have a lot of options on which objects to make with your desired production profession. In pvp, some of the battle grounds are imbalanced as well as some of the classes and the horde wins most of the time but it is still very enjoyable and fun. 9/10

Graphics: For a warcraft game, the graphics are spectacular. They make the environment really stand out. Due to its low graphics, old machines can run the game. 9/10

Community: The community isn’t that bad, you get quite a few people begging for money and wanting to port to Stormwind. I don’t see the point of adding a friends list because once you join a guild the fun really starts to happen, you make a lot of friends that you can speak to in guild chat and you always go on raids to alliance/horde areas and instances. Some of the people on the alliance side are immature and act like idiots while the horde is completely the opposite, they are very polite. In pvp, the alliance suck because they do not know how to work in a group while the horde does thus esulting in a win for them. 7/10

Difficulty: It is very easy to get started within the game, no need for a tutorial because the layout is very simple so you can figure everything out by your self. Soloing is very easy, as all the classes can solo. Making money is also very easy as the gathering professions will make loads for you. 10/10

Overall: 9/10

Post Date: 18:09 20-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: hobbitkiller
Comment: 7/10 4 stam, 4 strength, leather belt???? Lvl 18???

WOW: world or warcraft.

what many people don’t realise is that this game is nothing special. it has average grind, average graphics and an average storyline. however this game is built on allready strong foundations, i am of course talking about Warcraft I, II and III. this game probbly has too much hype and probbly has too much grind, but heck this game is Warcraft… Check-Mate!

anyone that played the warcraft series is probbly also like me and have always longed to live the life of a warcraft unit. ive always wanted personally to be a blood elf mage…. or maby the goblin that drives that crazy ass mech-saw-thing. it was this kind of thinking that made the game really take off and florish to spurt out 2 new expansion packs adding loads of new content. to the already content bursting game. i enjoyed the RTS games ergo i enjoyed the MMORPG version.

7/10 Great if you played the warcraft rts games, not so good if you havent.
(if you havent i sudjjest guild wars)

Post Date: 17:46 10-12-2008
Rating: 2
Author: tankmaster
Comment: ive been playing wow since its second year ive noticed many flaws in it

quest: their all the same just different names of mobs their basically either kill mobs or collect items..

community: there are so many whining brats nowadays on this game ever since burning crusade came out with many people begging for money/quest help, also it now has a lot of scammers with people sending you fake cod mails to try and get you to give them gold

gameplay:although i loved this being a easy version of everquest i sorta missed everquests hardness, since the higher cored instances are on cooldowns of more than a day, the only real reason youd want to party with someone is to pvp or do a dungeon other than that your pretty much flying solo

class system:i really dont get why the made it like this a druid can easily do as much damage as a rogue, and a disc priest can easily be a godly dueler, making you ask the reason why do priests even need a group 😉 (since its been shown before that 40 priests soloed mc during pre bc) which basically shows roles are not important in this game

exploits: exploits are a big problem in this game which had many such as the log out glitch(you jumped and hit log out you would be stuck in the air, making this a exploit because if you made it a macro you could easily fly) the fact that blizzard opens forbiden zones and says you cannot go into them(to me it seems like they want to let us in) making it possible to reach gm island and getting banned the moment you step on it lol

hacks: although you may not realize it the hackers are all around you… people use speed hack alot going to a test realm you really see the idiots using their hacks with no end

bugs:oh my god the bugs are everywhere from getting stuck in a tree to falling into a exploit without realizing it to the point of bosses reseting since some noob took aggro and was standing in a no hit zone

endgame: meh fun for the first month (to a year if your in a epic guild) basically everyone in this game are scared of doing higher dungeons in a pick up group(even though ive easily done 20man AQ pre bc in a pure pug and suceeded)

the people of warcraft:the people in this game have no manners, if you need help half of the people call you a noob the other half try to make you download a add on, they have no sense of adventure taking no chances of dying making this game boring since no one wants to take a risk and try something new

pvp: meh i like this and hate it bg pvp = i custom i win world pvp = you kill me i get 10 more people turning it into lets see how far we can go until the server crashes

servers: very very very unstable basically people stopped trying to form epic raids on main cities such as stormwind since whenever they assemble a 200+man raid the server crashes

gms: the best feature of this game gms respond to you in under a hour

overall i really liked WoW and was in a great guild however i dont really think it deserves anything above a 5 since it has so much flaws people overlook and say “woot it gets a 10 because it pwnzors”

Post Date: 20:16 08-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: cholt
Comment: The best game in the world for a reason. Its made the best. You can find stuff easily, the quests are well layed out and everything has a purpose. A little grindy but what game isnt? Dont even bring up half baked games like Age of Conan, Warhammer Online and Runescape. The only MMORPG even close is Lord of the Rings Online.

Post Date: 22:14 06-12-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Axeforhire66
Comment: WoW is a fun game. There are many things about the game that I would personally like to see changed, but overall, it is a great game. The visuals are good (i like the cartoony graphics), the music fits the game perfectly, and there are many ways you can play.

Graphics – I like the cartoony graphics but they can be a turn off to some. I think even if you don’t like cartoony graphics these are still pretty good because they offer lots of different textures and appearences. There are many unique looking areas so it never really gets boring. 8/10

Sound – The music and ambience sounds are good and they fit theie respected areas/situations perfectly. 10/10

Gameplay – Turn based combat. Little you haven’t seen before, but the spells/abilites are always fun and there are a hell of alot of them. The professions are good but i don’t feel they offer much depth. If you were to play a game like runsecape you can spend a long time mining and blacksmithing and not spend a single gold. In WoW, there aren’t designated “mines” to go mine at so its usually hit and miss. You usually have to spend gold to level up and it gets old. 7/10

Community – By far one of the best MMO communitys i have seen. It really improves the game greatly. I have honestly never had trouble with players. People are almost always kind, friendly, and willing to lend a hand. The guild system is great and you can really make some strong in game and out of game friendships. 10/10

Overall – This game has alot to offer. You can spend months playing it or longer because there is just so much content. I reccomend this game to any hardcore MMO player or even the casual MMO player because there is just so much you can do. The game has a way of keeping things fresh all the way to level 80 and i think it makes it alot of fun. It’s not like some other games that is just the same thing over and over. The graphics are pretty good, but some people would be turned off by the cartoony style. The combat is generic turn based coimbat but it is executed nicely. I give this game an 8/10

Post Date: 05:53 03-12-2008
Rating: 5
Author: D1E53L
Comment: A FIVE

. Its true, its everquest on easymode. we know that its why we all quit everquest. PLUS we hated waiting for spawn time, and WOW likes to “for instance” everything. WOW is the MMORPG eater. gobble. Soon there will be a new MMORPG to make you all bitch about, so lets all wait for the North American launch of AION so you can all complain/praise about it. I liked WOW, it was good, but like when Everquest took their storyline to the moon, such did wow take it to the Lich King. Its over soon. B Patient. Hurray loved wow, time to love something new.

Post Date: 09:18 02-12-2008
Rating: 5
Author: crazycooler
Comment: WOW is not the best MMORPG to me but to many people it might
most of WOW stuff are all copied from a game called Everquest. Spell system,day night system, monster system, raiding system, quest system, epic system, mount system( tho very easily get in WOW)
WOW can be fun when u have nothing to do but it simply did not addict me why?

most of those people who are addicted is because
1. first time experiance online social
2. wow have less grinding than korean game
3. something new always add more interest on
4. wow is heaily promoted compare to other games ( i would say bliizard made good business stragies ,blizzard knows the majority needs) i’m didnt mean i hate blizzard game but for example when diabo2 came out i was the first to play and get bored with the plan they made but other people still did not realize about it and blizzard is smart enough not to close the server and even continue with their sales. i like their business style but i wont play their game after i find mistakes or non-creativity in the game.

5. most of the player do not know about other games WC3 really hit a lot of players to play WOW.

Reason people are not addicted
1.feel its the same idea kill and level.
2. bored of quests most of WOW quest are the same ( find items, kill monster, talk to someone)
3. lots of hacks ( i find that most of the game have hacks no exception for wow)
4. long distance travel ( u find its amazing at first but when u have to travel from NF village to taranis its such a pain)
5. unbalance pvp and old style playing ( most of the people want something new and different warrior is warrior nothing new which make it boring)
6. some people feel its a little grinding and not worth paying to play

Post Date: 19:22 01-12-2008
Rating: 0
Author: wolfstrikr22
Comment: this game is the lamest game i,d ever played firsty would u pay money to play a game jush like guild war all this game dose is take people from the best games and tricks them in to geting on this this game is no way fun to me theres nothing to do after a wile u strat in a place were there r like no1 mabe 2 people with u and all u can do is do the same thing over and over agin be smart dont pay to play this game

Post Date: 02:52 04-11-2008
Rating: 9
Author: impureevil
Comment: From all the previous comments here, i can conlude that almost everyone that has rated this game below 5 has either:
1. Never even played it
2. Hate it because it is the best MMORPG ever made
3.Hate it because it is successful
4. Hate it because it beats the MMORPG they play

Graphics: A bit cubey but a pleasure to see. 9/10

Sound: 7/10

Gameplay:A ddicting, simple, unique and above all fun. 9/10

Combat system: The best combat system in any MMO at the moment. 10/10

Community: There is no such thing as a perfect community. This one isnt great, but i have definitely seen far worse. 6/10

Overall a great game, and i recommend that anyone try it, despite the price tag 🙁
A solid 9/10.

Post Date: 14:12 02-11-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Tamitra
Comment: Has its ups and downs. The community is not great since many people would rather solo farm mats than actually group with somebody. PvP also needs to mean more but I think WotLK will help. Siege anyone?

Post Date: 23:04 17-10-2008
Rating: 7
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Still good but not as great as it was before WAR came out. WoW is game if you like PvE and just a little PvP. It might be the most popular game in the world but that doesnt mean its the best. I will say that WoW is much more polished than WAR tho but they have had time to iron bugs. WAR is brand new but will eventually iron out theirs too.

Post Date: 22:26 13-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: dchu95
Comment: very addictive. i only played the trial and was already addicted!

Post Date: 20:06 13-10-2008
Rating: 8
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: very very solid game, its good since there is so much to do, quests everywhere and such a big world

shame about the cost though, monthly fees suck, why can’t it be like guild wars and charge a one-time retail fee and thats it u hav the game forever?

Post Date: 14:30 10-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: pfgwildfire
Comment: Graphics:10/10
Alliance side:10/10
Horde side:3/10
Trade Skills:10/10
Class Balance:2/10
Server Down Time:0/10
Story Line:100/100
All in all Blizz did do nice job on this game. I would recomend game to others.

Post Date: 20:55 08-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Ih8BadGames
Comment: A 6?This is one of the only MMORPG games worth anything(Warhammer also)The monthly fee is better than a stupid item mall(lol maplestory)

Post Date: 18:08 02-10-2008
Rating: 3
Author: thetruthfaceit
Comment: the only reason why people play this is because of it’s growing popularity. but don’t be fooled do you seriously want to be a character which looks like many boxes put together with a beard and clothes? I don’t. And I think i’m being too generous in my rating, if you don’t agree then tell me.

Post Date: 22:49 29-09-2008
Rating: 8
Author: satyrion
Comment: Very childish game and easy to master. A excellent game if you are a newb when it comes to MMORPGS. If you however want a more challanging game check out Anarchy Online soon to come with DX 10 graphics and EVE Online.

Gets a from me because the gameplay is really fun to be such an easy game!

Post Date: 14:18 20-09-2008
Rating: 3
Author: hazzacool
Comment: I would not recomend this game if you like easy lvling games cos after bout 40 it gets hard to lvl .

Grapics 7/10
Sound 8/10
Game play/4/10
this game is not very fun pvps good but i would not recomend

Post Date: 19:39 31-08-2008
Rating: 4
Author: mist
Comment: addicitve… because of this my grade went from a A to a C-… =(

Post Date: 18:17 30-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Angrboden
Comment: Easily taken as the best mmo in the world, and strongly debated as the best game in the world, the massive world of Azeroth promises
tons of adventure and fun.

Not for those who prefer skill based gameplay.
Not for those who get bored of doing a lot of the same thing, as awesome as it is.
Not for those who are easily angered.

Post Date: 01:33 24-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: prestontate
Comment: Very fun, and addictive

i dont care about graphics just look at zelda OOT

Post Date: 16:14 14-08-2008
Rating: 6
Author: William1193
Comment: I >>WAS

Post Date: 18:39 09-08-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Karahandras
Comment: liked warcraft 3 immensely WOW is just a let down

definitely not worth paying for

poor controls and very childish

Post Date: 16:32 08-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: jinmoto
Comment: (Only reason WOW is listed #1 is user subscriptions.)

But the way you need to look at it is, Runescape also has more subscriptions then LOTRO but is it a better game? Hell no, it is simply a better option for the poor people and masses to play on their Dells that are circa 99′, what with their Voodoo 3dfx Graphics cards and what not xD!

Similar with WOW, poor people with performance lacking computers play it, who don’t necassarily need the performance Graphics cards, processors, internet connections and what not ^_^!

WOW ftl =o

Post Date: 15:56 08-08-2008
Rating: 5
Author: killervickboy
Comment: i dont care about your ratings people stop wats next world of ice age this and everyother warcraft game stinks the graphics horrible u buy the game and u hav to pay monthly this game aint that good trust me thats y they put it on south park

Post Date: 20:50 03-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: milusos
Comment: Hate this game.

Post Date: 04:14 30-07-2008
Rating: 3
Author: chrisf524
Comment: gaming is kiddish not much of a challenge its fun 4 a while but graphics are poo and alot of people play horde and own the alliance there is alot more pvp now. game still sucks though AoC is way funner.

Post Date: 21:29 27-07-2008
Rating: 4
Author: wraith11108
Comment: Good but the graphx are dated and the community is very immature. Play AOc!!!!

Post Date: 13:42 21-07-2008
Rating: 5
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Im WoW is ok. Its problems are it takes way too long too level. Its gameplay is ok. If you want to try it you can download the trial for i think 2 or 3 gb. You cant join partys. Everything is avaible incept for parties and think the citys. But another is that it takes for ever to get to one place without a pet.

Post Date: 03:30 20-07-2008
Rating: 3
Author: aceonline
Comment: game was good until you hit higher lvl’s and all you do is the end game dungeons, it’s all organized with your guild. virtually no pvp when i played 3+ years ago, and the pvp that existed was unbalanced, no one plays horde.

Post Date: 22:50 19-07-2008
Rating: 3
Author: swisscow21
Comment: I wouldn’t exactly say this game sucks, its alot of fun for your first time around, but after you hit 70 all you can do is gear up which gets old fast. the replay value sucks also because its all the same thing. and once the expansion comes out after you have spent like 6 months getting the best gear, its going to all dissapear and be over shadowed by better gear you you will have to start all over again. i would only reccomend this game for a one time thing after that its trash.

Post Date: 00:34 19-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Timbo59
Comment: compaired to alot of games, this is pants. the graphics are too over-rated and the textures look like they have been made by amatures. i agree with all the other

Post Date: 20:45 14-07-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Mars180
Comment: It”s a time consuming game I played for awhile until i realized it stunk. Yeah the graphics ahh ok but it”s some pretty big stress just to get to the next town without being killed by players or raped by higher lvl monsters.

Post Date: 19:22 14-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: ChrisSalty
Comment: Warcraft has done good for being a stolen idea from warhammer…
if you make a game never partner with blizzard, they back out and steal your ideas.
still a okay game though nothing really special about it, its expansions are all based on warcraft3 and it was still better than WoW anyways.
looks nice blizzard are always good with art and animation, runs okay, quests suck, warcraft is a stolen idea from the start so nothing new, overall maybe my 5th fav mmorpg.
and sombody tell me why somany people like this grindfest over the other ones… pleasee.

Post Date: 02:37 13-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: cheesyend
Comment: Ok, someone, please.. PLEASE! Give me a good reason why this game is sooo great? It’s the most popular game in the world, but the fact is, it’s just another Korean Grind game.. but the only difference I find in it.. Is that you have to pay for the disc AND $15 a month. Is that why it is so special? You have to pay so it’s more important and better?

Let’s face it, all you do is either Grind creatures, or grind quests… Which you can do in any other mmorpg. For creature grinding (Whooo) I can name about 2000 for that and if you like the quest grinding, just go play Guild Wars, or Diablo II. At least Guild Wars doesn’t have graphics that a 10 year old could have made.

Now, i’ve played this game, I’ve watched demos, I’ve watched people play this game. There isn’t that much armor, there isn’t that many weapons. There is who-knows-how many skills, but the fact is -Unless your a priest- you only use 3 or 4.

This game also has over powered class, if your a shaman, FROST SHOCK!!! OMG!!! LOLOLOL I WIN! I mean, the paladin has the bubble shield, but that doesn’t last long.

Now.. If it’s the PvP you love, all that is, is people jumping around each other slashing each other or casting spells.

The max level is 70, so you can’t like it because you grow and grow more powerful, look at Mu Online, not a good mmo, but it has 400 level cap.

To sum this game up, Another Korean grind game, except you have worse graphics, lame PvP, complicated game that you pay a $30 dollar game that you pay $15 a month for..

Post Date: 17:47 11-07-2008
Rating: 5
Author: crazycooler
Comment: guildwars is much better in system than this game.
market is always balance and great pvp game tho pve wasnt very great unlike WOW u get bored after u have to raid all days in guildwars its arent perfect too, u get bored when u have completed the game. guildwars system is unlike most MMORPG system which means that they have storyline and u have to follow storyline take warcraft 3 for example in a normal game. WOW is good for players who have nothing to do or just bored and need to grind for lvl.

anyway i have been playing FFXI as well for 2 months and i quit. the game arent for independent which mean u need to have full party to farm for lvls which i totally got mad with the game was playing for 2 months and i am only lv 35 red mage
Remember nothing is perfect but depend on what type of game u like. anyway i doesnt like bliizzard much for gaming. i like blizzard for their story books.

Post Date: 08:34 11-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Leafguy
Comment: First off, I play both WoW and FFXI and have been for about 2 years each off an on.

Each game will bash the other, because they are suited for totally different types of people.

WoW is a great game all around. It had 10 million players for a reason. It is easy to get into, possessed good graphics, music and gameplay. Very addicting, but like all games gets boring after a while.

With comparison to FFXI, there are elements from each that are better than the other. As stated earlier, FFXI one character only is better, but I like the fact WoW gives quest exp. With that being said, WoW can appeal to casual gamers who like to play solo and can login for 30min and get some light exp.

FFXI requires far more time to accomplish anything…there have been nights Ive seen people wait for hours to find a group.

If you are the type of person with patience and time to do nothing, potentially for hours, FFXI is for you…if you like a game that is both easy to group and solo, WoW is your best bet.

Post Date: 02:01 10-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Xenosaiyan
Comment: A great game, but the problem is that it has barely any PvP, a terrible quest grinding system, bad graphics, and no end game. But other than that this is a really fun game to play, really worth the money.

Post Date: 00:37 09-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Well, thers a reason this game is number one, but still…

I have to agre with the people that say it gets boring and repetitive. Whats the point of doing quests at level 70 if u cant level up anymore?

But than, all games will get boring at some point, and WoW is no exception.

Im giveing this an 8, since its not really singled out with any of its cons. Hey, at least its better than Runescape!

Post Date: 03:48 08-07-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Korvas
Comment: Blizzard the Face of Online Discrimination
I have been in World of Warcraft since day one and have 8 characters at level 70 and a guild of over 140 accounts. We are the oldest guild on our server Sisters of Elune and I have totally enjoyed it till June of 2008. We started a Guild on Sisters of Elune server the very day Burning Crusade came out in January of 2007 named The Shadow Council and never had a problem, in May of 2008 a few members left our Guild disgruntled and filed a complaint against our name as a petty and mean act at retaliation. Summarily Blizzard Entertainment was sent email after email requesting the matter be resolved, we were sent back after many attempts finally an answer from Blizzard Entertainment a “form” letter stating that the correct actions were taken against us. Regardless of the fact that on Blizzards “own” Armory Website there are a list of 3 pages of Guilds on other servers with the name Shadow Council. Yet we were the only server that had its Guild named yanked from us with that name. We all love the game play and think Blizzard has a great game. Yet we highly recommend that you do not purchase this game. Especially if you expect to be fairly treated by Blizzard Entertainment.

Post Date: 21:17 07-07-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Tama
Comment: I have 4 different level 70’s and just stop playing WoW because other have stated the fact that it is very repetitive and it gets boring. Also it is a very time consuming game, if you don’t put enough time to play, you wont get anywhere. We all know the fact that what makes a game fun is to have progression, and when you reach the level-cap there is really only 2 ways. 1.raiding or 2. PvP. Although if you pick the pvp road it does take less time to progress other then raid (which requires you to sit in front of your PC / MAC for over 5hrs), the pvp aspect is very very unbalance due to the nature of the classes (ie: people to prefer druid healer rather then other class healers) which in the end no one really wants to pair up with you to do pvp and result in unable to progress in game. Another fact I really want to state is All good gears are soul bound (meaning the item will only stick to your character and it cannot be traded) which also really takes away another fun aspect of the game. Why? Trading is a very important thing in a online roll playing game. I remember back in “Diablo II” people use to sit in the trade channel and spam “waiting to trade” or “willing to sell” all sorts of useful gears that players need. I personally think being able to trade all items is a very good thing because play don’t need to spend hrs and hrs playing for gears instead you can just trade with other people for gears that you need, also trading is fun 🙂 where both players engage to achieve “Pareto superiority” which is where both player engage trade and result a net benefit from both players base on the fact that each players have different preference and needs on the same item (ie: one may need this item more then others). This is one of the major aspect you cant find in WoW.

Post Date: 17:08 29-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: crazycooler
Comment: not bad mmo but what didnt make this game fun is the creativity most of the game system are copied and made into their own way. i have played EQ and this game is totally copy Eq system and improve it to be more soloable game which isnt grinding like EQ. the raid is fun to play ( i miss my time with illidan) anyway this game is one of the top MMO without any question or hesitation but i wont give this game a number one in position

PVE is great but i thnk PVP isnt balance at all compare to other games like EVE and GW

Bad side of this game

people said its addiction but i would say its not
the bad side of this game isnt about addicting
but bored.why would i say bored? what is the purpose of this game? grind to lv 70-80 raid raid raid. once u have ur gear from so many raids omg warth of the lich kings need to get more lv and raid again. totally no point in playing i feel sick of that raiding so hard and end up better raid.

Post Date: 20:12 27-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Ayoyoj
Comment: This game is very fun but when you hit cap your lvl then it gets slowly boring. You spend most of your life playing this game and you dont get anywhere in real life. Costs over $100 a year to play which is cheaper then most addictions but it still is over priced for what it is. The game is fun overall but it is so unstable that if one game comes out that actally is fun throughout the whole game then WOW will die off like most games. World of warcraft is and will always be a dieing game. What do you aspect? The orginal team that made WOW quit to go onto a differnt company for a differnt game because they thought it was boring and a waste of time. For the mean time I say sure play it, but from what I see, within the next year there will be games many times more fun. Have fun and I really do feel sorry for anyone who plays this game because it really isnt what a good game is.

Post Date: 18:11 26-06-2008
Rating: 8
Author: preston244
Comment: great game
it keeps you busy armor looks nice lots of quests not that many bugs enviorments are great graphics are good for being years old. this game came out 2 years before the gamecube came out.

and really why does graphcis matter just look at zelda OOC. that game is the greatest ever and its graphics suck. so really stop favoring the MMO that you play, its not the only good one. everyone here is probobly 25 year old D&D geeks who live with their mom.

Post Date: 00:32 25-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: rLoGrL
Comment: this game just completely blows…
people thinks its so awesome cause of its previous success from warcraft 3 and people like fimiliar games… the graphics arent even that great… and its gets really repetitive and boring.. people who thinks WoW is good is just plain stupid cause they have probably no lives!! if u want to play a good MMROPG go play guild wars

Post Date: 21:44 23-06-2008
Rating: 3
Author: ChaosInc
Comment: PvE: Long and boring. You kill the same mobs over and over and over and over and over again, then get 2 shotted by a member of the opposite faction 20+ levels higher than you. Quest stories are decent, but not enough to make up for the tedious grind.

PvP: It’s a joke. The core basis of the game was based around PvE which it originally did great. Then they decided to delve into PvP and pretty much made a mockery of it. The introduction of battlegrounds all but killed any sort of organized world PvP and make a lot of gear “welfare” epics. Classes are CONSTANTLY imbalanced and it seems the flavor class changes every few months. If you’re looking for a game for strictly PvP, this is not it.

Overall: Just stopped playing WoW today. Cancelled my account and uninstalled and have no intention of returning. Although at first the game was fun, but as others have stated, it got too tedious and downright boring after a while.

Also note, if you’re just starting to play, prepare for at LEAST 6-12 months to catch up to a “playable” level with other people, and even then you’re still WAAAAY behind. This game requires you to revolve your life around it if you want to stay “ahead of the game”.

Post Date: 19:22 22-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: sjesme
Comment: Pros:
1. Decent graphics/sound.
2. Good variety of characters, individualization options, professions, skills, items and gear.
3. Ample opportunity – between quests and professions – to make the wow-gold needed for gear, mounts, etc.
4. Excellent exploration/movement capability in a large virtual world.
5. Relative ease in leveling … until you hit 40 or so ^.^ … and that’s where we move to cons …

Blizz developers/marketing strategists aren’t dumb by any means. They want you to pay the almighty monthly subscription for as long as possible. They “hook” you by letting you level fairly easily up to about 30 – 40, at which point you have a big emotional investment in your toon … and have bought into the hype that you’ll only REALLY be happy once you’re an epic lvl 70 and can pwn everyone else. Then they make instances that can take hours to complete and even make travel overly long. As you move higher in level, npc’s are sending you, literally, all over Azeroth to complete quests. I have been on flights so long that I actually get registered “AFK” (away from keyboard) in-flight. That’s 15 minutes folks. Fifteen minutes just to go talk to some dude at the other end of the same continent is ridiculous.

Also, as someone else mentioned, the quest lines often consist of going back 3, 4 and 5 times to kill through the same mobs … just for different reasons. Boooorrring. And, more importantly to Blizz, time consuming.

But my biggest gripe is about groups and community. I have two toons in their mid-50s now. I’ve solo’d both. When you start out, soloing is very feasible and finding a “good” guild is hard. Too much drama; revolving door membership; people who aren’t always available at the same level at the same time to group up for instances; higher level members who can’t be bothered to run lower levels through instances or even escort through as-yet unexplored contested areas … blah blah blah. So … all well and good … you solo. But at 40+, when you can’t find random groups to go through instances (and therefore aren’t getting any of those epic drops and can’t complete quest lines), you’re pretty much stuck.

People end up on the trade channel offering to pay ridiculous amounts of gold just to have other people run through an instance with them. It’s pathetic that one should feel forced to do that just to be able to play a game. And sometimes, even when you don’t pay … you pay. I was in a group once where the group leader (10 levels higher btw) ninja’d all the green, blue and purple items from everyone simply by hitting “need” instead of rolling for the item … every single time.

I understand, there are nice people and not so nice people in the game … just like in real life. You deal with it. But here there’s no real way to avoid the ones whose sole raison d’etre seems to be trashing everyone else’s game experience. Like “twinks” in PvP. I mean, dying 15 times in a row because some lvl 70 main has created an over-geared lvl 19 alt who for whatever reason now has it in for YOU, or having some greedy jerk take all the good stuff when your only other option is to quit on the rest of the group and hope you can find another group on another day so you can complete your quest objectives, or watching some other player who has obviously been laying in wait come in and kill/loot the boss you’ve just spent 20 minutes clearing the surrounding mobs to get to, just isn’t fun. Or maybe I’m just not the right MMO mentality … whatever that is.

So to sum up before this turns into a mini-novel … the game is interesting. Notice I don’t say fun, although it can be. There is no story line whatsoever; the community has what seems to be a large contingent of rude, greedy, unhelpful mercenaries or already established elitist cliques, all of whom fill the trade channel with chatspeak dissing everyone else. They ridicule you if you decline a duel or if your gear isn’t up to their idea of par. Leveling up and getting epic gear so you can show everyone how uber you are is THE POINT … for there is no other that I can ascertain.

In short … save your money and avoid the hype. Unless you have 2 or more RL friends you can join and play (and level up) with on a regular basis, this game will alternate between being extremely frustrating and mind-numbingly boring.

Post Date: 23:24 16-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: beckcheck
Comment: From what I’ve read no one really enjoys the game due to graphics or gameplay. no one even notices or states that this game was generated off of Warcraft… There is a past to the game. The graphics are cartoon looking due to Warcraft itself.. Im sure blizzard can make a MMORPG equal or if not better than Warhammer / AoC, by far blizzard has created some of the best RPG’s out there… Diablo was insane and warcraft itself was awesome… When they were creating this game people were stoked that Blizzard combined the two games. They took from their fan base and made them both intrigued in World of Warcraft. Blizzard was genius to do so. I’ve played Warcraft games for a long, long time and this game is by far the greatest sequel to any game. The more people hate on the game just shows how many people are interested in the game.

Truthfully the game does take some dedication, don’t get me wrong. But if you really want an in depth look at guild running / raiding / pvp groups, this is by far the game to play. When you are fresh to the game kids are most likely the low levels, but once you get to the higher levels you notice the mature crowd.

Just understand the history.

Post Date: 20:50 15-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Sheltlock
Comment: Dang get over it people this game is old! and sucks QUIT BUYING expansions cause u dont want to lose ur lil high level guy. Start a reall mmo were not just anyone and everyone level 70!. LIKE AOC OR WARHAMMER..

Post Date: 22:14 13-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: turnedover
Comment: This is the first MMO that i”ve played that has actually managed to make me mad
5 reasons:
1.The community is terrible…i mean, it”s so plain and un-innovative
2.Too damn item dependent, if you want to be considered good skill doesn”t matter cause if you dont have end game raid gear, you fail
3.Extremely glitchy and too big of a world, blizzard thought having a vast explorable world would be good, but it backfired cause its full of bugs and there are weekly updates to fix them that last for about 10hours and they still dont get fixed
4.Ummm, i think devs got tired of making mobs…you have to run around so much to find that damn bear for a quest…and mentioning quests, kill 15 bears, now kill 20, oh no, they reproduced, kill another 25…make something interresting dammit
5.Full of snotty and cocky 12 year olds that think they are the best…cause they compare themselve to a lvl 20 and how well they can gank someone 10 lvls under them and tha is busy on a mob

As soon as i found out how much it sucked and how easy it was to be high level (took me about 16 days to be lvl 50) i returned the game to the store, got my money back and cancelled my subscription

Don”t waste your time on this, buy something like AoC, EQ2, Tabula Rasa or even some free mmo”s are better

Post Date: 19:56 12-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Jigilo Joe
Comment: Hey guys, this game is THE best MMO so far, great community, great quests, there’s barely anything about it that’s bad, I mean c’mon… I played EVE online, it blew me away, after about 3 hours of playtime, it literally frazzled my brain, then I felt like I was going to go mad… after that I played Runescape, from the start I knew it’d be bollox, the graphics not even a mother could love, completely crap, aswell as that WoW has thousands of Qs, Runescape has, what, 3, and that’s if you subscribe… Then I played LotR online, but well, rofl imao lol and a small snigger at that great idea executed in the worst way possible, then I played WoW, everything’s great again

Post Date: 21:48 04-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: lingojac
Comment: Life’s too short to invest so much time into nothing.

But if you have no friends, or too much time on your hands

give it a go.

Post Date: 19:30 31-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Ok This is a great mmo i spent about 3 hours of quests community is great there are no selfish people practicly and the gamebackground and world is huge just like earth insept its a little smaller

Post Date: 14:19 28-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Jeboyzdragz

Post Date: 04:13 26-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Sorry. My bad. What i meant to say was

“People curse the graphics to hell, yet play games that have worse and say they have better graphics.”
the reason i wrote it wrong is because my stupid keyboard is acting stupid. Thank You for correcting me.
Post Date: 20:54 25-05-2008
Rating: 1
Author: MMORPG
Comment: Reply: “muhaimenr”, Giving this game a score of 10, yet calling it “STUPID” creates a paardox as they both contradict each other, so read the post before sending it, besides people” Praise Graphics” BECAUSE THERE ARE MMOs WITH MUCH BETTER GRAPHICS & THEY ARE FREE; its their opinion.

– A plethora of Quests
– Awash with players

– Graphics = lmfao
– Art & Scenery = childish
– One year of Playing is like spending $150 which is not worth it.
– PvP system is somewhat good but many MMOs have a much better PvP, so thumbs down for it.

Consumating, paying $15 for WoW is not worth it since there are other Good MMORPGs which are free.

Post Date: 12:52 23-05-2008
Rating: 1
Author: spudpuffin
Comment: ok look guys before you go screeming at me for my skore and bad speeling i must say that this is the best mmo ever made

think it over

Post Date: 22:50 22-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Ok theres 377 reviews on this stupid game. GOD.


Name a single GOOD mmorpg that does not have quests.
All u people seem to be praising the graphics to hell. Than which game should i be playing now? Halo 3?

god all u people are probably 30 year olds that are trying to find another first-person shooter if thats the case than go get a gym membership and dont show your face around here again unless u have a suggestion.

Its simple. Play it yourself.

Post Date: 23:25 18-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: gamer2257
Comment: Great combat system and all around balancing between skills and combat. Requires much less time to level up and play then most mmorpgs. If u play frequently its easy to obtain lvl 70 in a month or 2. Graphics are very nice considering the size of the processed files. PvP combat system is very fun… if your not stupid that is. People who give this game a poor rating are just having temper tantrums over dieing in-game. Only real con compared to other games is the monthly charge ($15/month) and the time consuming dungeons.

Post Date: 03:14 18-05-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Draccomacer
Comment: great game graphic wise and general story line of the whole thing, but it is very time consuming with little rewards. i have been playing for over a year now and am still only lvl 48. when i say this im not putting it litely, MOST PEOPLE ON IT ARE JERKS! but all in all its fun, little pricey though.

Post Date: 12:58 17-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: zzX MMORPG Xzz
Comment: This is a farmer”s game, If u have a life don”t play this sorry excuse for a game. Everyone in this game are like between 7-14 so if u want to play a nolifer game with little kids u should get this.


Post Date: 17:44 06-05-2008
Rating: 2
Author: aozoid
Comment: compare to final fantasy XI

FFXI Release date august 2003
WoW release 2004

if you were to take the entire game and turn it into 1 person, wow would be kinda like a mentally handicapped 15 year old with torrets who has a problem with stretching the truth to look better.

i mean this that the community in it”s entirety is made up of little kids who act like ethugs and can”t spell so they use acronyms and 1999 computer ebonics and do nothing but talk about chuck norris in trade channel. that takes care of the 15 year old idiot part, torrets i mean that the game no matter where you are, there”s a glitch somewhere. this game due to the fact that”s it”s ALMOST seamless enviroment (kalmidor, eastern kingdoms, outlands, and instances all have loading screen) and the jump function means so much more maintanence (they have maintanence at least once a week during which you can”t play for 8+ hours) and they refuse to fix enviromental glitches, for example the whole “you hit the lvl 68E mob for 800 damage, at 5%, he runs, you get stuck and he recovers 100% hp and you start over all in a matter of 5 seconds.” Blizzard says this is a unique game because of the pvp factor, if u like this game for pvp, you might as well play a FPS (first person shooter) online game. the pvp setup is either A. pick a PVE server, join 1 of the 4 (yes only 4) battlegrounds and play capture the flag (it has nothing to do with how many kills you get) or get an arena team with a bunch of 15 year olds who think they”re the best because they do pvp 24/7 and have gladiotors crap which you can get a full set in about a week if u stick to it, ORRR you can “duel” (lol) people just to have them flag, /forfeit, and force you to flag while they have their friends run up and “gank” you.

or you can pick a PVP server and go out to lvl your 20 toon just to be ganked by a ?? opposite faction and then have them camp your body. other than that pvp and pve are the same.

blizzard also claims to have at least 10time more accounts than they do, that”s because they never delete accounts from the game, so if u deactivate, EVEN if you”re only lvl 20 and decided the game sucks and will never play again, they include you AND your alt toons as seperate accounts because they claim that multiple toons on an account COULD be other players in a household or something. They also include the trial account, which concist of normally like 2,000 RMT a week just to go on and spam their website to sell gold.

now look at ffxi

It”d be like an older, well mannered, proper man who is very calm and surene.

The game itself is older, the graphics are so much clearer and the enviromental graphics are far from the cartoony look of WoW. it”s not solo play like WoW meaning you can”t do much of anything without help from other players, which is a good thing because it causes players to be much more well mannered for the fact that if you”re an asshole or an immature fool you”re more likely to be recognized by someone later and told you”re not welcome because you annoy the hell out of them. the game is much more rewarding because everything is harder to get, even reaching your max lvl of 75 is harder by a LONG shot. there are NO (i mean none) glitches in the game that can benefit people if they know about it, making it an unfair advantage towards players who don”t know the glitch (that”s the opposite definition of wow) in fact there are only 2 enviroment glitches that i know of and i”ve played the game almost 4 years. (i”ve played wow about 1 1/2 years) in that time i”ve gotten 1 class lvl 75, gotten a good end game linkshell (guild) and gotten some decent gear, but i am about 1/500th of what most people would call being almost 100% done. on WoW i”ve gotten 2 lvl 70 toons, 4 maxed crafts not including fishing/1st aid/cooking/riding, etc. as well as 2 twink toons. there”s pretty much nothing else to do unless i want to create 10 more accounts and get every class to 70, which is pretty much just the definition of boredome.

so there you go, and as for the poster:

Post Date: 20:29 10-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Jeffrey914

obviously has never played any other MMO”RPG” games, at least none you pay for.

the graphics are crap, it”s like playing dragon ball z or something.

who cares about music? but while you”re on the subject the music is almost all the same, coulda been recorded all in a day.

pvp system wonderfull? if u like playing pvp and getting killed and then camped all the time because you don”t ask for lvl 70″s to take time out to come PL you (powerleving leads to players who get endgame and have no F”ing clue what they are doing) or if u like joining a pve server so u can run 1 of the 4 BG”s for no reason, the only use of it is so you can get gear that good for pvp (do pvp BG”s so you can get better at them? gee what fun).

talent point tree is nice, but 1/2 of the stuff you can spec is useless and will never be used endgame, there”s no individuality except you can suck, or you can no suck. (meaning the skills you pick should be the same as the majority of players on that class because if u pick something else it”s most likely useless) and you say gear isn”t everything? NEWS FLASH! get a 70 toon and the ONLY (yes only) purpose of playing the game is to get gear. you get 70, you run instances for gear, you get rep for gear, you do pvp for gear, you lvl professions to make gear or make stuff to sell for gold that you use to buy gear, the whole game is about getting better gear. only purpose.

the world is seamless like u say and large, that”s why they get so many glitches that they can”t fix without pretty much redesigning the entire game.

community is fun? sure if u consider having your eyes bleed watching the trade channel of useless jibberish fun, or if u think a bunch of little ethus 15 yr olds running around talking about why they are so much better than everyone else then yeah, it”s definately fun. not exactly my choice of fun but i guess some idiots could get off on that.

yeah too many peices of armor yet at lvl 70 it”s all crap and there”s only 2 sets for every class that if u don”t have them, you”re not worth much. EVERYONE who is considered good at this game wears the exact same thing as the next guy, and if they”re not it”s because that next guy is working at trying to get the gear he is using.

it doesn”t take awhile to lvl.. you could lvl any craft from 1 to 375 a DAY after you hit 70, and hitting 70 you could do in a week, it took me about a month on my first toon to get from 1-60, and that was before 70 was cap and you got less exp gain from mobs and quests. i knew nothing about the game, now i could probably do with the help of a friend probably 1-30 1 day, 30-50 next day, 50-60 next, 60-65 next, 65-68 next, 68-70 next.

dungeons = drama. go run kara with 10 people and watch shit fly when a new member comes for tryouts and gets the first epic drop because the more veteran players have better stuff than them. or watch a novice guild try gruul”s only to wipe about 3 times and then finally get the first 4 mobs down and have the t3 that drops get ninjad cuz the idiots don”t know how to use loot options.

this game sucks

Post Date: 03:58 05-05-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Luskie
Comment: Ah World of Warcraft.. What to say

um.. Lots of players to play with?

-Very repetitive
-hackers are unbelievable
-Very boring
-To many kids play
-full of rude ignorant players just out to piss you off.
-Graphics are terrible..

World of War craft only has the amount of players it does is for the gold farmers. This game is not as popular or as addictive as people make it seem. i have tried many MMO’s and world of war craft is near the bottom of the list. if you want a real MMO, try EVE online. thats a MMO that you need a brain to play not just a very fast clicking rate..
Post Date: 19:13 28-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Blazzer101
Comment: why do people say its so addictive? i cant even get myself to play more than 30 min without screaming at myself,”why am i playing this?” idk, im a huge gamer, especially mmo”s. but this game aint addicting at all… like most people said, there is no challange to this game. sure there r some quests that require a group, but most ppl have there lvl 70 friends to help them get the damn quest done 🙁 again no challange

community aint all that cheerfull any way. i have nvr seen soooo many acronyms in one sentence!!
N E 1, up fer SFX?? bing up ur dps, noobzzz!! teh pwnz te noobzyz!!

like most ppl have said, this game is not pvp based no matter wht blizzard says “HORDE VS. ALLIANCE” whoopdy doo! and not to mention, half of the half of friends i have lost were Alliance and they were ready to kill themselves for somthing that is computer generated and does not exist… any way, if u do get killed by an opposing faction, they just patrol your corpse. so either u get back to ur body and attempt to escaped with minimal health or resurrect and wait for you summoning sickness to go away wich is like 30 min…

graphics are lame. my eyes hurt after 15 min.

all in all, i cant stand my social life anymore cuz all my friends talk about is wow and have already lost half my friends because i im not as addicted as they are, and they are ready to die for the game for wht they believe is the god of humanity.

Post Date: 22:39 22-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: lingojac
Comment: I pretty much can’t say more than what’s written under this review. Overall, it’s the most played online game in the world for a reason. ‘Nuff said.

Post Date: 03:09 22-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: ghostcloud852
Comment: WoW!!I Have Been Playing This Game Since It First Came Out And If Your willing To Get A Pay-To-Play game WoW Is The Number 1 Choice!!!!

Post Date: 19:27 14-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: satyrion
Comment: Maybe the best MMO ever made!

Post Date: 18:10 11-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: RandomGamer
Comment: Nothing compared to EQ2

Post Date: 01:29 11-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Jeffrey914
Comment: its ashame some of these idiots cant recognize a good MMO, poeple hate on this game cause they know its better, every mmo out there compares to this game any time someone plays Wow and then goes to another MMO, they think of “jeez they should have the questing like wow does” most of MMO population is PLAYING WOW here is why
-wonderful graphics that run smooth so when u hit a button to attack it is instanly
-great music that doesnt bother you and sound effects
-pvp system wonderful, either in arenas battle grounds or just while outside leveling
-multiple skills and specs, so gear isnt everything
-large open world with hours of gamplay
-fun community easily become entertained with people
-dozens of armor sets for EVERYLEVEL, so most poeple never look the same
-it might take a while to level but you have so much fun you dont even care, you can enter battlegrounds for every level ranging from 10-19/20-29/30-39/40-49/50-59/60-69/n 70
-cool exciting dungeons, to bad they took away 40 man raids in expansion but its still fun with 10+

the only bad thing about this game is not the $15 a month but the fact you cant stop playing it, 90% of all poeple become addictive
you dont need to spend your life playing it a hour or 2 a day can get you some levels and some gold, just try and get 2 of your friends to play with you and you will have so much fun

But on the other hand this game will not compare to WARHAMKMERONLINE when it comes out in november of 08 if it doesnt get set back this site needs to review it if anyone has the beta,
the WOW killer is coming
check it out
Post Date: 17:14 09-04-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Totarri
Comment: I like this game. It’s fluent, fun and the graphics are decent. Lots of interesting items, places, skills and gear, and I like the mechanics – it’s an easy game to work with. I know it has it’s flaws, like all games, such as lag and “noobs” (or “idiots” as normal people call them), and a recent increase of gold-sellers and other spam. But I have met some very nice people there, and I’ve enjoyed myself. I’m glad I signed up for it, so no regrets. I’m not insanely addicted, and am always glad to explore other games if I like the look of them. A fair 8/10 from me. 😀

Post Date: 20:06 05-04-2008
Rating: 2
Author: a2j2t
Comment: This is the problem I have with WoW:
the community… or lack there of

I’ve been reading some of these comments and it’s hysterical. “I PWN DA NOOBZ”. Never in my life would I want to play a game that consists of that.

But, yet, I have. WoW lacks everything that makes a good MMORPG. Good quests, good storyline, difficulty, FUN.

WoW was made for people that need instant gratification. Those of you that play WoW may argue with this but think, would I wait 20 minutes for a mob respawn like I would have to in Vanguard? It’s just the mentality of the game, plain and simple.

So, WoW really is useful for something. It keeps all of these fake gamers out of our good MMORPGS. =)

Post Date: 16:21 01-04-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Lyoko486
Comment: I’ll be honest, it isn’t a bad game when you get into it. But until you get to about level 25 – 30, the repetition of constantly getting killed by NPC’s only to have to run back to your lifeless corpse to find that the thing(s) that killed you are still there waiting for you to revive yourself so they can kill you again starts to get on your nerves. Unless you have at least 3 hours spare a day in order to play WOW then it isn’t worth the investment. While on the subject of money, it is over-expensive. Blizzard seem to have strived to create an in-depth feel to the game by making a boat take 15+ mins to get to it’s destination. The size of the maps are truly vast, this is flawed only by the fact that it can take hours to get across the map for a quest, only to be told you have to go all the way back in orderto continue. All around an ok game to start with, but if you don’t go off it at the start, by level 55 the sheer time it takes to level up will almost certainly cononce you to quit (unless you have nothing better to do)

My main problem os the amount it costs, not that I can’t afford it, but that what you get outof the game doesn’t equal what you get back

WOW = Waste of Wallet

Post Date: 10:29 26-03-2008
Rating: 1
Author: skylinez
Comment: World of Wasted losers

the game must be review by Quality and Guess what wow is only good when it comes to being able to play +6 hours a day and having absolute patience to wait for 20 mins for a ship to travel

and several hours worth of just walking around huge maps that waste your time
Dont add the waiting for groups for instances or the Huge time waste of doing things several times just to get a item Or the countless hours of grinding
Quests are uninspiring just w/e to get you to the next level.
Wow = unlimited time to waste

The game itself doesnt try to make things even mildly enjoyable..

everything is hyped
Pvp is not a large battlefield … instead its a controlled little fights that practically cant even compare to decent pvp
The game is not pvp based ..cities and entire map is built to protect opposing factions from each other ..there is no world pvp
World of lostlife pve is quite surprising
Biggest challege you will find is getting the required classes and number of people the rest of the game is a breeze..imagine this you actually have the same difficulty in game as level 1 all the way to 70 nothing changes its always remains the same. nothing is hard only very time consuming its all up to your level of adiction to decide how far you can go in the game because some of it requires +8hrs game play

i dont call that a game … because there completely no challenge acquiring the best items only requirement is to sell your life

simple example

second best bows in game is the Gladiator bow its a close call even with the best can acquire this from arena .. imagine this you can actually get this bow by almost losing all your games or just flat out losing – only difficulty just let time pass by probably only little longer then the winning players

And within a short time a immense amount of community has good items because theyr easy to get without a challenge

so this game will do anything to suck your time and make you pay monthly payments

Only problem is 0% challenge – no creativety
lacks any form of skill needed

some classes only press max 2/3 buttons some even get along in life pressing 1

Post Date: 08:17 26-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Sora808
Comment: -Great graphics
-No lag
-Awesome quests
-Fun and flawless

World of Warcraft is an extremely addictive game that is very fun if you like to RP and meet people from across the world. I have only been playing WoW for about a month and I am addicted. The graphics are flawless and Blizzard sparred no detail. There are hundreds of quests each made out for a certain level and class. The races are interesting and each has a past. Blizzard was smart to make three types of Territories, Alliance, Horde and Contested. (Contested being the one where you can kill enemies.) I think the idea of two sides in WoW was genius, (Alliance and Horde) because people on each side dislike the other side and enjoy raiding each other’s main Cities which is fun because you can receive honor points. It is perfectly balanced because not one class is stronger than the rest. (Like a Shaman can pwn a Mage while it cannot pwn a Druid.) You get to be in groups and raid Dungeons, level up and just have fun. There is no mistake that WoW is the most popular online RP game. However, I do suggest that if you cannot afford World of Warcraft (20$ a month!) play on a Private server, the best one I know yet is at Wowchamp.Org. If you do not mind lagging once in a while, but you will get used to it, and also you level 40x faster! Also no need to grind!

Post Date: 17:21 23-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: baseball14
Comment: This was an awesome game for about 3 months then it started wearing off then finally i decided to look for other games, but just came bak to WoW for another 2 months. All in all a great game but i usually play on private servers cause they are free.

Post Date: 17:36 21-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: astros1129
Comment: this is the best game ever and all those people who say that it is expensive are stupid because all it is $4 per week and all the people that wrote long coments on cons are losers and nerds

Post Date: 14:28 18-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: tbrown18
Comment: This game is a 10 no doubt.

Great Gameplay
Great Graphics
Easy to get into
Many people to play with

This game also allows you to choose the style of gameplay you wish to play, 15+ Class/Spec choices you won’t get bored with this game. New expansions /addons come out once or twice a month with improved play. This game is a must have.

Post Date: 02:24 17-03-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Mayster
Comment: ok game till you hit 70 and a waste of money trust me, and unless you have at least 1 hour per day for a quest and i mean A QUEST then dont buy it!, time wasting game

Post Date: 15:44 16-03-2008
Rating: 1
Author: elletts
Comment: This game is about as exciting as Solitaire

Post Date: 06:31 14-03-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Nahcihc
Comment: I’d give this a 9 for a few reasons.
Has had its very first expansion that was extremely successful.
The game is based on 3 computer games that won game of the year.
Great pvp combat.
Areas are unique.
Won best mmorpg twice.
Many commercials featuring well known celebs.

Post Date: 00:47 14-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Aaddron
Comment: WoW is a good game with alot of quest and big world but i dont think its worth 15 dollars a month with other games like guildwars out there that dont have monthy fee. I found WoW kinda boring because you basicly start a quest travel for 10-15 mins do something then travel all the way back I’ll have to say at least 30% of gametime you’ll spend traveling around to city and for quest. This game takes along time to get to the fun stuff and i cant say that its worth it once you get there so if you like traveling and paying 15 dollars a month and 180 dollars a year then get this game if not try to find another one

Post Date: 18:09 11-03-2008
Rating: 2
Author: WoWE
Comment: Been playing WoW for over two years… here are my thought for any new ppls.

– Great graphics, worlds rock
– Can go anywhere and explore
– Addictive

– Addictive
– Have to spend way too much time (aprox 5 hrs per day) and that is when you reach end game, to be considered serious gamer and raid, grind, etc.
– Even with new way to look for party members to finish elite quest with you, or simply to do instances half the time you will not find anyone to to join, or will have to wait for good hour if you are lucky.
– Have to form groups with other people (it is MMORPG but…) to get any decent gear. Usually these raid groups are only successful if you are part of a guild and you regularly raid with them. Hence – very time consuming.
– Guilds and people suck on 90% of the servers. There is elite bunch of players that don”t help anyone and like to boss people around or just be plain arrogant and greedy, or alternatively you will end up being part of a guild that has no clue how to play the game and you will not be able to do anything together.
– You often end up having to compete with players and gold sellers grinding spots – gets annoying as it takes more time off your hands especially if you are looking to finish a quest.
– There is no real rewards throughout leveling that persist with your character, or that shape your character, so reaching 1-70 can be done in a week of straight grinding as it gives no rewards, especially if you are rolling another character and you”ve seen it all. Questing and grinding becomes very boring.
– Even though there are few classes and races available, everyone has cookie cutter specs and abilities – in other words 90% of characters within same class are specked same way.
– You can make items with your secondary skills that are inferior to anything that you might pickup in a quest or get as a random drop.
– All BEST rewards are somehow linked to doing something in a group, be it a elite group quest or just an instance or a raid… occasional players that have let”s say 3 hours free on weekend to spare will never get to this point as you have to be on all the time, kiss peoples butt and get close to them, get to know them, be there for every guild raid, kiss lots more butt to guild leaders, and eventually you will get that weapon that everyone already has…. great! Hats off to casual players guilds that have accomplished anything.
– You have to wait in ques for PvP instances and still get your butt kicked with random group of people against a pre-made group.
– There is no equality, either you are casual player, or you have no life other than WoW.
– You can customize look of you character, but its hardly noticeable. Every male Tauren looks same, undead females identical, and I can”t even tell a difference between a male of a female gnome in the actual game, especially when they all slap their “same” armor on.

I strongly discourage anyone that is thinking casually playing this game to even try. It is addictive and it will destroy your life if you are weak. It promotes teaming up with other people, and that is about the only way you are going to become a truly good WoW player.

If you have kids, or if you are married, or even have a girlfriend, you can say good bye to them as soon as you reach lvl 30-40… I”m kidding, though you need to be a strong person and balance it with real life.

WoW has it”s appeal, but I think it can be made better for casual players. i.e. single player Arena… multiserver spawning ques for raids/instances just like ques for pvp battlegrounds…

Game is also good if you have big group of RL friends that also like to play this game… then you might be good – schedule as a guys night in.

Post Date: 20:31 08-03-2008
Rating: 7
Author: titanhocky
Comment: the reason why i like this game is because there are two opposing forces fighting against each other…in LOTRO or guild wars there is only the computer to raid against…i only have two high lvls…a level 50 and a lvl 44 or something…ive quit playing this game for long time now and might get back into it. does any1 want to tell me another mmo that is fun and has two opposing forces like alliance and horde.

Also i do not like the $15/month

Post Date: 10:33 08-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Skylinez
Comment: honest review of this game
I played this game for a long time …
both at 60 and 70 the reality of the game and played many of the highest dungeons

Now heres some of the facts about wow

#Games grapics are good
#sound is good
#gameplay is good
# game is addictive and gets boring after awhile
#community is good or bad depending on your server – but sometimes mostly can be arrogant#

#Dont get roped in by the WOW dream its people always claim that at higher levels the game starts reality is that high level is just like the old 5 man instances just with more people …its really that uncreative
The whole wow game lacks creativety
most of the time you will spend time to level to high level imagining it to be more fun but in reality when you get there most of it is really the same and you have to use tons of time and i mean ALOT of time to get anything done basic stuff takes hours and minimum of 5 hours or 4 is seen as noob or totally undedicated thats how bad this game is ..
# there is no real pvp just few worthless fights for cheap items No city wars etc or anything big
pvp feels controlled.
isnt natural people fight for gear not guild or against factions.. and the gear isnt even useful in most cases..reality is its really uncreative here too.. the pvp fun will last for awhile depending on how much you play but its really doing the same thing over and over again rather then seeming like a pvp or war or a duel
there is tactic’s involved but they all involve a pattern against each class that even a baby would figure by itself out..

# you will waste your time for items only for a new expansion to come out every year ..
Expansion was more of the same whatever you experience at 60 you will find in the new expansion at 80 … no new ideas

But those are basics of the game reality is that ever since the expansion came the game went down the drain…

Every thing is easy ..but time consuming
there is nothing that is valuable in the game or is worth mentioning as fun or challenging
its just time vs time no skill involved
Forexample if a person wants a super armor all he needs to do is lose 10 games in a pvp every week and eventaully he will have the best set items as every pro … and naturally in the expansion at 70 most people are geared and loaded with gladiator items and dungeon stuff because they removed any challenge from the game

the game is waste of time there is nothing barely fun about it you will work mostly only to get items but reality is there is always a new patch and expansion that cancles all your addictive work… so it never ends ..since your not doing it for fun its a total waste

Well personally i only played it while the fun lasted since i had fun time with some of the community but that only goes so far and most communities are 50/50 here its divided in the world of noob and world of pro and they dont mix .. many i met were simply addicted and were playing it for many reasons besides the game itself

#Lacks creativity
#GM Are unhelpfull in most cases do not reply with honest answers
# repetitive at higher levels makes you do the same things over and over
# pvp is controlled and seems almost fake big wars or events just few arena and small battlefield but people just do it for items
after doing pvp for awhile it gets repetitive
no creative events

#even the most simplest task may take 4 hours of your life without you knowing it Even traveling may take 20 mins

# items have no true value over time they all get reduce to nothing and many valuable items are easy to get even for beginners without much effort making the game a joke

#Economy is hard for beginners but in reality for those who played for awhile and in the expansion its very easy… Mine + quests + jewelcrafting job done

#no difficulty its all time based so in reality no skill involved Quests are simple uninvolving do not seem to be part of story just feels like a drone ordering you to get your XP or cash

End result you if your oke with wasting time Wow is perfect game for you if you dont mind traveling for very long times or simply wasting hours without even noticing it then this is your game

WOw is fun at times but uncreative

I give it a 3 for its stable servers decent graphics and but then again your paying for most of those 15$ a month

Post Date: 05:00 07-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: duen
Comment: Yes you can click to move noob

Post Date: 20:39 06-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: amazing game, but the producers are greedy so i hate the payments, apart from that, its perfect, except for a few little bits here and there, for example, u cant click on a spot at the ground to move wich is common in many other games, the second is that the hairstyles are REALLY RUBBISH! i couldnt find a single male hairstyle that looked cool!!!

Post Date: 23:25 04-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: duen
Comment: My opinion of WoW is this, I have played it basically since it came out. It was probably the greatest game I have ever played, hands down. Leveling is boring, obviously, but once you hit 70, the game officially begins. The reason this game is bad is because of this reason: your life = bye bye. I am no loser in real life, I have 538754398573495 friends, but when I played WoW, all I wanted to do was play. Its like a drug, me and my friends called it warcrack because it is so god damn addicting. All I can say is, if you really like getting screamed at and having your friends lose respect for you, then go ahead and play. I just quit two months ago, and let me tell you, my life is awesome now, although yes I do miss it a lot! Don’t waste your time unless you have no friends or family who would give a crap anyways.

Post Date: 02:01 03-03-2008
Rating: 0
Author: danny9333
Comment: All i have to say is that if you play this game you are probably fat chubby and have no life the only thing i have to say is quit know before you lose to your addiction.

Post Date: 19:10 02-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Shiranai
Comment: This game isn’t that good. You have to grind to get to fun areas. And the vest area is around lvl 70. that is when your good enough to PvP

Post Date: 22:16 27-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Wow. This game is conterversial no?

Just look at the reviews. Must be thousands. Man. No idea wat to say. U guys have said it all. *laughs*

Post Date: 00:39 22-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Solint
Comment: Tengu31… I respect your opinion and your reasons for believing that WoW is a bad game, but you aren’t entitled to come on and tell everyone that it’s a bad game to people who love it. Personally, I think it’s an amazing game. The storyline for each individual race starts out usually trying to prove yourself to your peers. Eventually the storylines morph and reshape themselves into a single continued story from the Warcraft series. The gameplay is fun, but gets boring after a while, considering there are no tactics involved, it’s just the same strategy every time. It’s a bit of a pain when you start off, considering all the fun of the game comes in at the later levels (And this is coming from a level 70 Hunter, I’ve been through it all). Still, it’s an addicting game, and for good reason. Despite what everyone says, WoW is not a girlfriendless-nerd-only game. The $15 a month is a bit pricy, but Blizzard needs to maintain enough realms for the 10 million people online. Overall, I think it’s an amazing game, but it has a bit of an aquired taste. If you enjoy fantasy RPG’s then I highly recomend this game.

Post Date: 23:33 16-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: astros1129
Comment: im totally addicted to this game and if u think its gay its because u say u cant pay for it but this is the best rpg out there try it

Post Date: 05:25 10-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Leetreveiwer101
Comment: This game is one of the better ones out there.

It has good graphics, nice game play and a nice story line which is more then I can say for most of the games out there.

Im sorry to say, kids, if your parents don”t let you make payments on the credit card stash your money and buy the game cards. Thats why they were made.

The only reason blizzard is charging you 15$ a month is because of the fact that they have around 12 million people playing the game. Thats a enormous server bandwidth. They may be paying around 10,000$ a month for each server.

I have to say the PvP is better then mosts games simply because all the classes are balanced.

Children if you are looking for a game that isn”t made by Koreans (no offense but they make badgames soldier front,martial heroes,etc..) that is worth spending a cent on this game cracks it up.

This game is the MMO. Period.

Post Date: 19:27 06-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: cameron6897
Comment: this game is pretty awsome. besides u have to PAY $15 a month. Blizzard are greedy. but besides that, this game rocks. u can get MOUNTS, u ride on horses, hawkstrider, wolves, raptors and ect. and at 70 u can get flying mounts like gryphons. dragons and manymore. well, the pvp kinda sucks but not that much. ppl say its easy gettin to 70. its only easy is u dont have a life and ur addicted. i have a 54 paladin atm. no 70’s yet. but the only downfalls on this game is $15 a month and not good pvp. if u dont like this game, i reccomend guildwars. i play guildwars and world of warcraft.

Post Date: 01:32 06-02-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Blazzer101
Comment: well in my opinion, this game is allright. but why am i giving it a 2? well, the game picks on newbs such as myself. some of the newb quests mostly require a party to complete (Im talking about lvl 13) and it can be difficult at times whn everyone else wants to be a NOOB and be an asshole. and not to mention my friends who have wasted like 2 years of their live playing this game who have finally convinced me to play this game but their such assholes now because they have no idea that i just started and are whine and bitch to me about being a noob. if the people at blizzard wanted you to play with ur friends (who usually turn out to be lvl 70) then they should make lvling and quests easier besides having to grind ur way up to a lvl to actually be able to do the quest then turns out that it only filled like 1/10 of ur exp bar and u get a shitty prize. so ive been playing for like 6 weeks and have yet to actually have a good experiance with game. newbs cant do crap till their like lvl 50, i mean it, all it is for the first 50 lvls is grind and quest nothig interesting… at all.

Post Date: 21:37 29-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: chopster
Comment: Should be called World of Borecraft. All this game is just one grind after another. You have grind for levels, for rep, and even in PvP. Speaking of PvP, I never heard so many whiners in my life! Those that are not whining are AFK lol. Yea, it now has 10 million subscribers are whatever but its the most unfriendly game I have ever played!

Post Date: 04:38 28-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jacbey
Comment: This game is hands down the best! I’ve been playing for over a year and never gets boring! Excellent graphics with very nice community. Its not about the grinding and quests you want to do. Its the PvP you want. Its about killing those innocent lowbies.

Post Date: 14:02 27-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Zenit
Comment: I feel some of your rattings are unrealistic. so i give it a ten ahh really i give it more around a 9.5. I played the game for a little over two years i believe I quit about 8 months ago. The idea of the game is to get to the maxxed out level get some good gear in noob instances then get into a guild and run the large 40 and 20 mans. If you think leveling is easy well duh it’s supposed to be wow does nto really even start intill you hit the max out level then you really start playing. if you have a billion 60’s and never git huge end game content then you missed out. the pvp engine in the game is addictive as anything get some friends with you and waste 11 hours pwning face. coming form someone who has scene ever end game instance and beaten almost every boss the whole real joy in this game is end game content. Also if you don’t have 10-20 good friends that all chill with each other ti get pretty lame this game is all about socializing. i will for ever love wow and imo it should be looked at as what to do in a mmo.

Post Date: 09:25 25-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: 9043231
Comment: Why do i give this game a 0 ? After acheiving the ultimate lvl 70 combo of characters (70war/priest/mage/shaman/paladin) I decided this game might be a bit too easy, and that perhaps i miss Everquest(1) Alot. It had nothing to do with the game play, I was addicted and loved every minute of it, but LETS MOVE ON

Post Date: 17:33 24-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: tengu31
Comment: WOW, laxmiddy and astros1129 are morons. How did you idiots concieve I never played, I played for 3 months! I’m glad you think graphics are such a huge redeemer and all, but it’s obviously your only leg to stand on in support for this game because the content and story of the game is crap. XConGeo is on the money, though price is not my determinate in games. Anyone else wanna understand my point, read my original comment from 1/19/08!!

Post Date: 03:56 24-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: GuersomR123
Comment: I myself have played this game a quite a while having a Level.60 Fire/Arcane Mage and this game has been amazing. In all my years I have tried out Guild Wars, MapleStory, Runescape and none have matched the potential of the mighty World of Warcraft. Not to mention the Burning Crusades make it even better. But thats your option if you want to get it or not. Either way its still good without the expansion, please people try out the free trail and you will see this game is worth paying without exception. All other games have failed to last me. Trust me I have a Level.103 Crusader on MapleStory and a Lv.97Pure in Runescape I know what I say and therefore this game is worth playing for everyone, though you may not think so I strongly suggest you try it before you take any action against it.

Post Date: 18:57 23-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: laxmiddy
Comment: I am a level 70 human paladin, with tons of PVP experience. I don’t know why everyone hates it but it is the best MMORPG in the world. THE WORLD IS TITANICALLY IMMENSE!!!! The graphics pwn, and the rest of the game is like flawless. People who hate it never played it! BTW everyone says if u play the game u hav no life that is not true! I am a 1st stringer tight end in football and a lacrosse midfielder. the rest of u who pleh other games are lmaos. pop me a message at ‘seprioth’ in bladefist server

Post Date: 09:24 21-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Xcongeo
Comment: I have to agree with Tengu31. I’ve played the game for 3 years, since its release. The game was amazing it was good and all but thing is game started to get lame after a good year. Especially when supposedly i was claimed that i ninja something but whatever. I made a new character got her to 60 in 3 weeks, enchanting 300 and herb in 1 week. The game was great as a rogue and when everyone was 60. Cause everything was a bit balanced. But when the expansion to level 70 was kinda terrible well in my opinion whatever what cool with the new dungeons and all but thing is they made the PVP horrible. When the cloth classes started getting their “Gladiator” and resilience and crap the pvp when down the shitor. And the new 25 man dungeons are horrible. Wasting 4 hours of our life’s or even more to take down something that will take like a good month of practice. Mostly every Teen that played this game went from good grade to horrible grades(this was me and some other friends), that we were so fucking into this game we didnt get to play much cause of our grades. But i stopped playing when this school year started and i’ve came with A’s B’s in my honor classes in HS. But WARNING this game is horrible in paying it. $15 a month? 43 for 3 months? like $80 for 6 months?…. I suggest you go buy a Xbox 360 cause you can pay for online for $50 a year, or you can buy it from which is $40 bucks plus $3 shipping which is nothing comes total $43 bucks for 1 year and 1+ month free cause of the card if you buy it. I’ve wasted $505 on this game. I couldve had this money now or even more(since i bought Xbox 360 when it came out)but just saying horrible game to buy. Least you just waste what $55-60 for a copy of a game that will last you for ever and you can play it when ever you want?. But not like WoW, want to play it again pay $15 a month which is not worth it. Well I’m just saying but a Xbox 360(which is the leading console in sells, 17.1 mil players online)than paying $15 a month etc etc.. Like i said before i wasted $505 on this game i could’ve own my own 360 but wasted on this crappy WoW game. Please do the math. bout $300-350 to get a Xbox 360 or extra $50 or $100 to get a Elite(which i own and had no problems best shit. HDMI settings while playig COD 4 or GoW)and pay $43 for a year of subscription of xbox live and bout $57-60 for a game. its about $500-$550(believe im close, abit tired not trying to think much) you have a 360, online and a game and you can buy another game in like month or 2, 3, etc, which will last forever depends how you take care of your games.

Quit this lame game. Get a Xbox 360 get COD 4 and Xbox Live, pop me a Friend Request name is XconGeo23 and i will play with you.

Main Characters in WoW:
– Elfy (not a main no more)
– Sweetcakes (Straight up main who will pwn you)

Server i was in:
– Hellscream
-Thank you. Hope you listen to me and quit this horrible game. It made my life easier playing on 360 than WoW.

Post Date: 23:09 19-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: astros1129
Comment: this game is amazing dont listen to tengu31 he probably hasnt even played it its so fun u wouldnt b able to say its bad after played uve it

Post Date: 08:42 19-01-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Tengu31
Comment: First off, half of you shouldn”t be posting because you can”t spell your damn words, okay? Get an education or get out! Secondly, I”m not going to sit here and preach some nonsensical trash about how it steals your life, like some soccer-moms and evangelicals are posting, okay? MY MAIN POINT…bad game. THE FOLLOWING REASONS:
#1) Overpopulated by the 12-18 yr old range. Immauture campers and reatard kids run this game, it”s a giant youth-marketing scam…
#2) I understand that the graphics were inspired by the Warcraft saga and that they are supposed to be cartoony, however the fact remains that it”s medieval fantasy with the Final Fantasy syndrome of unproportinal limbs…it”s annoying.
#3) Quests are all the same and all that”s left is raiding! The beginner quests for all the classes amd all the races are the same. Kill 10 monsters here, collect 10 pieces of crap there! The backstories are the only variant. After all that grinding…it”s just raids. Hmmmm…how many castles can you storm, huh?
#4) The only reason for its success is the excessive hype. People were practically going nuts over WoW when the news of its development was released. To me it was similar in reaction to FABLE…we hype the living crap out of it…and let you down, big time!
#5) Ridiculous community. Noob this, lol that.! You know where “noob” came from, idiots? The Unix hackers at MIT, not WoW!! Stop stealing programmer lingo, most of you dont even develop or hack! Then again, what”s expected from a bunch of 12-18 year olds who really just need girlfriends instead of playing WoW!
Waste of money, marketing, programming talent, and time. END OF STORY!!

Post Date: 23:08 13-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: spudpuffin
Comment: No No, do not play this game because it will ruin your life. Its the most addictive game ever but its not that good. Try LOTR Online instead.

Post Date: 22:19 09-01-2008
Rating: 8
Author: falconx123
Comment: i tried playing it but something screwd up with my account and downloading it it seems cool but its too expensive for me so ya if they lowerd the price theyd have twice as many people

Post Date: 13:52 07-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jeejee
Comment: in my opinion wow is great game.. it has very little bad things and other mmo’s have those same problems too..
this game doesnt have grinding much when compared to other mmo’s .
community is overall very nice but if some moron gets on ur head u can ignore him.
all ppl whine if u play wow u get addicted but in my opinion that is bullshit.. if u are easily addicted then dont frgging play and many my friends paly wow too and none of em are addictive.

graphics are cartoonish cause it based on warcraft and wc3 had cartoomish grapgics too, and those graphics fit well too.
monthly fee isnt all that bad thing either.. it keeps most morons out of game and because fee blizz makes new patches almost every month to wow.. so all u who gave this game a 0/10 u propably havent played any mmorpg ever cause every mmo has same problems as wow.. if u like rpg’s or mmo’s and u arent poor bum who cant afford monthly fee try this out ( and some ppl whined about how bad the free trial is.. most non-free mmo’s dont even have trial so be happy that blizzard even gave this opportunity so u dont have to buy the game if u dont like it u little maggots..)

Post Date: 22:28 01-01-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Cosmic Gecko
Comment: this game is a carbon copy of dungeons and dragons, only more boring. they draw you in with pictures of high level dudes riding on dragons and such, but wait: you have to click on things for around a month to get there. I bought this game and got bored of it in 2 and a half weeks. At least i didnt have to pay any subscription fees.

Post Date: 21:16 31-12-2007
Rating: 5
Author: xxstandardxx
Comment: i give it a 3 only cause of graphics and game content.

Post Date: 21:11 31-12-2007
Rating: 3
Author: xxstandardxx
Comment: only reason so many people play it is because they have no life.

Post Date: 02:37 20-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Xirus5
Comment: Ok first of “mahoogleman” private servers are not legal servers and like uploading cinema movies they will be taken down one by one in the end = char gone.. private server is ok if you have your own and when you dont have internett up and are bored..
nr 2 saying “fact that the majority of the community consists of pricks” ive been playing the game long time and find the majority of the people playing very nice.. comes down to social skills of each person dont you think? and last.. “This is a fun game but is overshadowed by other games such as LOTRO” 8mill people playing WoW speaks for i self..

by the way “tipbridge” you played 3 years and got yourself 2 70’s and several 40ishes if that was so boring how come you played 3 years??? lets face it you got bored in the end (like all games) and was just looking for a new..

Post Date: 05:30 16-12-2007
Rating: 5
Author: mahoogleman
Comment: I play this game off and on this is due mostly to the fact that the majority of the community consists of pricks. So i only play when my friends froms chool can play. I definitely would advise against paying for this game. it’s nowhere near worth it. Theres hundreds of perfectly functional private servers that offer a variety of play styles, blizzlike being the low rate normal WoW but free, or the instant-70 that focuses mainly on pvp and raiding. Then theres high rate servers that are like normal wow but drop rates are higher and u lvl faster. i know most of you already know this but i thought i’d tell the people who didnt. This is a fun game but is overshadowed by other games such as LOTRO and one of my alltime favorites for its simple, straightforward addictive fun, Ragnarok online. the graphics are ok but this game came out in like 2004 or 2005. they could be at least slightly better with realistic lighting for starters. i wouldnt reccomend paying for this game but if u get a free trial and enjoy itthen blay on a private server like i said. its ok but overall it could improve in so many areas i cant list them all. 5/10.

Post Date: 22:41 15-12-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Kiryugi
Comment: This I will review as HORRIBLE. Too many people lose their lives to this useless games. It isn’t that great and deffinitely not WoW -.-‘ you guys who play this constantly and lose your lives to this game are pathetic fools. If people didn’t take it so seriously, I might have reviewed it diffeently. Stop waisting so much fo your lives.

Post Date: 08:36 13-12-2007
Rating: 5
Author: GameTester
Comment: Of course, world of warcraft.

I played this forever, and it is definitely one of the best MMO”s … in its class. There are definitely better ones but WoW looks like it will make some improvements to truely make it great.

Post Date: 02:07 13-12-2007
Rating: 7
Author: tipbridge
Comment: Okay, honestly, I’ve played the game for about 3 years now.. I’ve got 2 70s and several 40ishes… the game is fun for the first while and when you’re noob you don’t realize how simple and unexciting the game really is.. The recent patches have pushed the game to the point that if you don’t PvP then you don’t do well with many other features in the g ame… Sure, the PvP is great, but if you’re playing on a high populated realm and old group of realms (Crossrealm PvP), then you’re forced to play the same CTF or Domination games just to get the honor points and marks of honor to obtain the gear. After finally obtaining all the gear that is from PvP, you’re either pushed into PvE, which is relatively hard to find a good PvE guild, and have to put lots of hours into a slow progression of the same bosses or just clearing the same instance several times, just to get the piece of gear you’re banking on. If you don’t choose to search for a PvE guild, then you’re forced to PvP MORE… Or farm gold… but who enjoys farming gold? Anyways… The game gets old, and all you WoW flamers are gonna jump on me and tell me I haven’t played the game enough, but I’ve got 2 70s and most likely a much larger cumulative level and much more experience then 90% of the people who are responding… In conclusion, I’m going to save some people who are looking for a challenge, some time, and tell you that you WILL get bored of this game… sooner or later, it will happen… I’m currently in the search of a new MMO to play, and FFXI is the one I’m looking deepest into… Bai

Post Date: 23:15 08-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jjack66
Comment: Worst game ever dont play this

There is noe Quests

there is no monraters
they game is stupid

just dont play it

Post Date: 23:28 07-12-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Xirus5
Comment: “Only con I have (but this goes for almost all games) its basicly a point a click game. Wish it had more of an Oblivion feel to it.”

ehm.. i use the keyboard all the way with targeting and skills.. whitch make me able to use skills faster then most mouse clickers.. i use the mouse only to turn really fast when in pvp and area of attack spells.. and to the people who feel the monthly fee is a ripoff.. people work behind the scene to make you happy with patches,exp-packs,ingame help and more.. they dont work for free and yes they do try to make a littel extra by paying to change name or change server(sometimes free) but that is opnial.. if you find yourself going around thinking that you are using to mutch money on this game just stop playing it or make a private server or something..

Post Date: 08:31 07-12-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Kaiton
Comment: Great classic MMORPG fun. Blizzard does a great job behind the scenes. They stop cheaters in their tracks. My rating goes beyond the game. No problems with lag at all, which always scores big points with me.

Only con I have (but this goes for almost all games) its basicly a point a click game. Wish it had more of an Oblivion feel to it.

Post Date: 09:15 05-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: killso77
Comment: for all of you that have given this game a low rating think for a min how long have you even played
most of you low raters only 30 mins but if you stayed on longer maybe you might beable to do anything good that 30 mins was for you to get the hang of combat to master this game it would take years and uncompletable from all of the undates most of you have never played warcraft1 or 2 warcraft 3 and wow are 1million times better everything! so have a think and rip in the sky that stuff you said was uncalled for so if you play a week or 2 you might see some more interesting content and all of the battle grounds are awesome the biggest battleground (not inculding the outland) is arltic vally it is the most epic kalmimdor and eastern kingdoms battleground

Post Date: 21:29 04-12-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Greg.L.C
Comment: World of Warcraft…… I give it a 5, it is an awesome idea with lots to do and to explore, and reasonable graphics. The pvp is quite good if u have decent a computer however it has weakness and people abuse the system just to be the best in the game which really is the aim of every pvp player. However the opinion I have got for playing WoW on an off for 2 years is that the creators Blizzard are the most greedy bunch of so and so’s. All they care about is money and how they can slightly adapt the game to increase profits. Blizzard are fully aware that they have made an addictive game and are trying claw every penny they can from every player. Methods such as charging players to change there name of character, moving to other servers and creating a second expansion pack before the last one has been out a year costing the price of a brand new game! (the reasons for paying 15$/£8.99 a week is so that your experience of the game changes so it doesnt get boring. So why do u have to pay for a new game just to alter the world slightly??). People will say that you dont buy the game and can still have the same experience with out buying the expansion pack. This new expansion pack means players are forced to buy it if they want continue the game. With out the expansion pack players are hampered which totally ruins the experience.
Other than the money side of things WoW is also very very repetitive, the quests are all very similar in concept, if you dont have time to play 3 hours a day on WoW you will never get anywhere with the game.
For the amount of money which is required to play World of Warcraft a year you expect much much more! 8.99 a month, 12 months a year, 108£ a year, +expansion pack 30-40£ a year, moving one character to another server a year 14£(which is optional) add them all up that is 150£s a year round about. Think what you could do with that money! you could find a millions things more enjoyable than WoW for much much much less!!!!!

Post Date: 03:49 03-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: robija
Comment: why so much stupid people??
Hi to all first. I will give it a 10 because there is so much strange guys here which gives a 0. It can’t be 0 never. That may say only the real stupid man or someone who (who knows why) hate WOW. (maybe cause never played it). I play RPG games (not only MMO) for years now, and not only hour a day. I play much more. I must say that WOW is really a great game. Only graphics really can be much better. And it is not all about grinding. I almost don’t grind at all. It’s your choice. But please don’t say lineage is better then WOW because it’s just not true. Just graphics is better. Nothing else. Comparing to lineage WOW is 10 and lineage is 4. I’m very objective. I understand that some people don’t like WOW (tastes are always different) but to say that WOW is crap – very stupid.

Graphics: 5/10 (I already said it is cartoonish)

Sound: 8.5/10 (sound effect are pretty good and music is absolutely fantastic)

Gameplay: 9/10 (you have much skills, both trade and class, bunch of quests, monsters, dungeons, battlegrounds……. so it is not all about grinding at all – if you don’t want to kill monsters then play some other type of games not rpg’s)

Depth of the game: 9/10 (much other things (beside quests, leveling, trading, crafting, raiding, grinding – which is already very deep) like you can sit and watch sunrise, or you can fish, or terorize opposing faction, you have guilds with their tabards and their ranks……

Community: 9/10 (so far I had nice experience especially with admins)

Be honest when you give your comments and if you don’t know what are you talking about better don’t talk at all, please.

Post Date: 19:34 02-12-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Voidstalker777
Comment: One of the best examples of a grinding game ever. GRIND, GRIND, GRIND, LEVEL UP! GRIND, GRIND, GRIND, GRINDING QUEST, LEVEL UP! All the way to level 70! I hated it. They only have 9,000,000 players because the game is addicting. LAME!

Post Date: 05:22 02-12-2007
Rating: 9
Author: method
Comment: I personally love WoW but yes to a point.
Many people complain about the monthly fee-yes maybe
$15 is too much for your mothers to pay but it ISNT THE ONLY MMO WITH A MONTHLY FEE! Thats why this game is in the MMORPG category because YOU HAVE TO PAY! so dont start complaining about paying for something
8.5 million people dont have a problem with.

Secondly, yes the graphics are quite cartoony even
chunky but there are worse graphics in other mmo”s and these graphics do fit quite well…
And ive read many of these responses and many players say shit like “ive played this for only 30 minutes and its a grind fest”
And the point is youve ONLY played this for 30 minutes-theres much more to discover in the World of Warcraft if your attention span could handle it.
many of you are thinking ive dedicated my life to this-ive played this for a while now and i can still say i havent-i DO have a life so shut up and if you dont like the game dont play it and if you cant afford it then go have a cry and post some other shit about you being jealous- i know there a some cons in WoW but none that havent been in other MMO”s

yeah im an idiot i know but for those who have given fair praise to thise game i with you!

Post Date: 17:27 29-11-2007
Rating: 6
Author: loganst
Comment: WoW is an alright game, but it is way too slow for me.
Point and click, and then wathcing is very repitive. You click and bash numbers all day to fight.
And I prefer grinding over questing.

The worst part is that everyone in this game are jerks and no lifers.
The community is very mean from what ive seen.

I never reached passed level 17.
But I know enough and I wouldn”t play this game again.

I”ll be nice and give it a 6/10 jsut because the graphics are cartoonish, and i like that.

But, if you want a better game, get Guild wars or LOTRO.

Post Date: 12:21 28-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: robizeratul
Comment: You people have very varried perceptions of the game.
I readed a lot of them.I didn”t play wow bot this is my opinion:
-mountly fee:this isn”t the only game whit this,there are more.For me it isn;t mutch 15$ a mounth.BUT if you don;t want to pay just go on free servers.1 player sad that Lineage is better because it has free servers…And many sad about adiction…well that is YOUR choice,if you don”t want you dont play that is easy.but you”; say:i payed money i should pay,then go on a free server:P AND if you need money so badly don;t play this game on official server.this is all what i wanted to say.hope it helps;)i give a 10 because I espected it to be like W3

Post Date: 01:23 24-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: RazorFang
Comment: Wow is the best my bro plays his level 70 he got
mount my bros got baron rivendures mount and the spectral tiger card.

Post Date: 04:03 23-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: whiting1289
Comment: kazalor is right. Warcraft1 was going to be a computer version of Warhammer at first. But gameswork-shop turned them down, so blizzard put the game out anyways and called it Warcraft.

Everything blizzard makes is copied from Warhammer or other games.

YES everyone copies everyone, but Blizzard… They bring it to a whole new level.

WoW is a VERY good game. But because they are such Warhammer cop cats, it makes me give them an 8 instead of a 10.

Post Date: 21:53 17-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: genjuu
Comment: i personally have played every class to at least lvl 50 so i think im qualified to rate this.

graphics: 9/10 cartoony sure but still solid and well made and they are only cartoony to go with
warcraft III

sound: 10/10 epic, the music just gives an epic feel to the game and when you hit a wolf it squeels like a wolf and hit a bear it growls realistically

gameplay: 10/10 in depth and simply amazing, it starts out simple and easy but by level 20 you have plenty of skills and are using strategy and dungeon running, the crafting system is great with each gathering skill being unique and each rafting skill giving different benifits, for example blacksmiths can make they’re own weapons and armor if they are a warrior or paladin however if you are a druid or rogue you might wnat to be a leather worker to make your armor, enchanters enchants wapons and armor to give special benefits and can make weapons look totally awesome, but engineers make gadgets and trinkets that allow them to do some amazing things that they/re class might not be able to do for example you can make a cloaking device to stealth like a rogue or goblin jumper cables to rez like a priest or an exploding sheep… moving on

lagg/stability :10/10 virtually no lagg and servers only go down for a few minutes to repair only about once every 2 months

character customization:9/10 good intitial customization an then i game theres so many aror sets and things to customize your look the possibilities are almost endless

community: 9/10 sure there are some jerks and a few gold spammers but over 8 million players to play with and a good guild/party/raiding systems its just awesome

over all i give this 9.4 exploding sheep out of 10
but a 10/10to compensate all the bad reviews form kids who are just jealous because there moms wont let them play it

Post Date: 12:02 17-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: ragnarokda
Comment: Large, entertaining and colorful. It’s a lot like many other big MMOs, but despite its monthly fee, there seems to be a large amount of children under the age of 12 in this. More specifically on the Ally side. I played this game for quite awhile after previously flaming it for their comparison to EQ2 (still isn’t anything compared to EQ2). I’d recomend this game to anyone because it’s easier to get into than some MMOs. This deserves a 9.

Post Date: 04:05 13-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: kazalor
Comment: This game fricken copied Warhammer and Warhammer 40k! Anyone who copies that stuff sucks balls, I hope WoW falls. As for me, Its Helegrod Time! ( LOTRO)

Post Date: 07:38 11-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Tinytox
Comment: to me this is just a cheesy rip off of FFXI , which is much more origonal and more realistic graphics, and they offer a trial? that trial is gey, you are SOOOO restricted on that trial because they dont want people to abuse it, they might as well not even make a trial for it anymore….. w/e sure sure its fun but theres better… u can level up while eating with two hands though, so thats why i give this game 0 / 10

Post Date: 23:30 08-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Sylexus
Comment: This game is fun Too fun for some not enough for others. Since im a blood elf warlock(demonology) i would rather rate burning crusade higher but this game has the majority of the content. I only play bout an hour a day and 2.5 on weekends, it is addicting i admit, but not to a point where i would waste my life on it. The only drawback i see is the 15 bucks a month, dont even try this if ur an immature loser.

Post Date: 18:05 03-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: Let me begin with this… Those losers out there who rated this game after 30 minutes of game time, you really should shut up. Now, onto the rating.

Graphics: 8/10; The graphics are very nice, but somewhat on the cartoonish side. You can sort of tell its cartoonish when you look at the trees or the buildings, yet I like it that way because thats how Warcraft III was and i think the cartoonish graphics compliment it.

Sounds/Music: 9.5/10; When you hit a bear, it growls in rage with realistic sounds. When you throw a fireball at an enemy, it sounds like a whirling ball of fire! There is no doubt in mind that the sound is great. The music is also incredible, a little medeival, but isnt the game medeival?

Community: 8/10; I have to admit, there are some fat heads out there who like to pick on others, but other than that, there are many higher levels willing to help lower levels. The auction house (AH) is one of the most popular things in this game. Throw your item u want to sell in there and wait over night. Go and explore and do quests while waiting for it to sell. Or you could buy an item from the AH someone else put in there. a great place the AH is.

I will explain gameplay in another review. (out of space :P)

Post Date: 23:01 02-11-2007
Rating: 7
Author: nolonger
Comment: Ok, good game at first view. Graphics are pretty good and nice playing. After some days of not much variety in things I did I started getting driven away from WoW. By the time my trial had ended, I was totally sick of playing WoW due to the HORRIBLE community. Pretty good gameplay but too young of a community and too many idiots.

Post Date: 02:16 02-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: WoWPlaya
Comment: Ok, some of you people piss me off. 1st, Ucan’ttouchthis there is a whole bible on the history of the game. 2nd You can’t play a game for 30 minutes and say it sucks, thats like some one walking into to a movie watch the opening credits and start complaining about it. 3rd it ain’t only grinding there are quests, instances, BGs, and Raids. And with in those there are Heroic Dungeons and group quests.
My life isn’t WoW so i play like 3-4 hours on the weekend, but that isn’t too bad. Anyone could have told you this if you did a little more investgating.

Post Date: 03:04 29-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: philonus
Comment: I”m glad I only played this game for 30 minutes, when I played it I was very disappointed, the graphic looks kind of stupid but most of all the game-play is plain grinding. I don”t need to play WOW for 10 hours to write this review, it”s so predictable as to how this game would turn out. I heard people live their life for this Game, and once they play it for a few days they”re addictive. I”m just glad I didn”t get sucked in.

Post Date: 21:15 28-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: ucanttouchthis
Comment: NOOO DONT PLAY THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!! it has beast graphics so your lured into the 10 day fre trial you like it you pay 15 dollrs that you could save up for your car in some years you get hooked you soon get addicted then you find yourself locking your door to your room waking up at 4:00 playing going to bed at 10″00 playing i havent got hooked ive heard people ave killed themselves cause they got kicked out of a clan dont play this teeth gringding game that can only cause stress and again 15.00$$

Post Date: 11:48 23-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: L333CH
Comment: This game is only grinding, there is no story to it the graphics look like they’ve been drawn by little kids and if i wanted a game like that i definatly wouldnt pay for it this game isn’t worth paying for it should be made free-to-play completely, it’s absoloutly terrible. I’d rather go out and buy a hooker every month than pay for this junk! World of Warcraft has to be the most awful pay-to-play ever, sure the PvP may be good but you have to grind and pay the stupid monthly fee thats far from worth paying for and the graphics, can’t you people see the people who made the game let little children draw almost everything? 0 out of 10 this is the most awful pay-to-play ever, i recall hearing somone died playing this once they got too addicted and didn’t sleep for days i don’t know how that can happen the game is terrible i couldn’t play it for more than a hour till i thought Ew what the fuck am i playing?

Post Date: 21:51 16-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: hitman71
Comment: This is game is the greatest and most addictive mmorpg game. The addiction can be good or bad on your opinion. This game has a large map a good rvr and pvp system. Noobs should stop rating this game so low because of the $15 a month fee. Also Avion, u can’t just play the game one time and say it’s only grinding, there is MUCH more to the game.

Post Date: 15:17 10-10-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Avion
Comment: Ok this is what I have to say. This game is not a great game. First of all, all you do is grind. I went to my friend’s house to play and I was excited because everybody says thay WoW is an awesome game but when I went to his houe I was really disappointed about the game and so I rate this a 4.

Post Date: 17:40 08-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: dominator420
Comment: For those who have plenty of time in the month to play 15 dollars worth of games… this is the game for you. The list doesnt end to what you can do. Fully customize your personal character with weapons, special skills, proffesions, look, mounts, talents, armor… ect. There is plenty of areas, monsters, and quests to keep you wanting more. WoW is more like a drug to me. The moment I took my first step in a PvP battleground, my heart began to pump. Not only do you fight for power, but for honor and marks which can buy you special weapons, items, mounts, and armor. if PvP is your strength, you will certainly be challenged in these battlegrounds. Battlegrounds are seperated by level so you wont be a level 29 fighting a level 70. Yes, it does take time to level, but that just makes it so that each time you level, it is celebrated. new skills, and abilities are unlocked everytime you see your character ding. Rise of the Liche is coming out to further expand the WoW. destructable buildings, the deathknight, new lvl cap… get in on the action.

Post Date: 02:42 08-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Jrod
Comment: Truely a game which will be considerd a lengend among gameing.This game is the most polished game you will ever play

Post Date: 22:42 06-10-2007
Rating: 2
Author: reloaded58
Comment: i liked this game… but monthly fee? come on. i love the graphics and fighting and stuff…
but the monthly fee? noped. not my time wasting.

Post Date: 11:19 04-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Fainter
Comment: Bad game
Bad Graphics
Bad sound
This game is crap compared to lineage 2
just experiment its the best MMORPG ever and has free servers too that are stable and if you want fast xp just go to highrate servers
The story line its great and graphics are just beautiful not to mention sound.
Each half an year comes out another update with new skills new places to explore and sometimes new races with new jobs
Best PvP and mass PvP with castle sieges, in arenas and olympiads to know who is the best gammer and become hero
Just try it

Post Date: 12:13 01-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: solidgold
Comment: This is just for the people who say it is “extremely hard” to level, do you think that Blizzard is going to make it that you can get really powerful really quick? The answer is obviously no, and yes i do know that it is to keep people hooked and to keep them playing, but isn’t that the point of all Pay Online Games?

The quests may be repetitive at the start, e.g. Kill 10 *monsters name here* or what ever, but as you level up and become a higher level the quests expand, although based on the same idea sometimes they still are very different when you think about them.

The graphics are amazing for a games and are a lot better then other online games that I have played, I’d give that a nice 9/10.

PvP is rather impressive I think, there are different sorts of battlegrounds which become available at higher levels such include Capture the Flag and Control the Nodes to increase your score (the more nodes you control, the faster your score goes up). Once you hit the level cap you can form a arena group with other level 70’s, and fight against other group that have been formed and the outcome gets recorded. Overall 8/10 for the PvP.

WoW also has a good community MOST people are very helpful (most doesn’t mean all)and if you find a good guild they will help you out and sometimes some of the high levels will run you through instances (dungeons) so you can get some neat armor and weopens.

Also, don’t rate the game low just because you can’t afford it, or you don’t think you should pay for it, because I don’t think that is very fair to rate a game low just because you can’t afford to pay for it.

It’s the most popular MMORPG around and I think that stands for something!
Post Date: 05:29 01-10-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Terra
Comment: Fantastic game, no questions. However, no matter how good a game is, it will sooner or later wear thin if you a donig the same thing start to finish. The game takes too long to get from 1 – 70, Plus the best items you need to get a group for, which could leave you hanging around for ages. The PvP is somewhat underrated, this game does have fantastic PvP, however, every month another class is overpowered because of someones bi*ching, there no stopping the class updates, and nerfing of classes. This game has some of the bets features an MMORPG can possible give, such as the Auction House, and World Bosses, like dragons that roam in certain areas, those moments in this game can take your breath away.

To my reveiw, this game gets a 8/10, but it really loses points on this next one, Blizzard are selling it out. All the great build ups in Warcraft III are pebbles on the road for WoW. Blizzard are destorying something great with all the new instance bosses etc, thus it gets seriously down marked

Post Date: 09:13 27-09-2007
Rating: 4
Author: ortage
Comment: As far as i”m concerned, this is not a very fun game. It gets really drawn out and old doing the same thing over and over, leveling up doesn”t get harder or easier, from lvl 1 to 70, it does take longer of course, people are not friendly, people are very scarce (never see many people on from server to server, including high popularity servers) people who run it are useless, and they have very bad netiquette and useless ideas that at best entertain the people who play by introducing something new (AT BEST!)

In my opinion from playing WoW for a little over a year, and FFXI (Final Fantasy XI) for 4 years, This game is nothing compared to FFXI.

The people playing from server to server are usually stuck up jerks, or immature schoolkids. MORE often than not during a group to do something with somone not in your guild, they would often just randomly leave, or say their mom is kicking them off.. I have never seen this happen on FFXI

The game itself is very overrated, i”m going to categorize why this game is nothing compared to ffxi:

1. WoW graphics are awful to say the least, it”s really cartoony, unlifelike, the environments look nothing like real life

2. The game has more glitches than a 40 year old man with torrets in a womens locker room. I mean, WAY too many, people with pets or minions you”ll often notice your pet just randomly stops doing something or gets stuck in the terrain ALL THE TIME! Fighting mobs that “run away” in fear is just ridiculous, i can”t even count how many times i”ve been fighting something and had it almost dead and it starts running, i catch it but it says “Evade” then stops fighting me and regenerates all of it”s health in 1 second then continues to kill me. there are many more glitches i can think of, especially since the allowed “Jumping” using the spacebar you can find exploits in areas INCLUDING battlegrounds making a complete unfair advantage against others.. Oh i said i wasn”t gonna get into the rest of the glitches.

3. Anyways, the GM help on the game is completey useless, GM”s hardly help you with your problem, or they send u an automated message saying “thank you, we will look into this” like… MY MESSAGE SAID: “I just got scammed by *username* help me out” I also once called a GM about an issue in a BG where an alliance character was cheating, while i was on horde side, They told me they”d look into it and demanded i log out immediately because my name violated the user agreement… it was friggen Elniño, not that my name had anything to do with an alliance capturing a flag while he was untargetable. VERY bad support.

4. The game has the whole solo play and only 1 job per character which makes it very boring, if u want to play another job cuz tanking or healing is boring you have to creat a new character, THEN send stuff back and forth to get them ready and all that stuff. It”s just a pain.

5. They use an interface that allows you to talk to EVERYONE at once in an entire area, including annoying the hell out of people, the solo play i think REALLY effects peoples attitudes badly, i can”t think of a time i”ve walked into a city and seen somone innocently trying to peddle their items in trade and there”s always somone there to bash them and warning people that the item sucks, don”t buy it, they”re a noob, etc. etc. NEVER in ffxi would somone do this, if they did they would have people saying “O.o” and commencing to blacklist them for being jerks.

6. The updates, They update / patch / fix / destroy this game once a friggen weak, the updates take forever to download, their “fixes” never fix anything, and they add the dumbest things with the patches. For example they introduced a feature that made delivery of items and gold to another character on your account instant, it used to take an hour. 3 MONTHS LATER: they add a feature that makes it so it takes an hour to recieve money from things you sold on the ah… WHY? they have no reasoning. the people running this game are just.. dumb!

7. The AH. This little gem is completely useless. An AH where you cannot veiw items that have already been sold, so you get this peice of equipment that EVERYONE knows for some reason that it sells for *,***g and you put it up for **g. HMM. the bidding system, so it”s 2:00AM you have work in the morning, this other kid in PDT has school in the morning, but isn”t sleeping even tho his Mommy is gonna get upset with him, is sitting here watching an item that”s on bid only, waiting for it to end, you see 2-8 hours, you go to bed, he sits up eagerly waiting and outbids you at the last minute. that”s devotion, but entirely unfair.

8. “CHEATING” i don”t care what you call it, blizzard allows it. “Mods” or “Addons” aka Programs that players use which gives them an unfair advantage over other players. Blizzard made sure to set aside a seprate folder called “Addons” but they don”t supply any of these addons, only players who make them or download them from other people who made them can use them. right.

Anyways i could go on and on but this list is getting very long, in all fact, FFXI has none of these listed cons, and to think that you can say WoW is the top rated MMORPG is just stupid. If you like playing a game that is insanely easy to get to the top, but so annoying that you want to ignore everyone else who plays it, this games for you.

I played WoW for 4 months before i got to lvl 60, then TBC came out i quit, came back, no longer had my lvl 60 warlock but started back from scratch. it took me 3 months to get to 70 with 375 BS 375 Mining, 375 First Aid, 220 cooking, and 250 fishing.

I played FFXI for 4 years it took me 2 years to get 1 job to 75 (max lvl) with 28 fishing… but i had known more people on the game, been known by more people, and played alongside more people than people i even SAW on WoW.

Sorry to you WoW fans but it just totally fails.

The fact that 1 website can take the word of what? 1/100,000,000th of the people who play the 2 games, and come up with a statistic is meaningless to me. and i believe that anyone who reads what i”m writing right now about the games is either 12-15 or agreeing with me.

Post Date: 14:13 21-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: essjayar
Comment: Simply put this is THE best MMORPG around for a number of reasons: mainly the size of the world, the depth of the story, and the sheer mind-boggling amount of players in there!

The graphics are good (though some don’t seem to like them) and the design of the dungeons and the various zones is second to none.

The only bad points are that it’s not free. $15 a month (less if you pay for a bunch of months in advance) isn’t really too much for the entertainment you get 🙂

And WoW Addiction is very, very real. Don’t think it’s losers and nerds only… you can easily waste a great deal of time in this game. Whether or not that’s good or bad is up to you.

This is a massive, massive game. You can join a player created guild, take part in battlegrounds, arenas and even wars, play in a Player vs Player realm, or simply quest or grind for experience. This is very open ended.

Which takes to my final point. There’s NO end or goal to this game. Eventually, you’ll hit the point where the quests get boring (they’re all collect x amount of items, kill x amount of monsters, talk to a certain Npc or “escort” an Npc type). You will have explored every realm. You might have been to every dungeon. And you will have hit the current level cap of 70.

After that the only thing to do is upgrade your equipment. End-game, that’s all it is. You either play to:

(a) Build reputation with various factions, which unlocks certain items, weapons and armour.

(b) Build your levels in your “professions”, which allow you to create items.

(c) “Grind” (repetively kill monsters) to earn Gold to , yep, buy items.

(d) Play Areans and Battlegrounds to build a score to – you guessed it – get more items…

In fact, without a goal in sight it’s pretty aimless. There’s plenty of short term goals, but no real end to the game. NO paid for MMORPG has a goal as such, since understandably the companies don’t want to you finish 🙂

That’s the big fault in this game. To get a good battleground level you have to play a stupid amount of hours per day. To be in a top guild that raids regularly you have to be ready to be there when they want you and forget about your real life. The end game does NOT reward casual gamers, and it doesn’t provide satisfaction at all.

My advice is to play the game – you have to, it’s a real cultural phenomenom and there’s unlikely to be a pretender to it’s throne. But play until you’ve had your fill (hit lvl 70, been to the whole world) the quit.

A game is supposed to be fun. This is – for a while. Once it becomes a chore or a job, give it up.

9/10 but please, please don’t let it take your life over 😀

Post Date: 22:04 16-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: whit3_sox24
Comment: World Of Warcraft.. where to start?

I made an account on my friends account one day. I played for an hour and thought it was pathetic. Even worse than AQ. Heres why.

The quests are ALL the SAME. Kill this many of this monster and bring me back this many of this. I did like 10 quests of the kill and bring concept. I wanted to be a human hunter on the Alliance. But there wasnt hunter available for the human. WHY? I had to settle for a stupid looking blood elf hunter. I trained for 1 hour and was only lvl 5. Whats up with that? Plus there is a $15 monthly fee, and its such a bad game. They make millions of dollars a month off this game. Just think about it. On the box it says over 6 million online. 6 million times $15 a month. That adds up to 90 million dollars a month. So many people addicted to it who have no life..Like my best friend thank you very much WoW. Ermm wow im just ranting. If ur gonna play an MMORPG play RS or MS and save ur self some money. Sorry for my ranting but it really is that bad…

Post Date: 05:17 15-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Badass_Game
Comment: This game is great! i have a 70 its so fun! you haters and havent played World of Warcraft should try and go to that site 😀 its really a fun game! the PvP and PvE are good and also u can reacg maxed level 70 in about 3 months by just playing 6-8 hours a day! once u hit some where 30-40 its going to be fun cuz theres dungeons which u need to party up with not like in guild wars u gotta be a loner in one place -.- kinda stupid community will be so stupid! and in guild wars u can only see all the online people in main cities and such towns. i prefer to pay $15 to play and have fun in World of warcraft! its really fun once u get hang of the game and stuff. if im bored and just really got bored in the game i just play Ragnarok which is another cool game or just watch WoW videos and such. other than that this game deserves 10! you haters are just stupid! u guys dont even need to rate or comment to this game if u dont like it stupid! AND also theres something called raids which u have to have 10-40 party members which is really fun! in the game u can raid anything! in my server we raided one of the main cities! it was really fun.

Post Date: 02:50 15-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: babystomper5000
Comment: This is a good game, do not get me wrong. The graphics are good for a game, the gameplay is innovative and fun, but this game can be EXTREMELY addictive. If you are an extreme mmorpg junkie then I would recommend this game to you, but otherwise I would avoid it.

Post Date: 00:11 03-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: canadian_eh
Comment: Let me tell you, this is one of the most stunning, fun, addicting, hugest games I have ever played. BUT the addicting factor is not so good. I think a game should be moderately addicting. But WoW is like the METH of games. Many people get engrossed in the massive artificial world and lose track of their own lives. People rip on the monthly price, but that is not as bad as the effect it has on us. How do I know what they go through? I was addicted for 1 year. 1 year is not that much, but it could have been longer if I didn’t have the willpower to quit. There is somewhere you can check your overall time played in WoW. Not how long you’ve had your account. Think about this. Two months. Think how much you can do in two months, and how easily it can all be thrown away by a game. I’m not here to say the game is crap, it isn’t, but I’m telling you, PLEASE don’t play this game. Listen to me! Don’t throw your life away to a world that has no correspondence to reality. You may join it to have fun, but it can ruin you. You feel victorious when you complete a quest, which I think is wrong, because that victory has no value in reality. I hope this review is placed as close to the top as possible, because it is important.
-Yours truly,

Post Date: 18:23 01-09-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Mr.Buffington
Comment: pretty cool game. not nessesarily my favorite, since i dont like the point and click system thing. there is a lot to do, and alot of quests that make lvling less of a complete grind. for me, there almost seemed too much to do, too much to commit to the game before it really got fun or otherwise. the community was relatively nice, since i was playing on a pay server and no one wants to lose money from getting banned. if you’re really into games i think you should like it but for a casual gamer like me, it was just alot to pick up, alot of skills and such. i didnt like the controls either, it was a bit awkward, wasnt as smooth as i would like. the world is absolutely huge and theres alot to do, personnally i was rather content as a lvl 10 gnome rouge engineer, making explosives, but whatever.

Post Date: 16:06 24-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: owen402005
Comment: I am sick of all you people giving this game a low score because of the monthly fees.
First of all there are many many free servers out there where you don”t have to pay a monthly fee hence the word Free

Also if you don”t feel like paying $20 to buy the game and/or expansion you could always download a torrent for both of them. There you go this just became a Free MMORPG.

I used to play on blizzard servers for about 5 months and the only real advantages is the community is larger and you get updates faster, other then that it”s the same as the free servers.

The Graphics 9/10 ; are good enough to satisfy many peoples tastes and also make it available to run on many older systems with outdated hardware

The Gameplay 7/10 ; is not the best but considering this is now a “free” mmorpg you cant go wrong

There are pros and cons to both types of servers Free and paid.

– updates are faster
– Larger community

– too many 12 year olds with attitudes
– The feeling of obligation to get your moneys worth


– not as many 12 yearolds
– Can whisper members of the other faction
– More GMs (some servers have less )
– Constant Uptime


– updates may come a few days/weeks later
– has a smaller player cap
– can be laggy at times

Post Date: 14:11 24-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: nimphys
Comment: There are many, many different opinions from what I’ve read. Probably about 75% of the people downvoting it have never even played this game before.

I see these people commenting “I have a six pack you guys are all lazy nerds go get some nice clothes and a girlfriend, get in shape blah blah blah.” Since WHEN was the goal of life was to look like everyone else/nice/ to have a girlfriend/ to get in shape? That never was the point of life. There was no point in life.

People have the right to CHOOSE what they can do in life and nobody can say otherwise. People can do whatever the hell they want. Some people choose to work out, get some love life or buy out and get some clothes while others choose to play on the computer. Playing on the computer may not entertain some people while it will to others. Same thing goes with anything going on in the world. Some people choose to have their own style with clothes, while others go with the trends.

My conclusion is that while some people like doing some things, others like doing others. It’s a fact of life. People have interests in different things and that is their own business.

For the game.
Graphics 9/10 – People say these graphics look bad because they are “cartoony” and whatnot. Yes they are a bit. But in my opinion the “Real Life” graphics such as guild wars look horrible as they are all sharp and whatnot, it just doesn’t look nice.

PVP: The pvp system is great.(Roll a PVP realm) I play all these other games and you need to go to 1 certain area to pvp? What? In WoW you can just run up to a person aslong as they are flagged for pvp and you can hack away at them. Pretty much anywhere levels 20+. There are also battlegrounds you can join in such as CTF, capture resource nodes, a combine of the two or attack the enemies fortress. They are fun but will get boring after a while. When you are bored, Go make an arena team and do 2v2 or 3v3, maybe even 5v5!

There is plenty of skills you train in and they even have 3 different trees of talents you can train in giving your pvp/ pve an edge. As for balance, yes some classes are harder to beat than others aslong you are a certain class eg: Mages can wtfpwn rogues/warriors but get wtfpwned by warlocks.

Leveling –
Most of you people say it takes forever and it is repetitive. Do the quests, they add to the game and it is not a endless grind like some games. Once you are level 13(horde) or level 17(alliance) you can start doing instances!(dungeons)

Realms –
Some of you have said there are way to many realms. There are a bunch (40 or so on the US WoW) but that is because there is so many people playing. On each server there are thousands of players playing and you can interact with them making parties and such.

Price –
If you think that 15 dollars a month is outrageous then you must be poor or something. It is nothing, what roughly 4$ a week. If you can’t make take that much out of your wallet a week then something is wrong. If you are like 10 years old go mow lawns or something.

I know I have missed a bunch of points but WoW is still an amazing game.

Post Date: 11:39 19-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: -273.15
Comment: I only played this game for a short time but I hear very well of it, this post is in response to _creator_-‘s and rip the sky’s comments. First off _creator_- I will point out that significance in all its forms is infact opinion (beauty is in the eye of the beholder); Also the comment “does nothing for them” is a beyond obvious lie, the point of life itself is to pursue what you are passionette about and to do anything else that does not escape moral boundaries is “a waste”.

Tell me this.
“Does World of Warcraft show your children affection?”
The definition of affection is “to do somthing to”
so yes it infact does show affection for your children, and yes even according to your inaccurate meaning of the word it has the inevitable effect of giving them emotions including joy.
“Does World of Warcraft save people from cancer and diseases?”
Let me ask you a question, did you volunteer to go to Africa to help build houses and feed the poor?
“Does World of Warcraft feed you?”
Do books feed you?
“Does World of Warcraft raise your Kids?”
It could assist as would any stimulating action.
“Does World of Warcraft pay for your bills?”
If we lived our lives only concerned of our needs we would be not more then goldfish hiding under a fish tank’s model rock hoping the gaint malevolent shadow behind the glass wont harm us.

“get active” There certainly are pros and cons to being active, but no one has the right to decide a personal gamble for another they can only inform them of the consequences both sides reap; And speaking of getting educated “rediculas” -ridiculous.

To deal with Rip The Sky would take more time then I care to put into someone so inept towards sociology, but I will say that “achievment” is abstract and of personal judgement and to attach some divine significance to a hunk of metal being handed to you at a finish line is facetious; also we know reality only threw sentience meaning games like WoW can be as real as going to the beach.

Post Date: 17:25 17-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: RKT
Comment: I know a Way to play World of Warcraft for Free.
Search in World of Warcraft Private Servers.
Then it will give you alot of Private Servers that are FREE. I play on a Server that on the First kill you get to lvl 90. And there are Epic Shops with full of all the Epic – Legendary Items you can get. When you kill a lvl 1 Humanoid you at least get 300-1200g. It is called Renegade WoW. So… These servers I play on does not have a Monthly Fee. =D

Post Date: 03:44 15-08-2007
Rating: 4
Author: 0088
Comment: graphics:4
customization/character creation:2

first of all graphics the reason i gave this game a 4 on graphics is because this game has mediocre graphics compared to other mmorpgs such as City Of Heroes/Villians and Guild Wars and its sad when something like guild wars which is similar to this game looks way better graphically than this especially since guild wars is free and here in canada its $20 a month.

customization- the reason why i am giving this game a 2 for customization is because there really isnt much to choose from and its very easy to find someone who looks exactly like your character at the beginning and there isnt much personalization in appearance other than armor

gameplay- the reason i gave gameplay a 5 is because this game gets boring after a very short while though fun at one point it got old fast and really it takes forever to level up, it really makes it boring when to attack its as easy as clicking right click to watch your character attack automatically when its so much more fun to actually control the attacks. yea there are power ups and you could use spells but for players who like hand to hand combat this game is a drag and not worth paying for. also when your characters level up you have no control over what stats get increased and by how much and i believe that this game is WAY OVER-GLORIFIED.
all in all i rate world of warcraft a 4 i didnt like it i wouldnt exactly recommend it to anyone who likes realism rather than mediocre cartoon graphics and people who like to be more in control of what they do.
ps. please respect and do not criticize my review as it is what i think of this game everyone is entitled to their opinion

Post Date: 22:16 13-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: drago gamer
Comment: first off, for all you that say that this game is too addicting, isn’t that the point of a game, to be fun and addictive.

second, for those that say that the $15 dolar a month price tag is to much, if $15 dollars a month is too much for you then how do you afford your internet that’s $30+ month.

third, if you think that WoW turns people into drones/zombies/etc, then so be it at least they’re having fun

fourth, for those of you who say to play runescape becuase it’s cheap and fun, it’s cheap all right, cheaply made, blizzard spent over 30 million dollars to make world of warcraft

fifth, for those who think that killing and questing is bad, yeah……think again, being able to do all this killing and questing shows that the world is big and expansive.

sixth, for those who think that the download is to long and not worth it, and you fall asleep waiting by the computer for it to download, you could just do something else, and another thing, i have dial-up and the download took a week, and i think it was worth it, and i didn’t wait by the computer the entire time.

so i give it a 10 because it deserves it, being fun, addictive, a fun community, and a huge world to explore

Post Date: 14:52 13-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Finaldestonaion
Comment: Even though u gotta pay for it every month this game is the best game i ever played besides that u gotta walk all over the place, this game is awesome!!

Post Date: 00:13 11-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: D4nTheM4n
Comment: This game was to expensive. First of all i jest bought the original WOW, then right away the all new WOW burning crusade came out so that was about $80, then the all new expansion came out in less then a year so now the game was about $150 including the per month wage that you have to pay

Post Date: 08:08 03-08-2007
Rating: 5
Author: chimera452
Comment: when i first played WoW I thought well this is just amamazing! the graghics are exellent the way blizard made allaince and horde is quite cool too the differnt races and classes ithought was really good the same with the preffesions but the only thing that buged me was the payment, 15 dollars a month! its stupid! forgetting the payment this games was really good

Post Date: 20:38 01-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: kodykahn
Comment: Wo-ho! world of warcraft! alright! lets get started shall we? OK so I’m not one of the most experienced players of world of warcraft ( best charater is Manaliana lv 34 NE hunter gurubashi server) But I do enjoy the game, I’m not one of those “lazy fat nerds” who play for 16 some odd hours a day wich i agree they do need a life…

though world of warcraft has alot of servers… ( soemtimes i do think to many) but if you find a good server you can have alot of fun.

Oh and i know someone is eventually or already has called people on the game noobs or jerks casue of a few reasons… like they wouldn’t give you soemthing ( been called a noob 5 times casue i wouldn’t give soem lv 4 5g….) wouldn’t help them on something ( been called a jerk twice cause i was doing something and some lv 15 guy came and expected me to drop everything and help him… and so on and so forth…

Now there are those bad servers you need to watch out for… ( thank god I only use one server which is a decent one…) and no matter where you go there are gonna be jerks ext. but all in all the game isn’t to bad of a game. the graphic are definatly better then alot of the mmorpg’s out there, and i’m by no means calling it the best game out there. ( cause for all i know there could be better i haven’t played) Now the 15$ a month may seem harsh but if you think about it to have that many servers running a game that is so vividly detailed such as world of warcraft servers… that does cost a bit of money.. and every game that charges something is looking for a profit… there’s no such thing as free in the gaming world almost unfortuanly..

So for all you world of warcraft haters… don’t waste your energy ranting about how bad it is or seomthing… you could A: try to make it better. B: give it up and move on.
or C: look like immature moron’s by bashing at games others like… very few games deserve 0’s and world of warcraft is not one of them… if you dont like the game or the backround story or whatever, dont play it and save our ears from your pointless ranting 😛

Post Date: 13:05 31-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: joelieherp
Comment: This game is wonderfull, it is a little expensive but you also can play on hundrets of different private servers. The client is downloadable on the WoW site itself. The gameplay isn’t that good like runescape but tha graphics are awesome, that’s why i give it a 10. You also can get a 10-day trial to prove it!

Post Date: 04:27 28-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: rawr12
Comment: played it, wasn’t spectacular, if it was free i’d play it, but costs too much in my opinion.
its kinda harsh what Rip in Sky said but kinda true, don’t let games take over your life, and Run!Escape! i dont play runescape, and yes WoW did get an episode off of South Park…. but um…. did you see what happened to them? they got fat, lazy, and after they accomplished thier goal, they didn’t know what to do anymore besides play more >.> it was more of a Devotion of what the game does to you…
i guess i still prefer the original Warcraft over this.

Post Date: 04:47 26-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Dragonac Silver
Comment: Why do people play this game? I’ll tell you its because there not realistic i mean okay you see this game oh wow i want to get WoW and you only pay 15-20$ a month. Now there are so many races and i love that but i like real things and this pulls you into believing that the world is not real you should very well know that this game has fantasy only. If you look at Guild Wars for instance then you would have some fantasy such as magic and the monsters that are there but you are a human you could choose which class you want and later on in the game you choose another class in the game and get around 2000 exp! But look at this comment and wonder if you should choose Guild Wars for 50$ or play World Of Warcraft and work your a** off trying to level up and pay a monthly fee.

Post Date: 19:38 25-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Toketsu
Comment: It is the best mmo ive played always something to do interresting characters and fun classes fantastic graphics but one of the cons about it is that you gotta pay! but once you do it is worth it and i dont know why so many poeple are giving it bad reviews.But it is highly addictive .my sis plays it and we share a account to save money and i can never get on becuase she always is! so yeah its a good game, always something to do and it;s just great. i highly recomend it for someone with alot of time and not for younger kids just becuase it is a little advanced game play 10+ is a good age.

Post Date: 20:35 24-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: 132591
Comment: Although I certainly agree that way to many people are completely addicted to it, it’s still a fun game and I don’t appreciate people trashing it. And just because you like runescape doesn’t mean you have to hate WoW (and visa versa) so stop saying that people who like the game are nerds, and that people who don’t are noobs.

Post Date: 14:08 24-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gamer_36
Comment: i have to agree this game is so fun i have a lv 70 rouge night elf o uldum an there alot of quest to do at my lvl the game begins really at the highest lvl i think so i give this game 10 cause the graphics and the role playing

Post Date: 17:43 23-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: _creator_-
Comment: Rip the sky i have to agree with you.
Unfortunately there are allot of people who waste there lives on games and find it does nothing for them.

Tell me this.
Does World of Warcraft show your children affection?
Does World of Warcraft save people from cancer and diseases?
Does World of Warcraft feed you?
Does World of Warcraft raise your Kids?
Does World of Warcraft pay for your bills?

This game controls so many peoples lives its rediculas.

Smarten up – get active get a education.

Post Date: 09:40 21-07-2007
Rating: 5
Author: dimitriz
Comment: that was so uncalled for rip the sky. you just told everyone about what you do every day. but just who cares. the game is based on money making and the 90 year trial that you would get. does everyone. you all gonna die at the age of 120.

Post Date: 00:33 21-07-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Wesleyzornen
Comment: This game is supposedly the best online game ever. IT IS NOT! you should not play this game it is a waste of your money. Blizzard was ingenius enough to create an addicting game that youre going to wase hours upon hours of your life on just to get to a high lvl. the game does not look cool until you are a high level and you cant do any of the better stuff until then. And for $15 a month it is really not worth the waste of money. Play guild wars ‘er somethin else.

Post Date: 18:00 20-07-2007
Rating: 8
Comment: This game will keep people busy for at least 2 years.
-good graphics
-great partying system
-nice battle system
-overall a great community
-Alliance and horde is interesting
-if you want to be a human you MUST be on the alliance, for an example
-the game is pointless without a few friends
-too many servers, and although there are so many people registered, only a couple hundred are on a certain server at one time

Post Date: 05:11 20-07-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Sarcophilus
Comment: Overall, Warcraft is a pretty good game. Good graphics and music, and a good community, depending on you’re server. I love the fact that the clan system is so accessible and partying = fun. Unfortunately though, there is a heavy price to pay. That is okay for dedicated gamers but for those who like a one payment kind of thing, go get Guild Wars.

Post Date: 02:47 20-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Blazzer101
Comment: awsome game!!! all thos ppl who hate this game are all a bunch of noobs! unfortanly i dont have the game but i have played.

Post Date: 00:28 19-07-2007
Rating: 5
Author: senrat
Comment: i played world of warcraft for 8 months in the first 6 months i had an great time playing. But in the last 2 moths the game got so BORING. I would still reccomend this game even though there are better mmmorpgs to be played out there

Post Date: 06:21 17-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: waywardson01
Comment: MAN this is the best game out!!!
charateristics[such in proffensions or class or gender]10/10

Comment(2) the only con is the the fee:(

Post Date: 23:54 15-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mooper123
To Rip The Sky: Apart from being a sick freak (I usually go out hunting… with knives) you have obviously never played the game.

Firstly if you can’t spare 15 dollars a month for the game thats just your fault. The truth is, this game was made to make money (just like nearly every other game) so they have obviously got to have some way of getting it.

Also, you stereotype all the warcraft gamers to be “skinny and fat lazy nerds”. TBH you have no evidence that this is true, so stfu. Aswell as that you think that because you “go out hunting” (again no evidence of this) you can tell people how to live their lives. IF people you play WoW are those lazy nerds you speak of, if they have fun why should they do anything about it?

And about the community, if you dont like it, try a different realm because each realm varies and perhaps you have only seen the worst.

Also Blizzard has obviously done something right to have millions of players. And i’d like you to actually name a MMORPG with EXACTLY the same aspects as WoW, for example Battlegrounds, World PVP, character mobilty(not just some point and click game) and instances.

If you can find all those in one game, it is going to be World of Warcraft.

Post Date: 02:49 14-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rip The Sky
Comment: Still makes sense, because yo just agreed. Most of these players DO need a life and that’s exactly what I was saying. Most of the nerds are so into this freakin game they can only think about when’s the next time they’ll be able to get back on.

And btw, I have a six pack as well and excercise frequently. Love run and swim, but I usually go out hunting, and not with guns either, with knives. So don’t be flaunting your physique because your not the only one.

Game still sucks, they overcharge, and, well… I’d be repeating everything that I already posted earlier so you can re-read it.

Post Date: 19:06 13-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Morgur
Comment: well…that comment doesant maake any sense.
1) i swim 12 hours a week
2) i have a six pack (not of beer)
3) i go to the gym twice a week

WoW is an absolutely class game and everyone who likes gaming should try it. obviously those nutters who play it 16 hours a day should get a life. i only play about 2hours a day which is ok.

i have one question.
When you create youre account you get a month free with it and you also order 1/3/6 months (i got 3). at the end of the free month it said i needed to top up the account. i dont know if i paid for the 3 months or whether i just have to pay now? please give me an answer or e-mail me at [email protected]


Post Date: 07:23 10-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rip The Sky
Comment: This game DOES deserve a zero for multiple reasons. First, 15 dollars a month?! Sounds very greedy to me. Second, it”s just an MMORPG of it”s original creations. I found Warcraft fun at first then got boring and totally pointless very quickly. So they made an MMORPG of the same thing and what every other MMORPG has too? (Guilds, Pvp, blah blah blah) That”s seriously gay.

They did nothing new with this, but they did do one thing right. They rounded all you skinny and fat lazy nerds who thinks they”re the best so they dump loads of money in this game to try and be the best. You guys seriously need a reality check and get into the real world. There”s nothing addicting to this game, it”s just like it”s original series but with a big place for all you skinny and fat lazy nerds to get together. Go get some pro active, where some nice clothes, and get yourself an actual girlfriend.

And no Run! Escape! I”m not from Runescape, I hate that game because those players are just like the players that are on WoW, and I just said what those players were. Personally, there aren”t any games I found right, that”s why I create my own, and I go out and hunt in the mountains and open fields. I hate being couped up in the house and am surprised to see all you people doing nothing but pay 15 bucks a month, every month, for this game. Get out and excercise you lazy people.

What”re you achieving? Over a million others are just like you. You think your trully going to be the best? And even if you are, what did you achieve? The answer: You achieved the medal for being the laziest person with no life on the game! Woot! Congrats!

Again, stupid game, it”s just like its original series, nothing new, and the biggest gathering for all the skinny and fat lazy nerds in the world. Congratulations.

Post Date: 18:28 08-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Run! Escape!
Comment: To all you Runescape players out there rating this game 0 and stuff, think of it this way: If WoW is so bad, why did South Park devote an entire episode to it? Did anything like that happen for Runescape? On actual TV, not or Newgrounds? No.
$15 dollars a month is a fair price for this game, so stop giving this game low ratings because of it. Would you buy a box from some hobo to live in for $5 a month, or a real house for $500 a month? Think about that.

Post Date: 22:46 07-07-2007
Rating: 7
Author: aydanstorm
Comment: wow is really good game the graphics r good and the quests r pretty fun.Dueling is 1 of the coolest aspects of wow because u get fame as a good dueler and people respect u 4 that.the coolest race i think would have to b the taurens.the only downside is that most people dont talk to others or ask questions if they r stuck on something so its kinda lonely. 7/10 in my opinion.

Post Date: 12:43 04-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Satsujinhan
Comment: Pkwiz0… I was first of all shocked that you could even compare a game like Runescape to this game, but fine. If you play Runescape over this, fine. That still doesnt give you the right to give the game a score of 2 for false reasons! “I think it sucks because it’s combat based, everything is about combat!” Umm what? Did you every hear of professions? Fishing, cooking, crafting? Or roleplaying? There are tons of non combat things you can do in game and those things come more fun when you have friends in-game.

Psychomike0 I have a feeling you are a serious FFXI fanboy from the way you are rating this game. I got the feeling you haven’t even played the game but came here calling it bad because FFXI is challenging it.I also didn’t understand at all what you were saying “What is the point of playing an online game without friends?” I don’t get it what’s going on there… Oh and “AND PvP AWFUL!!!! FFXI ballista and besieged is way better cause it is planned.” If you want PLANNED PvP try the Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley or Arena. If you don’t want to get killed all the time, dont play in a frikkin PvP server. And “he only reason people call it number one is because it is for quitters and people who don’t like to work at something.” What?! You saying that WoW doesn’t take work is ridiculous. Except if you are talking about leveling, that’s fairly easy in WoW compared to other games. But if you wanna be the best of your server in WoW it takes ALOT of time. You need to be a hardcore gamer for that.

AceWhite said “the people are faggy nerds roleplaying haha” Okay first of all… ITS A ROLE-PLAYING GAME. What did you expect?! And second of all, if you dont want to see people roleplay then don’t go to frikking RP server… What an ignorant and stupid comment.

To all you other fanboys maybe you shouldnt come here rating WoW when you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. As awesomesauce said before, people tend to hate WoW just because it’s so popular and they want to look different. That’s pretty sad and stupid :/

Post Date: 05:12 03-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: awesomesauce
Comment: WoW is one of those things people like to diss to make themselves seem like individualists. Same thing goes for things like Myspace and iPods, something good comes out and everyone is quick to talk bad about it.

With that aside, I’d defiently say that this is the best MMO I have ever played so far. Still looking forward to playing FF11, but I’ve played about every free MMO on the internet. There is so much to do in WoW that you could literally attach the internet to your viens and play for weeks on end.

With many professions to choose from, more quests that you could ever complete in your life, the ability to explore lands unlike anything you’ve seen, and a solid gameplay that requires quick thinking and skill, World of Warcraft is probably one of the better games of our time.

One of the downsides I’ve experienced from WoW is starting out with certain races and make the game seem unappealing, such as the gnome/dwarf’s and much of the horde’s starting place can have boring quests, while places like where the night elves begin are empty with almost no players miles around.

I defiently suggest this game to anyone looking for an addicting game.

Post Date: 01:51 30-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Faroda19
Comment: Well, it is fun if you’re into the Warcraft series for a while but it gets repetitive quickly.

Pros: The fighting system works flawlessly. Graphics are great but not quite as beautiful as some other major MMO’s. The team PvP scenarios were cool. Tree system gave the classes variety.

Cons : The tree system can only do so much and the game gets old quickly. The character build up feels like it was pretty much ripped form Diablo II. Assasins having charged attacks..bearform for the druid..whirlwind for the warrior..paladin auras..(the hell!??!) The major issue I have with this game (and this is probably just me or others like me) is that the depth is seriously lacking for how huge this game is. Loved the faction system EQ I gave, made it so realistic. Wouldn’t gnomes be pissed at you if you kept smokin the guards? Yes! Druids be good natured towards wolves and bears, was nice, but I can understand that every game has its different aspects of what a class is and how it is entwined with its enviroment.

All in all I give it a 7/10 because it does deliver at first but peaks quickly and lacks originality. Same old, same old.

Post Date: 17:30 29-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: AceWhite
Comment: This game deserves -10 there is not a single thing fun about this the leveling is boring the people are faggy nerds roleplaying haha, It gets you excited downloadingf for 7 hours and patches then the Great graphix video before the game starts then when you play it looks like a freaking cartoon this game is not worth a penny a month

Post Date: 08:50 29-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Ur monkafied
Comment: this game is boring as hell, if its not fighting is spending 90% of your time running aimlessly from place to place even with a mount or taxi before long when you get there you forgot what you went there for and fly back to your aria hitting yourself for forgetting at least in final fantasy 10 and 11you wont be going millions of miles to turn in a quest. some quests i can never find and end up abandoning. it took me a year and a half to get to 70 (with expansion), try lara croft and FFXI for puzzles, runescape for those who can deal with the low graphics and Guild Wars for those who like the convenient map warp and quests actually easier to find

Post Date: 01:00 28-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: nightreaper
Comment: I am 12 i play WoW i dont whine like a baby and play runescape,Iearn my money to play.So all you other 12 year olds that play runescape and hate WoW stay out of these forums your not wanted here.World of warcraft is THE BEST mmorpg out there.Good graphics,great gameplay,fun quests,good support.Ausome game! =)

Post Date: 19:46 24-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mmoReaper
Comment: this is the best mmorpg out! i find this game extreamtly funand addicting. form all the diffrent classes and races its awesome. the pvp system is great i love hows he horde and allince. in high lvl in rideing with 40 people is the best ever

Post Date: 18:54 24-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Mhardy
Comment: My friend have this game. He’s is playing in private server. In private server this game suck. But in global rules.

Post Date: 07:27 24-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Tiberion
Comment: This game gets a 5. Its not as terrible as everyone says, but it is a very simple game. There is nothing really in here to challenge yourself so younger players or people who want to just play a game and get good quick will love it. Its a very good game for Blizzard, but for those of you wishing for a challenge please try Final Fantasy 11. I would refer to World of Warcraft as Middle school and Final Fantasy as College truly. Please don’t talk bad about either game. They are both good and bad in there own points. No game is ever going to please everyone.

Post Date: 17:56 22-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: xenocide
Comment: The game is good I give it 7, the graphics are better then runescape, or any other game I’ve played so far. The downside is that hideous combat system & the fact there’s only combat. This game was interesting for the first thirty minutes, then I collapsed of boredem and started playing runescape and prayed saying thank you to god for something better then this useless crud.
After rereading what I wrote I give it 4, your lucky, I would have given 0. Blizzard really messed up here.This game is for people who don’t really give a darn about other things about combat, play this geeks, play on so I can be the only succesful person in life.

Post Date: 01:11 22-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: psychomike0
Comment: Worst game ever…SO DAMN BORING. It doesn’t compare to FFXI at all. I lvled to 60 way to fricken fast. This game gives no choices, no freedom, and gives everything to you. At least in FFXI you can be whatever you want. Also the graphics in this game blow compared to FFXI. FFXI has every detail in, this game is a big disappointment. What is the point of playing an online game without friends? AND PvP AWFUL!!!! FFXI ballista and besieged is way better cause it is planned. This game deserves a zero. It can’t even compare. The only reason people call it number one is because it is for quitters and people who don’t like to work at something.

Post Date: 00:07 22-06-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Pkwiz0
Comment: The only reason I gave this game a 2 is because I enjoyed it for 2 minutes…

I liked the graphics, I liked having so many places to go, but it was completely boring before the 10 day trial was over.

Horrible game, runescape is WAY more fun than this!

And no I’m not some 8 yr old who says this game sucks because I can’t understand it. I think it sucks because it’s combat based, everything is about combat! Just like every single other mmorpg. Only one that isn’t only combat based is Runescape, but it’s graphics suck, but whatever, I love that game.

Post Date: 23:50 21-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Satsujinhan
Comment: “The classes are completely un-balanced and it takes no strategy.” Are you kidding me bohican? For the un-balanced stuff, that’s just stupid to say it’s “completely” un-balanced. The truth actually is that once in a while a certain class becomes a bit easier to play.

For the strategic part… Saying that is like saying RTS games take no strategy. You probably haven’t gone to any high-end instances and rushed to PvP just spamming buttons and getting owned all the time

IMO WoW is the best MMORPG around right now, gameplay is absolutely terrific and any player knows gameplay is the most important thing. Graphics are decent, and that’s all it needs to be. They certainly aren’t bad as I would expect form Blizzard, they never put revolutionary graphics in their games, but never anything below the average.

Whining about the price, IMO, is idiotic. Why do they charge money for playing? Because they CAN. That’s why. Blizzard is a business company and if people are willing to pay, as they obviously are, why shouldn’t they? And the game is definitely worth the price. If you don’t want to pay the monthly fee then DON’T. Simple ain’t it.

Also the “WoW iz evul game it destroy ppl livez” just make me laugh out loud. WoW isn’t a drug like heroin or something. Sure it’s addictive but not THAT addictive. All you have to do is have a little control over yourself if you don’t want to play the game too much. And what is it with you people anyway. If someone CHOOSES to play WoW 8 hours a day, knowing that it doesn’t bring alot good for him except entertainment, that’s THEIR problem not YOUR’S. Stop sticking your nose into other people’s business.

I also just can’t believe WoW has a total rating under 7 here… You would expect some where around 8,5-10 but I guess the jealous fanboys just can’t accept it that WoW is most likely better than their game.

AND if you play LotRO or GW or FFXI, and like them more than WoW that’s fine! Just don’t come here rating WoW 0-5 just because you prefer some other game over WoW.

And by the way, judging WoW after playing up to 10-30 level is like judging a movie after seeing the first 15 minutes.

Post Date: 23:34 17-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: 132591
Comment: I am not sure about all these whiners here. I used to play runescape, and it was good…. for a while. Soon enough (after 3 years :P) it became way too repetitive, and I decided to play Warcraft III. That was a really nice, fun game, and it made me want to play WoW. I did the 10 day trial, but was unsure about buying it, because none of my friends played. Soon enough, my friend decided to play it, and he liked it. I only recently got it working at his house, so his best char is a level 4 dwarf paladin. I enjoy this game, and find that it makes people work together much more than Runescape, but a lot less than Guild Wars. If we could combine some of the creativity of Runescape, the teamwork required for Guild Wars, and the general gameplay of WoW, we would have an awesome game! I would call it “WorldScapeWars of GuildCraft” Ok, maybe not, but if you have any suggestions, too bad.

Post Date: 17:47 15-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Juggernott
Comment: Gameplay is awesome. I love the guild setup and the armor sets and dungeons. One of my all time favorites. Only bad thing is that the only way to level up is to sit there for hours at a time hacking away at monsters. Takes ages to level up. If you like that style though you should try it out.

Post Date: 15:05 12-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: siluzzarti03
Comment: first of all to all the whiners out there who think its too expensive u get get a free month when u sign up and they sell gamecards at walmart(i dont to pay till aug.2007!thats 3 months free people) if u thinks thats still to much u either work at burgerking,live with your parents at age 40 or ur a bunch of kids spamming this forum….to all the kids:mow lawns or somthin sell lemonade thats how my nephew paid to buy the whole game with like 8 game cards…and if ur stuck with 12 yr olds on raids/quests dont bring out on the forum thats shows how much u whine…not all people get stuck with 12 yr olds PLAY ON THE HORDE,the allience is like 6th grade all over again…..i hate those whiners

Post Date: 21:58 10-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: shnog
Comment: best mmorpg ever very good graphics, lots of races and classes to choose from, cool mounts when u hit lvl 40, awesome armor and weapons, lots of job u can u do, meet new friends lots of highlvls rly help out low lvls, such a big world in the game, its always fun and the best mmorpg game ever!!!!! and i dont care wat u all say

Post Date: 03:13 10-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Chickunwing
Comment: made a point whitings. well, i stereotyped ppl who play RS. but a lot of ppl that i met when i played it for the time i did, were immature. even adults ( on whiting”s sake NOT all, and thats true) can be that way whenever they get killed. and another thing kinda sounds like u sayin ok to “put down” a 14 yr old but not a 12 yr old. wasnt rly tryin to put down, was tryin to tell people that who read the reviews that people who rate WoW badly without good backup for it are just sayin it cus they play a different game, stereotype wow players, or sometimes immature. but thats just my opinion… i cud be wrong.. im human..
and whitings u kinda agree with what i said that ppl who play RS were immature 12 yr olds, even tho thats not exactly what i meant, by saying theres not a big difference between 14 and 12…

and also now, im gonna review somethin different on WoW. yeah the quests are repetive and boring, as for myself, i get bored quickly when questing or fighting alone. the game gets more fun with other people involved, or running instances and gettin rare items possibly, and one of the best parts of WoW is the PvP system. there are different PvP settings, war song gulch is for a capture the flag style game Alliance vs Horde, Arathi Basin is controling a certain spot of land over time to earn points, and havent tried Alterac Valley or Eye of the Storm yet, but they”re probably different too. And each different game style is a different map too, designed for the game type. theres also arena battles: shorter battles with smaller teams, 2v2 battle, 2v2 skirmish, 3v3 battle/skirmish, and 5v5 battle/skirmish. it costs money i believe to make a battle team, but you can skirmish with anybody for free (on your faction). also, all the PvP modes are cross linked with other servers, so you play with other people on different servers, which is cool because you wont end up with the same jerk on your team, or get rid of the guy that was stalking you on the other team (examples).
if you haven”t tried the PvP and spent time questing and lvling most of the time, PvP is a good break because its also more strategic than fighting monsters, and different. not that theres anything wrong with fighting monsters.. however i dont think you should quit on the game before trying player vs player mode :).
also a bad part of wow is the economy on some servers. depending on population, the server”s economy could be inflated, or .. too low. cant think of a word. on one server with my horde, a lvl 10 dagger thats green uncommon quality cost 1.5g, and a stack of copper bars about 1g, however on my alliance server, a lvl 10 dagger costs around 25s, and a stack of copper bars 1.5-2g. i bet that on other servers there are different prices.

oh i forgot, there are rewards to PvP. and they are better than your average items too. with a certain amount of marks of honor from respective battlegrounds (PvP places), and honor points (accumulated from all battlegrounds and honorable kills outside battlegrounds), you can purchase rare blue quality gear even at low lvls. sure there are epic purple quality items, but they”re for the high levels. there are mostly the same type of gear each PvP bracket, however they are exceptionally upgraded with each bracket. at lvl 18, a protector”s sword does 28-53 damage with 2.7 sec atk speed, at lvl 28, the protector”s sword does 40-75 damage with 2.7 sec atk speed (sword im usin). damage per second for the 28 version is 21.3dps. and to think this good of a weapon didn”t even cost you money… just only took awhile to get the marks of honor and honor points.

However, there is sort of a downside to battleground PvP… Twinks. They are high level characters spending hundreds of gold on a low level (mainly 19) character to “twink” them out to be the best. For example, Twinks usually have high lvl enchants on a lvl 19 weapon. this annoys people because they can take the fun away from normal players like me, and it pisses me off when i get killed by them because its not entirely a fair fight. however it is there money and they”re entitled to spend it the way they want to spend it. there are people on both sides of the “twink” discussion, im not entirely against it, but i don”t see why a high lvl would spend hundreds of gold on a low lvl that wont be lvled higher other wise the money would be wasted, and just spend the time on it only in battlegrounds, because if they do any thing that gives xp they can lose there lvl, so their whole life as a twink is in warsong gulch… could be quite repetive .. maybe more than Kill x amount of y for a quest..

Post Date: 10:08 08-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Cenovis
Comment: I got the free trial for this game twice, and twice ended up disappointed. I guess, for its time, it was a pretty awesome game. MMOs have not really
progressed beyond WoW and WoW has the better combat, story, and ambience than most of the online games out there. However, being an MMO veteran trying WoW for the first time, I was really looking for something new, and didn’t find it.

I’m not going to rate this game down too badly though, because people who haven’t tried an MMO before will probably think this is the greatest thing
since sliced bread. Good for them I say, but it wasn’t for me.

Post Date: 08:25 08-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: whiting1289
Comment: “Im 14 yrs old and im not like 1 of those 12 yr old RS players who think every game stinks. i didnt like WoW that much at first cus my 1995 pc but then i tried again 🙂 every game deserves a honest rating not 0 for price

Chickunwing don’t go off saying runescape players are immature when you talk like that… Oh by the way, 14 and 12 are like almost the same LMAO!!!! So pease don’t put down other people by saying they are immature kids fr playing runescape when you are so young that you think just two years makes you so much more grown up then a 12 year old…

Post Date: 11:04 05-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: MudStalker
Comment: I currently play this game. It”s pretty awesome, but the quests are mainly “go kill 20 of these” or “get me this. it might take you 40 kills to do it, but yeah… go do it.” But it”s still great fun, especially with friends. I find it horribly, horribly boring without a friend to play with.

I was going to give this game a nice solid 8, but then I remembered how stupid 80% of WoW”s total population is, and how annoying it can be when you”re forced to join a group of 12 year olds to complete a quest. I”ll give this game a 7.

Post Date: 00:44 05-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: 132591
Comment: Great game, nice graphics, could combat system, the price is fair enough. Pretty good. I would stick with it if my friends played 😛

Post Date: 02:03 29-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Chickunwing
Comment: Ok, i”ve spent around half an hour just reading these reviews. See a lot of different opinions. After about a hundred 0 ratings about the price of 15$ a month ( less than $4 a week, and i still pay for xbox live 50$ a yr and im fine and i aint rich), i got sick of it. What i hate is kids saying they game is bad for a) price, b) download c) graphics d) lag – not seem much tho and e) just killing + repetive.

Solution A)- get a job and, i read sumwhere down the line here 50,000$ a year – 180$=49,820. big difference in your average life.

Solution B) Good pcs. Download with all patches and such takes 3-4 hours WITH a good computer. If you like playing MMOs you should have a half decent pc which can run smoothly without anything running. I played WoW a few months after it came out with my 1995 pc and it took 25 hrs to download. Ya 1995. I started playin this again in march took bout 3 1/2 hrs… I got a new computer 06 christmas.. no stuff on it.

C) Graphics r 1 of the best. first of all dont compare it to shit like maplestory or 2-D games ive tried maplestory wasnt half bad but u cant compare 2-d to 3-d.. at least from the 3-d perspective. Again, with a good pc and if ur a MMO player u shud have 1, WoW runs smoothly and has vivid detail. Also don”t compare 3-d like WoW to Runescape. sure RS is 3-d but its pathetic… for one thing u can”t see your player”s faces on the main screen and runs horribly u click to move somewhere and it jumps around, u also can see the grid on the ground… Well im not sure if all that”s the same but i havnt played RS for about 1 1/2 yrs. But thats boring cus u click and watch everything happen no interaction.

D) lag- goes with the computer thing again u need to have a good one if u like to play computer games. also need a clear internet connection. recently, somethin went up with my firewall and antivirus and something got in, slowin my pc down and gettin popups. Still, i can play WoW smoothly used to have like 100-150 ping , now get like 200 still good.

E)is does NOT have to be repetive it only is cus u make it. you choose to do the same stuff over and over to be “the best” well this game is about community as a lot of ppl have said and not about spending 2/3 of your time in the basement grinding or farming to be “the best” or pwn n00bs. lol. this game aint about that, all u 1337, this aint the game for u cus it aint like gears of war or rainbow six vegas (bad for me to compare with xbox but i like those games:)

I rate World of Warcraft an 8 because of the many things to do, decent sound altho stormwind has funny music lol, great graphics, huge world, amazing community and more that i dont feel like taking up the whole page with. i dont give it a 10 because sometimes i don”t have people to play with because im on a medium populated server and because im not the highest lvl yet and dont like getting gang banged by lv 70 horde when im alone 😛 but hey thats the game and deal with it. Can get boring at times too when by yourself or if u grind all the time unlike me. or when u cant afford everythin still unlike me 😉

B.T.W. sumtimes i dont make sense, i tend to drag on about things and lose the main point of the topic, and didnt type with correct grammar and language because this took me 15 min to type and it would have taken me twice as long if i did correctly which would be 15min of my time to watch the red sox :).

i think there was more stuff for me to put in here but i forget and don”t wanna use up the page lol. :p
I M Chickunwing lv 15 night elf rogue
Chickunwingz 26 human warrior
and 5 other races/classes with names close to chickunwing like chickunnwing
ALL on Stormreaver server.
Got some other low lvls on horde on other servers i like to mix it up and not stay on the same guy all the time.

Im 14 yrs old and im not like 1 of those 12 yr old RS players who think every game stinks. i didnt like WoW that much at first cus my 1995 pc but then i tried again 🙂 every game deserves a honest rating not 0 for price

Post Date: 17:48 26-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Flick
Comment: I personally played this game and i liked it before, but not any more.

good side: pretty huge world

bad side: bad graphics, bad customer support, a bunch of immature kids, gets boring pretty soon

Post Date: 17:11 26-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: game matser0065
Comment: good graphics, decient long quest unlike runescape, probably just better than eq2. But it is getting old and gets a bit boring at lvls 23-30

Post Date: 17:22 25-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: bitemytentacles
Comment: Look at all the crybabies reviewing here.
You people are more stupid than Jack Thompson. On the note of addiciton: SMOKING is an addiction. DRINKING is an addiction. If you have an addictive personality, too damn bad, it”s your own damn fault. Don”t whine your idiotic chrisitian “this game is evil it steals your life” stuff. If you feel you wasted your life in it, it”s your own fault.
On the note of the game: I have the money to burn, I”m not addicted to it, I stop whenever I feel like it and do something else (I will admit to playing this game in marathon sessions, though). This game is fun to me, and it hasn”t destroyed my life. Because my only addictions are smoking and drinking, not World of Warcraft.
Pros: The majority of the community is friendly, you meet new pals everyday. Classic MMO feel to it when you”re out killing mobs with you”re pals.
Simple to learn, hard to master. HUGE world to explore.
Cons: The PvP servers are ridiculous. Nothing but griefers. No one cares about you on a PvP server. Alot of jerks Leveling is surprisingly easy. Craft and tradeskills are, for the most part, frickin” useless. Quests have the same objectives over and over.
Bottom Line: Only people who love MMO”s will love this game. I love MMO”s. If you have an addictive personality, best stay away, and seek some help, because you”re an idiot. This game is best played with friends, and they”re not too hard to find. When you”re out in the world, killing mobs and camping out with your pals, this game is bliss. Don”t be anti-social people. Make some friends, and WoW will be a better place.

Post Date: 23:36 24-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Br3tt
Comment: This is really a sweet game. I’ve been playing for about three weeks now not every day and not for 10 hours a day, and I may have explored .05% of the game? It’s huge and there is so much to do. I think there is like 7 million players in the game, and I doubt there is one that looks like anyone else. This isn’t a game you can just complete over night, there is so much to do and they come out with cool updates. I see all this high level updates which is nice. I’m a low level but I know I have something to look foward to when I’m a high level. I did play Runescape but they never come out with anything for high levels.
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 9/10
PvP: I don’t know haven’t experimented with it much
Community: 10/10
People: 11/10 People are extremely nice and not stuck up. High levels actually help out low levels.

Post Date: 13:08 20-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Tessy dog
Comment: Loads of things to do,awesome graphics lots and lots of fun but after a while it gets a little boring iff your a low lvl character but overall its an awesome game.

Post Date: 16:16 14-05-2007
Rating: 10
Comment: Wow i tihnk is the best mmorpg yet and will be for a couple of years with its awsome dongeons and battle grounds and quests also HUGE seection of weps and armour i say i give this game a 2 thumbs and a 10 if you whant to talk to me on wow my name is iceynova and elvenshadow ALL HAIL THE ALLIANCE AND THE GREYSKULL WORRIOS!!!!!!

Post Date: 16:07 13-05-2007
Rating: 5
Author: sethmci
Comment: World of Warcraft… Hummmmmm….

Well. I really don’t see how people DO get addicted to the game… It’s not bad but it’s not the best either.

The Pros:

-Good PVP
-Good community
-O.K. graphics
-Good battle style
The Cons:

-Gets VERY VERY boring after level 20 and up because you only get the same skills over and over but they’re just a little better each time.
-People don’t really talk much
-Takes some time to download
-Have to pay a whopping 15$ per month. (Thats not bad for people who don’t have lives though)
So if ya have a life and wanna keep it how it is don’t play this game. But if ya wanna check out the world of mmo’s the ya might want it (just try not to get to,ad once you hit 20)

Post Date: 04:09 12-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: pizanathan
Comment: this game looks fun. but im cheap and i dont wanna pay $15 a month. so i give it a 9 only because i’ve only played it once in my life and it was the best 10 minutes ever!!!

Post Date: 02:04 12-05-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Nightfall5
Comment: Looks good, yet it and D&D are the geekiest games in the world!

Post Date: 03:13 11-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: DarkKarma
Comment: World of Warcraft gameplay/character functionality: Unreal.

World of Warcraft gameplay delivery and user support (from GM’s to Admin…/Billing etc…): About like Mr. “english:” or was it “English?” Blows!!!!!

Post Date: 17:06 09-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Experimental_420
Comment: Played it Dont see why people get addicted to it really pvp was fun but thats about it graphics were bad ill stick to ffxi or lotro any day

Post Date: 13:33 08-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gnarkilla2
Comment: People who play world of warcraft is a dangrous game. I bet your all saying why? Well about the half of the population who play world of warcraft is addicted. If you go on to you can find people who are addicted to this. ITS HORROFYING. YOU SEE MINDLESS PEOPLE OBBSESED WITH WORLD OF WARCRAFT. THE FIRST CHANCE THE ADDICTED PEOPLE GET THEY WILL QUIT SCHOOL AND DEVOTE YEARS OF THERE LIFE ON THE GAME. Playing hours on end with littie sleep. If you whant a play on it and have the ensurance of bad eyesight sick health and a temper play it! Many mindless world of warcraft players will say my claims are wrong. However its your choice! This is all i can say on world of warcraft. Runescape is a better option if you like mmorpg games its a very good game which is not as addictiave as world of warcraft. ^^^ to world of warcraft people I only can say this….get a life…. ^^^

Post Date: 21:46 05-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: summergaming
Comment: Every person who voted against World of Warcraft can’t even speak proper english. Their grammar is terrible… If you listen to them, it’s like listening to a two year-old trying to rate a game that they can’t even understand. At least be decent at English/grammar before you criticize. Honestly, World of Warcraft is a very good MMORPG. Most people miss the entire point of an MMORPG, so they basically say everything is ‘bad’ not realizing the genre is supposed to be like so. If you do comparisons, WoW (World of Warcraft) has probably one of the best Player Versus Player (PvP) gameplay.

Post Date: 02:38 04-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: zooroopoo
Comment: You have to pay 15 bucks a month for something that isn”t even worth 2. You just run around doing quests and killing monsters. Then when you get to a high enough level you just try to kill other players. TRY. You usually don”t kill them unless the player is a waaaay lower level than you, or if he isn”t actually cheap(very very common to be cheap). The only way you actually can kill someone is if you are cheap, which you usually get killed. It”s sad. It ruins peoples lives, and wastes them away. It”s just stupid. If I could have rated it lower, it would have been down at -749.

Post Date: 21:54 01-05-2007
Rating: 3
Author: medapodz
Comment: a 2 its not the best game guild of wars or gunz online is better but still fun….but weird u have to pay 15$ a month and the graphics anent the best either maplestory or gunz or guild wars is better but its very addictive but after playin for 5 days or so.. it gets realy boring…

Post Date: 11:52 28-04-2007
Rating: 6
Author: orasis
Comment: It’s a good game, a lot of hype though.

The reason why WOW is so popular is not the game itself, but the great community it has, and it really does.

When you go to the WOW, you are having fun amongst friends.

Post Date: 22:21 25-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: phorr
Comment: You can argue it’s bad. But thats false. It is addictive And that prove’s that it is a great game. I have spent thousand’s of hours playing MMO’s and this is by far 100% the best game i have ever played. The graphics are beutiful drawing you further into the game. One “dull” thing about the game is that it is a game where you need 2+ hours at a time and hours of farming isn’t always too fun. But the graphics and the intresting “Characters” you meet make up for this.

Post Date: 12:56 21-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: The J
Comment: seriously everyone takes this game seriously my friends is so addicted to this i dun play i give it a 1 for being so good at taking over lives

Post Date: 01:41 16-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: ALX player
Comment: This game is incredible, everything. graphics are ownage. game play its sweet. only thing that bothers me is the price.

Post Date: 09:01 11-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Hunt16
Comment: This game rules. All the haters who complain about the monthly fee, the people, gameplay and leveling obviously can’t appreciate a good game. $15.00 a month for this game is decent, it pays for the updates, the servers (which there are a few) and the couple million if not billion people who play. The people are friendly or at least the ones I’ve met and although some may act like noobs you should remember that we were all noobs once in our gaming lives. Gameplay and leveling are just amazing, it’s easy to level in the beginning and at the same time if you read the quests it enhances the gameplay greatly. The bosses and instances are fun (except for Uldaman which should be completely atomized). There’s so many pro’s to this game it’s too many to list. Now if only Blizzard would introduce a demon hunter class so we could turn into demons this game would be godly.

P.S. To those who say this game is a waste of time then you’ve obviously played games where you’re given a big gun or sword and hack and slash your way through easy enemies. WoW is about strategy and thinking, 1 wrong move and it could cost you or your party an entire wipe.

Post Date: 07:35 11-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Nevarine
Comment: horrible game……… takes over lives…kills people………. waste of time….not even that fun….

Post Date: 16:56 08-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Dreftorg
Comment: Awesome game,great graphics,really fun holidays and celebrations,lots of great classes this is a good game I dont care what you say

Post Date: 00:36 08-04-2007
Rating: 3
Author: noobinator
Comment: I have a theory! World of Warcraft is not a game, but a dark, hungry, monster. A soul-sucking monster that is always hungry and has already consumed the souls of over 7 million players. If you want to surrender your life and soul to this beast, then go ahead and play for $15 a month. Its fun yes, but it is coded by satan himself so dont play it!!!!! (I’ll give it a 3 because its still fun)

Post Date: 21:41 06-04-2007
Rating: 2
Author: anaxagorus
Comment: I suppose this game rocks if you’re a masochist. The level grinding treadmill of WoW is truly one of the most punishing things you can inflict upon yourself. Stay away. The only thing that is possibly worse is the ridiculous clown-like appearance of every character in the game. There’s a not-so-fine line between fantasy and plain stupid, and Blizz is well over that line. I give it a 2 because it’s not the worst game around. It’s just the worst game everyone but me loves.

Post Date: 09:50 01-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: AmirShayan
Comment: If,it is about graphic, storyline, pvp, PvE, and etc… . i give this game a 10. i dont have the game but have played it for quiet a lot of time in my friends house.I accomponied him progressing his lvl 1 warlock to 70, and i really was motivated to buy this game. there were some problems,though. Its not that i dont have the money to pay for the game. Im just ashamed of investing money on it. you “must” spend at least 4 hours a day playing otherwise you are wasting your money. Im about to finnish high school and really cant spend 4 hours a day playing. theres also a matter of addiction. one day my friend called me and started complaining about how much trouble the game has brought about to his life. he acknowledged almost every thing “CRABBY” said about the school problems and the psycological effect the game has about the new life it brings and all that it takes in return. he even asked me to give him a solution on how to GET RID OF the game…
I was terrified to hear all these. I had already thought of the problems that a MMO could bring but i had no idea how horrible it could become.
Im a MMORPGer myself and i am already playing guildwars. but since im not paying any monthly fees so i “dont have to” spend so much time playing. maybe 6 hours a week.
So im not telling you not to buy the greatest MMORPG of all, but Take this friendly advice:” Nothing is worth of getting addicted to”

Post Date: 22:47 31-03-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Crabby
Comment: I have played WoW for about 1½ years. I got it right after it came out, played with all my friends online, had a very good time exploring everything, saw new monsters each day, discovered how to play my class, followed game development closer than i watch hot girls pass by (which says quite a lot). That was some of the best MMO days of my online life! When my friend at first showed me how big Azeroth were, i were amazed; a whole land to explore!

After about 2 months of gameplay, i had my first level 60 character (early autumn, 2005). It was a rogue, and i was damn proud that i had finally become one of “the guys”. “The guys” we had all been inspecting so closely ever since we sat foot in Ironforge the very first time. The guys with blue gear, who killed only the best monsters in the game! Naturally, i agreed with my friends that the time up to this had only been the beginning. Now, a whole new world was lying ahead.

I quickly realized, however, that it didn”t. Since i love PvP, my natural choice when hitting 60 was to do some battlegrounds with my friends and guild. It was fun, but my old server, Warsong, was ruled by horde. I didn”t know whether to laugh or cry when my alliance team was beaten up in Arathi in less than 2 minutes (It is possible, yes). Now, where”s the fun in fighting a bunch of shiny epic orc warriors, all whose names the alliance have memorized long ago, hence they”ve become legendary as Slaughters of Alliance? I quickly lost interest in the pointless fights in battlegrounds, and moved on to improve my gear in PvE, with the distant hope i could one day return to the battlegrounds and claim victory!

I am a casual player, i go to what americans would call junior high, and europeans would call 9th grade. I don”t have 10 hours of gaming time every day, and at that time, i probably weren”t the best rogue out there. So naturally, i was refused acces to raids and raiding guilds and such. My friends had similar experiences, even though some of them took up the challenge and sacrificed their precious IRL-time to do Molten Core. I could only dream about the terrors down there, and when i first saw my friend, the now-infamous Warsong-scammer Elijea (probably misspelled), on my buddy list noted as being in Molten Core, i was gripped by a sense of respect to him.

That is pretty much where my first WoW-adventure ended. I realized that i had no fun thing to do other than running around in the landscape annoying people or ganking 34s in STV, so i quit. After 9 months of playing, i decided to cancel my subscribtion.

8 months passed. Winter became spring, spring became summer, summer turned autumn. My friends were still playing WoW, but many, like me, had fallen and abandomed it. But that autumn, something happened. I don”t know if it was the rumors of Burning Crusade, the recent patches or just plain teenage-confusion, but somehow, my friends and I started playing again, resubscribing and creating characters. This time the Horde. None of my friends had yet any horde level 60, but many of them had good overview of Horde side, and our memories from Warsong told us it was a better choice for PvP. Even though i love rogues, i decided to start out a priest, partly with the long-term sight in mind that i”d be able to more easily join endgame raids.

And so i made a priest. A nice undead one, whose name some people still remember: Alzaar. Alzaar was the reincarnation of my childish gaming love, i levelled him quite quickly the first few weeks, being thrilled about every new aspect and area i hadn”t seen for almost a year. The way priests fight intrigued me, i was spellbound. But then, it all stopped.

I was level 39, and like all life-enjoyers, i could by no means afford my mount. I hate grinding, i hate mining, i hate collecting – in short, i hate earning money like other people in WoW. Naturally, i searched for WoW money guides, in the hopes that something would pop up. Thankfully, I found one.

I read this plan first once, then twice. And then thrice. Already by first sight, i fell in love; this was what i had been looking for, it all made sense! Alzaar was not created for fighting, nor healing.

He was created with the sole purpose of trading.

And so it was, i started out as probably the first upcoming business tycoon in all Scarshield Legion, our new server. By trading, i mean buying items at a fair price, and then selling them on for a higher price – thereby with a potential earning of my skills minus the sellers skills multiplied with the value of the item – roughly descriped. In other terms, it would all come down to my skills at negotiating with people (which i had not used in WoW ever before, nor much in real life), and my skills in knowing the items.

I knew all about the items in WoW, resources, professions, drops, whatever aspect that might affect the prices. I got my Auctioneer addon, and then, it was work time.

A month, two months went, which can be roughly summarized by this: I buy an item (AH or trade channel), use my contacts to find a buyer or searches through chat, then sells it on with a profit depending on the rarity of the item * the number of buyers. Capiche, a rough estimate is a earn of about 100g / each hour played – which weren”t many actually – the height of my business. At first, my friends had laughed, told me that “it would never work”, “WoW was not designed for this”, “You should just keep levelling” and such. But as they saw how i prospered, they actually came to me to learn the art of trading. And then i could laugh. I even wrote an extensive guide which i some day might share with you guys.

But then, it happened: “Official realease date of Burning Crusade is 16th January”.

What happened? With the sight of new items, higher level cap and more money in sight, why should people then buy my items?! My sales dwindled, and i lost huge amounts of gold to bad investments – i hadn”t even bought Epic Mount yet, because i had always invested my new earnings in better items. But now, these items wouldn”t sell, and i hit rock bottom.

Once again, i abandomed WoW, but only for a short period of time. For now was the time to revenge!

On January 15th, we started on the big project all danish students have to make before they graduate the first school system. This project would influence our overall grade and would have great impact on our teachers recommendations. So, on January 15th, we hade about 3/4 of the total work we had to deliver, with only one sight in mind: To stand in the store with Burning Crusade in our hands!

Naturally, we were there when the shop opened the next day at 10 AM, and we had installed the games at 1 PM. Then began the best experience i have ever had in WoW. We usually refers to this in our school as “The Great Day of Gaming”. For it truly was a great day. We didn”t stop playing at all for 16 hours, from 1 PM January 16th to 7 AM January 17th. We were thrilled with the vast new areas to explore, the insanely overpowered items Blizzard has given to us the moment we placed foot in Outlands, and the new monsters we saw, let alone the gameplay we had as the three of us – our group in the project – levelled our, respectively, warrior, rogue and priest two whole levels to level 62 in 16 hours.

That was awesome. That is WoW when WoW is best.

But after that, it became boring. Not levelling with other people i knew only helped the feeling that i was back in the good ol” days of my first character. It was the same, although on a higher level. But still, the same. I got bored. And i quit.

When i left WoW, Alzaars reputation as a tradesman on the server had been noted by many great guilds (as far as i know), but he hadn”t completed the secret goal i probably always have had; total market dominance. In WoW, that goal is the hardest goal you can have of several reasons:

1) WoW is not built for player-to-player trade. It is build for combat, and therefore, a goal which is so renegade to the gameplay style is always harder than the ones Blizz wanted you to have.
2) It is not hard to complete neither Karazhan nor Caverns of Time – all you need is a hardcore gaming guild and 16 gaming hours each day.
3) The market dominance goal naturally triggers the well-known group of collectors, miners and grinders, who eventually will bring you down. Eventually.

To conclude on my WoW experience, i can only say i had fun most of the time. Blizz really did a good job designing quests, landscape and dungeons, and they did make it interesting to play. But only for an amount of time. Once you”ve reached 70, there is no more goals for you to reach, other than equipment. And in my oppinion, equipment is not a goal in itself, but more like a tool to unlock new encounters, be the winning team in battlegrounds and such.

Now, the next conclusion probably doesn”t come as any surprise, and it might upset someone.

WoW is for more impulsive players, players who have the most fun pressing buttons in a certain order. Players who don”t like intelligent designed MMOs, and don”t like freedom in games. They want a nice setup which they can go eat rightaway – not too many possibilities, and of course, a good ranking system so you can see who the highest jerk is.

WoW is also for players who don”t wish their games to resemble reality. I think that many players play WoW in order to flee from IRL problems. I once talked to such a guy, he was from Russia and i said that he had dropped our of University because he played too much. His girlfriend had broken up with him, and he didn”t speak to his parents. But he still played WoW, even though he knew it was the source of evil. But when you play WoW, a fantasy game, any WoW-gamer knows you lose sense of reality, you are not interested in the real life anymore, as long as you”re focused on the game.

This is a psychological effect. You all know another version of it; you”ve done something terrible embarrasing, or you”ve seen something really frightening, like a car crash. Or a relative you were close to, died. What do most people do, apart from talking to psychologists? They do other things, so they can push their “bad thoughts” away and focus on their work, project or – in this case – game.

This is just my own experience summarized. I am by no means a professional on this subject. But after all, i am a WoW player in my heart, like we all are.

We must escape real life when it looks ugly.

Post Date: 14:57 30-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: gnarkilla2
Comment: its not a very fun game i mean what’s the objective??? its just killing and killing???? Then it costed 15 $ a month i was like wtf i have life not a life on the comptuer for 12 hours.Its not worth the time im giving it a 3 only becuase it has quite good graphics.

Post Date: 04:36 21-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: IGSean24
Comment: I’ve played and stopped alot of times.
I mean the game is fun, but it’s not worth your time.
There are tons of other things I could be doing to better myself, rather than wasting my life away on this game.
The game itself, however, is among the better ones out there.
It is the best of it’s class and greatly surpasses all of the non MMORPG games. There is allways something more to do. Allways something more to explore. It’s not worth the time though.

Post Date: 00:10 20-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Mathwiz93
Comment: This game is just completely amazing. Many say it’s easy to level up but the main point is not to just get to the skill cap and think theres nothing to do. When you get to the skill cap there are tons of dungeons that can only be survived by a group of around 15 people all levels 67-70. I have a 70 which I twinked out with the best armor an weapons I coud possibly get. But besides the leveling, the graphics are one of the best Ive played on an mmo. There are 10 races with Burning Crusade and 8 without and 9 classes. Also what I like about this game is for people who don’t like to PVP and just want to hang with friends there are Normal realms and RP (role playing) realms which both contain no PVP! Overall this game is amazing and by far the best mmo ever. I give it a 10 without a doubt!

Post Date: 05:09 11-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: saurondude12
Comment: awsome game. only thing that is bad is that it is SO freakin expensive. still, great game

Post Date: 20:35 09-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: jackin9
Comment: wat a wonderfull game!! this game is good in all sorts of places! graphics, Excellent, Gameplay, Great, Story, Wonderfull, but the addiction. i mean, you will soon be playing 60-100 hours a week! i have never played a game so addictive. i recommend this game to players which dont want their character to grow big in a short period of time. there is always something to do, Enjoy it!

Post Date: 14:52 08-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: koalaboy6
Comment: warcraft bored the hell out of me all i did was run around stormwind whoopy doo! it is bad for those of you consider buying the game/burning crusades let me save you some cash and tell you NOT TO! spend it on runescape membership or somthing or maybe on some candy either way dont get warcraft.

Post Date: 16:31 07-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Death Throw
Comment: ROLF…if you look at the people who are giving bad reviews on this you can tell most of them haven’t even played WoW or graduated from elementary school. if you can’t afford the monthly fee tough $hit this game still owns every mmo out there. if there are still idiots paying 5 bucks a month for runescape then its definitely worth paying 14 bucks for WoW. all you 12 year olds go back to runescape but don’t comment on a game you never played you noobs.

WoW > (place mmo here)

end of story.

Post Date: 00:14 07-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Handicaptain
Comment: World of Warcraft has to be the funnest MMORPG ever made. The quests are nearly endless and the vast choices of weapons and armor and even pets just really make the game shine. Not to mention all of the enchants and buffs you can get. The spells are well-developed and have wonderful concepts in means of what they do. The actual world is HUGE and well made. There are many different ways to travel: Zepplin, Flying, and plain old walking are just some, not to mention summons and portals! Most everyone you meet will be friendly except the rare few ninjas and angry GMs. And you wont have to worry about being intimidated by level 100+ players since it only goes to level 70 it wont seem so hard to reach the max level (which it really isnt hard to do in the first place). In World of Warcraft its VERY easy to get upgraded weapons and armor so you wont be stuck with such weapons as a razor or starter sword for long *hrmph* maple story *hrmph* the items are NOT over-priced you can make at least 5 gold in a matter of hours at level 13 if you do it right and thats only off of one easy dungeon no to mention all of the items you’ll get in said dungeon. There are many different professions and secondary professions in WoW : Tailorer, Miner, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Jewelcrafter, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Enchanter, Herbalism, Skinner, Leatherworker, First Aid, Fisherman, Cook, and Engineering. All of these professions can be brought up to level 300 and you get new patterns for new armor or potions or gadgets or enchants almost every level. I highly reccomend this MMORPG for any age group.

Post Date: 14:16 06-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: dage538
Comment: Hate it or Love it… dont hate this game because you need to pay €180 a year… thats the same price as 3 normale new games.
-Money isnt hard to get (if you are not a noob)
-You will lvl fast. and whatever -_- low lvl players can have the same fun as a lvl 70. very much instaces like Rfc and Wc.


Post Date: 06:50 06-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: pyard
Comment: Great MMORPG!(all bad reviews are gamerz who dont play fer the fun of it they jus play to beatz it!) if you like almost any mmorpg you should LOVE THIS GAME! ive played almost EVERY MMORPG there is and i also decide this game should be at the top! it really dosnt take long to get your character to lvl 20 either! i play wit my lvl 53 guy and i mostly play wit prob 10 dif characters! if you liked everquest, DAOC, everquest 2, ort almost any mmorpg! YOU’L LOVE THIS GAME!

Post Date: 04:06 06-03-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Fatt_Slice
Comment: I used to play this game, but after I realized how horrible it is I quit soon after. I managed to make my way to a level 32 Blood Elf Warlock in only three weeks of 1-3 hours a day, it is pathetic how easy this game is – garbage!

The GM support is absolutely pathetic, I tried to contact GMs about 3 times and after an hour of waiting I obviously gave up.

The gameplay is far too easy, I can see why so many annoying children play this game. You can solo your way to level 70, teamwork is what most MMOs are suppose to be about, that’s why they make them multiplayer games.

The economy in this game is the worst of them all, it is literally Christmas of 2005 in FFXI all the time. Everything is overpriced and pathetic Blizzard never does anything about it.

Overall I must say this game is perfect for people who cannot handle harder games such as D&D Online and FFXI. I suggest this game to anyone who loves botting, power leveling, and selling gold.

Post Date: 02:17 05-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Sharkking
Comment: I’ve only played this game once. It was at my cousin’s house. I played it for about 10 minutes. It was so awsome. I’ve played runescape for about 1 1/2 years and that 10 minutes I played WOW blew runescape out of the water. I was shaking from excitment.I can’t play WOW on my computer because it is so slow. And its that im only 13 years old. But went I get older and get a job i and so going to play WOW. And come on…15 dollars a month… 180 a year…1800 every 10 years, im only 13 years old and i can make 250 a month. So quite complaining about being so much, because it not. ^-^ GO! WOW!

Post Date: 19:40 04-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: GAMER1121
Comment: Most people hate this game because it costs alot…If you haven’t played it don’t say the game sucks because it costs alot. I personally love the game and it is a ton of fun. There is so much to do. If you don’t want to pay $170 dollars a year don’t complain about the game. Your not rating a game on its price…

Why WoW is so good

1. Every class has its benifits so no one sucks.
2. The map is HUGE and cool
3. Gameplay is great
4. Buying selling and trading is easier and more fun with an auction house
5. Instances and dungeons are probably the coolest things in the game
6. Extremely nice and helpful community
7. NO hackers NO scammers
8. Good graphics
9. SO many things you can do with quests items and classes
10. JUST FUN!!!

Also think about this

If you make lets say….50,000 Dollars a year…Would 49,830 really change anything. (if you payed $170 for WoW)

Post Date: 14:26 04-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: shaderun
Comment: awsome.
cou cant buy it? get a job, this aint a game for stupid 12 year olds.
dont download, BUY it real thing/
money is easy to get if you know how, like skinning dead beasts.
the not-nice people quit WoW before reaching lvl 20, on high levels its a great community.

conclusion: medco you friggin noob, i just busted your post.

Post Date: 22:04 02-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: alexalexalex
Comment: i argee with medco

u have a 10 day trail and then pay 15$ a month

8-24 hours to down load then updates and patchs

stupid and i only now play warcraft 3 and the expaion dont wast ur time with this game

Post Date: 08:21 02-03-2007
Rating: 3
Author: medco
Comment: To tell you the truth my cousin loves this game….i dont.
1) Took me 8 hours to download the stupid game.
2) Really long to lvl up.
3) Money is really hard to get in fighting and selling.
4) Not much nice people play.
5) Alot of people who play this i find to act like snobs.

I ended up falling asleep at my computer waiting for this stupid game to download, and on top of that you have to pay to play, guild wars is better you buy the game, download it, and its free to play. For WoW on the other hand you got to keep going to the store to buy these moth cards just to play the game. Guild wars is better because its free and WoW is not plus all the number i said on top.

Post Date: 17:50 27-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: tomdc
Comment: well said Jozu, WOW is by far the best mmorpg overall ever made and anyone who says differently are probably just angry they cant afford it.
The only problem i have with it are the quests. They are so repitative its untrue, I used to play a MMORPG called runescape, the graphics were pretty lame and i eventually got bored but the quests on it were amazing!! there were so inventive and clever, and a lot of them were quite funny, whereas with WOW u have to kill something, find something, go somewhere, or talk to someone and thats about it.

Post Date: 17:27 25-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Jozu
Comment: The best mmorpg ever made. Those with bad reviews are simply those standard nub gold beggars trying to get off 😉

Post Date: 14:34 23-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Bohican
Comment: THANK YOU Mienja. This game compares NOTHING to any other game, For one, as stated below, you don’t have to rely on gear and there are unique things such as instruments. Lord of the Rings online is it’s own game. People may say we couldn’t know what its like because its only in beta, but DAMN DUDE BETA IS SICKASS!! I would quit every game I play (Except BF2) and play this game 24/7 if i could. I PERSONALLY garuntee that you will enjoy this game 100times more than WoW. Unless your a hardcore PVP then this game may not be for you since you can only pvp once you hit 40, or monster at 10. This game will be the beginning of the END for World of Roguecraft. World of Unbalancedcraft will no longer be the most popular game. WOOT GO LOTRO!!

Post Date: 02:40 18-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: gamerz
Comment: Too expensive, VERY laggy in big towns, repetitive, turns you into a drone.

i recemend guild wars, diablo or rappelz.

Post Date: 02:32 17-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: chrismilk
Comment: problem:i want to play this game but its too expensive
answer:get a job
problem:im too young =(
answer:ur screwd!
therefore its too expensive and very time consuming!!

Post Date: 21:39 11-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Tinytox
Comment: i tried the 10 day trial and i quit that… lol its so pointless… there are fields for no reason… no monsters spawn in a bunch of the areas… some level 40 whacked me with a FISH and killed me in 1 hit and im all like WTF? U 1 HIT ME WITH A FISH? go play ff11… i dont mean test i mean PLAY get level 30+ get a stratagy learn to party learn teamwork.. its a great game.

Post Date: 00:32 11-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: agentbassil
Comment: I’d have to say this is one of the best games i’ve ever played.Guild Wars players come here and talk crap about it, but it is good. I played Guild wars for a month, and got bored out of my mind,i had to force myself to keep playing(by the way it’s not free guild wars is using a cheap marketing strategy, since you have to pay for the expansions).Anywayz WoW is a great game. There are a lot of things to do, and until you are around level 40 it won’t get repetive, but hey all mmorpgs have that problem, so i give this game a solid 9

Post Date: 01:20 02-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Jeros01
Comment: i was going to give it a 2 and say its just bad but u have to pay for it and its stupid. the mouse moving and hit the button 1 over and over not fun.

Post Date: 16:44 26-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Kojack
Comment: After playing FFXI for about three years, I decided to try out WoW. I created my first character keeping in mind that this game was different from the FFXI I was used to. And it was. However it was not a bad different. I had a lot of fun.

I had chosen to be a Gnome Rogue, and spent my evening scampering around Cold Ridge Valley completing quests and massacring boars. I played it as I did my character in FFXI and, after a week, found myself at level 20. I had become a Miner somewhere along the way, and had 40 gold to show for it. My real-life friends, both at maximum level, were amazed at this. To this day I’m not sure if it was a real accomplishment or if I was being played for the fool. In any event, I spent the next five levels in Darkshire, still doing the familiar-but-different quests (I will explain later), and killing spiders and wolves.

It was about level 24 that I was invited to join another server, this time as a member of the Horde. I soon created a Tauren Warrior, and went on a mace-swinging rampage across the plains of Red Cloud Mesa.

Fast forward an experience point or two, and I am level 35 Warrior, my original Gnome long forgotten. It was at this time that my interest in FFXI renewed, and I canceled my subscription and returned to Vana’Diel.

During my stay in Azeroth, I found that, while WoW was more enjoyable, FFXI’s enjoyment lasted longer. Rewards in WoW seemed as common as immature players, of which there was an abundance. Such a large amount of treasure thrown at my face was almost overwhelming, as I was used to having to work so hard for something even remotely shiny in FFXI. The same applies to money. I found that I never had to farm, and after spending the gold that seemed to magically appear in my wallet, I was left asking myself, “now what?”

I could perhaps I could do more quests. Except, all the quests were like Smarties: they look different, yet are all the same flavor. I can only recall six types of quests: kill something, kill a number of somethings, find something, find a number of somethings, explore somewhere, or talk to somebody (who will, in turn, proceed to ask you to do one of the above tasks).

Perhaps I could pick up a craft. However, what is the main objective of crafting? To make money. Money that would otherwise come from grinding for experience points and levels.

Perhaps I could engage in some PvP activities. This does, of course, mean either:
a)join a queue for a battleground
b)seek out and destroy players in contested territories.
However, one can only “lay the smack down” so many times before the “pwnage” becomes tiresome.

Now, don’t get me wrong. WoW is an incredibly fun game, and I would recommend it to anyone with a decent computer. The faction system and separation of the players may be irksome at times, however it adds another dimension to the game that you won’t find anywhere else. This game is incredibly life-friendly, and is great for people who simply do not have hours upon hours of free time to spend on other MMOs. I also like how most treasure and items can be found in Instances, a copy of a dungeon. This means that players do not have to compete for treasure (as opposed to FFXI, where players must first claim a rare monster and kill it for the treasure).

If you want to play an online RPG, but aren’t sure if you can sit at the computer/console for a long duration of time, join the World of WarCraft.

Post Date: 17:08 21-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: bdoty906
Comment: WoW has one of the most in-depth story lines that blizzard has ever produced. However, WoW itself adds nothing to the storyline that warcraft 1-3 made.

Post Date: 10:38 17-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: iceyboi
Comment: from what ive seen i beilive this game is great
but… the storyline is the same as the RT vesion
even though its much better and higher levels.
overall its good if u only do PvE but the PvP aint so great

Post Date: 12:46 15-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: dibens
Comment: pros:
1)great stability and support [9]
2)good graphics (from technical side of view) [8]
3)no or little combat heals (ever tried to pvp with 6000 bandaids and/or heal pots? one fight=30mins lol)[8]
4)stable and engaging pvp and the balance is carried out ok. [7]
5)self-catering…no need for craft alts and all profs can do ranged attacks…even if they’re meelee class. [8]
6)controls…simple and effective- wasd or point-n-click(choose the one that suits you best) and ability to jump will sure save you that /stuck command. [8]
7)excellent sfx and music [8]
8)witty and fun mobs [8]

1) grahics (from esthetical side of view) WELCOME TO DISNEYLAND…the first mmorpg i dont feel proud about my char’s looks. VERY UNSEXY! (maybe bloodelf babes will prove otherwise [3]

2)grinding…not as awful as in Lineage 2 tho [5]

3)soloer unfriendly…practically forget about it here [4]

4)heroism…kidding? imagine being a simple soldier in napoleons army. Pretty bad, huh? NOW imagine beign one guy in 7 million army! you’re just an another piece of meat…[3]

5) to do list…grinding,pvp,little crafting,raid [6]
in total…85/

Post Date: 17:53 14-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Medusa333
Comment: Hello everyone! I just wanted to say if any new users need help give me a call. I have been playing this game for a little over a year now and I really enjoy it. I disagree with what some other people said concerning lag, graphics and story line. First of all there is no lag what so ever unless you are on an ancient computer or a laptop. The graphics are very good, a bit cartoonish but that is how Blizzard wanted it. You can not have pristene perfect graphics on an online game without tremendous lag problems so stop complaining… At first, yes there does appear to be no story line but as you get to higher levels it really does pick up. If you want a huge dramatic storyline I reccomend you pick a roleplaying server, believe me there’s tons of drama there (a little too over the top for me). So gimme a yell if you want some help. 🙂

Saphairia- Level 52-Nightelf Druid- Moonrunner- Order of Golden Fries

P.S. I am getting reaaaaalllllly sick of people who play Guildwars and Runescape posting and complaining about a game they haven’t even played. Give WOW a chance I think if you did and weren’t prejudice you would like it.

Post Date: 00:47 13-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: conkerfreak
Comment: Forget WoW! Theres like no storyline whatsoever. ur just basically running around killing things

Post Date: 13:38 11-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Armakuni
Comment: End game content is so repetitive it makes your ears bleed. Good pvp but it will always be a pve game so the pvpers suffer because of it… bad move blizzard the game was promising at first, its a sinking ship now.

Post Date: 23:17 10-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: YamiVegeta
Comment: Pathetic, weapons looks horrible, at least they could have come up with better models for weapons. Pff … it”s blasphemy for the original Warcraft games.

Post Date: 11:16 10-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Cals
Comment: Just rubbish!!! waste of money and time. Just a scam from Blizzard to make money GuildWars eats it up!!

Post Date: 01:28 10-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: orzornn
Comment: personally i really dont like this game i just to liek the way it is…i perfer DAoC or DiabloII..may seem wierd to some of you but its the way i am.

Post Date: 00:23 10-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: emojoe
Comment: this game is sweet,graphics are a little cartoony but okay.Character customiation has a good amout of to choose from,(ex troll rouge,dwarf paladin etc).Gameplay is simple but still fun and lots of spells or abilites.lots of items and world is freakin huge like 4 contienints or something.The comummity is good most peaple overall are nise.lvling is not that hard and a good system.Every race and class has its pros and cons.Quests get reppetiive and some are just stupid.the fee is stupid but game overall i think a fun experince

Post Date: 22:22 08-01-2007
Rating: 5
Author: FCC
Comment: Been Playing for quite some time now have several 60’s and its hard to rate this . It has so much potential but they seemed to have just given up . I cant see it getting better than a 5 . This is a game for kids note the ” T ” for teen . Its made so simple its stupid and yes after a couple of months you have seen and done about all there is to do IMO . I have played several good MMO’s starting with EQ and finished with SWG pre-NGE before starting WoW . As for the $15 monthly fee this one isnt any different than the rest . Now if your looking for something that takes work , thought , and skill this isnt for you . As mentioned already there is no way of standing out . Everything is the same and as for crafting well its simple … DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ! The economy (if you want to credit this game with having one) is as backwards as I have ever seen . WoW in general passes the time until something better and more ” M ” for mature comes out . Till then ill see you online …. after the 40 min wait .

Post Date: 14:30 06-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Redcap
Comment: I, for one, can afford the $15/month fee. I just choose to spend my $15 elsewhere. World of Warcraft is visually stunning and quite a lot of fun for the first month or two.

Then you realize the gripes and they”re usually pretty similar.

First – the good stuff.

WoW has one of the easiest, least awkward fighting/PvP systems out there if not THE best. This can be terribly fun.

The game looks absolutely beautiful and will run great on lower-end systems (I ran it on an integrated graphics chip when I first started playing it).

The battlegrounds are quite a lot of fun especially since they”ve changed them to incorporate all servers.

And now for the bad stuff.

Lack of content. It gets very repetitive very quickly and, IMHO, the quests are often very poorly written and uninspired.

Lack of customization. Don”t plan on being an individual in this game with your look. Every warrior around your level for the last half of levels in the game is going to have very similar if not identical equipment.

Severely limited race/class choices. There are 8 races (pre expansion) in the game. Although all races and classes are unique, it doesn”t lend to a lot of creativity.

40 man raids to get one piece of equipment!!! Oh my god this is annoying, time-consuming and just idiotic on Blizzard”s part. Wanna” get your epic gear? There are folks around that have had 60th level characters for a YEAR and don”t have a full set. And then they go and /change/ the epic gear after you”ve gotten it…thus kinda” cheating you.

All in all? I give it a 7.

Post Date: 02:28 06-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: oneyx
Comment: FINALY! I was having a hard time finding this game… Theres a big list out there! Ok back to the review… Quit this dam game! Sure its like the best game out there but it also costs like $20 a mounth! Thats… Cary the 2 subtract the 1… Thats like $240 a year! What a waste of money. But if you dont mind wasting you cash then buy this game theres over 7 million people who play and blizzard ( the people who made the game ) get like… they get more than $1,680,000,000 dollars a year from this game. Well there you have it and this would be such a goo d game if you didn;t have to pay so much. Mhhh, I will just stick with my xbox 360 🙂

Post Date: 16:01 02-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Vampicduba
Comment: Now. I have played Guild Wars, Runescape, City of Villains, and a bunch more. I must say that WoW is one of the best I ever played. Worth the $15/month fee, if you can afford it. Now, it does hav a cartoonish look to it, but the PvP and PvE elements are some of the most hardcore I’ve ever seen. Nothing quite like a good raid.

Post Date: 20:44 01-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: sammy555
Comment: alright lemme tell you why i gave this game a zero before you automatically stop reading this review.

The game requires limited skill
The game lags…alot
the quest chain is repetitive, and it gets boring after awhile.
pvp doesnt even come close to GW
nither does PvE
guilds are less built together, its more of just a symbol
races and classes are good, but crafting seriously sucks
the storyline is so descriptive, it gets boring
monthly payments for cartoony graphics?
events dnt come close to GW
id give this game a 5 put since its going against the GW campaigns its horrible.
Its super boring compared to some o f the better mMo’s
seriously i think flyff is better, and that game sorta sucks too

Post Date: 06:32 30-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Benjib
Comment: Guys wow is awsome! I no its expensive but expensive isnt the game. Expensive envolves the game but isnt the game. Just because its expensive it doesnt mean u give it a bad rating because its expensive. You can ask your friends for the free trial that came with their game for 10 days and then u can try it out and rate it.
~Tupoc(just kidding)Wow player in ravenholdt

Post Date: 21:09 27-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: brightsea
Comment: Lots of fun, some players get annoying (being corpse-camped for 1 hour straight isn’t exactly the best entertainment), but that comes with the territory. My husband and I take our dates ganking in Stranglethorn these days…

Post Date: 19:03 26-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: chunkylova53
Comment: i wish i counld give this a game a 100 out of 10 but for u people that rated this a 7 and below, your lucky

The Good.
-very active game where you wil NEVER get lonely unless you go into a dungeon at 2am at night.
-GREAT GRAPHICS. Blizzard purposely made the graphics look “bad” and “cartooney” because that’s their style of makeing games. Have you seen their trailers of WoW????
-Lots of PvP. there are mini games where you just kill people.
-You can challange a person to a duel. You don’t get anything from it, but it’s just for fun when your bored. i never get bored of this game.
-nine classes to choose from and tons of skills each. Class has it’s own specilty (eg shamans are good for support, warrior are good for takeing dmg, rogues are awesome at melee dmg).there is a talent tree where you can boost up your skills that your already have or learn new skills that will help you alot.
-so many quests it’s not funny anymore
-you almost NEVER see clones of yourself ever.
-over 2000 weapons and other items available.
-soooo many faces and hair to choose from.
-generaly a nice community
The Bad. 🙁
-expensive to play. $20 a month.
-very laggy at some points

Post Date: 03:35 25-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: slayer0273
Comment: ok, any1 who rated under 6 r morons, and r jelous because there to poor to play this game. this game is ausome, guild wars isn’t to good because it takes all the fun out of it by showing where to go with an arrow, u lvl up to fast and get money to easily in guild wars, there is no challenge in that game. Now in WoW theres plenty of challenges, alot to do, and the graphics r ausome.

Post Date: 11:46 24-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: slappy
Comment: to all u people who are poor dont rate a game on the pay to play come on ive played but then i got a life so its impossaible to lvl up thats the only downside about the game really is u need to have no life to hit 60 pvp is the best part i never hit the dang lvl cap to boring and i could find better stuff to do like go out side or hang out with friends i would say if u are gonna play this game make sure u have no freinds or a life cuz if u have a life it will take it from u my friend failed all his classes cuz he played wow to much thats pretty lame any way this is getting kinda long so cya

PS Runescape is pathetic (I played it to lvl 70 i kno its only good if your a member stinks for the free player)

also if u want a good MMORPG i would say get guildwars (I heard bad stuff about it to)
or get Xiah,Marshall Heros they are both really good

Im downloading 9dragons ill see if thats any good

Post Date: 01:57 24-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Chunkylova53
Comment: The graphics are good. Blizzard purposely made the graphics look like that because it”s their style. Have u seen the WoW trailers???

the price is expensive cause blizzard has to run the severs and it costs ALOT of money.

Post Date: 18:33 23-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Raikahn
Comment: Dont buy this game buy guild wars WoW stinks graphics wise and gameplay wise. . . geez so much lag

Post Date: 08:29 22-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Tinytox
Comment: this game was worth nothing to me… after playing ff11 for over a year, the graphics lookd cartoony and lame… i got level 5 and got bored with leveling… i mean what fun is leveling while eating with 2 hands? ill tell you, not at all.. leveling up istn like YAY im a whole level MORE then i was a min ago… and partys are pointless so far… the game isnt challenging whitch means there are lots of noobs high level that will mock u because u just joined….. ooo fun i get to be mockd by noob high levels that joined YESTERDAY because u can get level 30 in like a hour… ok maybe a lil bit of a exaturation but STILL come on… i give this a 0 because i find nothing in this game better then Final Fantasy 11… WoW recives a 0/10… FF 11 gets 10/10 for being the most cooperative game EVER…and playing for 2 days i had a whole 1 person talk to me (WoW!) see just like its name they named it WoW for : WoW this is increadibly lame! i prefer runescape over this.

Post Date: 04:45 22-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: galdor
Comment: Really the best MMORPG i’ve ever played, its graphics are amazing, the world and the quests are neverending and the castles and dungeons are totally huge and beautifull, really the most complete game ive ever played, the people who say its boring dont know how to play MMORPGS…The best online game

Post Date: 22:13 20-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Masterflame
Comment: if this game was free it would be a 10

Post Date: 03:02 16-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: cirt222
Comment: i am going to review this again you retards from runescape shut up if you havent playd world of warcraft DONT JUDGE IT! like runescape is any better then world of warcraft this game is amazing and you pepole out there reading this say to your self…”wow runescape sounds alot better then this game.” from all the reviews you hear down at the bottem are most likely runescape players fact: world of warcraft was made befor runescape! so jagx is riping it off runescape nerds play the game dont judge….

Post Date: 10:08 15-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: rediconoclast
Comment: Very mixed feelings about WoW. Have played in two long (3 month) runs, but very much doubt that I’d play again:

The Good: Brilliant pre Level 60 play for the more solo orientated player. Intuitive interface, cracking graphics. While quest-orientated, there is huge potential for fun for the soloist or occasional grouper. PvP play is excellent lots of fun and suits the soloist or occasional gamer.

The Bad: To get anything out of post Level 60, one is forced to group and guild. Having to rely on other players and guilds who generally insist on a ‘supernerd’ level of commitment to the game is a MAJOR weak point. Post Level 60 play consists mostly of going repeatedly through the same old dungeons time and time again in the hope of a decent equipmen drop, either with pickup groups or guild. This gets very jaded ver quickly – basically B-O-R-I-N-G. To do the mega-dungeons (Zerg dungeons) usually requires one to join a guild in one form or another and can only really be done by hypernerd no-lifers with an unhealthy level of commitment to the game – definitely not for the casual gamer, or anyone with an actual real life. The wait to get into battlegrounds for PvP (which can be many hours) can be very frustrating.

The Ugly: Personal gripe as an older, seasoned gamer: unfortunately, there are far too many spotty young teenagers playing this game 🙂

Post Date: 19:53 13-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: Melonskull
Comment: I purchased WoW a good while back and played it for a good bit. I had a level 53 mage. I found it to be too quest based, and if you weren’t on a quest than you would just be grinding and that gets terribly old really fast.

My friends were playing it non stop for a good while as well. only one of them played long enough to reach level 60 and he told me that was when the game really got fun because of the PvP. Then I realised thats all he did at level 60 was PvP. So I kind of figured for myself that besides the hard instances at end game(Which there aren’t too many of), theres not enough going on in the game to keep me playing.

The graphics bug me in a sense that it looks like a cartoon and it just constantly makes me feel like a little kid when I would get on, not to mention the tons of little kids playing anyway. Besides the cartoon look, the constant questing, boring grinding, and limited end game play. The game is alright I guess. Just my opinion though. I’m not familiar with the new expansion so they may have more to offer since I’ve played for the higher levels.

Post Date: 13:48 13-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: koalaboy6
Comment: i dont have too much against Wow, my best friend plays it but he is a NOOB! its destroyed him! i am about to give it a fair trial but im not looking forward to it. the graphics are good but because of the way the game is made they cant be improved in anyway. there arent as many armours as runescape. when i went to my friends all we did was look whether people where in guilds i mean that bores me half to death the only thing that made me feel better is when i got home to runescape!

Post Date: 16:29 11-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: c.wilson
Comment: please read this …………
i do like WoW and im sure gameplay is brilliant
but…… i bought it and it took me nearly 5 days to install as it kept failing (just because i dont have windows xp dosent mean im a loser) and when it was finaaly installed and i had a prepaid game card a pop-up said i had to buy a new 3d accelerator card for £100 – £200 thats why im giving WoW just 1 ….blizzard would make more customers and money if they just made WoW for slower computers thank you for reading

Post Date: 15:35 11-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: FOOTxMAN
Comment: does ne1 know how much i would have to spend for a year’s subscription to this, cus i can’t find it… i have friends that play WoW and they say its the best MMO ever, so i want to get into it.
if any1 could plz tell me the yearly price it would be greatly appreciated.
They also said that its like crack… only worse

i give this game an 8 out of ten because of the price (even though its a great game, the price is outstanding (like $18CAD !!!)) other than that all iv heard was good things about it

Post Date: 21:36 10-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Foucek
Comment: It”s like really really good but the patches wont let me play.

Post Date: 21:20 07-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: cirt222
Comment: whoa whoa whoa! i am not rich and i play this pepole this is one of he best mmo rpgs iv ever playd you need to get this! i would of given it a higher rateing! but it doesnt go higher pepole this game has it all! Pvp! loads of instances and quests the game isnt hard to figure out geting money isnt hard makeing freinds isnt hard! this game isnt that hard to download either! my god if you think this game stinks you are the bigst moron ever! this game is geart! but i would say dont get it now because the exp is comeing out very soon so please pick up this game! theres no hacks a lil bit of lag and so many pepole to talk to and you dont need a super comeputer to play it! you will love this game!!!1

Post Date: 03:05 07-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: ch00bbacca
Comment: Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 10
Price: 0

The price is bloody awfull, I cannot afford that much, if they bring it down to a modest 5 dollars a month, I”ll be higly tempted to join, and so will others.. They also need other methods than using credit cards.

I vote this game, 2 out of 10, because only rice people can play this.

Post Date: 15:09 04-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: c.wilson
Comment: love the game hate the cost so i got guild wars
and if u think i canyt afford it coz im poor no because i prefer free mmorpg’s

Post Date: 23:00 30-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: runegod44
Comment: I RELLY WANT THIS GAME SO BAD =) but my wallet wont let me i play this game called runescape wich is ok but it get relly old and repetive fast..oh well im gona go get GW now later peeps

Post Date: 18:22 30-11-2006
Rating: 7
Author: GigaHertz
Comment: Good game. Great graphics, maybe the best. Camera angles are also one of its best features, you can easily go from high up above view to first person by scrolling your mouse, nice!
Another great aspect of the game is that you can play it from the bad guys point of view (kinda)

Now on to the bad stuff….too expensive!Characters seem like they can use more developing, you have ALL thick (fat) extra muscular characters who can use a bit more rendering.(no its my graphics card, I can guarantee you that.) Trust me the world looks amazing, but the characters need work. The worst part of the game is simply that is just to easy. To repetetive, the battles get boring. Way to easy to lvl up. You can reach lvl 10 in 2 hours, which is what makes this game addicting, you know you can reach the next lvl if you would play for a few more minutes… Fighting can be done automatically while you grab a sandwich and just watch. Personally I like a lil challenge. I recommend this to lazy gamers. No offense, the game is great, but not the best.

Post Date: 14:35 30-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: bedbugg1(as in rs)
Comment: lol wow is in the guiness book of records do u know why? somone died from fatigue playing it! OMG! how sad is that! talk about a baaad influence
i odnt see people playing runescape and dying

Post Date: 09:48 29-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: uirguth
Comment: this game was the best mmorpgs for 2 years running i play mayself a lvl 43 dwarf hunter i rate this a 10 because best EVER graphics PLUS the game play is outstanding 10/10

Post Date: 18:50 26-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Shell
Comment: Give it an 8. Has awesome gameplay and a very huge world with many things to do, though i only recommend this for hardcore gamers. $15 a month is a lil much, and the grafiqs arent that great, but decent enough to get by. Too addictive for me, because it sucked my life away. I like Guild Wars, fun, but not as addictive as this, so i can quit that any time i likes. Still a good game nonetheless.

Post Date: 03:01 26-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Cremlaw
Comment: Best MMO ever. I’ve played many MMOs before. it’s worth the 15 bucks. I give it a nine because of the large download. It took me FOREVER to download it. But it’s really fun.

Post Date: 23:40 24-11-2006
Rating: 0
Comment: I hate this game just cause its too expensive. You need to slap yourself if you play this game cause you are an obsessive!

Post Date: 22:05 24-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Dreadealion
Comment: The best game on the market. You pick between Allaince “I HATE ALLIANCE” or the horde the villans “I Love the horde they kill everybody in pvp”. 80% of this game is pvp so yes it is possable to have your capital citys reduced to ruins” Unlikely but possable. They have rest exp so that even everyday guys can make it to about lvl 30 out of 60 with out givin up your life. If you like to kill noobies and desroy citys usen guilds that are tightly woven togather and help each other play this game. If your a peace loven wimp go play FF11……Hey give war a chance a mushroom cloud is a sigh of happyness!

Post Date: 22:51 21-11-2006
Rating: 5
Author: WoWg33k
Comment: DUDE U know World of warcraft is way better..
if it was f2p i no ud be playing it insted
of rs if ur old enough to get a job stop palying rs all day and go get one and playy a real MMORPG.
btw to lazy to get a job? get guild wars it pwned rs in 05 its F2p no hidden fees like runescape!

Post Date: 22:41 20-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Snakers
Comment: I have been playing this game for 3 weeks, and for some reason my marks have gone up. I have 2 jobs so $35 for 2 months doesn’t bother me at all, it didn’t bother me when i had one. the environments are amazing. Burning Crusade is just going to be fabulous. 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 21:36 16-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: tonyl1234
Comment: It”s a pretty good game. Like pretty much EVERY other commercial MMO, you have to pay every month to play, and while that does kinda stink, it doesn”t affect the quality of any MMORPG.

The good stuff: lots of quests, a lot of areas to explore, instanced dungeons (your group gets their own copy of it), most raid bosses have some kind of trick to beating them (all 3 guys have to die at the same time, try to have complete control of 40 mobs running around trying to kill you, you have to kill an egg while its under the boss), new endgame content being added pretty frequently, insanely fast paced battle system, pretty fast leveling that you can solo from lvl 1-60 (compared to a group of 4-6 people just constantly killing mobs, the game lets you focus more on progressing), Battlegrounds (PvP mini games), world pvp (really common after you get to around lvl 30)

The bad stuff: because the game is almost completely gear based, you will end up spending months farming the same raids to have good enough gear to be able to try a new one, like a lot of other MMO”s. Until the expansion is released, your PvP rank is determined by how much of your day you can spend just following people around in a Battleground. Too much work was put into the graphic quality of the game, and if your computer isn”t good enough to handle it, end game raids will look like a slide show. The game desperately needs a new type of end-game content, it does get boring.

I would recommend playing the game, but just like with every game it”s not going to be perfect for everyone. In my opinion its pretty equal to EQ and FF-XI, but it has things in the game that makes it unique compared to the other two. Just like how they have stuff that makes them unique.

Everyones opinion on the game is going to be different, best advice: download the 10 day trial and see if you like it. But just make sure you remember the game will be prett boring until around level 10-15, but you can get to those levels within a day. Just like every other MMO at low levels 🙂

Post Date: 10:28 16-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: konartiz
Comment: To bedbugg1… How the hell iz RS bettr than WoW?WoW has Heapz bettr grafiks while in RS ur char haz a frickin square head….WoW has a way huger world even without the expansion comin out next yr. and just coz RS has more lvlz doesnt mean it bettr.U could spend ur time gettin up to lvl 126 while fighting like a retarded sloth.The combat is bettr than RS 2. Rs has more than 1 goddamn race. I guess i said everythin WoWg33k huh? oh well…

Post Date: 13:49 15-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: WoWg33k
Comment: um the 2 below r r fireckin NOOBS!! how the rs
beat WoW?? runescape has no roleplaying no challange and a bunch of dumbs 8 yr nerds. anyways rs noobs tend to say WoW dosent hav all the skills rs has.. nottrue it has EVERY skill rs has plus even more. the players arnt jerks like all of rs players. The grahics r so much better including the combat system. in other worlds World of warcraft pwns runescape stinks

Post Date: 11:09 14-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Koalaboy6
Comment: Agreed with bedbugg1 runescape has an ever growing amount of levels and quests! When warcraft has 3 levels and you can only get your combat to level 60! runescape you can get to 126!!

Post Date: 11:29 13-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Armakuni
Comment: This game does not deliver at all!!! This game is kinda a MUST try but its not a good game, mostly because it lacks content.

Expansion is coming out but it only adds MORE of the same which is NOT what the game needs.

A strong 2 it gets and thats because Blizzard has done amazing games in the past

Post Date: 23:34 11-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: ryan0nline
Comment: Don’t bother playing this unless you have no life, cuz this will ruin it.

Post Date: 02:04 07-11-2006
Rating: 5
Author: turtlefuzz
Comment: This game after being out for 2 years and with a planned expansion pack beiing developed as we speak, the world of warcraft is better then ever, and with the huge player base, it is a very enjoyable exprience. But before you WoW haters start dissing this game, let me start off with some of the pros and cons of this MMO. The BAD – No in game talk support, very annoying that there is no built in voice communication in the game itself, though each realm has a dedicated ventrillo server, it is still a pain to type so much when in a party, because not everyone is going to want to talk on vent.

It is hard to get a group for instances if u do not have a large or good guild. The LFG (looking for group) channel is very ineffective and is often spammed by guilds recruting, and more often than not u will spend a good deal of time looking for people that you need to join your group, especially healers, and tanks.

The GOOD – Has many types of servers, such as role playing, where people act our their characters as if they are a gnome warrior, PVP (player vs. player) where the horde and alliance can fight each other in the contested areas of the game world, and recieve honor for which, where on other servers honor is only recieved through battlegrounds. A very large community and each server or realm, has a lot of people on it, and is great because of the community type services you use to make gold (money currency in WoW) make it worthwhile to work on your professions, because gold is needed for almost everything in this game, and people go so far as to pay for gold from websites with a credit card.

The game does not get boring once you are level 60 (the highest level you can achieve). Once level 60 the game becomes more intense and more things open up to do then ever before at lower levels, and you concentrate on PVP and getting gear, instead of getting XP, and you also have the ability to make as many characters on as many servers as you want, so you can make more than one level 60, with one being a healer, and one a rouge or hunter. Conlusion – The game is very good, one of the most played MMO’s of all time, and it has a great update serivice, and is being worked on by blizzard constantly, and has a great online community. Most people will totally love this game after a hour or so, because the learning curve is kinda high if new to MMO’s.

Post Date: 15:58 05-11-2006
Rating: 5
Author: bopice
Comment: They did it right by having Japanese artwork with very low computer standards to play it! The Movement of the character is perfect , It has perfect gameplay.

It has a lack of content and very very poor updates. I have had every blue item in the game and seen most of the purple raid items drop. Lack of items ++ Tooo many quests. Should be around 5 quests and 1 epic quests for each class. Quests are overdone people only care about getting there quests done . They are not involved in the fantasy of helping the group explore new areas and bosses they only want to complete their 5632 quest!
7 Level 60″s
4 level 40″s
now playing eq2 waiting for a Console like XBox 360 w/webcam/headset to come out with a Action MMorpg with more full suits for each class and rare named mobs like eq!

mmorpg king Out!

Post Date: 01:56 05-11-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Laniatus
Comment: Soft mmo gameplay for toddles only just stepping away from runescape….. you hit level 6 in the trial and you sit there thinking “what’s the point?” then you run around shouting abuse, get banned and spend 3 hours whining on the forums about how you want your money back.

Post Date: 00:37 05-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: turtlefuzz
Comment: @Adamadamn:
Why do you think that? This game is just sooo good, and just becasue you pay for it shouldn”t matter because its such amazing game. Those people who “critisize you” have no life! Why bother? This game is just pure fun, and just so much better than any other MMO out there. GW comes VERY close.
@ Everyone who gave this game a bad review because of payment:
Get GW and stop Complaining about how you hate having to pay for a game.

Post Date: 23:14 04-11-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Adamadamn
Comment: I’m not really a fan of fantasy-based MMORGs, or Fantasty-based anything really, but this game has recieved far too much hype in my opinion. For a start, there is the obvious cost of actually playing online, which in itself delivers a huge blow to the game. Secondly, while it is reasonably fun to play with, you tend to be critisized if you are not at level 60 by people (or perhaps I just got the whingers, who knows?), and thirdly the game itself is mediocre at best.

Recieves a 4 from me.

Post Date: 21:46 03-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: kunta93
Comment: this game on this site is gettin its rating pulled down becuz of the ppl who think its dorky and stop after 5 days. yes, its dorky to say “I play WoW,” but its a real good game

Post Date: 18:42 26-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: dominic3456
Comment: Pefection….

SImply perfect the cartton graphics cause almost no lag. Lvl 60 isnt that hard to get, and its so much fun.

To the post under me. Whos the nerd the guy who plays the game? or the guy whos going to websites about the gamer but to poor to afford it?

All you people who say guild wars is better, this game you pay bcuz it is updated daily. It is totally worth the money!

Post Date: 04:02 25-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: getalife
Comment: Why dont all you nerds get a life or better yet a JOB. It takes anywhere from 18-20 days of playing time to get to lvl 60 if you know what you are doing, so tells my super nerd friend who sadly plays this game. Anyone know off the top of your head what 20×24 is? 480 hours that means you would have to sit at your computer and not move for almost 3 weeks. Who cares about the monthly fee or the game cost. For one year or playing you spend $200-250. In this amount of time even if you made minimum wage you could earn $2472. By the way this game looks pathetic.

Post Date: 21:32 24-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: WoWg33k
Comment: this game truly is WoW
1. amazing grahics
2. good community
3.awesome combat sysetm
4. pvp system pwns
5. tuns of fun quest
6. aesome classes and races
7. updated weekly so it stays fresh

Post Date: 19:26 24-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Loryn
Comment: I have two 60 lvl mages and one 58 lvl priest.
all i can say about WOW – it is amazing game IF:
1) you got 60 lvl
2) you got (or you are in) GOOD guild with 40+ active players
3) you are not a mage 🙂

I dont know why, but i was in 3 guilds and all they stunk.
It all depends on how good your guild is. bad guild = wow stinks. Good guild = WOW rocks.
So be ready do be a good player of you class and find good guild or you will end up like i did :))

PS: the main thing i wanted to tell you. I stopped playing WOW 3 month ago, that was not easy decision, it was HARD to stop playing. And i suggest you – DO NOT START PLAYING WOW! It will take ALOT of your life witohout return.

PS2: If you are already playing WOW – STOP PLAYING NOW AND GET REAL LIFE 🙂

PS3: now i am playing Utopia game, it takes zero time with same feelings like WOW do 🙂 try it if you searching for something to do, hehe

Post Date: 20:33 23-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: yanbo
Comment: WoW is definitely the best MMORPG out their i could even say its the best game on any format out their. Yes you do have to pay $15 a month (xcept im from uk so its £10) but its worth it because it helps make the game better and son enough itll be so good they wont want to update anymore and it will become free! Its a great game because the graphics are good the fighting is ace and theres tons of classes, quests and items. My favourite bit though is definitely exploring the world on an eagle or bird of some kind the landscape is absolutely AMAZING! If you really dont want to pay $15 a month then you can bu the 30 day trial edition for around $3 and then i BET youll be gagging to buy the real version.

And stop reviewing this game unless youve actually played it

Post Date: 02:56 20-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: runegod44
Comment: This MMORPG is the best. No other one can beat it.
W00T!!!!!! yea..anyones this deserves a 10 out of 10 =)

Post Date: 10:02 19-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Cursecaster-deathwing
Comment: I rate this game 10/10

Think about it… u are not wasting money, in paticular u ARE using money to have it fun in the end anyway and if u dont rate this game at least 8+ its because: u are not lvl 60, u are stuck in lvling and too bored to lvl, or u got all armor and played one each class high enough 😛

Post Date: 20:33 16-10-2006
Rating: 1
Author: gamerman2007
Comment: cost wayyy 2 much
waste of money but ive heard good things too

Post Date: 21:52 12-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: pppppppppp
Comment: OMG!!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! im so cool wasting 60$ to buy and 15$ a month but dont worry, thats only 240$ your first year I am awsome OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! i have no life cause i like to waste money.

Post Date: 00:14 10-10-2006
Rating: 5
Author: AQMaster
Comment: Graphics are pretty good, an awesome game, but the price drove me away. You have to buy the game, then pay a monthly fee, which adds up quickly.

Post Date: 20:46 08-10-2006
Rating: 8
Author: ohca
Comment: Prefer Eve Online these days due to more depth but still the best fantasy MMO. If you cant afford $15 a month you should be working instead of playing games because no free game is this good including Guild Wars.

Post Date: 05:14 08-10-2006
Rating: 1
Author: RPGgamer
Comment: P2P bad graphics grind grind grind, and is not worth it for the price

Post Date: 20:45 07-10-2006
Rating: 5
Author: guildwarspwnz
Comment: not that bad but its p2p and the graphics were probably good for when the game came out but it stinks now. In this game u also grind and for all the people out there who this this is better than GW its not. But is this game was F2P it would probably be better than GW and the graphics still worse.

Post Date: 18:52 07-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Bob103
Comment: Half-rate graphis, easy lvling, half-rate gameplay.

Post Date: 00:56 06-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Leet Pwnzor
Comment: this game is by far the greatest mmorpg ever created, and it still will be for a long time.
Whoever says “This games bad because you have to play” or “Its too easy too lvl”, ahhh i dont think you were playing WoW, sure its easy too get too 30 i can do it in one weekend of obssesive play, it really starts too slow done in higher lvls. And also blizzards doesnt want you too spend all your time lvling because the game starts at 60 literally (like many others have said). And you pay so blizzard can bring out expansions, patches and do maintanence on all the servers. I admint below 50 its kinda boring because the best thing you can do is a 5 man instance wooh… But play the game long enough too get too 60 and get into a end game guild and you will think that its all worth the monthly fee. And yes this is a grinding mmorpg, questing does stuff above lvl 30. So whoever says this is a questing mmorpg, l2p. There is just one bad thing about this game, and that is the atrocious lag, it happens too often and when it does your usually fighting sumthin or in a instance. But this game still remains the best mmorpg out there just because you have too pay and your too poor too afford it dont bad mouth the game. And if you dont have a 60 and say lvling is easy go get a 60 idiot then youll see why they made lvling easy in lower lvls.

Post Date: 10:31 28-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: gunslingerkid08
Comment: Great game very fun in you do pvp and get an active guild. on the down side grinding lvl 55+ is a pain.

Post Date: 12:11 26-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: essahman01
Comment: Its one of the best games i ever played i give it a perfect 10

Post Date: 20:30 16-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Juanita
Comment: I cant believe you noobs that are giing the game low rate because of monthly fees, you should PLAY the game for week nd than you would understanding that the fees are here because of often updates on which Blizzard spends money on, dont you understnd updates cost them too? And the thing about super easy leveling – you normal? Leveling isnt that easy except you are some nerd that doesnt even sleep at night, yes its easy at lvl 4 but later it aint so easy, Graphyc is faboulus, Pvp is better than any MMORPG, story line is faboulus nd the most important, the GAME never ends, actually it starts at the “end” – lvl 60. So before comenting it why dont you actually play the game and see it?

Game isnt 10, its 15!!

Post Date: 02:04 16-09-2006
Rating: 3
Author: fargothciA
Comment: in a nutshell, lvling is super easy and boring because u cant just kill monsters u have to do quests for xp(who wants to do that?) i played it up until lvl 25 and by that point the only thing i did was leatherworking and clothworking and they were almost maxed so if u feel like wasting 50$ go get it but personnally i think its bad.

Post Date: 22:52 14-09-2006
Rating: 0
Author: hellomoto
Comment: p2p is stupid why must u pay for a game once u already bought the stupid thing?

P.S Guild wars is the same thing but better cause its FREEEEEEEEEEEE i cant belive people are still willing to pay for a game after the fact they bought it

Post Date: 19:31 06-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: ezrachoi
Comment: Who ever says the game is bad have either been less then lvl 60 or never actually hit lvl 60. because, many people think that once you hit lvl 60 the game is over and its boring. But little do “you” people know that the game STARTS at lvl 60. its obvious because.. for 1) world of warcraft is named best game in the world for a reason. 2) its obvious that its the best game.. duh, because everyone in the world gives it a high review. 3) its the best game because everyone in the world because 6 million people from all over the world agrees its the best game. And if your one of those people who think they have beaten everything and finished every instance your wrong.. because blizzard announced that they are dont making any other games such as starcraft 2 or diablo 3 because every year they are going to spend billions of dollars to make expansions every year

Post Date: 02:42 06-09-2006
Rating: 9
Author: frosty
Comment: Super fun, could play it all day.

Post Date: 15:56 05-09-2006
Rating: 2
Author: jman
Comment: Nice graphics.

Unfortunatly you are bound to endless grindding to level up and then to get the good equipment.

Post Date: 19:22 02-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: MattRod
Comment: Ok im going to set everyone straight on WoW. It is not as addicting as you think, every game is. If you have self control and willpower you can play this game and carry on a normal life. And the graphics are amazing and cartoony just like in Wc3. And if you complain about the 15$ a month you need to get off your butt and work. The reason for the fee is becasue blizzard is always updating the game and getting new hardware for servers and constantly adding new content and if we didnt pay the game would be the way it was the same day it came out which would kind of be bad. And the game doesnt end at 60 morons. Theres TONS of raid content we would never have if we didnt pay for the game (see a few lines above). Amazing PvP and honor system. Basically the game never ends and i love it. Im not saying everyone should like WoW, Im saying people dislike it for stupid reasons they dont know and understand. If you play i am a 59 hunter on Eonar Drop me a note.

Post Date: 04:59 29-08-2006
Rating: 10
Author: LoneWolf686
Comment: WoW is the best MMORPG game ever, the only thing that is bad bout it is the monthly fees

Post Date: 17:09 24-08-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Einherjerrr
Comment: When I buy a game I want to be able to play it as long as I like without any restrictions or fees EVER AGAIN. I dont “own” a copy of WOW but I´ve played some on a friends computer and it seems to be a great game set in an awesomely designed world however, in my humble opinion, you´d have to be a real sucker to PAY for a game that you have to PAY to PLAY. Makes no sence whatsoever. Only shows what game developers and marketers think of gamers: Gamers are moronic zombies who will pay anything just as long as they get to keep playing. This system is completely outdated and should never have been how a modern MMORPG like WOW functioned. I´m not saying that it´s not working as a businessplan, people are definately paying, paying and paying again to play this game. Im just saying that it´s a really bad deal for the players. Gamespot, IGN and the other major sites should have knocked off at least 25% from their review scores because of this ancient, bloodsucking system. Do not play World of Warcraft and feel proud! Ahhh

Post Date: 21:31 22-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: johndile
Comment: Wat can i say besides this game is the absolutely best game ever. Yeh right this game is the worst game ever invented and i believe no one should ever have to under go the torture it brings upon its players

Post Date: 04:23 03-08-2006
Rating: 2
Author: bagbkaz
Comment: yea this game was awsome, for the first week, it then began to become boring and unlively. i did almost everything there is to do in about 2 months. yea i was an Evercrack addict so i played WoW into the ground, not nearly enough to do, id recommend EQ2. Waaaay better Customization, and much more to do.

Post Date: 03:01 01-08-2006
Rating: 5
Author: spudx
Comment: I agree with Raikahn this game is like McDonalds to a Fat Boy i was addicted to this game for 6months so i know alot about it. if your a busy person PLAY SOMETHING ELSE this will ruin your life. I give it a 5 because its not perfect and its only the next step into the evolution of Online Gaming I expect better to come in the future.

Post Date: 08:15 31-07-2006
Rating: 5
Author: DarkNshY
Comment: Prefer GW but i play warcraft 3 (tft) so i like WoW. but i would NEVER pay for a game like that

Post Date: 09:50 27-07-2006
Rating: 8
Author: mmomeister
Comment: Fun game whether you want to have several alts or just one to explore all the end game content and PvP.

Post Date: 17:51 23-07-2006
Rating: 9
Author: RastaB
Comment: i stopped playing wow a bit ago but when i played it i liked it alot.
it just got boring fast for me, i somehow prefer more individual, creative mmorpgs.
if you like a pretty linear gameplay and fluffy fantasyworld you cant do much wrong with wow.

oh and p.s.: dont rate a game by your addiction to it and the servers had less downtimes then any other mmorpg i played before.

Post Date: 12:40 18-07-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Raikahn
Comment: This game is bad because of the servers being full all the time but not today muahahahaha cuz there updating it which takes an entire day to actually do. And since the graphics are bad because of Blizzard not wanting to go over-budget so dont expect to much detail.

There are so many players that when and if u get to play theres so much lag that its just annoying. But I really only liked the dueling system and that they change the look of the cities for every holiday I know because ive played theis for a year and its addicting.

Do not play this game it uses MINDCONTROL so that people keep playing forever like mindless zombies not goin to the restroom eating sleeping and even going to work!?

Post Date: 17:41 11-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: WoWfreak
Comment: Best Game Ive Ever Played!!!!! and this will probably be the best game I will ever play This game to me and millions others never gets old because of the ever changing enviroment with the new expansion coming out soon so far the lvl limit is 60 but if you get the expansion the lvl limit with change to 70 (Ive also payed to play Dark Age of Camelot which sucked) But truly if you are looking for a fun game with lots of people and a great economy other then a few people I would definetly look into this great game and if you decide to join WoW and you would like a playing buddy i would love to help you so if you interested in playing with me and my friends im on the Server Azjol Nerub And im a Tauren Hunter In the Guild Dark Jedi of the Horde

Post Date: 17:15 10-07-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Alternate_Gamer
Comment: This is a very very good game. The monthly charge is a let down but thatswhat you have to pay for quality. The levels, monsters, graphics, are brilliant. Im not so fond on the procedure when you die, but thats just my opinion. Iv been playing on it with my friends for a while and the game is very addicting and full of excitment.
WoW is the best MMORPG on the market and is close to perfect. The worst thing about the game is that a few of my friends will now not come out on a saturday because their playing WoW!:O (saddddddd)

Post Date: 01:02 10-07-2006
Rating: 5
Author: mmorpg-man
Comment: WoW is WoW, its expensive, go buy a disc from a store for $55(yes) then pay $15 a month, i mean come on! and it’s not because anyone’s poor, i dont know know who in their right mind pays that much for a game which basically stops at level 60, if you think price doesnt matter, then go spend your money on something worth it, by the time you get to a high level you’ve just spend loads, i mean what’s the point??

Post Date: 15:34 07-07-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Maleficence
Comment: I currently have a 60 hwl , Ive played through every end-gaming instance as far as they have been pushed, and I must say, WoW is a thurraly dissapointing excuse for a good game.

While the commmunity comprises of mainly 12 year old boys ignorant to any form of organization coupled with 40 year old men bent so hard on roleplaying that they lose focus of “decent” gameplay it creates a rather pathetic atmosphere.

The leveling process is one of grueling simplicity in an almost moronistic manner, in which anyone with time can get to 60 without much trouble (I play on a pvp server so there is the ocasional ganking, of which I am supringly a strong fan). But aside from pvp encounters it is a disgracefully easy feat to progress.

The PvP is one of the few solid aspects of the game and thus why I rate it a 5 as opposed to a 0, unforchunately blizzard has yet to incorporate some key elements of pvp. The balancing of classes (For the most part) leans towards the fair side, and I am a big fan of contested zones and world pvp. However the rewards for being decent at pvp are nothing compared to pve rewards which in my opinion would not be so terrible if it werent for the fact that the game is 65% equipment based.

The player economy is almost virtualy non existant, because of a poor auction system and the fact that player crafted items just do not compare to loot in the game.Yes potions and enchants prove use(outisde of instances in which case you would tyipcaly have an adequate guildy) but these are temporary luxary items if you will.

In conclusion I cannot entirely blame blizzard for the demise of this game as it is primarily the community that makes it so painful. If they had allowed for more reasonable aquisition of loot through soloing as opposed to group and/or made it more difficult to attain lvl 60 I think the game would be far more interseting and worth while.

Post Date: 02:10 04-07-2006
Rating: 7
Author: Legend-of-Templar
Comment: Blizzard is the best game company there is –
I played and have all of their games – starting from warcraft : orcs and humans , starcraft , and diablo back in the 1990’s.World of Warcraft is really good but too over rated and exagurated.
It has to work on its level cap.. why is it 60 ?
Out of no where just pick a random number like 60.It should’ve had a level cap like Diablo 2-All of the monsters and NPC’s seem exactly the same – either a few colors or in size.The Graphics are extremely good – but lets face it – with the LAG graphics are nothing.The monthly fee is 15 $. Now 15 dollars is enough for another internet bill.

Plus the game would be nothing if no one played the other warcraft sets.They only play it to fallow the warcraft story…

and for that stupid reject that siad people blame the game when their computer is bad for lag?

what an idiot – I am a coputer tech. and its the game that creates the lag – not the PC.


id have to give it a 7 – becouse no one realizes but world of wracraft is the same online mmrp games we have been seing all this time- plus the lag

Post Date: 18:11 03-07-2006
Rating: 4
Author: the cliff master
Comment: The monthly fee, too much fighting, and repetive
good graphics.

Post Date: 13:54 28-06-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Estupido
Comment: I’ve played many games, and playing this game was just awesome. Sure, there were those times where you had to do quest that you REALLY didnt want to do, and sometimes the game seemed kinda boring, the only thing you have to do is kill other players. Killing other players is always fulfilling 🙂

Post Date: 01:01 27-06-2006
Rating: 9
Author: omarer
Comment: this game is awesome it doesnt cost too much unless your poor, and there are almost no 8year olds in the game. The Graphics are also awesome and it doesnt really get prepetetive unless yor mentall and kill the same monster over and over thnking theres nothing else the only down is its hard to lvl

Post Date: 09:05 26-06-2006
Rating: 5
Author: smartperson
Comment: Overrated reviews. The game was great, but it has gone downhill. But people will keep playing it because they are shuned from other games onto this one.

Post Date: 01:13 22-06-2006
Rating: 3
Author: AQmaster
Comment: Gameplay is okay, graphics are good. The game is overall fun moderately. The problem is if you play too much it gets repetitive. So you don’t play very often. But the game charges you a monthly fee, even if you don’t play.

Post Date: 03:17 21-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: bambiman
Comment: Man, a lot of stupid ratings for this game. I mean really if you are complaining about the 15$ fee, you are obviously a stupid kid. I agree PvP and lag could use some work but all my friends ive made off of WoW are 18years of age or older. For those who say it isn’t fun enough to play a long time…you are probably just getting your butt kicked by the other fraction. The new skills every other lvl keep you going fighting is not the same PvP is not in any way like Rock Paper Scissors you who think that once again are probably just getting ganked because you are noobs. Not very many 8 year olds play it considering the profanity(which you may not like) i really don’t think moms would let 8 year old see that. Billions of fun people to play with great battle system, though it may just be press the numbers to use your skills, the constant damage makes it different. Gear: There is so many items depending on what class you are you might need it like Warriors they are all about defense holding aggro they need some good gear so they can take damage but if you are a mage you are sitting back and casting so you only need gear to kick more butt. This game is great fee is worth it every step of the way there is an expansion coming out NEW LVL CAP 70!! two new races new place Outland. World of Warcraft is the best MMO on the market.

Post Date: 14:36 20-06-2006
Rating: 7
Author: Exorcism
Comment: I don’t own the game but played it at a friends house, and frankly I’m dissapointed.

I expected more.

Still it deserves a 7, though I think it is way to expensive (ofcourse not to some people, like me)

Post Date: 18:27 03-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: DragonLord
Comment: Stunning game,the only fee is a measly £5 $7.50 a month and the game itself,amazing game for those who like to explore; infact I’m an explorer you can ‘cliffclimb’ by jumping repeatedly on a slightly slanted mountain or hill, this gives an awesome view.and for those who like a bit of fun the darkmoon Faire Carnival is currently under construction in goldshire.Now for the best bits; they have added a weather system it might be raining snowing you name it, you can get mounts, pets and domestic pets, you can choose 2 proffesions (obviously if your gonna be a smith you need mining and blacksmithing etc.) there is always something to do,be it getting your ass kicked in the opposite alliance’s towns or be it exploring the infinitely large world, your gauranteed to be addicted in a flash by that i meen it takes a while (about lv10) and if you need newbie help add me Shalidra at DragonMaw server overall all people who are sick of rubbing fiberglass against there eyeballs playing runescape(read tourok293’s runescape review)try this game it is stress relief for those who feel like killing someone or are stressed from xbox live take my advice mages and warlocks are rock solid and be a human, or troll there’s too much too say so I’ll stop there, please just have a try for 1 month. It’s so worth it.Note:don’t listen to any bad reviews read the good ones see how much depth they actually put into there’s the bad ones are can’t be bothered to write, or simply to make you play there favourite game infact the only way to make up your decision is to try it yourself.

Post Date: 22:52 02-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Turtlefuzz
Comment: Im must say after playing this game some more, I am hooked. This game offers alot of depth and character optrions. It is not a disgrace becaues it is not free, but it does discurage me quite a bit. All and all, this is a solid MMORPG that is deffinetly worth trying.

Post Date: 13:11 27-05-2006
Rating: 3
Author: PolskiPride
Comment: gameplay is alright but it doesn’t have enough to do to last a long time.

Post Date: 08:52 27-05-2006
Rating: 1
Author: tx
Comment: This game does have awesome graphics and style. But the gameplay is boring and repetitive. All you do is replace your items with new versions that are 1% better – every hour – every day. Level grinding and questing is pointless, harvesting is dull. It is just dull overall once you stand back and look at the underlying framework. I played to level 40, up to 20 was great but 20 onwards was tiresome, I didn’t even play the my last months worth, it was just a hard slog for another +1 hat of dorkness.

Great world and setting, turned into a korean-style levelling treadmill of epically dull proportions. Feels more like maximising your tax returns than playing a game.

Oh and it is expensive.

Post Date: 03:47 27-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Turtlefuzz
Comment: Lets Start off with I am really cheap. And I don’t pay monthly for a MMORPG. But I went to my friends house who plays this game, and I was really impressed. You are never bored in this game. When I heard about a RPG Warcraft, I was almost certain I would hate it. But honestly this game is awesome. You should at least give this game a try.

+Great quests
+Great Pets
+Great Community
+Playeble Races

-Monthly Fee
-Somewhat Poor PvP

Bottom line: A great game thats worth a try.

Post Date: 17:44 19-05-2006
Rating: 0
Author: tottalyloco
Comment: Its a disgrace of its roots…Warcraft was one of the first games that u could play against eachother online…FREE. It’s a disgrace that u have to pay!

Post Date: 23:36 18-05-2006
Rating: 3
Author: zignaut
Comment: It laggs, every1 is pretty much 8 years old and the graphics are terrible and im dissapointed because Blizzard made it. Looks stupid, the only reason it has 10 is because millions of 8 year olds play it. Thanks Blizzard for ruining Warcraft

Post Date: 09:02 12-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Darkarbiter
Comment: I have to say out of a thorough experience of mmorpg that this is a brilliant game although the community does ruin it a bit. This is like the game for runescapers if you like Runescape you will love this if you like Diablo or Diablo 2 you will love this if your into warcraft you will love this pretty much everyone will love it the only game that even comes close is eve online but thats a very different game this is definitly best in the fantasy mmorpg genre.

Post Date: 19:11 04-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: demonia200
Comment: Arent MMORPG’s easy anyways, guild wars you can take henchies, solo sf, underworld with a monk, so any mmorpg can still have the solo experience. To me this game is alright. , the pve yes is a boring leveling, but ive been in a top guild in guild wars for over a year almost and i quit for a while cause so many kids running around naked with their characters saying perv stuff, random arenas was boring, pve you can level to 20 in a day, and the pvp is (im rank 6) but iway and spike builds and balance can get boring, especially since everyone wants to be over rank 9 and have a stupid tiger emote so wow and gw, and the others they all take time out of your life, depending if your a hardcore pvper.

Post Date: 04:45 04-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: obstructor
Comment: Not a great community at all and there a few bugs but I still love the game because I enjoy trying all the different possibilities with the races and classes. For example, I switched from a troll rogue to an undead rogue just so I could spend more time lockpicking waterlogged footlockers lol. No other p2p MMO has kept me interested for over a year before like this one.

Post Date: 15:38 02-05-2006
Rating: 8
Author: blakeish
Comment: 8/10. I’m not going to whine about lag. Upgrade your machine if it’s near the minimum sys req. otherwise, get used to that lag. Yes, I agree with many that Blizzard may be in a bit of a ‘slump’ with all the bugs they don’t fix until the ‘next patch’ and the ‘next patch’ has more bugs on top of that. They do what they can, even if it’s not perfect. You will not find a perfect game, only one that’s suited to you. For me, WoW is fun and entertaining, and I find it worth it’s monthy fee. I suggest giving this game a shot, it’s good a good amount of stuff to keep you entertained on many levels.

but apparently we all just like to complain.

Post Date: 15:21 25-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: supermutt0
Comment: i LOVE this game, well… not love, its a good game
BUT the lag the leveling the PvP noob killers, but if you like Runescape YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!

p.s i have a 40800k speed and a good pc.

Post Date: 08:38 20-04-2006
Rating: 9
Author: ouchie
Comment: Some people may complain that this game is too easy or mindless, but I see it as being the best made MMO yet. The funny thing is that the “smart” games like Shadowbane and Lineage 2 are overall horrible games. WoW may not be perfect (which is why I am not giving a perfect score) but it does more things well than any other MMO period.

Post Date: 16:24 16-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Kerin
Comment: this game rocks your soggy lil socks off nyah ha ha! it rules you all! btw if anyone has the game and wants to add me, i m on Earthen Ring, kerin s the name hehe

Post Date: 05:45 09-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Camoghugi
Comment: this game rocks. its “seamless” so you don t have to wait for the long loads it only loads when you cross the continets. WoW also has a HUGE world to explore. It would pretty much take you a long timne to explore the entire place. so like i said it rocks

Post Date: 14:58 07-04-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Shadowjw
Comment: Yeah great game, but it its made through blizzard, so VERY bugged. You have to buy game AND you have to pay every month, they should make a very good game of this without bugs and things, but still the game isnt good as they say. I have lvl 60 troll mage now and it was fun, but if you want to spend 8 hours to do an instance and have ultimate lagg and 0,1% chance that you get good drop. The classes are getting buffed and nerfed every patch so if blizzard sees that there are much mages, they nerf mage. They see that there are less hunters? okay buff hunters, we pay so they can sit down and just do less while they get much. The lvling takes very long and mage is going to be nerfed again so i dont play this game anymore. Its fun, but after 3 months its very boring, i wont call it waste of money, but there are games where you can “waste” your money at and get much more then this game. The game is good, but blizzard made it and not EA, so buy GW or something, because this game isnt worth your money.

Post Date: 07:01 03-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: bmap
Comment: No other MMORPG comes close!

Post Date: 03:06 22-03-2006
Rating: 1
Author: 3beers
Comment: In the first year Vivente and Blizzard have grossed millions from sales and monthly service fees. Yet, every month Research and Development seem to control operations and direction. Fix what is broken, without the generic comment “it will never be perfect.” Try just eliminating login problems, or loot lag, or the lag that attaches to the elevators at UC, the bank at Org, or anywhere in Booty. Christ, is it so much to ask that a company making that much money to fix existing problems before dumping a whole patch of new ones? Fire everyone that works after 5 p.m. PST, they are completely useless b/c nothing gets fixed until the phone lines re-open the following business day. When someone takes money from another person, knowing they will no provide what was promised, that is wrong.

Post Date: 13:28 17-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: owowguy
Comment: I love how people judge a game by how bad their computer is. this is seriously the best mmo ever because theres so much to do.

Post Date: 10:07 11-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Thirun
Comment: This is my favourite online game!!! It has good graphics plot etc. It is great.

Post Date: 00:12 06-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Cheesethief
Comment: Well this game is great! This game is a one of a kind game… HUGE selection of anything compared to RS (AKA runescape) and this is worth paying the monthly fee.

Great graphics
Ton of quests
Awesome PVP
Awesome storyline
Good not great selection of classes
Great selection of skills
HUGE World BEST GAME EVER! You should definitely look at the site!

Post Date: 21:51 21-02-2006
Rating: 3
Author: backo
Comment: Ok…yeah its says 3 out of 10…this game is one of those games that is ALL hype…the 3 things i found that it does is…lag, lag, and More LAG…if they made like 20-30 more servers then Blizzard would be ok.

Post Date: 14:39 21-02-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Solitary
Comment: This game is for kids. If you are 15 or less, you may even like it. I didn t, but obviously I m an old geezer.

Post Date: 10:23 13-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Spectre
Comment: The great thing about this game is that it is constantly changing. No two classes are ever the same due to the unique skill system. The graphics are awesome and smooth, the combat system is really simple to use. The PvP system is great on a PvP server, i play an undad rogue and am always sneaking around stormwind or other major alliance towns just picking worthy players off which is fun to watch when you just dissappear. The mojority of the players are NOT kids who have no idea about anything other then running around slashing things, there is a lot more to it then that. There is also stratgey involved in the party system knowing what class does what and how. The size of it really improves it you dont find yourself running around the same place unless you have just started or are at a low lvl 17 or lower. It is a bit hard to make gold though and some things are way too overpriced. the $15 or so is not much a month really if you think about it and if you can t afford it then get a job. The teamwork in this is great and lots of fun especially with all the different spells and abilities. the actions are pretty funny like the dance and train. The raid parties are always fun and you can get some great stuff if you are lucky enough and if not try a different raid, its always fun to knock off the alliance. When you reach lvl 60 the game doesn t stop but evoles into a different challenge and goal. Staying in the same place too long does get a bit boring so when that happens just go adventure somewhere else, just make sure you dont go anywhere you cant handle or without anyone who can help you. The guild tabards are fun to make and look great.

Post Date: 01:53 13-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: freshhh04
Comment: none

Post Date: 01:42 01-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: pwndown
Comment: This game has awesome combat, graphics, pretty fun but not additive gameplay.

Post Date: 21:23 29-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: FiT-Miro
Comment: none

Post Date: 13:49 29-01-2006
Rating: 4
Author: snoopyjuice
Comment: Played It. Hate it. Alliance = Zerg. Horde = Whiners. Pvp Honor system = crap. PvP System = Rock-Paper-Scissor like matchups. No Reason to play once you have reached MC/DW/Whatever you call it. Took too long to get anything interesting. Call me when Blizzard makes a MMO Starcraft. World of Warcrap gets a 4, just because they at least tried to make a good game before it fell apart…..I blame pallies and dr00ds

Post Date: 01:42 29-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: nevarine
Comment: the best mmorpg ever created, them world is huge, and is you keep doing quests, youl always have something to do, plus, when you reach level 60, the game isnt over, there is a whole lot more stuff to do then

Post Date: 16:51 21-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: tourok293
Comment: One word crossed my mind while playing this: WOW. I was blown away by the awesome economy (i just got off lineage 2) and it s awesome gameplay. The only few things making me mad was the need to pay to play (why blizard why??), the humans who stopped playing runescape for 2 minutes, and the lag-prone areas. I m a hardcore blizard fan and the story hasnt changed (about that, YES, THE FREAKING BLOODELVES SIDED WITH THE HORDE, DEAL WITH IT), for those noobs, they have normal servers, but theyre hardly nesscisary. Its so easy to learn you wont need it, or even the tutorial. PVPRP servers are a godsend, and for you brutes who just want to beat up stuff, there are PVP only servers. The guilding system was way too cool for school (did i just say that? jesus), and i loved the tabards. This can be frusting, but you ll love it for what it is (and isnt, im talking runescape).

Post Date: 13:06 21-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: zensan
Comment: Cool game with very large map and many magic spells and equipment. 10/10

Post Date: 19:40 15-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Roroken
Comment: This game looks totally awesome!!!.

Post Date: 17:12 11-01-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Atilise
Comment: compaired to alot of games, this is pants. the graphics are too over-rated and the textures look like they have been made by amatures. i agree with all the other

Post Date: 01:10 07-01-2006
Rating: 9
Author: skranken
Comment: Simply the best mmorpg ive played.. Been subscribing to Everquest, anarchy online, matrix, ryzom etc etc before and has played mmorpgs a total of 5 years now. This is the only game that I have subscribed to more than 6 months in a row.. Few bugs, not much lag (except auction house), god economy handling! Solid 9!

Post Date: 23:41 06-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: dac280
Comment: This is one of my favorite MMORPGs of all time! It s fatastic! It has a great storyling,awsome graphics and it can compete with City of Villains any time it wants!

This game earns a 10 out of 10!

Post Date: 18:17 02-01-2006
Rating: 7
Author: runescaperocks
Comment: pros
-larg worled
-cool grahics
-lots of quests
-decent pvp(if your that kind of person)
-it is in a way help rs becuase rs is doing what i call”picking up the scrap the wow leves behind”
-WAY to easy to get to max lvl
-filled up with gldfarmers
-only have 2 skills
-cant even go into half the map caus of the hole hord alliance thing
-have to make 1 class and stick with it

i played this game before rs, but wen the guy who lived iin my basement moved out i played rs has a replacement and like it a ton bettebecuause in rs
a low lvl is lvl 70 and below. and you dont have to stick with a class when you get bored being a warrier for instance you can be a ranger or a mage

Post Date: 21:54 01-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Cliff
Comment: First of all… Sorry ReonGril, WOW is a ton better than MapleStory (although maplestory is a great game for a free MMORPG).

World of Warcraft is in my opinion: One of the best MMORPG games ever. The world is huge, leveling isn t to hard or to easy, TONS of stuff to do, thousands of players, doesn t get crowded for the size of the land, many classes, races, and proffesions so almost everybody can be different from others.
Also, if you know about other warcraft games this is a sort of a sequel putting a new spin on the story.

After reading all of the other replies I have found that many of you did not consider things. Most of you who gave it bad marks said some bad parts about the game that, hmmmm… if you actually thought it over you d remember that some of the things you said are not true.

Basically what I m trying to say is anyone who wants one of the highest quality, funnest, and most interactive MMORPGs, need to get World of Warcraft

Post Date: 23:31 19-12-2005
Rating: 5
Author: sauraman
Comment: i know this is a late post but i wanted to tell every1 who is about to but WoW what they are in for..right ive been playing WoW for a year when it was released on feb 14th or something like that.if you are looking for an indepth game with a nice community do not buy this game the thing is with WoW is that when you get your chars to 60 and wanna start finding end game items you gotta be lucky to get into a guild that is not allready full and get into 1 that knows what they are doing in end game instances(dungeons)cause belive me they are hard.i was lucky to get into a major guild on my server and there will probally be only 3-4 major guilds from each faction from horde and you end up basiclly wandering around endlesslly doing nothing but walking or maybee farming gold ..but whats the point in farming gold when you dont have nothing to spend it on..there is nio story line so you can not really immerse your self in the game your just hacking your way to 60 and trying to get to be a great uber player and find out theres no guilds recruiting and you end up in a guild that bearlly has active players and if they do can not get through the end game instances anyway.

it is a great game i wont say otherwise just understand that the is alot of waiting round for grps and you cant just go and do end game raids they have to be scheduelled in..all the write ups say this is for casual gamers and hard core players but even the casual gamers want to make there chars good at 1 point even if it takes 3 times as long as the hard core gamers.if it had a story backing it up i belive this would help the game out immenslly but as it stands no matter what way you look at it if you wanna play WoW be prepared to give up ALOT of your TIME at end game or you gotta give it as it probally takes 4-5 hrs for end game instances b4 you get them down on farming status.. all in all im going back to EQ2….

Post Date: 02:13 14-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: rosebudFLOWER
Comment: This game has amazing strategies to use and has full on graphics. it is great fun and the characters are different to normal games.

I like the silly dances that they do. I hate to ask but does anyone here play rakion?

Post Date: 23:56 08-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: marik_332000
Comment: This game looks exceptionly great but lacks some graphic qualities!

Post Date: 09:02 08-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: runescapesux
Comment: its the best mmorpg by far

Post Date: 23:35 13-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: world of warcraft addict
Comment: Hello, as an mmo addict, i have been playing them ever since the first mmo, ultima online, came out. The immersive worlds captivised me in an immense epic storyline, nice gameplay, and the ability to express my personality and creativity through someone who i would love to be. This is a game that does all that. World of Warcraft is an mmo, that is monthly payment based, but is still worth your hard or not so hard earned 15 bucks or 30 bucks, depending on if you use the prepaid subscription card as i do. Well anyways, this game is great. What sets it apart from the guild wars, and eq2s and the runescapes is its genuine gameplay aspects and creativity the makers at blizard have all brought to our pc s world wide. Some of you WOW haters (WOW means world of warcraft for short incase you were wondering) are wrong about this game. You start out creating your own avatar, that most likely fits you. You then are given a starting location depending on your race. There are 8 races to choose from, and 9 classes to choose from. Once your in your starting location, your most likely to find your first quest. The gameplay controls are perfect, also allowing you to changge them to your liking. The epic voice overs are great, adding suspense to quests and the main storyline. Most of you are already thinking, “This is your normal, run of the mill mmo, with all that right?” nope. At first its very hard to level up. But, as you adventure azeroth, and get to know what your actually doing, leveling up is easy, buy hard, long, tedious work. As in other mmos, skills of the economy are given to you to choose. On the downside, you can only profess in 2 skills, but still good. The 2 skils you profess in are most likely to be mining and blacksmithing, mainly because you make the most money out of those. The Landscape of world of warcraft is absoulutly GOURGOUS to look at! The game is absoulute history in gaming as we know it today. With the Xbox 360 hitting stores in yes, 9 Days! :), nothing will ever take this game away from my heart, ever! IN 20 years, i will get on this game and say, “Ah, back to the good ol days” But when the xbox 360 hits, which i am getting at 12:00 midnight ad eb games, with my final fantasy 11 and perfect dark zero in both hands as i walk out the door of the ross park mall, i am yet to see if world of warcraft will still be great to me, or just a drag compared to the captivating xbox 360. We just have to wait to find out……

Post Date: 18:51 12-11-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Denn
Comment: I enjoy this game very much. The thing I really don t like is the level cap and some of the patches that are making the game fade.

Post Date: 03:28 26-10-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Ricker
Comment: Fun game (i do not play it avidly but i have played my firend account for a couple hours) but for you ppl who didnt know that it charged monthly have poor study skills and i rate you guys a -168237689783928637898263487627 rateing

Post Date: 05:40 13-10-2005
Rating: 8
Author: sweetcheeks4206
Comment: I like the game, I just dont like that I paid so much for it and now have to keep paying for it in order to play! It wouldnt be so bad if the price of the fee dropped $5 or so. So I guess my advice is to read the box before you buy a game because I didnt!!

Post Date: 23:53 12-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Minshin
Comment: Okay, how can you call this game garbage and immature!? The majority of the players are over 15 years old and this game requires players to work together nearly all the time if they want to level past 20 and play a successful role in the very deep and epic world that Blizzard has developed for over a decade. People, this game obviously beats the hell out of any MMO out there. I ve played everything from Runescape to EQ and this one made me quit all of them to spend time on it. Sure, it s $15 a month, but that is more than worth it if you can find the time and effort to engage in it s wonderful graphics, endless PvP, generous community(most of it anyway lol), LOTR-like scenarios, and epic characters and storyline. It s very easy to pick up and play and even someone who uses 3% of their brain that has played for a decent amount of time knows there is no “best” class, but every class has a purpose and style. There s even 3 kinds of major combat catagories for every class as well as mixes. And little kids could not understand all this to the point where they could create and manage complex guilds and go grind high level instances for epic loot. Obviously, those of you who give this game low scores can t appreciate a good MMO… It still confuses me why all these great games get chewed up for stupid little things $15 subscription fees and total untrue BS like the players being too young. I have yet to see anyone younger than 12 who is lvl 40+ biotch. Now, I believe I ll engage in some glorius combat against the Horde 🙂

Post Date: 05:39 04-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Proto_X
Comment: none

Post Date: 22:34 03-10-2005
Rating: 1
Author: edbards
Comment: Afraid to say that this game is garbage in it s present format. Tooo easy to level, populated by kids resulting in a very immature world. Great game for the under 7 s.
Given a mark of one for graphics and music. If you are over seven years of age go elsewhere……back to EQ2 methinks….

Post Date: 21:20 18-09-2005
Rating: 10
Author: legend-Of-Might
Comment: World of Warcraft is great and is the best MMORPG and we all know it.The problem is you have to pay monthly thats why everyone says they don t like it becouse like almost everyone( including me) they can t afford it – like there parents dont let them

Post Date: 23:59 30-08-2005
Rating: 6
Author: lolmaster1
Comment: Well.. i got this game on my birthday…. dec 3, installed it and everything, when i found out, wth? I have to pay 10$ a month? what kinda crap is this. After reading the back and these comments im going to have to say its probbaly another disapointing game. In all honesty I wish i could return, but those of u whowant to waste 10$ amonth (including the fees u payed to buy it in first place) go right on ahead. I ll stick with RunScape, dont need to buy it or download, and although the p2p version is way better, there is a still great f2p version, and also, its only 5$ a month, so much to do… so many stats to raise (about 25 and only 6 or so r combat skills), each stat goes up to 99, it takes about 1 to 4 montths to get a stat to 99, depending on the stat, and your combat goes up to 126, now im jsut advertising though so im off, i rate WoW a 6, only becuase its graphics are good and some people seem to like it.

Post Date: 22:42 30-08-2005
Rating: 10
Author: warcraftgod2
Comment: none

Post Date: 16:56 26-08-2005
Rating: 10
Author: I_DOT
Comment: none

Post Date: 20:00 18-08-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Banger
Comment: Whatever he meant, PvP in WoW is not just Battlegrounds like Realm versus Realm is the only PvP in DAoC. In WoW, Horde and Alliance can (and often do in places like the Crossroads) fight in nearly every town.

Post Date: 22:55 12-08-2005
Rating: 5
Author: npc
Comment: Possibly the worst MMORPG ive ever played. I spent 3 weeks lvl characters to 20 then starting a new one. Why? because they are all so utterly boring. Theres no excitment. The social aspect sucks as well, you dont HAVE to team up, you can solo from 1-60. This means u get idiots at lv60 who dont have a clue how to play their job, actually that doesnt matter. theres hardly any party interaction. the principles are there but wheres the excitment? like skillchains in FFXI followed by magic bursts from the mages. it was fun. Please move out of your chair and go get some air. then come back and take another look.

Post Date: 20:04 12-08-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Banger
Comment: PvP in WoW kills PvP in DAoC because you can do it anywhere.

Post Date: 07:27 09-08-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: Played ever since it came out because it beats any other MMORPG right now.

Post Date: 01:28 30-07-2005
Rating: 10
Author: mmorpger123
Comment: Unlike the last reviewer, I have 3 characters over level 30 and I still love this game. I keep wanting to try the different aspects of the different races. Besides the other obvious traits, I built a Rogue so my level 50+ leathercrafter (Hunter) could make armor for him exclusively (Rogues dont upgrade to mail like Hunters and Shaman).

Post Date: 20:59 17-07-2005
Rating: 4
Author: TheSponge
Comment: I rate this game a 10 for the first week a 6 for the second week and after a few months a 4 and I quit. Reason being the Devs for this game are in love with the alliance and screw the horde over, and then lie about a bunch of stuff. The Devs always said the server population ratio was about equal when it was A4:H1 which is extremely horrible. I quit it not too long ago and gave my account away. Not to mention its horrible community, extremely over charged items, and just plain uneven bases.

So if you are going to pick up this game play alliance. If you were wondering I quit at lvl 55 shaman, wont say my name because someone else plays him.

Post Date: 19:04 13-07-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Synical
Comment: Synical lvl 60 Warrior
Turalyon server (Europe)

I ve played them all and conclude THIS game is the BEST, most beautifull MMORPG and most addictive game there is atm.
The world is soooo big and there are so many thing to do and collect. With updates coming this game will live long.

Those that rate this game lower than 9 our just jeasous, nothings perfect, Blizzard suffered some problems with bugs and servers when it was released in Europe but that s normal, they are fixed fast enough!

I will rate 10 for the sake this game the rate it deserves (and that 9,9)

Post Date: 22:36 12-07-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Zachary K.
Comment: Edbards I cant beleive you would lower the score of this game making people think its not good. I encountered many smart people in this game. Id say maybe more of the people were adults or at least half. This game deserves ((NOTHING)) less than a 10

Post Date: 10:55 03-07-2005
Rating: 3
Author: edbards
Comment: Having come over from Everquest after four years I was terrible disapointed with this game. I have levelled four characters to mid to high thirties and just got the impression that I was following a script. Identical quests for all races! Way to easy to level is another gripe. Probably the worst part of the game for me is the impression that almost everyone in the game gives the impression that they are about 10years of age. Not a game for the more mature player 🙂
To summarize…the game will suit the kids and kids only.

Post Date: 13:06 30-06-2005
Rating: 10
Author: dna19
Comment: World of Warcraft is the best game you could play in your life

Post Date: 01:30 29-06-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Tinge
Comment: 9.75 is what its at eh? i say its a 10! The storyline is great to the Warcraft series and I have followed it since I was 6. This is a great game. Note: NEVER say The Horde is evil. The Alliance and the Horde are equal. (Except for the Undead which is the only evil race in the game.)

Post Date: 05:54 28-06-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Bolstra
Comment: Best MMO period. It is the first time that I have been able to play a game for months without losing interest.

Post Date: 10:45 10-05-2005
Rating: 10
Author: mmorpger
Comment: Great game but bad community.

Post Date: 19:10 27-02-2005
Rating: 10
Author: shogun846
Comment: best mmorpg ever

Post Date: 01:41 31-01-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Bybysnaxui
Comment: none

Post Date: 13:26 15-12-2004
Rating: 10
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: More action for the time that you play than any other MMORPG I have played yet.

Post Date: 03:34 10-12-2004
Rating: 10
Author: uberman
Comment: As good as it gets.

Post Date: 16:05 04-12-2004
Rating: 10
Author: elcarto
Comment: Awesome MMORPG!

Post Date: 16:12 30-11-2004
Rating: 10
Author: Jdog31987
Comment: none

Post Date: 02:10 28-11-2004
Rating: 10
Author: Altor
Comment: The best MMORPG yet!

Post Date: 00:06 18-10-2004
Rating: 10
Author: visitor
Comment: This Game is gonna Rock. Nuff said.

Post Date: 01:26 19-09-2004
Rating: 10
Author: visitor
Comment: none

Post Date: 03:06 16-09-2004
Rating: 10
Author: visitor
Comment: The beta is very addicting!

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  1. Fantastic MMORPG game, one of the best plays.
    All the parts I’ve played, most fun when you play with your friends at the beginning.

    LosmiK did not rate this post.
  2. Date when I played game: March 2015
    Overall Rating:4.2
    Graphic:4 – The game is really old, and for that time,graphis is pretty good
    Contet:3 – Simply,it is too overcrowded by quests,etc
    Requriments:5 – The game of that size isn’t requriments as should be,so,for this I’m giving 5.

    djolebelevode did not rate this post.
  3. No doubt the best mmorpg that has ever been released and the only famous one that i didnt really like!!! When it first came out i really didnt like the character models so i decided not to play it!! However i love its lore and i have learned about it from videos and such so i can say it was great back then but most people say that after the Lich King expansion its kinda started dropping in quality… Still has a huge amount of players online and deserves praise for being a top game this long!! 4/5

    Israphel did not rate this post.
  4. What i like about WoW are the dungeons, raids and pvp, I played the game for like 4 years already. The new expansion seems to be interesting i might go back playing again. The graphics are perfect storyline quest is epic items, cosmetics , enchancement. Overall this is 5/5 for me.

    Blasphemy ratings for this post: Blasphemy gives a rating of 5Blasphemy gives a rating of 5Blasphemy gives a rating of 5Blasphemy gives a rating of 5Blasphemy gives a rating of 5
  5. Probably the best MMORPG of all time, especially of 2004. This game pretty much set the standards for MMORPGs featuring dungeon and raid finders, races like the Sin’dorei (blood elves) and orcs, and the iconic factions of horde vs. alliance (though I think most people tend to choose horde). The fantasy elements were very well integrated in the game, and the stories were pretty great as well. Only real downside to this game is its subscription-based service where you had to pay to play; it always felt kind of bizarre to get a subscription and only have time to play maybe a few times per week. But overall, I’d rate this game a 4.95/5.

    Snowy ratings for this post: Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5Snowy gives a rating of 5